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View Full Version : Normally Aspirated Powertrain

  1. Homemade Intake for lesss than $75 complete...Pics
  2. Rev limited/gear speeds question
  3. What does the JCS TCII do?
  4. Steering fluid change???
  5. Stromung rear section exhaust for SALE!!!
  6. exaust install
  7. EXhaust note!?!
  8. Increase Low End W/ Air Intake?
  9. How do I do this maintenance? Please Help
  10. retarded throttle
  11. Question about Tanabe Racing Medallion...
  12. Power steering fluid or ATF?
  13. Oil Leak
  14. unorthodox pulley
  15. MAF Failure.........Again!
  16. cobb's intake and puddles? Bad or not to worry?
  17. broken drive shaft?
  18. turbo cams or n/a cams
  19. Rich run condition causing CE light
  20. will a 91-94 turbo legacy lsd fit on a 97 GT?
  21. Distributor and cap?
  22. bypass coolant on trottle body
  23. Vibration when in reverse...99 OBS. Anyone deal with this before?
  24. needed gear ratios!
  25. jc sport tec 2 chip HELPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!
  26. Turbo Kits
  27. Where's the love? I want an intake for my '98 Legacy GT...
  28. ceramic coating the intake manifold
  29. gauge failure [kinda long and detailed]
  30. Brullen exhaust????
  31. torque specs? (stock rims & oil drain nut)
  32. Need favour from a MY99 owner
  33. JC Sports TC2 (Torque Chip 2) Installation Instructions
  34. Gear oil question
  35. p.v.i system (platum vapour injection)..anybody have it?
  36. 5zigen vs. ractive
  37. serious studdering when car lauches also throttle hesitation=>HELP
  38. 99 RS seeks heavy breathing intake...
  39. New header = new gaskets?
  40. TORNADO = HP???
  41. spark plug wire???
  42. Borla Headers in the city?
  43. 92 Subaru GL fwd, oil pressure gauge reads low..normal?
  44. which midpipe is better??
  45. My setup HP = ???
  46. Safe place to get a Safe turbo kit?
  47. Mufflers Silenced
  48. bumper vent = increase
  49. part # for K& N air filter
  50. ATTN: Cobb CAI owners!
  51. Questions about Brospeed mufflers...
  52. Help with airbox
  53. Good Subaru Tuner Shops in San Diego
  54. Does any mufflers for JPN spec impreza fit the RS?
  55. Anybody Relocated the Stock FPR?
  56. What can I expect from the snorkus removal, and...
  57. Can I make my ECU stop "learning"?
  58. dyno charts from 2.5L turbos available
  59. Crisper throttle response?
  60. Raising the redline.
  61. CE Light
  62. Just installed UOR pully. WOW!
  63. Problem with the throttle pedal, and cable, maybe
  64. Can't start
  65. Which radiator should i choose for a turbo?
  66. Air Filter Questions
  67. Do our cars have to be "tuned" for high altitude?
  68. POLL: Who makes the best nitrous system(50-75 shot), and why?
  69. "Small" exhaust?
  70. Resonated pipe question
  71. 2.5 Auto to Manual tranny question
  72. jc sports intake??
  73. Is a tec II more than I need?
  74. Warning about Ganzflow intakes
  75. Installation of Ganzflow experience
  76. ScoobySport Exhaust
  77. 99 RS air flow % on a SAFC does any one know
  78. where does the filter for the ganzflow go?
  79. Strange noise from engine compartment.
  80. ECU reseting question!
  81. hp/torque
  82. Cat. Convertor Help?
  83. Real deep rumble from engine
  84. Raising the Idle?
  85. Valvoline Durablend in manual tranny?
  86. Pictures of Borla Exhaust
  87. Air/fuel Meter were to buy at good price anyone know
  88. o2 sensor recall- any hassle with Intakes?
  89. Injectors Eficiency?
  90. Subaru short shifter noise
  91. Cleaning Cobb CAI, howto?
  92. how to rasie the rev limit
  93. '98 ECU Pinouts?
  94. air intake
  95. If you removed your snorkus you may want to do this too
  96. MY00 Bosch Platinum +4 Plugs? Jury back in yet?
  97. Polished Manifold?
  98. Improving Gearing/Tire Size?
  99. Dual tip exhaust..
  100. UDP?
  101. does any one know were I can get a air/fuel Metter
  102. Headers for the SVX
  103. 4EAT TQ Lockup?
  104. Aftermarket Torque converter?
  105. Steering Trouble
  106. Anyone have stromung track pipe
  107. Help installing JCSports intake
  108. What HP gains could i get from these mods?
  109. Scoobysport exhaust ?'s
  110. Short Shift install: Which way?
  111. Stromung installed
  112. brakes
  113. Basic review of NGK copper plugs
  114. "Clutch Fluid"
  115. High compression pistons for NA?
  116. 4000 rpm cut out
  117. injector question
  118. Increasing plenium size
  119. Dual Exhaust Pipes
  121. Making a stronger 4EAT?
  122. CUSCO vs Kartboy (shifter bushings)
  123. another CE light. Help!
  124. need help on cams!
  125. Apex'i N1 or 5zigen Fireball exhaust, which one is better?
  126. Make an AUTO run 14s (post yer tip/times)
  127. Nitrous users
  128. EGT probe leaking. Any suggestions?
  129. sweet borla headers
  130. found it, finally (snorkusectomy pics)
  131. part number for ngk blues (wires)?
  132. WeaponR Dragon intake
  133. Apex'i N1 exhaust
  134. Tach
  135. hood flame-retardent pad.. Ok to leave off?
  136. Removing Intake Silencer
  137. Headers n Dyno?
  138. ECU Reset Problem
  139. Neutral Dropping an Auto Tranny?
  140. Motul Tranny Fluid, which one?
  141. exaust sound questions
  142. Clutch problem.....??
  143. What's in Your LSD ???...
  144. Stalled at idle...
  145. Strange noise when pushing brake?
  146. cammed cars--- slower after ECU reset?
  147. Strange behavior with new intake.
  148. Will the WR prodrive exhaust from mastro wrx fit the my00 2.5rs?
  149. Clutch
  150. bucking car
  151. Long cranking to start when cold?
  152. What do damaged synchros feel/sound like? Problems with 1st/2nd gear...
  153. Exhaust fireball thingy
  154. Stromung sound clip (please!)
  155. Final drive for sti 6 spd
  156. Oil drain??
  157. Anyone own or have pics of the new venom kit
  158. Any shops stock MRT mufflers?
  159. $180 Good for Unorthodox Pulley??
  160. Headers/Exhaust/Cams who has them and dyno'd them
  161. Clutch/shifter questions
  162. port n' polish?
  163. stock air filter?
  164. Shaking shifter?
  165. Need help w/ Stromung
  166. Short Shifter install, part 2
  167. Limited-slip upgrade?
  168. Torque specs for pulley?
  169. Pulley install question.
  170. Need a good clutch combo Suggestions please?
  171. stromung too much $$...
  172. weapon r intake
  173. Slightly OT- Need credit for snorkus instructions
  174. ACT clutch on OBS feasible?
  175. performance for 1.8?
  176. stromung track pipe
  177. Questions for people with cobb cam...
  178. intake w/resonator built in
  179. what's the deal wth Stromung?
  180. Cam/valve timing? for my01RS
  181. 4EAT Manual and shift kit
  182. Need MAF ASAP were can I buy ? Help
  183. N/A build up to beat type r
  184. air/fuel computer
  185. Hitch addition to Impreza 2.5 RS
  186. The 98 RS has no LSD!!!??
  187. Idle speed?
  188. Can't resurface the flywheel?
  189. Need an answer
  190. borla header gasket inf.
  191. EJ20?
  192. EGT results on a modded N/A motor??
  193. id 2.5 SOHC vs 2.5 DOHC?
  194. Uh Oh....might be time for a clutch?!
  195. If I get Cobb cylinder heads and cams will I....
  196. Putting a STir 6 speed in WRX
  197. Sounds sick with Borla Header
  198. time to change?
  199. Double-Clutching...the correct way?
  200. Aftermarket headers...
  201. Installed Boral system last night O-my-G
  202. Y-pipe part #'s?
  203. Cobb Heads or Extude-Hone
  204. Anyone have Cobb Cylinder Heads?
  205. Jprova ECU's from Japan
  206. Any interest in Thermal R&D cat-backs???
  207. What is an Air Assist Solenoid?
  208. oil change
  209. stock fuel pressure on rs.
  210. Any ideas about building a CAI???
  211. Amsoil filter does not fit!
  212. car running quick
  213. High-performance ECU
  214. mechanically challenged
  215. Autozone sucks (air filter)
  216. Diff Leak HELP!
  217. Interested in changing your clutch fluid?
  218. Did you see the "Fish Fuel Catalyst" demo on Speedvision?
  219. Random Tech Converters
  220. SYMS headers
  221. spark pkug wires
  222. Stromung or JC Sports N1 Exhaust?
  223. intake+safc=help???
  224. CE light and sputtering please help!
  225. I got new toys... need advice.
  226. Any Benefit to putting WRX heads on 2.5rs??
  227. Amsoil loudener!?
  228. STi short shifter questions.....
  229. Turbo kit on a 98? Same pipes as 99?
  230. 14 Second automatic
  231. Exhaust for a 1.8l
  232. Rallispec CAI help!
  233. Tach cable
  234. tanny fluid question
  235. Just shecked my oil! HELP!
  236. Rear Axle Bearing Replacement
  237. Plug wire swap??any probs?
  238. Problem with my intake.....
  239. Cobb Tuning shifter?
  240. Short Shifters... which one should I get?
  241. Exhaust Experts.....what are my options?
  242. ECU map for '01 Forester S automatic?
  243. Ignorant newbie seeks intake explanation
  244. Has anyone installed 02'WRX short shifter?
  245. Cobb Stuff
  246. much respect to rallispec.
  247. Borla Header part number
  248. Is it okay to drive in high RPM for an or so?
  249. Wheel Alignment?
  250. high idle..