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  1. Need help: engine stalls (non-subaru)
  2. Idle Air Controller
  3. What oil to use?
  4. Exhaust Piping/Muffler Inlet
  5. lambda readings / ignition timing
  6. Equal Length vs. Stock Shape Sound
  7. question about gaskets
  8. 2000 OB, Rough idle-1800 RPM
  9. front sway bar help??
  10. Ripples in rear glass
  11. any thoughts on the new stromung exhaust?
  12. wrx muffler on mrt headers back, see the results
  13. Stromung High-flow Cat
  14. Borla Headers
  15. E82 questions
  16. P0400 code
  17. Intake silicone falling into fender
  18. Where to find Spark plug wires for 2.5rs?
  19. Header Installation Help
  20. STi Group N Engine Mounts
  21. My engine blew up (sort of)
  22. Removing heat this ok?
  23. Tanabe Exhaust question???
  24. Torque on strut bolt?
  25. Octane Booster
  26. RS test pipe??
  27. EGR malfunction code
  28. opinions on Prodrive axel back muffler
  29. Hesitation/shudder problem dealing with exhaust??
  30. Intake mod
  31. Aftermarket ECU options for us N/A types
  32. Mechanical Noise Coming from Engine
  33. cat-back for 2000 gc8 (gm6)
  34. websites that carry only exhaust piping? gc8
  35. what Cold Air Intake should I get
  36. A/C Removal?
  37. Size of oil drain plug 2.5L engine
  38. car no start after CAI install? help please
  39. Sound Clip Comparison: Borla, Stromung, Random Tech vs MRT vs Brullen
  40. What do you recommend for hi flow cat Stromung or Random?
  41. EJ25 Rebuild questions
  42. Borla header question
  43. Air Flow in car intermitently impaired
  44. intake manifold q
  45. WRX/2.5RS exhaust length
  46. Wobbling L/W Crank Pulley?
  47. Replaced stock pulley... adjust timing?
  48. CEL question
  49. IggBore v3.0 DIY intake
  50. advanced timing?
  51. Shifter linkage spring (near the bushing)
  52. squeaky squeaky
  53. DOHC vs. SOHC
  54. In Need Of Help!
  55. Another exhaust thread
  56. DIY/custom N/A exhaust?
  57. Loss of low end torque with intake and exhaust?
  58. bank one sensor one Wide Range V logging
  59. Blitz Nur Spec Universal mufflers... (semi-long)
  60. Spark Plugs
  61. Need Info about ProECM
  62. '00RS + Pro ECM + dry NOS?
  63. TWE Header and cat + Brullen catback (video)
  64. Cracking noise
  65. Name this part
  66. blitz sus air filter
  67. Kick Down is Hesitant/Slow after MAF recall?
  68. Throttle Response Hesitation Question
  69. Review on my Fidanza 9lb flywheel and Bully clutch combo.
  70. Need Help with Crank Pulley Install
  71. my trip reads 10.3 miles for every 10 miles traveled!
  72. 2.5RS sound like STi?
  73. Power Neo?
  74. Torque for spak plugs?
  75. Could it be my CAT?
  76. 2000 2.5 oil pressure
  77. Changing Belts at 45K?
  78. Didnt know getting an exhaust would be this hard.
  79. Should I stop modding the engine now?
  80. creaking noise upon start-up and shut-off
  81. Factory injectors in EJ25?????
  82. Removed 2nd air filter - downhill from there...
  83. Dealer pulling my leg??
  84. Thicker headgasket for NA EJ25
  85. Where to buy a new o2 sensor??
  86. Which one is the Idle Air Valve?
  87. Any difference in cat pipe(s) diameter between 98' RS and L
  88. Question about Borla Headers
  89. ProECM Powerchip
  90. Need General Info
  91. S-AFC to a 2003 RS...Cant locate Air Flow signal
  92. Alternator fitment on EJ25
  93. Question about Headers?
  94. Mods List - What else should I get?
  95. Need some help on first mods
  96. Pinging between 2-2.5k....
  97. how much a ej25 weights?
  98. can you answer this..?
  99. SVX Power Steering Problem...
  100. Replacing Head Gasket
  101. rain and idle problems!!!!
  102. best vacuum hose for MAP sensor
  103. leaking headgasket... so
  104. EJ22 Plug Head Hole for EGR
  105. what is the purpose of?
  106. custom samco hoses?
  107. EJ25 piston irresponsable can ya get ?
  108. Car starts but won't run - VIDEO! HELP!
  109. Coolant leak - where from?
  110. My Borla header install.
  111. Pics of Greddy Evo exhaust on GM6/GC8?
  112. What does ODO mean?
  113. K&N Filter question
  114. No Coolant?
  115. Why is this forum pruned so frequently?
  116. Overheating Probs.
  117. Lightened Flywheel + Lightwieght pulley = problem?!?
  118. What would cause a knocking engine?
  119. AC jumps while riding
  120. Quick strut bar question?
  121. Where to buy Scoobysport exhaust?
  122. Bad Valve Rattle...What's the Cause?
  123. spark plug wire
  124. Attn: Keiho
  125. Intake
  126. WRC Crank Pulley
  127. P0325 - Knock Sensor Circuit Malfunction
  128. Does anyone have headstud sizes?
  129. Compression at shutdown
  130. cobb cams?
  131. compresion on a SOHC
  132. Prova (replica) Headers: New or old?
  133. Degree on crank pulley??
  134. Slight chirping noise
  135. Finally a Good Header!
  136. Do You Have Any Mod Regrets ?
  137. How to gut a cat?
  138. New 2001 RS!
  139. car whistles at highway speeds
  140. Want to connect the hood scoop to the intake on my '98 OBS.
  141. ram air
  142. brake question on GC8
  143. Front Wheel Drive
  144. NX Stage One EFI System in 2003 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS (bugeyed)
  145. Unorthodox Racing Ultra SS Puley Set for 2003 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS (bugeyed)
  146. 2.5 overheating, dunno what to do, please help !
  147. port and polish ?'s
  148. Click when start rolling
  149. Apex Super AFC question
  150. Am I driving the engine hard?
  151. Should I get an A/F meter?
  152. A question about nitrous and gauges???
  153. Greddy E-manage on a 2001 relearning ECU
  154. 1.8L exaust help
  155. Is my Engine Dying???
  156. Intake
  157. Prodrive Exhaust - How big is your piping?
  158. Anybody using a Random Tech Gen2 cat pipe?
  159. RE-oiling K&N?
  160. need quick battery help
  161. Another Apexi S-AFC 2 ???
  162. Where to get Phenolic Spacers
  163. fuel rail question
  164. Gas indicator arrow
  165. K&N part # for 99 RS??
  166. How to swap Oil Pan in 99 RS??
  167. Best place to buy a injen intake
  168. Running Catless
  169. Hunting for Idle? Flats Spots in Torque Curve?
  170. Throttle Position Sensor Symptom?
  171. what is that popping/tapping noise after engine shutoff?
  172. Exhaust rattle
  173. Will RS Exhaust fit my MY99 OBS?
  174. borla headers vs. stock
  175. TWE Cams vs Cobb Mild Cams
  176. Connector to MAF part no.?
  177. TB Bypass
  178. Is better spark plug wire can +hp???
  179. Torque Specs on Exhaust Manifold Bolts?
  180. Interesting Intake theory for 2000-2001 RS
  181. A few questions about Hyper Ground System (low resistance grounding cable system)
  182. painting exhuast piping?
  183. better flow?
  184. whats the fastest NA MY00 2.5 RS?
  185. Exhaust question
  186. exhaust not sounding good
  187. Throttle body spacer
  188. knocking and pinging on MY00 rs
  189. mild cobb cams CEL??
  190. Stromung XA Exhaust
  191. intake "tone"
  192. headers?
  193. why am i getting hesitaion
  194. Timing Belt Problem
  195. What would it take to connect a Prodrive axle-back to an RS?
  196. Stock Center Section (Replacement)
  197. Apex'i s-afc questions
  198. my airbox is cracked....bad?
  199. impreza vs integra type r?
  200. Car Fails to START, help needed!
  201. change in latitude = change in gas mileage?
  202. Anyone tried the Hyper Voltage System- MR series???
  203. Wouldn't start, now runs but has gas smell from exhaust
  204. So whats mods do we have for the EZ3.0 h6?
  205. Where to buy Injen intake for the RS
  206. 89 GL, overheating
  207. short ram air intake heat shield box thingy
  208. Issue with swapping MY93 heads on a MY98 L
  209. Rear diff shot
  210. intake for 2.5 rs
  211. overhead mounting of intake manifold
  212. Bummer, gen IV headers gave me the CEL!
  213. EJ22 (Brighton) modding??
  214. why shouldn't I do this? (intake)
  215. valve cover gaskets... whos done it?
  216. Clutch Question ...
  217. Full exhuast system, intake and proECM
  218. Prodrive Exhaust make gains?
  219. exhaust advice
  220. can this be possible
  221. SOS: Help removing sti engine mount
  222. vtec ctrler
  223. Prodrive exhausts
  224. where is my ecu+maf wire
  225. O2 sensor in MRT Header
  226. Sticky clutch pedal
  227. 01 Phase II swap in 97 2.5GT - EGR/CEL problems
  228. for everyone that helped w/ my ecu new probs
  229. What size Exhaust Dia. do you run?
  230. Gutted CAT
  231. proecm
  232. How much for a custom mid-pipe?
  233. P0130 O2 Circuit Malfunction
  234. Urgent: Engine Stalling
  235. 99RS Makeing A Noise.. LiL Help =)
  236. Is an underdrive pulley worth it?
  237. How fast are our cars?
  238. noise
  239. more n00bness OR my car makes a whining sound!
  240. 2 questions
  241. CV boots broke
  242. Exhaust noise question....
  243. Engine rough at 3200rpm?
  244. WHaaaaaaaaaaaa! PLASTIC Intake manifolds!!!
  245. Hesitation issues/Black box?..GC8
  246. The low-emisions EJ25 is out! Wieeeeerd...
  247. 98 RS owners w/ JC Sports intake?
  248. seriously...
  249. torque specs for intake manifold '00 EJ25?
  250. Evaluating '99RS drivetrain