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View Full Version : Normally Aspirated Powertrain

  1. Brullen Cat-back..2.5 or 2.25?
  2. Brullen on 2.5GT sound clip is here
  3. Lifter noise?
  4. Moving on up, Err... Down 15.109 @ 88.897
  5. 185 to 328HP Subaru engines for sale ready to install!
  6. Non Aspirated
  7. What Intake should I buy?
  8. Help! Clutch squeeks! Fluid level is fine.
  9. Do front skidplates still fit with borla headers?
  10. jumpy speedo needle...
  11. Brullen Cat-back exhaust for 2.5 RS
  12. Pulleys
  13. This is a cool idea...(pic)
  14. MAF
  15. Lash adjusters?
  16. Magnecor Wires?
  17. MY99 Intake question?
  18. Put my Apex N1 on yesterday....
  19. Radiator problem.
  20. help w/ act clutch under warranty
  21. S-afc install help on a 95OBS! Help Needed!!
  22. Ram-Air WannaBe
  23. Quick question about belt sizes :)
  24. installing borla headders = no fun
  25. Cobb Tuning short shifter. Love it but have a question?
  26. COBB Turbo Cams
  27. What causes exaust "POP!"
  28. front diferential fluid change
  29. Exhaust Problem...
  30. Is an S-AFC for a MY00 worth it?
  31. installation time and or costs?
  32. Help! 98 to 99 Air conditioning question
  33. Air Intakes
  34. Raditaor fans
  35. Variable torque split?
  36. WRX exhaust fitting on an RS (many pics)
  37. Need suggestions for hole left by GanzFlow...
  39. how much you installed the egt gauge for?
  40. stromung muffler?
  41. A different (quick) question of plugs. How hard to change on scale of 1-10?
  42. How to install EGT Gauge...
  43. Rear Diff & Tranny Fluid???
  44. S-afc install PT II: The AirFlow Conflict
  45. Mobil One synthetic Tranny fluid is it worth it
  46. lots of questions
  47. Grinding Gears
  48. which intake is best?
  49. Dumb$%#@ me, transmission fluid question
  50. CEL..... hmmmm help please. Kinda long
  51. MY98 2.2L forced air wet weather question. Why does engine lose power at WOT?
  52. two imp. questions about 2.5rs tranny...
  53. Need help anyone with performance gauge pack or oil temp gauge
  54. CE light, new code
  55. Free flow exhuast - lost 4k rpm hesitation
  56. MY99 "L" is MAP Based
  57. !! Car clicks, but no gas!!! HELP!!
  58. Where did you people get your valve lash done?
  59. Dragon
  60. Center Gauge Cluster?
  61. torque/power chip
  62. Is it just my car, or does everybody's feel like...(kinda long)
  63. Electric turbo charger
  64. is 10-w30 ok?
  65. Temperature Gauge
  66. !! URGENT !! Need help...installing hitch...
  67. RS stock muffler on Impreza L-model?
  68. WHOS tapping on my pedals?
  69. For those uf U with MRT header...
  70. Discount Parts to i-club Members
  71. Question about 1st gear grinding
  72. MAF sensor safe intake?
  73. how do you hook up a voltmeter up to the front o2 sensor?
  74. First mod! First mod! MRT exhaust system....
  75. check engine light
  76. warrantee
  77. Compression ratio?
  79. MRT Header-Back for RS?
  80. clutch change
  81. Search dead, need plug/oil/tranny fluid info.
  82. when buying an Apex'i exhaust
  83. ECU modes...
  84. Bosch +4, what number?
  85. Fastest N/A L on the planet!
  86. Weapon R Dragon
  87. Anyone changed high-flow cat without CE light problem?
  88. 50HP free
  89. next upgrade?
  90. '01 RS needs ECU replaced. What's the deal?
  91. UR underdrive pulley worth installing?
  92. Two clutches, and a new fly wheel?!
  93. STI Exhaust and midpipe
  94. How To: Setting Valve Lash on SOHC EJ25
  95. clanking noise...
  96. Ram Air Impreza
  97. Nitrous
  98. check engine light won't go away
  99. Fuel question - nitrous related
  100. help me choose anto tranny oil,please.
  101. BANGING!!!
  102. headers banging against skid plate all of a sudden?
  103. fuel mapping problem?
  104. Anyone have silencer removed pics?
  105. Superchips update for 2.5 RS
  106. best short shifter for MY00RS is....?
  107. 1st gear grinding
  108. New Car Oil Change
  109. A/F ratio question please help
  110. Need part # for rear driveshaft
  111. switched to synthetic... bit of seepage normal?
  112. please help..
  113. would adding a turbo void
  114. Apexi N1 pics?
  115. Anyone heard of this...
  116. Rich Or Lean/ Air Fuel Ratio
  117. check this one
  118. Clutch Engagement Point Change Momentary, is this normal?
  119. Cobb throttle body owners, quick question
  120. make an estimate...on my drag times..
  121. Cobb Tuning Cams and Headers...
  122. Proper K&N oiling! HELP ME PLEASE!
  123. 20mm Front Sway bar? (any suggestions?)
  124. Connecting Rods
  125. Don't Modify?!
  126. I was considering Redline motor oil until...
  127. Removing Headlight Lense
  128. Cleaning MAF
  129. iSR Intake (need K&N Filter Number)??
  130. Prodrive or Stromung
  131. flange and exhaust mounting
  132. Short shifter question
  133. 1.8L even worth messing with?
  134. Idea for a CAI for MAF cars!!!
  135. 2500 to spend best bang for the buck?
  136. Ganzflow-open vents and hoodscoop+carwash=yes or no??
  137. My Low End is really slow!!! How come
  138. What intake with Tanabe Racing Medalion
  139. slicener for Blistz Neuspec???
  140. Need Advice: Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch kit
  141. Stainless steel or Aluminum exhaust?
  142. Does this replace the air box?
  143. Direct Hits
  144. Ratio vs. Voltage
  145. Strength of Auto trans in 02 2.5RS?
  146. Amsoil filter and noise
  147. low end on a 4eat.?!
  148. pillar mount battery voltage meter..
  149. Anybody knows if the mid-pipe of the MRT system fit STi muffler?
  150. OK to do STi tranny mount w/out engine mounts?
  151. clutch squeal
  152. ROAD TEST: 2001 2.5 RS VS 2002 2.5 RS
  153. NOS Kid Tested, Mother Approved
  154. Why Swapping an EJ25 with an EJ18 is bad...Comments?
  155. Drying time for the K&N filter?
  156. 2.2L power?
  157. 2.2L REALLY a 2.5L in disguise?
  158. 2.25" custom midpipe with stock muffler?
  159. Ganzflo owners question
  160. Cruise COntrol Problem...Help?
  161. Subaru oil pump failure
  162. Correct K&N Filter for 99RS?
  163. Gauge Choices
  164. Cobb Tuning Intake Q's
  165. Benifits from removing cats?
  166. More exhaust questions, hopefully the last.
  167. engine swap question...
  168. Need help with Air Conditioning
  169. help bosch platinum +4 plugs?
  170. Does Borla have a "CARB" approved header?
  171. MagnaFlow sound files here
  172. FWD Fuse"?
  173. Hydraulic Lifters- stuck or collapsed?
  174. Please help-scooby in peril-driver heartbroken-
  175. Rallispec Intake for MY99RS
  176. What else can I do for NA power???
  177. My next three Planned mods...any other suggestions
  178. Are 2.5 RS manual trannys no good?
  179. Strange Clutch!!!!!!
  180. weird noise from engine
  181. Just got back from a 50 mile test drive of my MRT header back system.
  182. Help... Clutch Parts list and service manual pages
  183. Exhaust system sizes
  184. Search dead.. Need AFC help!
  185. my01 or my02 0-60specs
  186. Anyone have the BPM shortshift kit? Opinions??
  187. OBS stumbling and stalling on start-up?
  188. No Search? Guage Pack Install question!!
  189. Strange code continued
  190. Help...quick...please?
  191. Different kind of Exhaust question
  192. RS Superchip Dyno #s
  194. '99 Intakes???
  195. Blown Knock Sensor?
  196. Borla Cat-Back Exhaust
  197. Poll: Tough choice....Stromung or Brullen dual tip catback?
  198. does this toy really help?
  199. I need help with my weapon R intake (Hyper intake)
  200. SAFC Airflow/pressure signal
  201. Tanabe Hyper Medallion Exhaust- need opinions...
  202. Anyone with ram air hoodscoop pics?
  203. Valve Body Job?
  204. spark plugs
  205. What increase would I see by upping the compression?
  206. N/A 1/4 times! Goin to the track today!
  207. custom fab-ed midpipe/exhaust for a 1.8...
  208. 4EAT in the 2.5RS?
  209. Will STi tranny mounts....?
  210. Best way to get more torque from EJ25?
  211. Opinions on Aftermarket Clutch & Flywheel
  212. New Clutch Break-In Period?
  213. APEXi N1/tanabe racing medallion question...
  214. anyone know how to fix the MRT header CE light?
  215. O2 sensor wire?
  216. stromung single tip
  217. S-afc
  218. What is the click/clack sound when clutch engages?
  219. Soild steel engine/tranny mounts
  220. 30k mile service, what do i need to do?
  221. Supertrapp muffler...anyone have experiences?
  222. Header and hi-flow cat OR Cat-back?
  223. Me Stoopid
  224. Dear Lord....New Exhuast is Awsome
  225. Help! dead waterpump on the road
  226. scoobysport
  227. How long is a new scooby supposed to last?
  228. Best Flywheel???
  229. clutch recall ???
  230. Weapon R ram air?
  231. How to install hood vent spacers?
  232. ganzflow intake in auto???
  233. Best Intake for 2002 2.5RS
  234. Humidity and fog = slower car?
  235. GanzFlow aftermath and ECU reset question
  236. Anyone tried "twin bullet" mufflers...?
  237. lowering fuel tank pickup
  238. Heh, don't kill me: K&N or JR or what air filter?
  239. Auto-->Manual Conversion
  240. air intake question: Loss of low power
  241. Passive Reset ?
  242. Performance exuast (less or more HP)
  243. First report with second stage cams...
  244. new pulley set released!!
  245. Performance Headers
  246. valve chatter?
  247. 2.5 Intake
  248. Realistic Performance Gains
  249. Impreza Wagon v. Protege5
  250. Son of Ram Air