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  1. Is the cold weather more helpful to n/a or turbo?
  2. PowerJet... has anyone used it before?
  3. Injen Racing Division cai.......
  4. Check Engine Light, and I don't know why
  5. how to test a coil pack?
  6. Oh no, not another brullen header review!
  7. Jasma exhausts
  8. Are there really any safe intakes for my 97 Legacy GT?
  9. 02 rs vs 02 mitsu gt
  10. Whats stopping me from running a 75 shot?
  11. Tech. specs
  12. Relocated S-AFC and NO POWER!!!!
  13. ECU Pinout on Euro Vs American Subarus
  14. Ok, questions about exhaust piping...
  15. Car in limp mode wont go away + dont know why its on
  16. Cobb intake gains
  17. second air filter in MY 99
  18. Four Cylinder Missfire
  19. The fysics: compression ratio? How does it affect?
  20. Need Some Help!!!!
  21. 2000+ Legacy Gt Exhaust Recommendations?
  22. booty shaking idle with a/c on
  23. Headers which is the best?
  24. ingnition advice?
  25. What to scobie-do?
  26. What to scobie-do?
  27. Electric water pump CAN increase power!
  28. Header design
  29. Urgent Brullen Update
  30. cat
  31. compression and headgaskets?
  32. sohc to dohc?
  33. Stock 98 exhaust vs. Sports 01 exhaust
  34. What size filter?
  35. Help
  36. What Parts number to setup the power side view mirrors! for 96L model
  37. Cat theory.
  38. Anyone know about 0W-30 motor oil?
  39. Jet-Hot ??
  40. limp mode and oxygen sensor
  41. A'PEXi S-afc sensor #'s for 01 legacy
  42. CRAP!!!! ... help
  43. Exhaust help!!
  44. clutch disk part #
  45. does the OEM oil cooler do anything?
  46. DOHC ecu vs SOHC ecu q's?
  47. Need an EJ25 or Long block in portland metro area, OR
  48. Which is the better Choice? Camshafts or Header?
  49. Am I getting a whole new engine?
  50. Cheap student with cost of cams/instaltion cost.
  51. Exhaust questeion
  52. How do I change timing?
  53. s-afc=Afl???
  54. vibrant exhausts
  55. Will a 99RS bumper skin fit an 00RS?
  56. Is an intake right for me??
  57. My car is running BETTER with the CE light on..!!??(kinda long)
  58. P0170 Fuel Trim Malfunction (Bank 1) (CEL CODE)
  59. Simple exhaust question
  60. SOHC paranoia
  61. Engine Swap Questions
  62. ECU HELLLPPP!!! Please.....
  63. weird knocking from engine area
  64. bogging off start
  65. Brullen Headers Installed
  66. exhaust leak behind cat
  67. Couple Intake questions
  68. pro ecm, torq chip II ????
  69. 2.5rs & Wrx ???
  70. Torque Chip Gains
  71. camshaft Q
  72. What do I have? MAP or MAF?
  73. Clicking noise after gearshift
  74. Has anyone installed Larry's MY99 phaseII intake
  75. Connecting Rods
  76. Problems sincd Cobb Cam Install
  77. 95 1.8 on board diagnostics???
  78. reground cams question.
  79. Heeeeeeeeelp!
  80. Rallispec N1 installed...
  81. DOHC to SOHC swap?
  82. motor mount
  83. Intake manifold. Have anyone modded it?
  84. apex'i filter maintenance?
  85. Another gauge question
  86. 99 and cobb CAI
  87. What would be the best thing to do
  88. MRT CE, what have you done?
  89. Anybody know of a stroker kit for the 2.5?
  90. POLL: Which to install? STi Mounts/Katrboy Lever?
  91. Cat-Back Exhaust for 2.5L. Legacy
  92. Need to hear from people who put an intake on a 99 RS...
  93. Compass CAI [gary?]
  94. Safc Problem(s)
  95. adjusting with an ITC?
  96. shaky idle? and some other newb q's
  97. Should this be happening..
  98. TB Slap?
  99. De-turbo'd a car, now is overheating. (MY98)
  100. NGK sparks and plugs for 2.5RS?
  101. Direct Hits...has anybody tried them?
  102. Ran out of gas last night
  103. What would happen if I put test pipes on?
  104. Timing, 2nd O2 sensor,
  105. ram air
  106. Dyno Dynamics Results for cobb cai, stromung mid and ex., and safc
  107. ram air
  108. upper radiator hose size???
  109. 2.5L MRT exhaust dyno results!
  110. Apex-i S-AFC tuning
  111. cobb n/a engine kit
  112. 1/4 mile times
  113. cobb intake
  114. 2000 Legacy Intake vs. 2002 RS Intake
  115. Pdm Cai
  116. Gasket for second filter??
  117. Pic of single tip Stromung? Got one?
  118. Timing Belt replacement
  119. car really acting up....
  120. s-afc tach
  121. Bad PCV?
  122. 02 sensor - related to hesitation?
  123. Anybody familiar with thier knock sensor
  124. water getting in? help!
  125. Impreza L MY93 Stalling
  126. Greddy or 5Zigen??
  127. pissed off
  128. iSR intake for 99?
  129. Random Technology???
  130. Egt???
  131. PICS of Apexi S-AFC installed...
  132. SPT Exhaust?
  133. Newbie needs help
  134. Please help with foglight mod
  135. COBB Tuning Cylinder Heads & or Cam Shafts
  136. Spark plugs & wires?
  137. --> <-- this close to stalling at idle.
  138. Whats the best way to spend a grand(on my car)
  139. Cobb CAI
  140. pulleys
  141. My intake
  142. Pulleys or Chip?
  143. twin t H-6 impreza??
  144. When i put the unorthodox pulley in i tighten it until i cant anymore?
  145. EGT Temp
  146. Just did First Mod, Ganzflow
  147. S-AFC vs. Chip which has more hp gains?
  148. Popping noise
  149. difference between phaseI and phaseII??
  150. Header Bolt and Gasket specs
  151. rear 02 sensor
  152. Fluttering chirp noise @70mph and up anyone?
  153. Lightened pully sets?
  154. Why is my car so loud..?
  155. Is Anybody Running Nitrous?
  156. MY02 RS Exhausts?!?!?!?
  157. Has anyone tried this?
  158. Cold Morning starts with an intake
  159. Need Help Specing Brullen Exhaust
  160. Changing the O2 Senspr
  161. Bearings - possible prob.?
  162. headlight - light bulb part number?
  163. K&N filter doesn't fit
  164. PRM filters
  165. foglight wiring
  166. Short, short MAF wire
  167. What could cause the EJ25 to put a HOLE in the BLOCK, with only an I,H,E?!
  168. I'm back with more pulley installation questions
  169. What does a flashing CEL mean?
  170. 2002 Impreza RS
  171. A'PEXi N1 v.s. GReddy Evolution
  172. Raised Redline?
  173. intake sound level?
  174. FYI: Changing your stock air filter
  175. Tapping the stock exhaust manifeld
  176. Absolute best top-end intake?
  177. Another Brullen Install
  178. Throttle Position Sensor
  179. Jcs Cai
  180. STI version VI muffler + ??
  181. Gotta find what intake to get.. ugh
  182. STI muffler on a MY99 RS
  183. Can someone post instructions on how to polish your throttle body?
  184. Cobb Tunning?
  185. PAECO catalog - scanned cams & heads pages
  186. k+n oil filter - fixes hesitation?!
  187. ATTN: ImprezaRS dot com and others?
  188. Any 98s with Cams?
  189. Brullen Headers-Are They Really Made By Brullen?
  190. Did Anybody figure out how to fix that rattling from WOT on a Cobb CAI
  191. For those that modified a Cobb Tuning Intake for MAF cars.
  192. Cat-Backs?
  193. I need some suggestions on (inexpensive) quiet mufflers
  194. Wrapping borla header
  195. Zex kit or pulleys and chip?
  196. Zex kit or pulleys and chip? or....
  197. Random Tec Cat bolt Question
  198. Lightened pulleys, flywheel or neither?
  199. What kind of spark plugs are people running
  200. For those of you who used the clamp style Autometer EGT probe...
  201. Torque Chip and Autocross... (Larry?)
  202. greddy headers for 2.5rs?
  203. Borla header and stock WRX muffler on a 2.5?
  204. Can I put this in my car?
  205. I need a few Part numbers (Piston, block)
  206. Dumb exhaust Q
  207. Blitz power meter id
  208. Gasket between midpipe and cat
  209. intake manifold dimensions
  210. What WONT fit my car?
  211. Brullen mufflers and carbon buildup
  212. Has anybody NOT gotten a CEL with their Headers?
  213. Confusing Question on HP Increase
  214. EGR four cylinder missfire
  215. Sparkco Wires and 3rd Cylinder Misfire
  216. Is my my99 running rich?(Chip?) long
  217. What can I do to gain top-end without cams..
  218. Definite Window Noise...
  219. Could it be Idle Sensor problem?
  220. New drive results...
  221. Wrist pin puller pat# please
  222. Rattle :(
  223. PDM Intake Installed
  224. For those of you who wants to install a water temp gauge! Read here.
  225. Stromung Exhaust - Questions
  226. Electrical Problem (Lights)
  227. MOd Gains
  228. Intake - Louder or Deeper
  229. I tightened my left rear lugnuts and my CEL went out!
  230. Good idea for cold / ram air intake....I think?
  231. Just Saying hi to the 2.5 RS community
  232. Weird engine behavior after installing EGT probe.
  233. CE Light Repair Campaign
  234. <-- Definitely a Scoobie Newbie
  235. Chips
  236. Air Filter Question
  237. s-afc tuning. EGT or A/F gauge, what do have? why do you like it?
  238. Whats the difference?
  239. Iridium Pugs...worth it?
  240. 2.5 rs cats
  241. oil pan question
  242. Sparg Plug wires and plug question
  243. How does one synthesize black body emmiters, ceramic coatings, etc?
  244. Whats wrong with my RS??
  245. O2 sensor malfunction - questions
  246. Launch teqnique.
  247. oil consuption
  248. Upgrading
  249. Going Deaf due to Borla Cat-Back
  250. 2.2 in a fwd impreza