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  1. Best power gains??
  2. redline synth gear oil
  3. HEader Torque Specs
  4. New Spark Plugs = New Car, no hesitation
  5. Help me decide: auto or stick
  6. Uping the redline?
  7. Who sells Clutchmasters?
  8. No power with A/C on
  9. apexi afc or hks afr
  10. timing gears
  11. gauges
  12. EMergency: STi engine mounts wont go back to the crossmember
  13. Attn: Subie Gal.........clutch question
  14. 1/4 mile times for stock 2000 rs
  15. Underdrive Pulleys, What do they do??
  16. Clutch, flywheel problem. Help.
  17. CV Joint repair cost ?
  18. Gain anything by removing stock resonator?
  19. Ignition...
  20. Weapon R intake...opinions?
  21. OBD2 Hookup location
  22. Short shifter question
  23. Exaust who what where when and yeah I know why
  24. 85mph + higher vibration?
  25. AC is dead?
  26. Cruise control help
  27. 93 impreza gauge faces??
  28. Is the transmission fluid checked from underneath the car?
  29. Exhaust smells like rotten eggs
  30. Borla Exhaust
  31. Help me pick an exhaust!
  32. Magnecor wires AND NGk plugs?
  33. If not unsprung, then what?
  34. Exhaust/muffler section question
  35. What Gauges should I get????????
  36. Running Borla headers without a muffler not reccomended
  37. Wiring In A Split Second!
  38. Complete Shifter assembly installation
  39. N/A Newbie Question
  40. Performance gains from a true duel exhaust?
  41. 0 to 60 times for 2.5RS? (Re-asked)
  42. how do u Initialize the S-afc ..PLS help PLS
  43. Heat Shield
  44. NA vs. Turbo
  45. Urgent! Will a 2.25 Stromung intermediate pipe work with the stock muffler?
  46. Any bodys Impreza RS 99 0r higher shakes at 4k RPm for a second
  47. Graham Goode vs. STI short shifters
  48. The ultimate MY99 intake I've seen. (courtesy of Rickard A.)
  49. Engineering/manufacturing of Our Engines
  50. Make your own CF intake manifold
  51. Help me choose a clutch!
  52. My Car is Overheating!!! please help
  53. SubieCard Perks: Brospeed?
  54. What is a Stage 2 block?
  55. Cobb Tuning
  56. cam belt change, miles or months
  57. Piggy-back way to raise rev-limit?
  58. how much NOS can a 2.5 handle
  59. My Iprezzzza is backfiring when I shift!
  60. Cobb short shifter
  61. car wants to stall after oil change, new air filter
  62. rpm problem
  63. MRT CE light problem, anyone?
  64. Grinding in 4th, 5th...
  65. I need more torque! Suggestions?
  66. Weapon R Dragon Intake pic
  67. JC Sports.....And Their Torque Chip.....
  68. MY99 Intake: Rallispec vs. PRM style
  69. Where to get an STi exhaust?
  70. Rear end grind
  71. Nitrous Refills
  72. Is it normal for subarus?
  73. NOS, qustions, Plus wanta see pics
  74. MY 99 CE Light: Fuel Trim Error
  75. Help selecting performance gauge pack
  76. K&N cone on '00 RS
  77. how to bypass coolent on throttle body?
  78. Double Clutch Method
  79. s-afc ,ce light help...
  80. New tranny questions...
  81. MY01 Exhaust
  82. What is the difference between an STi ver.5 and STi ver.6 exhaust?
  83. what is the size of the wheel nut?
  84. Replacing Fuel Filter
  85. ? about stromung midpipe
  86. Mandrel bent exhaust tubing vs. not
  87. Subaru Nitrous Kits
  88. Where to purchase rear lip?
  89. Replacing Tranny & diff fluids instructions
  90. Need help from fellow 2.5RS automatics!
  91. Quiter in car...Stromung or Borla
  92. Wich type of motor oil do you use?
  93. Air/Fuel Ratio
  94. STi Mounts Part Numbers
  95. STI Short Throw Shifter AND a/or a Kart Boy?
  96. What is going on????
  97. The NOS FAQ
  98. Grinding Gears Help!
  99. sloppy OEM shifter...suggestions???
  100. ummm, backfire? what the...?
  101. Anyone know where I could find a DOHC 2.5L dyno graph?
  102. pulley
  103. grill some holes on he stock intak?
  104. Cast Iron Exhaust cut out?
  105. Oil pump leak....fixed I think.
  106. Phantomgrip LSD
  107. Pulleys
  108. Hiper Flow Racing Air Filters
  109. About to hit 6000 km, need some problems diagnosed
  110. what kind of exhaust is this?
  111. Exhaust install question.
  112. clutch travel/throwout berring noise/etc
  113. Question about the local Qickie lube.
  114. Drilling into my Borla headers???????
  115. Blitz Magnex?
  116. Need quick help-Tranny fluid
  117. How to Check? - Clutch fluid
  118. benifits of increasing intake plenum size
  119. safc gague pod?
  120. Stromung sound clips
  121. Just received Borla where's the gaskets???
  122. Has anyone done valve adjustments
  123. What do I need to complete a shortblock?
  124. ECU reset with new cat back exhaust?
  125. Smoother shifting?
  126. WHat are the Subaru Programable ECU's
  127. Sti exhaust vs Prodrive Exhaust
  128. What exhaust would everyone recommend?
  129. Rusty Strommung's
  130. Venom products-anyone got em?
  131. Anybody have the Blitz Intake Kit? How is it? Install easy?
  132. a couple of quick questions.
  133. ***? Messed up Clutch.
  134. How far can you take Impreza on N/A basis?
  135. Performance upgrades wiht an Auto
  136. EJ25 value
  137. 70k mile check up
  138. What else can I do???
  139. Pinging in Impreza
  140. MagnaFlow Exhaust
  141. Help with SAFC asap!
  142. Scoobysport and OBS with diff gaurd
  143. Anyone have any experience with Greddy/Trust Evo exhaust for Impreza's
  144. Engines don't like to idle???
  145. Intake Cobb?? JCsports?
  146. What happened to that one intake . . .
  147. WR Exhaust sound clip
  148. Intake Heat Shield/Cone filters/WeaponR
  149. Piston Slap Question
  150. Dropping MY01 RS
  151. so my CE light came on...
  152. what can i do?
  153. headlamps
  154. 2/25" crush bent midpipe w/ Brospeed?
  155. gasoline type
  156. RallySpec Short Shift
  157. Sorry, but it's about the SB run!!
  158. ANy info on UK spec twin pipe exhaust from a Torbo WRX?
  159. Random Technology's high flow cat
  160. Borla Headers Causing RHS or LHS to go lean?
  161. SAFC Numbers needed, yes I searched
  162. Where does the power kick in?
  163. What's the difference of the Magnaflow Street and Race series mufflers?
  164. torque power chip
  165. exhaust for 2.5????
  166. How long does it take for the CE light to come on?
  167. Looking for pics of a N1 exhaust on an Impreza...
  168. Need SAFC Help ASAP!!!
  169. Sooty Stromung on MY98. Why? What to do?
  170. ACT vs. stock PP weight
  171. doing an EJ25 swap into my 99 sportwagon...any tips?
  172. performance chip
  173. my little RS and it's screech
  174. Jumpy Spedometer
  175. Misfiring cylinders...
  176. Best 1/4 mile ....
  177. ZEX nitrous experience anyone?
  178. Does anyone make muffler hangers besides Cusco?
  179. Car always stall after put in Blitz Intake
  180. Anyone done a EJ25 swap (on a EJ18)?
  181. The Automatic talk...
  182. spark plugs
  183. intake for 96 impreza
  184. Incredible Hulk installed my wife's oil filter
  185. S-AFC Wiring
  186. sti vs. kartboy short shifter
  187. Fitment of Magnaflow muffler? URGENT!
  188. 1st, 3rd, 5th gear crunches
  189. 92 Legacy stalling
  190. Installing Cobb Intake
  191. piston
  192. piston
  193. MY98 2.5RS perf
  194. DirectHits Ignition Upgrade
  195. AT Power Mode
  196. Magnecor wires?
  197. Oil Filter - How Long?
  198. ram-air intake pic
  199. Exhaust Question
  200. Any Perf. chip for a MY98 RS?
  201. Online S-AFC instalation guide? (i did a search)
  202. Thermal wrap protection! GOOD OR BAD
  203. Rear LSD swap on 99 RS
  204. Complest pictorial for Spark Plug change.
  205. Help!: Autometer A/F Gauge Install
  206. Ganzflow Stage II Airbox Upgrade
  207. MY00 Honda EX problem!!
  208. Where Do I Get My Borla Header Ceramic Coated?
  209. Auto trans won't hold gears
  210. stromung vs. Apexi
  211. just put in ngks...should I be worried?...
  212. What does the EJ mean with our engines
  213. Question about air temps.
  214. Some questions about intakes and exhausts
  215. Anything I should know or be prepared for before exhaust install?
  216. How to install a Hayden 1403 ?
  217. Re: Short shifters help me pick one!
  218. Looking to replace my muffler
  219. whats next in speed for me?
  220. G-tech hp for stock OBS?
  221. Question for people with exhausts....
  222. Borla Header: First Impression
  223. Have you guys/gals ever.......
  224. Should I get headers?
  225. Going from N/A to Turbo
  226. S-AFC, positive intake maniford pressure?
  227. Pulleys set
  228. Quest? about Stromung Midpipe
  229. A better Mod?
  230. Autometer EGT Probe Sold Seperately??
  231. Crank pully tool / timing belt replacement
  232. Attn: Weapon*R Intake owners. I have a question.
  233. MagnaFlow Cat-Back
  234. quiet modified exhausts?
  235. tranny mount?
  236. What do you know about JUN flywheels?
  237. Subaru is replacing my '98 Phase 1 engine! Whooo!
  238. i think my timing is do i fix it?
  239. AEM Air Bypass Valve WARNING!!!
  240. zex nitous kit
  241. Review: Universal dual tip muffler and custom 2.25" midpipe
  242. my exhaust is shooting out feathers...
  243. Downward Directed Exhaust Particles
  244. New exhaust: will it become louder or quiter with time?
  245. Back fire noise
  246. Help after ECU reset?
  247. Borla Cat. Back Exhaust
  248. have exhaust ?? from fellow subie owners that also own small pickups
  249. Pic of my intake setup
  250. Quick dumb question AMSoil vs Mobil1