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  1. where is the ignition coil?
  2. Stromung in L impreza?
  3. Rough running engine the result of a custom exhaust?
  4. sti Exhaust
  5. Good books on engines.....
  6. Where to buy Amsoil filter?
  7. What exactly is redline?
  8. 4-pot brake install question
  9. white crusty build up on radiator...
  10. WRX and the UD pulley
  11. please help, car is doing weird things!
  12. Gaping Plugs
  13. Are all STi parts good??
  14. click when applying clutch
  15. Cam question
  16. what sounds good with weapon R intake
  17. test pipe
  18. gen1 motor vs gen2
  19. Spark plug wires
  20. timing belt change
  21. Can't change tranny oil anymore???
  22. AT trouble (long)
  23. how to install.
  24. Do I need to use fuel pump?
  25. what sounds good with weapon R intake???
  26. Phase II engine?
  27. trey cobb street/racing cams?
  28. Borla CAtback
  29. bosch plugs
  30. what midpipe to use with scoobysport?
  31. hi-flow cats......
  32. Ne1 using JcSports Flywheel????
  33. Wherer to get good gauges...
  34. Tick tick tick tick
  35. Intake Shoot Out
  36. Will this exhaust fit my car?
  37. HKS super mega flow intake
  38. MY02 WRX muffler on MY00 RS?
  39. Help: I need advice on fitment of amsoil air filter for MY00 RS
  40. CAI + Cat-Back + Short Shifter - Interior = 15.061 @ 87.68
  41. NGK or Bosch plugs?
  42. new guy with numerous questions (but not yet)
  43. single DIN guage
  44. special tool for axle replacement?
  45. intake question
  46. Reply
  47. Torque question?
  48. S-AFC
  49. Modified RalliSpec Cold Air Box
  50. (sigh)...high altitude NA tuning woews
  51. Cut off the resonator today and through it in the trash!
  52. URGENT: Need Help on Shifter Swap!!!
  53. where to get jap engine parts?
  54. Ram Air?
  55. Modified GanzFlow!
  56. Weapon R Fuel Regulator
  57. Cobb CAI Review
  58. Scoobysport fitment issues
  59. 1.8 mods...
  60. Installed my Cobb Tuning Intake!
  61. JC Sports Torque chip?
  62. Focuz Universal Mufflers anygood??
  63. Borla Dual Tip.
  64. MY02 2.5L Performance
  65. Great Balls of Fire!
  66. anyone have wiring diagrams?
  67. After launching at drags, no more clutch shudder in mornings.
  68. tranny and diff changes.. good quick places..
  69. Anyone ever modded the stock muffler?
  70. TECII, is it worth the money?
  71. For people with CAI
  72. 1.8 to 2.2 swap, same harness???
  73. Clutch issues - continued
  74. How to figure engine RPM at X MPH?
  75. Interesting hesitation problem - Troubleshooters UNITE!
  76. Put my new Arospeed exhaust on today!
  77. Clutch rollover/tickover- how much is too much?
  78. going to the drag stip...need tips
  79. Added new GanzFlow intake and Amsoil filter
  80. Ram-air??
  81. Opening the gear oil can of worms again.
  82. Short throw shifter?
  83. Start up issues
  84. Intakes
  85. Strange thumping from driver rear??
  86. Silencer
  87. hood scoop intake
  88. UOR Special Limited Street Sets for Subaru
  89. FYI - Rallispec Intakes
  90. Intercooler for NA engine???
  91. MY00 internal engine specs
  92. Just ordered 5-Zigen springs...what exhaust should I get???
  93. K&N filter
  94. OEM WRX muffler/exhaust
  95. CE
  96. Looking for 2.2 legacy turbo info/pics
  97. check engine light 2002 WRX help!!!!!!
  98. unorthodox underdrive pulley
  99. NE1 thought about getting a NOS?
  100. exhaust sounds
  101. Noise
  102. Oil leak from the front off the block
  103. Ignition and Fuel?
  104. Fuel Pressure sender location...
  105. Help!
  106. Specs for EJ20?
  107. Quick question RE: Intake Silencer Removal
  108. How is the Phase 2 EJ25 holding up?
  109. How do engine RPM's change when shifting?
  110. california emission legal intake?
  111. MY00 RS AT not launching like it used to
  112. Modified GanzFlow! (PICS)
  113. Performance Chips
  114. proper belt # to use with UOR Pulley....
  115. need help setting sensor type for my99-s-afc
  116. MY95 1.8L not starting after short distance
  117. is a 2.5 inch exhaust ok for a non turbo car?
  118. At what rpm is your torque peak?
  119. Exhaust components... from engine to int. pipe
  120. transmission question
  121. 02 sensor recall?
  122. Who has the fastest N/A RS???
  123. Purolator Pure One PL14460
  124. Borla pics??
  125. gas pedal
  126. Draining the cooling system
  127. Gauge Size? (pic)
  128. 1.8L '95 Impreza specs
  129. DIY airbox / backwards scoop (pix)
  130. Upgraded ignition (Jacobs/MSD)
  131. JC Sports Shifter, Vibrating
  132. Larger litre swap or turbo addition? What's cheaper?
  133. Recieved Focuz muffler
  134. Intake wonder.....
  135. need help quick
  136. Performance Clutch disc w/Stock PP?
  137. Erratic idle when cold
  138. Suby dealers wont do my valve lash (cams)
  139. What to add to my new car?
  140. How do you make a fast N/A 02RS??
  141. supercharging?
  142. O2 sensor question
  143. how well do silencers work?
  144. Swaping left hand drive to right hand drive???
  145. JC Sport Torque Chip
  146. Keep Burning My Plugs Up.... Whats Wrong?
  147. OK, NOW I'm hungry for more power!
  148. Fuel Filter Change
  149. water in the intake
  150. scooby sport exhuast
  151. anybody have steering rack problems?
  152. how to make an exhaust quiet?
  153. How much Nitrous is too much?
  154. Why do our cruise controls only work to 100mph?
  155. kartboy short shifter ?
  156. MY99 How Hard to convert to rear wheel drive????
  157. Proof! Pre '02 STi exhaust on 2.5 RS = 8hp increase
  158. CE light now on for 3 weeks! Ox sensor has to be shot.
  159. No cruise control...
  160. Cold Clutch Shudder
  161. EJ22 vs. EJ25
  162. SAFC screwed me over.. while i am fooling aroud with it,help!! Sservice day is today
  163. resonator......
  164. a'pex i filter on weapon-r pipe
  165. New to Subarus, Is this tranny a problem?
  166. Looking for a catback Exhaust for 97 OBS 2.2L
  167. 95 Outback quesion
  168. RS odometer up and down in the morning??
  169. mods and
  170. Intake suggestions?
  171. Need ideas for NA buildup
  172. Need help with...
  173. ECU question??
  174. I got my exhaust and now..........
  175. Stalling Outback
  176. Strange Pop from Cluth?!?
  177. anyone have the 2.25" Rallispec fastroad exhaust?
  178. ECU question
  179. Cats and stuff.......
  180. Stalling Engine........ Any Problem??
  181. Borla?
  182. EJ22E Open Deck? Big Picture warning
  183. Experience with Advancing or Retarding the timing?
  184. E-Brake Turns with AWD?
  185. Help! Exhaust Advice.
  186. what comes next?
  187. need quick exhaust legal advice....
  188. Power Loss? Need Advice.
  189. CE light with Cobb "Spicy" cam
  190. ruff idle.......HELP!
  191. S-AFC type device for MY01 RS?
  192. What RPM does your car idle at?
  193. Would regular fuel cause the engine to sound noisier?
  194. Tech-II baseline program
  195. Stromung exhaust backfire?
  196. MY99 cobb intake????
  197. Anybody have a 5Zigen Fireball exhaust on their RS?
  198. Scraping noise?
  200. Performance guage pack problem....
  201. Resonator Question, simple one...
  202. recommand fuel pressure?
  203. POP! goes a Subaru - Please help!
  204. advancing the timing
  205. How Good is B-specs Aluminum Flywheel...opinions wanted
  206. 2002 RS Intake Install and stuff (K+N)
  207. 0-60 time for stock 2002 2.5RS
  208. SOHC or DOHC 2.5 power difference?
  209. Is the STI short shifter available at Cobb Tuning different than............
  210. kartboy short shifter, help ????
  211. Diagnostic Software
  212. smoother shift with Outback? If yes, why?
  213. MY98 RS Clutch chatter and engine rattle
  214. Got my MY01 RS and now it's time for some mods!
  215. What should I expect to pay for an EJ25?
  216. EJ22 Long block
  217. are the borla headers street legal?
  218. Dyno testing a Subaru
  219. "My New Turn3/Custom Cold Air Box Intake" or "Kevin T I Put The Turn3 To Good Use"
  220. My car is spending too much gas!!!!!!!
  221. Tranny swap
  222. Three Simple Questions.
  223. Exhaust manifeld
  224. STi Group N Engine and Tranny Mounts
  225. Differences between STI and P1 exhaust
  226. Worst Case
  227. Help! Borla install ??
  228. cold air intake question
  229. If it turns, it will be under-driven
  230. New Exhaust
  231. Differences between 98, 99, 00 RS manual trannys?
  232. Fog lights help?
  233. A'PEXi N1 cat back system?
  234. tanabe exhaust install???
  235. Leaning out w/o an AFC
  236. Does anyone besides MRT sell the STi exhaust with the pink embossed logo?
  237. ECU ?
  238. Autometer Phantom Air/Fuel gauge
  239. Auto Tranny fluid change (What to get, what to do?)
  240. PDM Muffler Rocks
  241. Borla headers instal, Questions
  242. weird hiccupping under acceleration
  243. it too late?
  244. Put only one engine mount in
  245. 97' OB Getting New Short Block
  246. MRT exhaust "tone"
  247. Lightened Flywheel
  248. spark plugs & wires?
  249. Mod police got me!
  250. Anyone looking for a low mileage 2.5L engine?