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  1. Cruise RPM and turbos
  2. Free horsepower?
  3. Custom Muffler Question?
  4. installed my super afc.....questions......
  5. Wrong stock computer?
  6. Why does the WRX use a smaller displacement?
  7. 2.2l detonation saga part deux!
  8. Gaskets Needed for Turbo Install?
  9. Re: Noise
  10. S-AFC sensor no. for MY00?......
  11. New Info about my00 wide band o2 sensor???
  12. Questions about EJ20DETT
  13. K&N Air Filter
  14. Which is the best muffler without the noise?
  15. how much for the UR pulley belts ONLY?
  16. STI Engine / Trans Mounts for Automatic?
  17. should i use bigger intercooler?
  18. Pressure and O2 Sensor
  19. Anyone using ACT clutch on 2.2L tranny?
  20. I want to build an Advance system, I need help.
  21. Re: The recent Borla Header posts
  22. 22B engine swap...
  23. piston slap: and what does it mean to you?
  24. Catback? stright pipe? diameter of pipeing?
  25. Euro-spec GT T/C fit to N/A RS?
  26. HELP! My RS all the sudden sucks!
  27. Tranny question
  28. automatic to 5speed conversion
  29. What do you think about this set up w/o turbo kit?
  30. Gains on changing the header
  31. Staying N/A
  32. My TECH II is finally installed
  33. Cant get rid of the rotten egg smell
  34. Water Temp Gauge
  35. I had an Eclipse GSX turbo, is it ok to use it in my suby???
  36. Rich/lean indicator?
  37. Turbos for cheap? Best Banf For BUCK??
  38. Redline is here to stay
  39. timing belt change, anyone done their own?
  40. '99AT and shifting
  41. Scoob Aero: Round one
  42. diff cage(newbie questions)
  43. WRX vs. Turbo RS.................
  44. how to do TPS mod w/ meter?
  45. Mud flap intake?
  46. Bucking
  47. The MOTEC!!!
  48. Look at this intake pic I found!
  49. Autometer EGT Gauge?
  50. apex'i RS or Magnaflow universal for custom cat back.
  51. has anyone tried the ICON chip from ISR?
  52. How can you tell the engine is STI version?
  53. Can any Turbo guys out there spare there 99 MAF
  54. What wears out on Engines...What do you replace?
  55. Any good turbos that i can buy????
  56. Performance cams for RS
  57. MY01 Custom Intake
  58. ECU hiding spot?
  59. Q's about turbo boost and engine wear
  60. What places make/sell turbo kits
  61. Need help: MAF voltages
  62. JC Sports torque chip questions
  63. anyone have 0-60, hp numbers on the vishnu turbo kit?
  64. Turbo size?
  65. n2o Kit, expeirences?
  66. Oil cooler Thermostat temp?
  67. intake manifold design...
  68. AT Oil Temp Light???
  69. MY00 silencer removal
  70. second gear stuck
  71. Will an Unorthodox Pulley fit on a 2.2L?
  72. Do you have shop manuals? Please read!
  73. Going to Get S-AFC, Need Help
  74. 2.2 Muffler vs 2.5RS muffler
  75. ID of stock headers
  76. ASR's turbo. Anyone has it. Any good/bad things to say about it? any info?
  77. Subaru Engine block heater
  78. Legacy Turbo in MY00, who has done this?
  79. The Final Word on EGT Guages.
  80. how to pull diagnostic codes from ecu?
  81. AMSOIL air filter
  82. Sequential Shifter for BPM Gearset
  83. New Borla Headers ROCK!!!!!!
  84. fuel filter installation
  85. Which model year gas tank to use for AWD conversion???
  86. Which model year crossmember for AWD conversion???
  87. Which model year 2.2L trannies has same gear ratios???
  88. Synthetic Gear Oil
  89. DO New borla Headers Work with a Turbo?
  90. aluminum tape used by dealers
  91. Glasspack resonator installed and thoughts...
  92. Weird grinding noise
  93. Timing Tweaks
  94. Torque and HP curves
  95. N2O w/ safc or jc torque chip?
  96. Need help about the gear box
  97. hesitation... no not that kind, new kind..?
  98. Installing an air/fuel gauge - quick questions
  99. ECU Reset Q
  100. Underdrive Pulley Problems!!!
  101. JC Sports IHI (anyone who has it)
  102. UDP gains on Turbo Cars
  103. Vishnu turbo kit and engine life.
  104. econo/power button
  105. customizing the automatic tranny
  106. Kartboy Short Shifter on Forrester?
  107. Direct Comparison: JC Sports Intake vs. Stock
  108. Trey Cobbs Automatic Tranny Shiftkit
  109. Rimmer's Water-Air I/C
  110. HKS turbo
  111. Anybody know the correct part number for an alternator-only belt on UR pulley?
  112. RIMMER stole my $4700 !
  113. Question about speed sensor
  114. NGK Plugs: BKR5E-11 vs. BKR6E-11?
  115. Cobb Tuning NA Specific Cams/heads (Attn: Trey)
  116. Oil Pressure?
  117. question on changing how car splits the power to wheels..
  118. Which JC Sports kit for GB pricing: POLL HERE!
  119. MAP & boost
  120. would my dealership allow the borla headers?
  121. Platinum 4 plugs - Thoughts?
  122. My Car is in Trey's Hands Now!
  123. Exhust Install?
  124. Speed Sensor wire location diff. from 99-00?
  125. Borla cat back and muffler...
  126. which clutch to buy
  127. Are 2 EGT's necessary for fuel tuning?
  128. My secrets revealed.
  129. Subaru engine block heater install - need HELP!
  130. why it happen??
  131. Spending some of my Christmas on my Car - Exhaust Questions
  132. What probe should i use for EGT gauge
  133. Cobb Tuning 2.5L NA Build - Dyno Results [LONG]
  134. Installed Trasko Oil Filter
  135. Need help with Error Codes
  136. New Borla headers w/burning rubber smell?
  137. Which cylinder was running lean?
  138. to those in cold weather climates (clutch problem)...
  139. How to read a compressor map?
  140. vishnu turbo kit psi cabalities?
  141. Shorter Shifter?
  142. Custom made pulley
  143. Stupid turbo Idea?
  144. Immediate help needed: '00 RS Tranny and LSD with axles on '99 OBS?
  145. Do stock turbo cars have bovs?
  146. What performance should i do next??
  147. how strong is the stock tranny
  148. exhaust modification info needed
  149. JC Sports intake vs. Larry's intake - my numbers
  150. Just pick up car from Rallispec! (turbo)
  151. Rear Differential Bushings
  152. ECU Reset
  153. COBB Tuning's Performance Camshaft
  154. Where to get Apex N1
  155. Well, this IS a powertrain question.
  156. Where can i buy exhaust taps?
  157. Engine shudder/loss of power
  158. Check Engine Light
  159. apexi SAFC
  160. RS exhaust on L wagon, will it work?
  161. ECU Reset possible?
  162. emergency pulley question
  163. EXHAUST BOLTS! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  164. Turbo?
  165. Torque Split & Slush Boxes
  166. New Borla Headers + STi Exhaust
  167. COBB Tuning's Performance Camshaft question
  168. Which intercooler offers the most "bang for the buck"??
  169. Aftermarket Throttlebody?
  170. Interesting boost or vaccum question?????
  171. To flush or not to flush?(tranny that is)
  172. can i upgrade a IHI turbo?(shiv)
  173. AWD system.. all manufacture have their own set of AWD... any one knwo the diff?
  174. Midpipe for my Stromung?
  175. Clacking noise when starting
  176. where and how to change my diff fluid?
  177. Stromung exhaust
  178. Haltech and Wolf engine management Q's... who has one?
  179. Top Mounted Intercooler
  180. "Check Engine" fix II ?
  181. Vishnu turbo question
  182. are the differentials the same on the autos & manuals?
  183. Info For Guys Running Amsoil Oil Filter
  184. Cusco Motor mounts
  185. Gear ratios?
  186. How bad is Nitrous?
  187. MRT exhuast system?
  188. Intake options
  189. Has anybody added a resonator to your exhaust?
  190. slipping clutch?
  191. Normal Tranny Noise ?
  192. Need part #s for Head Gaskets
  193. Help: 02 sensors
  194. Clutch Glazing
  195. ECU question
  196. New Clutch Options as per SCC 1/01
  197. Scoobysport Exhaust Emissions Question
  198. 01 Impreza turbo engine swap
  199. borla and CE light problems
  200. For those with ScoobySport exhaust...
  201. Turbo people, any problems about tranny???
  202. Turbo in an automatic 2.5rs
  203. Blue coil terminal?
  204. mmmm.. perdy headers (pic)
  205. Maybe silly question. Nitrous alternative?
  206. CobbTuning NA stuff
  207. MY '98 Piston slap problems
  208. How does a turbo spool?
  209. Where's Vishnu?
  210. 5th gear popping out at cruising speeds..
  211. Engine Swap Question...
  212. 2.2L turbos?
  213. Sti Engine mounts
  214. 2.5" mid pipe too large for NA?
  215. Jacobs Electronics Ignition system???
  216. Transmission mounts - info and thoughts
  217. Blow-off Valves... Quality & sound opinions requested.
  218. What I Think About Larry's Intake
  219. Interesting new WRX performance info
  220. Detonation on a N/A lightly modded motor! (HELP)
  221. Quaife ATB
  222. Short shifter resistance curve
  223. tranny/motor oil interchangability
  224. Anyone install a Forester Oil Cooler
  225. Upgrade clutch under Warranty
  226. H.p.???
  227. Minnam Turbo kits still sold???
  228. To those with WRX Engines...
  229. Trying to find test data -- Amsoil vs Mobil 1 5W30 synthetic
  230. Cold air inake/Stromung Muffler????
  231. Tanabe Racing Medalion?
  232. Pics of exhausts?
  233. Anyone have pic of pre-97 WRX intercooler/BOV?
  234. Power Steering Connectors
  235. ASR turbo? ANY info? I'm thinking of getting it.
  236. Gear Lash
  237. Clutch slip?
  238. Loose throttle canle? Help.....
  239. Power Steering removal?
  240. air to water intercooler $300 range
  241. DOHC heads on a 2.2L I am pretty positive they fit but...
  242. new borla header w/ a turbo...update???
  243. Lower octane at high altitude?
  244. stock muff. pipe and header
  245. Pictures of my VERY cracked header
  246. Disconnecting clutch switch
  247. Stromung question
  248. Big a** muffler tips
  249. im not familiar w/ how a turbo is setup on a impreza, i come from a honda background.
  250. Proper Greddy Profec-B settings for Impreza?