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  1. Backfire?
  2. Rallispec Intake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got one!
  3. Engine upgrades for turbo
  4. How do I do...
  5. HP estimate?
  6. Stromung: Single or Dual tip?
  7. Engine Light?
  8. Where are the fuel lines?
  9. Argh!! My spedo has stopped working!!
  10. Exhaust + Fireball = ??
  11. Home-made Turbo Kit Build Up
  12. Asr?
  13. possible hp from basic modded new WRX engine?
  14. J&S Safeguard version 2? Ultra Safeguard!
  15. Cobb Cams
  16. '95 2.2L engine same as '97 2.2L? I need the part quick!
  17. How much Horsepower can the EJ25 Handle?
  18. Where to start? (mods)
  19. Fuel Inject. Treatment
  20. ECU Reset
  21. Is a BOV or turbo timer nessisary on a stock turbo?
  22. My new Rallispec intake kit (pics)
  23. Brospeed Exhaust
  24. I rode in Larry Ganz's Impreza Tonight!! (some thoughts)
  25. twin turbo kits?
  26. new clutch
  27. Anybody heard of this BOV?
  28. Mid-pipe?
  29. Loud winding and knocking in reverse.
  30. Joel Gat, you asked for this.... (lots of photos)
  31. Any interest in some factory gear ratio specs?
  32. Best place to get NGK or Denso spark plugs?
  33. Turbo vs Cobb cams
  34. larry's intake vs cobb's
  35. best short shift?
  36. Anyone who has the BORLA Exaust!
  37. high flow catalytic experiment?
  38. Wheel slip upon acceleration...
  39. New Subaru dBase Registry (hp, 14/s, etc)
  40. I need an ECU diagram for MY99 Legacy (AT)
  41. Blown Head gasket.
  42. Turning 2WD into 4WD
  43. Need good hose and fittings
  44. MY97 OBS rear or front LSD?
  45. 1.8L micromotor
  46. AC and UD Pulley, damage to crank?
  47. Who has Minnam turbos? Got question...
  48. Question
  49. Top Mount Intercooler
  50. Running only Stock ECU at 5psi?
  51. Inslalled HKS cat-back exhaust!
  52. What else to stop drivetrain slop?
  53. NOS information
  54. 75W-90NS Tranny oil and grinding gears
  55. cruise control - need help
  56. Who makes good Wastegates (Blow Off Valves)?
  57. What are your S-AFC settings with Turbo
  58. Decelleration squeek!
  59. Exhaust tip?
  60. Install the New TRi Tuning Intake tonight
  61. Magnecor Wire installation question
  62. Warning: Pep Boys has wrong plug gap
  63. Gear Ratio or 6th Gear
  64. Ludespeed or JC Sports
  65. knocking noise???
  66. HP vs clutch
  67. Power question.
  68. Serious question of 1/4 mile times
  69. Cheapest good-sounding exhaust?
  70. umm...I dropped it off at the factory, and now it's faster!
  71. Installing an Autometer Phantom A/F gauge?
  72. Does anybody have this intake?
  73. Can someone help me here.. pleeeez
  74. got clutch warranteed!
  75. Autotranny went Kaboom!
  76. what's the HP rating?
  77. attn: Shiv or Imprezer
  78. Spark plug question
  79. Timing Belt Replacement
  80. 6200 rpms?
  81. air/fuel meter wires?
  82. Rally Knight update: 500+ lb/ft of torque on 114 octane leaded race gas!
  83. MY00 map/boost problem
  84. Help - Spark External to Plugs (Short)
  85. Recall yet?
  86. Boost spike
  87. anyone have an Apex N1 exhaust?
  88. ScoobySport midpipe?
  89. Serious question about exhaust
  90. apex'i rs series exhaust...
  91. I just switched my MT and rear diff to Redline lubricants...
  92. 2.5 factory turbo
  93. CE light and wandering gas needle
  94. Does anyone know if the manual tranny problems have been solved for 01?
  95. Rattling Stromung
  96. Rear differential ratio
  97. oil cooler required w/ skidplate ?
  98. Rear Diff Protector Mod for Exhaust?
  99. AFM problem
  100. What's next?
  101. Which Turbo and Intercooler is the best to go with?
  102. Are there any Headers besides Borla?
  103. Some past projects (pics)
  104. Ping
  105. OBS owners, help!
  106. EJ25 blocks?
  107. Compression ratio - numbers and math.
  108. Check this out!
  109. Inline capacitors for spark plugs
  110. J&S Q's (tried the search already)
  111. NOISY motor when coldstarting?!?!?!?
  112. Dr. Jacobs book
  113. max hp of current WRX turbo (some questions)
  114. Cold Start Stall !!
  115. No more Redline fluids. Drained all of it out.......
  116. no Schrader Valve!!! Give me a break!
  117. Dog Clutch gears?
  118. Steelbraided hoses and hose end Q's
  119. Thinking of buying this... What do ya think?
  120. Manually adjustable center diff?
  121. RS and L model rear axles the same???
  122. 98' Front axel leaking grease again
  123. Turbo oil line feed..
  124. need advice
  125. O2 Sensor question
  126. SVX: Manual transmission available?
  127. Header on OBS
  128. S-AFC settings for ~3.5-4psi?
  129. STI - RA center diff details?
  130. anyone else notice this?
  131. H6 conversion?
  132. Warm Up time
  133. MY00 knock sensor part #.........need some help here..
  134. Replacing stock cats with hi-flow cats
  135. Center diff/towing damage.
  136. Running lean on '00RS????
  137. Broken Shift Linkage
  138. COBB Tuning intake = PRM intake
  139. Check out ZeroSports 6speed kit...
  140. CE light flashing
  141. Car Won't Idle.....
  142. Need help... loud bang with 2001 RS auto...
  143. I think i fixed my knock sensor dealer sux.!!!
  144. Extend your Kartboy shifter
  145. Turn your PDA into OBDII scan tool!
  146. HKS Exhuast???
  147. Sti Muffler
  148. part # for wastegate from minnam kit?
  149. Battery life?
  150. To All You EJ20 Buffs
  151. To "Phil" with the A4
  152. Is this normal?
  153. are all EJ25's the same?
  154. RalliSpec makes my turbo MY98 better than ever!
  155. What intake is this?
  156. Why are intercoolers so expensive?
  157. Blueprinting
  158. STi Exhaust..... so nice.....
  159. EJ25 in an 87 JUSTY?
  160. IHI ball bearing Turbo...
  161. Fuel Pressure Riser
  162. Anybody installed a Rebie kit
  163. Whats up with my Stromung??????
  164. Cheapest turbo setup
  165. will this work on NA engines
  166. Rear Diff. Protector Rattling with exhaust, Quick and Easy fix??
  167. Timing Retard Question
  168. Anyone filled up their battery yet?
  169. My budget turbo plan. Comments, please!
  170. Synthetic Tranny Fluid
  171. Help! My manual tranny is sticking in gear!
  172. whos running a blitz filter
  173. Simple Digital Systems
  174. Tips for oil pan install?
  175. Questions on gear ratios for RS turbo...
  176. reseting ce light
  177. turbo 1.8L??
  178. What guages?
  179. JC Sports IHI Or Garett?
  180. ATTN: Anyone that has installed a clutch...
  181. New model engine in old model car?
  182. J&S Ultra SafeGuard delayed!
  183. MY01 RS Tranny/Clutch noise?
  184. Subaru Wiring Diagram for '00
  185. How big is the stromung sing tip and dual tip?
  186. Link Engine Management
  187. Weird noise from shifter?
  188. '02 WRX wagon auto - 2 seconds slower...
  189. Best mod for 2000$???
  190. JC Sports Oil pan install results
  191. Mudflaps and light...suggestions?
  192. Question on turbo for new WRX
  193. Is this intake any good?
  194. HELP!! Smoke in the engine bay!!!
  195. Flywheel Installation Question
  196. Help Synchros part numbers needed!!
  197. Grinding gears when shifting into 1st?
  198. Ultimate Turbo Setup?
  199. Personal Turbo SIZE experience. What Size to pick notes.
  200. Can Tec II and WRX be together?
  201. 2002 WRX engine in 2.5 rs ?
  202. Traction Aiding Devices
  203. New US WRX tranny same for New 2.5RS?
  204. Turbo/BOV...deceleration idling problems
  205. Please Post MY00/01 AFC settings.
  206. Quick intake question
  207. WRX Power upgrade
  208. Unorthodox accessory pullies?
  209. Websites for JDM and European WRX Parts
  210. I went from 92 Octane to 87 and...
  211. Headers (not Borla)
  212. Exhaust questions part 2 or 3 or 4
  213. Me and the MONKEY need turbo info
  214. Clutch Problem
  215. Waranty work
  216. AT vs 5 Speed??
  217. dynos
  218. New idea (to me at least) For Supplemental Fuel
  219. Shortist AND Smoothest "Short Shift Kit"
  220. cobb's stage 1 or stage 2 cams??
  221. 15K service today, advise for current RS owners
  222. WRX exhaust diameter?
  223. Wheel Bearing Problem?
  224. BOV vs. Wastegate
  225. S-AFC Install. Who? How difficult?
  226. Joe P manual boost controller?
  227. My Rallispec exhaust was Well worth the wait.
  228. Technik/Minnam reduces turbo price
  229. "All Motor" 2.2L...thoughts? help?
  230. need answer quick...
  231. Nitrous question... (Trey?)
  232. Opinions on a Synthetic Oil and a New Trubo
  233. What`s wrong with my gear box???
  234. JC Sports Intake & acceleration
  235. How to adjust 4EAT Band Brake/Brake Band?
  236. Do Borla Headers still give a CE light?
  237. turbo's and stock 2nd gear
  238. JDM vs USDM EJ20
  239. Non-Turbo VishnuTec2?
  240. Mix and match gear oil
  241. Twin Turbo Impreza!
  242. Octane vs boost: what's the relationship?
  243. Help...what did i do???
  244. ~~Turbo Leaking~~
  245. synthetic milage
  246. installed headers and mid pipe...
  247. I'm a dummy.
  248. 98RS - When is an AFC req'd?
  249. colder plug?
  250. Intake Manifold for Front Mount IC