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  1. How much more effort?
  2. Turbo guys need apply
  3. Removing hood scoop backing Advisable?
  4. WRX....MAF or MAP?
  5. clicking on braking
  6. AFC Question for MY00/01
  7. how much would it cost to replace the WRX turbo....
  8. My DIY Intake pics (long)
  9. Gear Ratios
  10. What does the intake do?
  11. Installed Unorthodox pulley
  12. WRX Solid Lifter Service Interval
  13. Anyone here have experience with SWAIN coatings?
  14. Who knows what about the EJ22T
  15. WRX turbo onto 2.5L
  16. 2001 LSD vs 2000 LSD
  17. Power loss!
  18. TB position relative to Turbo/SC
  19. Question about WRX
  20. My intake work
  21. To those with a legacy turbo kit
  22. Bad Gas or Fuel Injection?
  23. Appearently New MAS available for MY99
  24. MAF Failure Results?
  25. please techies
  26. Need help with HP increase!!
  27. will the new WRX have open or closed deck?
  28. 99 vs. 00
  29. Need help with o2 sensor signal please help
  30. S-AFC tuning need help
  31. Fuel Injector Cleaners
  32. EJ20 wiring harness explained
  33. Our cars are fragile
  34. How many of you have done WRX conversions?
  35. intake for a 1.8 liter
  36. old borla header
  37. anyone have directions to hook up a J&S to a 98 rs( steves, rallispec?)
  38. Make your blow-off louder....
  39. Difference between Flywheel material?
  40. Variable Torque Distribution???
  41. Any other good clutches?
  42. Apex-i headers
  43. Oil and fuel starvation in tight turns? Are there baffled oil pans and fuel tanks?
  44. Welp, I did it, went and spent money on an exhaust.
  45. need sugestions on turbo headers
  46. Best Spark Plug
  47. Turbo 101
  48. Boost questions for all the turbo gods
  49. a relatively unbiased review of the stromung dual tip
  50. DOHC Head Question
  51. Had a look at a T04S turbo today
  52. 2.2L . . . any suggestions?
  53. MAF adaptors
  54. Legacy twin-turbo onto Legacy 2.5L??
  55. 00 2.2L vs. 96 2.2L, where'd the power come from?
  56. Dealer overfilled oil -- How bad? please help
  57. Prototype Ram Air!
  58. '99 intakes??
  59. Underdrive pulley comments? Power Increases?
  60. Will a stromung or other muffler work with a 2.2L?
  61. AMSOIL Air filter kiks buttt!!!
  62. do you have to lower your compression for a turbo?
  63. Hi-techexhaust ? custom headers
  64. Where's the cheapest I can get a dual tip stromung?
  65. Cobb Tuning intake dyno chart, anyone?
  66. ej22 turbo from early 90's legacy fits into impreza??
  67. Anyone interested in Group Buy on STI engines?
  68. Legacy twin-turbo onto Legacy 2.5L??
  69. ATTN: Automatic owners between MY94-98 Important info...
  70. Oem bov
  71. need mods im sick of mustangs anyone else agree cocky little rich kids!!!!!!!
  72. Who makes the manual tranny?
  73. manual tranny in neutral?
  74. What to look for when i turbo, please any info will help
  75. Clutch Going South??
  76. Header???
  77. 2.5" Exaust for N/A?
  78. Will a kartboy shifter work in a 96 L?
  79. ACT Clutch ?
  80. Help! Stupid CE light has started it's crap again!
  81. K&N air filter?
  82. STi Engine mounts - experience?
  83. ACT vs stock Exedy clutch
  84. Bov orDov?
  85. When is it too late to add a turbo?
  86. Should get my Stromung tomorrow - install tips?
  87. Legacy vs Outback exhaust compatibility
  88. question about 99 STI motor
  89. Ej22t =???
  90. Tranny year/model matchup....
  91. Adjustable spockets for Subie?
  92. Stock exhaust question....
  93. New radiator in, have questions
  94. Stromung setup
  95. 18" whhels on WRX?
  96. Look what Kartboy is up to.
  97. Gasket between cat and Stromung midpipe?
  98. Will RS diff protector fit WRX
  99. Gear lubes: week one with homebrew in the drivetrain, and it's great
  100. how hard is it to install/remove a mid pipe?
  101. First impressions: Random Tech's high flow cats...
  102. what is a mid pipe,
  103. Hay, Spunky
  104. Nitrous Express Group Buy
  105. How to Change spark plugs on a Phase I DOHC?
  106. TEC-II Installation questions...
  107. JCSports Intake
  108. STi mounts + Whiteline Links + 8mm bar + Kartboy=
  109. Rrfpr
  110. don't wrap borla header
  111. Passenger horn harness
  112. Turboing a 2.2 vs 2.5
  113. 9 psi boost + MY00 5-speed tranny = Bad Mojo -> No Go...
  114. will WRX Electronic center diff fit RS??
  115. JC VS Minnam turbo kit?~
  116. street or 6 puck?
  117. Does the Weapon R Dragon Intake fit the Impreza?
  118. Apex Exhaust!
  119. Exoerience with WRX trannys
  120. Installed ACT clutch today on cable tranny...
  121. Octane boosters & ECU reset - anyone done it?
  122. WRX and octane...
  123. Wiring diagrams for 94 Legacy Turbo & 00 Impreza?
  124. Does anybody have a s.c Imprez?
  125. New Engine management system
  126. WRX, first oil change, and synthetic......
  127. Axle help... Any Experts out there???
  128. 2.2l turbo block and 2.5l heads
  129. JC Sports Torque Chip II
  130. Fuel Management Question
  131. Need help: Finally getting a turbo and need to list required parts-Please help!
  132. Yipeee!!! I got the hill holder option...
  133. Problem with J&S
  134. Benefits of Ceramic Coating?!?!
  135. "Check Engine" Light
  136. WRX Torque and HP Curves
  137. Repeated Bad Wheel Bearings?
  138. 2 part Part number question
  139. 2G Impreza Engine and Tranny Mounts
  140. Stromung Install + Impressions- BAH! I lost it...
  141. auto to stick is it possible?
  142. STI vs. Stock muffler w/2.25 piping
  143. Questions about the Boxer Engine.
  144. Reading Sparkplugs?
  145. Computer Upgrade?
  146. An apology for any misconceptions I may have tendered with regards to BPM, MRT...
  147. air/fuel meter wiring help
  148. Please Help!!!!
  149. FYI: Don't get caught in this...
  150. MRT header system questions, please.
  151. What's an open deck motor?
  152. MY 99 RS question about teh MAS
  153. Question about spark plugs (yes I searched :P)
  154. Removing Cats?
  155. Oil Cooler on new US WRX
  156. rally car BOV?
  157. Stock oil pressure enough?
  158. autometer pillar pods ?
  159. Borla headers cracking?
  160. RS needs upgraded ignition?
  161. Water from the tailpipe
  162. Is that the Canadian 2000 and up RS the same as Pre 2000 RS in the US?
  163. "engine check" light question
  164. Apexi S-AFC, will it hurt my car in the long run?
  165. Need help on 2.2 Turbo conversion?
  166. Aggravation with stock header
  167. Part No. for stock exhaust flange springs
  168. Need the name of a flywheel tool
  169. asr turbo kit?
  170. flowmaster wit a brospeed tip ? need some help
  171. Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde supercharger?
  172. MY99 turbo options
  173. First impressions of Borla headers/Borla catback
  174. stromung(?) mid pipes, question
  175. Rimmer Supercharger?? Anyone have it?
  176. RS exhaust on an Outback Sport
  177. Wait to install Mid-Pipe?
  178. Need your input...
  179. got question on JC sport basic turbo kit....
  180. Bump Steering mod.
  181. EJ25 fuel computer
  182. WRX engine details
  183. Top mounted intake is possible. . .
  184. AFC w/ programmable user pre-sets
  185. Extrude Honed ....
  186. ISR Intake? Anyone using one?
  187. Engine warranty denied-help needed
  188. Needing some help from any turbo guys or tuners
  189. MAF adaptor + K&N cone filter = SWEET!!
  190. Need some help - water sound from engine
  191. How big is the TD05 Turbo
  192. check engine light came on.
  193. Borla Header from SPO Motorsports
  194. H6 swap in an RS, opinions
  195. MAF swap question....
  196. Borla Check Engine light possible fix
  197. NE1 know about the Chassis improvements on newer Imprezas(98+)???
  198. Adjustable Diff.
  199. what does this noise mean?
  200. Sprail Max - Facts or Fiction
  201. Water Pump?????
  202. Anyone know if the Legacy seat brackets can take a different seat?
  203. Moderators, move my post to General, pls??
  204. EJ22T Pics
  205. Rough idle after oil/spark plug change?
  206. Clutch question
  207. prelude... how to beat a prelude.. no money for turbo..
  208. Pro-M MAF's for MY99
  209. need quick answer
  210. What tool to unscrew rear diff plugs?
  211. What type of HP am i looking at?
  212. O2 Sensor Blues
  213. RRFPR install
  214. Please Help, a lot of smoke from engine
  215. 2002 wrx engine swap with 2.5RS?
  216. T/3 ball bearing vs. Super60
  217. Crank strength
  218. RS Liberty water/air IC
  219. How do you do compression test
  220. Exhaust Headers - Compatibility & Longevity (Help me learn!!)
  221. shipping on engine/trans mounts
  222. Front Diff Boiling Oil out Dipstick
  223. HELP!!!! Non interior RATTLE/SQUICK.!!!
  224. engine/tranny mounts help if you have turbo?
  225. anyone play with laughing gas?
  226. Tranny Fluid
  227. Finally got my exhaust done
  228. overfilling manual transmission
  229. 1986-1988 T-Bird Intercooler
  230. chipping
  231. What's goin on??
  232. Help! Hooking up S-AFC on 98GT!!
  233. Burning oil
  234. Group buy on WRX engines - $2500 each
  235. To turbo, or Not to turbo?
  236. WTB: Spark Plugs
  237. 3" Stainless Catback options... (can anyone think of others?)
  238. RalliSpec's turbo kit
  239. The EGT Probe location debate...
  240. Pros and Cons of 3" Exhaust Vs. 2.5"
  241. voltage of our cars...
  242. Take One STI and call me in the morning....
  243. JC Sports Exhaust
  244. Weird sound coming from exhaust
  245. Which intake in better?
  246. do equal length headers make the impreza sound like a honda?
  247. effects of putting on a intercooler on N/A engine
  248. Question for the Subaru engine builders: Cobb Tuning, B Spec USA, Rallispec, et al.
  249. Twinturbo for impreza 2.5 rs?
  250. Custom Mounts for Cone filters 98/99?