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View Full Version : Normally Aspirated Powertrain

  1. low pressure turbo requirements for 2.5L
  2. Japan Spec EJ25 vs. US Spec????
  3. CRUNCHY Gears, anybody else?
  4. Spark Plugs and Wires?
  5. Loose Hangers????
  6. How to beat the GTI VR6
  7. Fuel line question
  8. Conversion factors dealing with boost
  9. Recommendations for muffler for turbo 2.5 Impreza (mine)....
  10. Direct Hits plugwires; Any good???
  11. Exhaust; most power w/ least noise?
  12. home made headers?
  13. Will my Strömung Dual-tip affect emissions?
  14. Noticed strange "valve" on BMW exhaust tips. What is it?
  15. Dealer Recommened Clutch Replacement??
  16. Apex'i S-AFC ?
  17. Turbo Kit or Assemble own?
  18. Defective ignition wire coil packs
  19. COBB power packages...
  20. question on sound on borla headers
  21. NOS for MY99 Legacy 2.5GT
  22. Power Dips In the 3-4K range
  23. COBB tuning intake reviews anybody?
  24. WRX motor for sale cheep
  25. Newbie question: what does a S-AFC do?
  26. cold air intake $100
  27. independent dual exhuasts out the rear of RS...........
  28. What size Magnecor wires?
  29. need some quick respose,, RS vs civic SIR
  30. Stock ECU with lowered compression?
  31. more horsepower???
  32. Warranty question... Syncros
  33. Quarter Mile Times Si/2.5RS
  34. Roll Call for all EJ22 owners with SAFC
  35. Pulsing Idle
  36. hint for 2.5RS automatic owners
  37. Scoobysport - you gotta get one!!!!
  38. Performance of N/A 2.5 litre?
  39. EJ25 specs?
  40. Help...your opinion on building a 2wd Impreza Civic SiR!
  41. 2.5l short block with 2.2l heads
  42. Tec-II with 2.2T?
  43. 1st gear, is it normal? plz help!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. ARC 1 or ARC 2 air fuel controller
  45. STI Short Shifter Instalation
  46. twin cone filter intake
  47. 1/4 mile with auto
  48. Cam install in Michigan
  49. How did the 2.2 suddenly get 140+ HP??
  50. Manual trans question
  51. Installing new clutch
  52. Air filter fact for new WRX
  53. Whats reliable Nitrous set up?
  54. Review of Larry's/Cobbs short shifter
  55. Pics: JC Sports Group Buy Turbo Kit Installed
  56. Centre diff on the Legacies and Imprezas..
  57. What model year WRX trannies had the 20KG center differential?
  58. I want my 98 intake! Grrr!
  59. Boost at 4K RPM on n/a EJ25??
  60. Help: MY00 shakes at idle; even after warm up?
  61. 4EAT comments
  62. BOV settings
  63. Possible to use front AND top intercoolers?
  64. what's that coming out from the tail pipe?
  65. Making cold air intake for legacy, some help needed
  66. Burning coolant?
  67. Ganz intake and a/f ratio question. Larry?
  68. Check engine light/noisy startup rattle fix
  69. Attn: Leo... HKS Sport exhaust
  70. How do autometer A/F meters work?
  71. Installed MRT group N foam filter in 99RS!
  72. 02 sensor question please help
  73. nitrous, auto tranny?
  74. Vacuum Tube on 98RS Intake.... what to do?
  75. capabilties of stock fuel system
  76. cams?
  77. my short throw shifter lever draft, what do you think?
  78. ADV/DISADV of center diff, Viscous or Electronically controlled?
  79. Engine code
  80. Egt mounting and installation
  81. Aftermarket Part Idea
  82. POLL: what short throw lever do you like?
  83. Transmission question
  84. Can valve timing be changed, without new cam?
  85. Is the weapon R intake w/ dragon filter any good?
  86. Exhaust system that u guys recommend
  87. More Cobb Cams Installed
  88. Complicated cylinder head + aluminum rod questions
  89. Clicking Noise from head?
  90. What do you think of Rallispec's Intake
  91. mimmicking an STI ver. X exhaust.
  92. Tranny Woes...and what i learned
  93. Attn Trey Cobbs Lowering Compression vis HeadGaskets
  94. MY98 + 550cc injectors + TEC2 = Fun
  95. Took out my scoop blocking plates.
  96. Turbo Vs. SuperCharger
  97. domestic AT tranny on impreza?
  98. I eat up o2 sensors
  99. would like to know some characteristics of the some intakes
  100. Transmission & X-fer case strength ...
  101. Need part number for rear heated 02 sensor...
  102. Where is your oil temp sender?
  103. does 2002 wrx(us) have same piston as the sti?
  104. 99 o2 sensors Part #'s (I did a search)
  105. Engine Crossmember Swap (NA->Turbo)
  106. Pulleys ?
  107. Turbo Cams?
  108. Burrning rubber smell (definitaly not the tires)
  109. Autometer water & oil temp sensor Q
  110. Got me a new clutch...
  111. external wastegate:classy but is it worth it?
  112. CE light on please help
  113. cheapest aftermarket clutch
  114. E-brake light?????
  115. Can I run w/o GanzFlow or stock intake temporarily?
  116. Any CARB legal aftermarket parts for 2.5 RS?
  117. Should i get Cobb street cams?
  118. Anyone have a pic of a stock RS enginebay?
  119. Question for the turbo gods out there
  120. Start Car In neutral - Let out clutch, tranny grabs and rolls forward.
  121. LINk and TEC-II
  122. o2 sensor problems, lean A/F mixture. Help me!
  123. K & N Air Filter
  124. Stromung and a WRX
  125. Car dies when cold.
  126. Silicone Hose
  127. is it possible to de-stroke the 2.5?
  128. MSD DIS 2
  129. more turbo problems
  130. Clutch (or lack there of?)
  131. Anyone running a GanzFlow on their MY 95-99?
  132. Hesitation
  133. Brake Pads? Mintex?
  134. Exhaust for MY99 GT
  135. Impreza - problems with ignition coils?
  136. Anyone's car stalling and then dies after hard corner
  137. Stromung midpipe...louder or not, faster or not?
  138. My car lags!!!!!!! With no Turbo!!!!!!!!
  139. Ganzflow
  140. Mitsu Lancer Evo
  141. how much is it to have muffler shop install a third o2 sensor?
  142. Clutch Disc vs. New Clutch
  143. Technical ECU question
  144. Stromung test pipe cool with emissions?
  145. Nitros Kits
  146. opinions on the weapon R intake
  147. Upulley install on an auto car?
  148. Those of you that don't want to worry about fuel starvation while cornering...
  149. HELP!!!...Which one would you choose???
  150. Q. What is a Turbo?!? Answer!!
  151. Q. What is Detonation?Q? Answer!!!
  152. HKS evc pro
  153. Super turbocharger?
  154. Who's installed a tranny temp gauge?
  155. Prodrive WR Sport Muffler
  156. Update on first MRT exhaust group buy???????
  157. Any Cobb intakes?
  158. AWD .. stuck?
  159. Brake band adjustment - Legacy and SVX models
  160. NA Intake Supercharging
  161. Exhaust Emissions Explained!!
  162. Does Nitrous Express work for Legacys???
  163. JC sports exhaust system
  164. Cobb Tuning intake or Weapon R intake?
  165. what clutch to purchase
  166. Question on 4EAT
  167. Scoobysport vs. emissions...
  168. Ganzflow - Fender REAR hole cover?
  169. Important information/data about EGT probe placement!
  170. Important information on Durometer testing of my failed 2nd gear!
  171. Fuel Rail dyno results for a turbo Miata
  172. Cooling System Question
  173. shifter lever vs. quick shift kit
  174. Oil Drain Torque Spec?
  175. HELP!!! need ECU wiring diagram for '94 and '98...
  176. Warning about GnzFlow.
  177. Benefits from a flywheel?
  178. TEC - II on an N/A motor
  179. awful smell coming from my exhaust
  180. OH man
  181. autometer air/fuel gauge question
  182. Got a 99RS with turbo? I need your HELP!!!
  183. WRX intercooler question
  184. Excessive Wheel Bearings Dying - Am I the only one?
  185. Everything you ever wanted to know about WRX exhauasts (old model) -->
  186. HKS RRFPR
  187. cobb intake questions
  188. 2000 Cobb Tuning Cold Air Intake Review
  189. tech II
  190. Kartboy shifter vibration
  191. Remus exhaust
  192. Octane rating for Turbo's
  193. MAX hp of EJ20
  194. New parts a mustang "killer" in N/A form
  195. Cobb Tuning Camshafts?
  196. Link or ECU for N/A?
  197. What mods would it take to beat an Eclipse GSX?
  198. Is this True?
  199. factory VAC guage and Ganzflow
  200. cheap high octane ?
  201. Transplant
  202. Royal Purple Racing Oil
  203. Cold Air Intake
  204. RS Transmission Reinforcement
  205. Silly turbo question for ya...
  206. Want Nitrous Need Advice
  207. High Octane
  208. MY99+ tranny on a MY98?
  209. Fixed Ratio Center Diff?
  210. Horsepower ?
  211. Bore the throttle body..
  212. What do you guys think about this?
  213. Altering torque split?
  214. No LSD in 02 RS??
  215. Used sti transmission?
  216. Well I Did It I finally Caved In!!!
  217. Transplant (2)
  218. Ganzflow Installed
  219. Borla? Any Good?
  220. Motul takes it......
  221. MAF matters
  222. Oil pressure light on, need opinions
  223. UD pulley or light weight stock size pulley?
  224. Fun!! Fun with ECU codes!!
  225. Subaru Uses Purolator Oil Filters !
  226. TSL Motorsport muffler--anyone?
  227. Cats gone horribly wrong?
  228. turbo accesories question
  229. 00 MAP and forced induction question
  230. any experiences with low gas mileage?
  231. Will a RS Shifter work in a 1996 L????
  232. Trasko oil filters
  233. $200 for cat back pipe (only)??
  234. I Believe that my MY99 is running Rich!!!
  235. Just got my short shifter
  236. Stromung, Weapon R, and.....
  237. My engine makes minor "popping" noises
  238. steering wheel is rattling on hard right turns
  239. Turbo's & Cruise Control==>Compatible?
  240. Hi-flow cat and Front pipe
  241. JSport or Larry's Intake
  242. difference between UOR pulley(smaller diameter) and "N1" pulley?
  243. Drain Plug Thread Size
  244. APS Cold Air Intake System - Where to get one?
  245. A/F running lean, how to fix?
  246. weird idle when starting up....Please HELP...
  247. Amsoil Air Filter install
  248. 2.1 liter kit
  249. Anyone know these part #s
  250. Would COBB tuning performance cams work with a 96 2.2L?