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  1. Heat-sinking intake manifold
  2. Intake good or bad?
  3. ej22 heads and crank
  4. anyone have an intake with the recalled MAF on a 99?
  5. 2.5 RS Engine swap
  6. Question on S-AFC
  7. STi lightweight bumper beams
  8. What do you think it will run?
  9. WRX catback on my RS
  10. Stromung mild steel midpipe
  11. just to make sure
  12. Hesitation fix
  13. Fuel pressure
  14. Check engine light
  15. WRX plug wires on 1.8L?
  16. 1.8L silicone vaccuum hose kit?
  17. vibrations between 70 and 80
  18. My car = very broken
  19. proecm- high idle problem
  20. lean at WOT?
  21. WRX exhaust on an RS?
  22. Always-on cruise control for a '96 Legacy L?
  23. Hp & Torque curves
  24. Plug wire recommendation?
  25. Fuel injector plug wire color ?s
  26. MRT Exhaust
  27. yet another vote for the stock intake assembly
  28. EJ22 or EJ222
  29. CAI for MY00
  30. Exhaust Question
  31. Need opinion on NA Parts
  32. Anybody have stock specs on 1999 cams?
  33. how to remove engine from 2000 RS (half way done)
  34. Apexi N1
  35. WRX fuel pump
  36. How to spot a RS hoax (aka rebadged L)
  37. rs injectors in 1.8L
  38. Opportunity for free AEM intake
  39. Got my CEL scanned today at Autozone, anyone comprehend this?
  40. engine swap question
  41. vibration issue
  42. S-AFC, Walbro, and injectors
  43. forgive me (borla header question)
  44. gurgle question
  45. will borla headers help me?
  46. Pinout/wiring diagram for 2.5RS TorqueChip II
  47. Intake and MAF
  48. anyone heard this noise?
  49. "What is Magnecore's warranty" or "check your Magnecore wires"
  50. motor question
  51. what is the best spark plug on the market??
  52. How do I tell if i have dual port heads?
  53. Throttle Cable adjustment
  54. Fuel Lines 95 vs 2000
  55. 98 Outback 2.2L block
  56. More Idle problems
  57. Possible misfire?
  58. STi Pitch Rod - How much is the difference?
  59. Cold start problems
  60. Watch those DIY intakes !
  61. INJEN intake
  62. Exhaust Help Needed
  63. Exhaust options
  64. Borla header cost difference
  65. Rubber hoses and DIY intake Revisited
  66. Threw CEL - Blew MAF tonight - ECU reset in Diag. - DD in 7 days, what to do?
  67. Any words on the Cobb exhaust?
  68. MRT headerback clip, thanks to krelkor
  69. MAP sensor on intake manifold
  70. Why, when, and where is my car comsuming all this oil??
  71. borla on a GC8?
  72. '93 impressa timing belt
  73. Link Plus ECU; worth it on a NA?
  74. subaru performance muffler?
  75. XT6 (92), Does anyone have a illustration of the timing belt(s) Crank No Start.
  76. Cobbs New or Cat Random Techs New High Flow cat?
  77. 99 MAF Recall
  78. Fuel Pressure Regulator
  79. Really bad mileage these days
  80. Cam shafts for 2.5 DOHC
  81. K&N question
  82. Black goo around throttle plate
  83. Anyone with COBB "spicy" cams?
  84. HElp on changing Filter
  85. P0400 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow
  86. Looking for Opinions on Diameters for nitrous use
  87. parts for impreza?
  88. Engine Smoke
  89. Benefits of an ECU reset(CE)
  90. HELP: UK300 headlights fit to STi type UK?
  91. Borla Headers and GFB Pulley Kit
  92. Wierd "flat spot" in my powerband
  93. Crank Pulley Install Problems
  94. Gas cap CEL?
  95. 1996 OBS...will it fit?
  96. S-AFC apex-i on a 2.5RS 2002
  97. Engine Rattle at 2800rpm's ?
  98. More Bad News.....Please Read!!!!!
  99. New problem, need help ASAP please..
  100. Hotter spark plugs
  101. Why does WOT pull less than 99% WOT?
  102. Nitrous?
  103. Need professional advice for...
  104. STi engine/tranny mounts worthwhile for an AT?
  105. Tach Wiring
  106. Reluctant crank pulley
  107. Going to attempt it......let me know what you think
  108. Help: Loud rattle coming from High Flow Cat in my MRT header!
  109. Do I have adequate fuel supply for the mods and shot I'm using?
  110. Disconected PCV system?
  111. My '95 LX needs more
  112. Air Conditioning Removal
  113. Will stiffer engine / tranny mounts stop clutch shudder?
  114. OEM performance gauges
  115. Building a N/A bottom end tech question
  116. Boost gauge hooked up N/A- why does it jiggle?
  117. My subie needs help
  118. Just backed my car out of the garage
  119. Omori water temp installation kit (diameter of radiator hose)
  120. Has anyone else experienced this
  121. Difference of exhaust / WRX and RS
  122. JC Sports Torque Chip Install Directions?
  123. I saw my motor on the back of a milk carton.
  124. Got the shakes above 60mph
  125. Cobb intake sounds ricey?
  126. Any known problems with a stock 1998 RS?
  127. Stock Exhaust Questions 2.5RS/TS vs. WRX
  128. Done with Search, now time for a little Q&A
  129. Pulleys or flywheel
  130. Changed plugs, one looks wet ??
  131. Borla Header
  132. Apex'i N1 Exhaust for 02 RS??
  133. So I've driven the sickest N/A beast I know of!
  134. muffler fit
  135. Bad Front O2 Sensor /SAFC
  136. how low is your Apexi N1 exhaust
  137. Let's build torque
  138. Anyone had anything go wrong with a 55 dry shot zex kit??
  139. Where can I find higher compression pistons for my car?
  140. Length matters
  141. my99 intake box
  142. backfire
  143. CAI and catback so far, need more
  144. Just purchased a '97 Legacy GT Looking at upgrades!
  145. My car sounds mean! Grrrrrrrr!
  146. What spark plugs wires for 01 RS?
  147. Dry (Zex) nitrous users: Ever think of trying this?
  148. Engine Problem. PLEASE help.
  149. Cold air / cold engine starting issues
  150. 2.5 on hold
  151. Only had equipment to read '97 CEL- quick question on the output
  152. link?
  153. Used Chip questions
  154. need suggestions about engine problem
  155. Question for those with MRT exhaust
  156. Best intake for 02 Impreza RS
  157. Overheating
  158. Best place for cheapest Brullen Headers?
  159. Intercooled Air Intake
  160. Leaky Oil Drain Plug ?
  161. Front O2 sensor replacement Question
  162. Rear lights out... air condition not working??
  163. HELP! My car feels like a 3 cyl!
  164. check engine light
  165. anyone know bore, compression, stock (all the vitals) for a 2.5L?
  166. 98 2.2L ecu pinout
  167. MY99 Intake
  168. 2.5RS gas mileage
  169. Intake Silencer
  170. short ram intake
  171. Will 2001 RS exhaust pieces fit a 2002?
  172. MRT exhaust kit
  173. what one gauge of 3 is most important when skidplate blocks oilpan to airflow?
  174. torque at the wheels
  175. wrx muffler on an rs
  176. anyone selling their old snorkel?
  177. The path for reliable power: EJ22 or EJ25?
  178. Cruise actuator but no cruise control!!
  179. subaru impreza air intake sensor mod +20 hp?
  180. Jacking up cars
  181. Remove Injen CAI for rainy season?
  182. Check engine light, whats this code?
  183. STi Exhaust
  184. Cylinder head work Tips
  185. I put this in another thread
  186. EJ25 Compression Test Results at 50,000 miles
  187. Paeco Pistons?
  188. What kind of horsepower?
  189. Engine Temp
  190. Attention!! Anyone interested in the MRT header read this!
  191. Knock after flooring right away
  192. The 3" airbox mod my way
  193. How High (compression question)
  194. Stromung question
  195. random tech. cat. failure
  196. MY98 Ej25 Phase1 strengths/weakness
  197. what was the difference between FWD and AWD exhausts?
  198. So if EJ25 is torquey enough to mess with stock tranny
  199. TB bypass observation
  200. OEM Spark plug wires for MY00
  201. Help, I broke something! Who has the book that tells part numbers so I can order one
  202. Question about Brullen Headers
  203. Cobb Tuning Exhaust
  204. Cobb intake for MY99
  205. MY98 intake?
  206. zex kit without bottle?
  207. cel-fix?
  208. Help! CEL!!
  209. differences in injector types
  210. fuel regulator
  211. chip?
  212. my car had a secret...and other tales of weirdness
  213. 1.8 borla header
  214. Backfire with just intake?
  215. lil info
  216. Fit WRX fuel pump?
  217. Voltage from Oil pressure sensor
  218. FYI: AEM short ram still no CARB cert.
  219. REX suspension n GL/TS
  220. WRX exhaust manifold
  221. U/D pulley belt sizes
  222. NGK Plug wire part number?
  223. Need help on COBB CAI on MY02 RS
  224. Which head gaskets?
  225. Prices
  226. Just purchased a impreza
  227. Direct Hits Plugs & Wires...
  228. smells like burning coolant
  229. MRT header back system for Subaru Impreza MY 02 RS (again)
  230. Best way to get power out of a 2.2??
  231. Cel problem i need help
  232. Brospeed Exhaust
  233. cheap no MAS failure intake
  234. prova/gravel sport intake?
  235. H-6 3.0 Muffler Bypass
  236. 2.5 Exhaust
  237. No Cat. on Borla....good or bad?
  238. Weight Reduction
  239. heads & cams
  240. how many pulleys in GFB
  241. Werid sound?
  242. What would be considered too many miles to build a 2.5
  243. Anyone have the old TcII/Pro Ecm Chip Instrutions?
  244. What's the difference...
  245. front end links
  246. injectors ? help!
  247. vivid racing pulleys
  248. what is this...
  249. OEM VS. Ganzflow
  250. Gravel Sports intake