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  1. Exhaust leak HELP
  2. p+p and tumbler delete
  3. So are K&N and other filters debunked myths, now?
  4. Thoughts/Comments On My SwaP?
  5. How much do our engines weigh on average?
  6. Cobb el headers already rusting?
  7. Poll: Who here experiences the "rattle" of exhaust with headers? (borla, etc)
  8. Pistons to small?
  9. CE Light from my Random Tech
  10. Need One Valve Bucket.....I'm desperate!
  11. Anyone had problems with cold air intakes?
  12. What would cause my car to overheat, once?
  13. Hesitation -Is this a bad coil pack? (pics)
  14. My borlas are so raspy, how can i fix this
  15. good price?
  16. Choices choices choices.
  17. Rough Idle problem
  18. whats the best version
  19. I need POWER, What do I do??
  20. Apexi N1 Cat Back
  21. Gas tank problems.
  22. Help! Horrible missfire.
  23. Just got a cobb cai and stromung exhaust, little help please.
  24. does your engine clunk if you rev it?
  25. Aftermarket Air Filter
  26. What Do I do?
  27. SAFC research is done now i need opinoins
  28. Gas mileage?
  29. rwd conversion
  30. whats needed with a sway
  31. NEED Swap info asap!
  32. Running rich, no CEL - Opinions sought!
  33. How much will I be gaining?
  34. 30K Service/Tune-Up Q's
  35. which cylinder head?
  36. supercharge my 2.5
  37. Anyone not running with a resonator in their exhaust?
  38. Ration control?
  39. Heads with twe cams
  40. So, my crazy Perrin exhaust is on, and I get in an accident
  41. cobb parts for sale
  42. RS exhuast help
  43. ***I need some advice guys***
  44. 2 codes, common probs with 1.8's?
  45. power chip for a n/a forester
  46. would this fit, its awesome
  47. 99 Outback Engine Temperature
  48. I got an RS!!
  49. BORLA HUSH cat back
  50. Technical specs on the H6 engines?
  51. Good manual for EJ25?
  52. Trouble with EJ25D
  53. Performance Pulleys...Worth it???
  54. Can an '01 H6 be bumped up to '05 H6 power?
  55. Really Weird Starting Problem: Calling all Troubleshooters
  56. Some interesting data: 0-60, AFR, etc
  57. Problem or not?
  58. cam posibilities?
  59. detonation problems
  60. Scoobysport sound on an RS
  61. Cams, Cams, and More Cams
  62. cams and valve guide wear...
  63. RS side skirt parts.
  64. Road Dyno results: MRT header
  65. ej18 difficulties
  66. what is?
  67. LOUD 2.5gt 1998
  68. This cars potential
  69. Engine and Transmission Cross Section Picture?
  70. To Remove The Heads
  71. Gauges Really Necessary?
  72. motor whine from 3k-4.5k rpm-alternator?
  73. Federalizing a B4.
  74. Quick Mods
  75. Silencer delete, What exactly will I be removeing?
  76. 2005 RS Rallitek Power mods $ per HP analysis
  77. very loud noise after 2nd gear or 20mph???
  78. New engine in 96 Outback?
  79. Questions on the Anemic 1.8L
  80. Injectors all parallel?
  81. Turning cheap short ram intake into cheap CAI?
  82. Good present for friend and his 99 2.5rs?
  83. Next Mod???
  84. Broken Cobb CAI into Ram Air!
  85. Perrin Axleback Exhaust: Pictures and Video
  86. Any recomendations on headers for 02 OBS?
  87. my car is going to the shop friday. watch out wrxs.
  88. Where can I get an Engine building book for the EJ25
  89. 2.5 short block: is it the same as the one in the STi?
  90. The Victim of the most stupid accident in.....
  91. Exhaust-High Flow Cat?
  92. 97 EJ22 - I guess it IS interference :(
  93. 98/01 parts fitting 02/05 RS?
  94. "Scraping" Noise In The Steering Wheel!
  95. does anyone have a pdf of the factory manual, or just the timing belt section
  96. outback sport intake
  97. Oh where oh where are those mid-pipes?
  98. Octane Ratings
  99. Trouble with dc adapter
  100. GC6, Will a STi muffler fit?
  101. anyone?
  102. stains/deposits around Evap canister
  103. turboed 2.5rs or wrx?
  104. The rebar is calling me and its hard to resist (cat removal)
  105. engine toast... what should i do!?
  106. '03 2.5L Engine noise while driving
  107. Cams???
  108. 98 Impreza 2.2 coupe 5 speed for 2900
  109. P0420 CEL Mechanical Fix
  110. Choices for oil filter.
  111. Fuel Pressure Regulator
  112. Torque specs for exhaust header bolts
  113. whats the top speed of an 00 rs
  114. hesitates
  115. another high flow cat question - sorry :-/
  116. Nitrous on stock
  117. TurboXS DTEC-Fuel Computer Installed
  118. Hilborn style scoop...
  119. Borla Header
  120. Beat by an Integra!! and Exhaust Question
  121. Cometic Head Gasket / Delta Cams. Possible problems?
  122. SOHC or DOHC
  123. really need help with how to disconnect fuel pump relay on 05 RS
  124. RS exhaust manifold good for large turbo use?
  125. Wiring diagram please
  126. MY Subaru needs a little more excitement
  127. Help!!! Car won't start! Rapid clicking
  128. How can I make my car put all the HP to the wheels?
  129. The REAL Exhaust clip.
  130. Car Wont Start!!!
  131. Have you heard of JGTC500 Cat-Back exhausts?
  132. Link to A Road Test Summary For 2.5 RS
  133. 2005 rs wagon vs 2004 celica gt
  134. Custom Cold Air Intake
  135. vibrant exhaust systems
  136. car trouble, please help
  137. CEL P0328 fixed, now pulling P0172
  138. Exhaust question--- i promise its constructive
  139. heat shields for ram air intakes....worth the $20?
  140. proscan vs tekmate obd2 readers
  141. WRX-RS Exhaust Sorry but I cant search
  142. Help? 91 Legacy rad fan not working
  143. Exhaust
  144. Gains from tuning --> more or less stock
  145. SOHC and max whp output possible?
  146. last time before it visits the dealer
  147. Video/audio: MRT header + hiflow cat + Stromung muffler
  148. Who's running an emanage on a MY00/01?
  149. Oil burning!!
  150. SAFC2 unit worth it for my 99 N/A OBS?
  151. radiator for a manual
  152. Cat Compatibility
  153. Problematic CEL for misfire
  154. fuel delivery line removal
  155. DOHC heads with SOHC block
  156. Replacing a 2.2L engine in a 95 Impressa
  157. WRX Snorkel in a N/A
  158. non-suby emissions advice...
  159. Parts necessary for cam replacement
  160. Any Cold Air intakes for my 05 2.5 RS??
  161. Would WRX AEM CAI work on 05 RS?
  162. 02 RS turbo help
  163. LSD question?
  164. i need a set of motor mounts for my '05. which years will fit?
  165. source of leak, discovered.
  166. Can you dissassemble motor mounts?
  167. flowmaster exhaust
  168. ever second guess yourself?
  169. Sources for HKS style filters? (Mushroom style)
  170. PerfectPower SMT-6 EM for sale
  171. Which filter setup is better?
  172. What do you think of this 2.5in exhaust system (on a 98 impreza L) Would you buy it??
  173. Spicy cams are in!!
  174. Strange things under my hood...
  175. AEM power pulley?
  176. Front End Rattle.
  177. Finished my repairs. thanks to all
  178. Stupid Question: Can you use the FWD fuse to drive the car every day?
  179. Exhaust question for '02 OBS wagon
  180. Trying to kill 2 birds with one thread
  181. engine finished...problems/questions
  182. wrx catback
  183. Cheap(er) Catback System
  184. where does the engine temperature reading come from? MY05
  185. cobb cams/header and full spt exhaust [vid]
  186. had autozone check engine please...
  187. CAI question
  188. Injen CAI filter replacement
  189. Yet another intake question - older MAF 2.2L
  190. is the cobb cai filter rechargable?
  191. Pump-like noise at low acceleration on 164k mile RS
  192. SVX questions
  193. I need help with power!!!!
  194. opinions on emanage or apexi safc2?
  195. Oxygen Sensor
  196. catback exhaust type xa?
  197. What would be a better cam???
  198. high cr ej22 phase 1
  199. The Shuddering Brighton
  200. AllMotors Subaru dragster
  201. What Octane?
  202. exhaust
  203. Injectors on an ej22?
  204. 97-99 2.5 RS CAI on 97 2.2 L
  205. EJ22 conversion w/4EAT
  206. Do any n/a scooby people have emanage?
  207. Odd question. Where'd it go?
  208. Just paid $40 to fill'er up... need some gas saving ideas
  209. #4 misfire P0304. HELP!
  210. Help, drowned car
  211. 150 Hp Ej20??
  212. 2.5 engine
  213. Hollowing out the cat....
  214. knock sensor
  215. headers
  216. finally in car videos of my cammed RS.
  217. no spark & no fuel = no start
  218. scoobysport worth that extra 175?
  219. EJ18 timing at check engine
  220. blown headgasket in my 'new' used engine
  221. My car hates me and I need help
  222. N/A guys: Great SubieSport article this month!
  223. ID this block?
  224. your thoughts- eg33 accesory mounting in gc
  225. Bucking with Outback 5-speed transmission
  226. ARGH! New O2 sensor, engine bogs at all rpm
  227. High Flow Cats, Better or Worse gas mileage?
  228. what intake should i get?
  229. insider hook up
  230. Rollover Help
  231. Seeking exhaust suggestions about catless pipes
  232. need some management ideas!!
  233. Help with crank/cam pulleys and timing belt
  234. WRX catback year
  235. Do I have a blown head gasket ?
  236. Used Sohc 2.5
  237. my car is back from the dyno!
  238. EJ22 performance via airflow, displacement ?
  239. Check Engine, Help please.
  240. Lightweight underdrive pulley FTW!!!!
  241. next step: looking for more "take off" power. Which would YOU do?
  242. question on repacing heads / head gasket
  243. HELP I bombed my 98 2.5Gt
  244. Track Pipe Bad?
  245. Flex coupling chirping?
  246. Intake swap
  247. header question
  248. WRX Blitz NUR-SPEC Cat-Back on a 05 2.5RS
  249. Go Fast Bits pulley part #??
  250. Air filter question