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  1. Don't know where to post but do click inside to read
  2. ATTN: Anyone with Borla Headers and CE light!!!
  3. ECU remap... any good??
  4. K & N Cone/Cylinder Filter Question
  5. Woohoo! Ganzflow + Amsoil
  6. What happens: 2.2l block with 2.5 heads, no turbo
  7. Intake and Exhaust
  8. Twin Turbo?
  9. Fuel Pressure problems
  10. turbo kits?????????
  11. MY00 Legacy ECU same as MY00RS?
  12. What does radiator coolant do to copper?
  13. NO PS on AWD (newbie question)
  14. K & N Filter Install
  15. Random cat for Impreza 2.5RS!
  16. JC Sports Turbo Kit/experiences
  17. Bosch Fuel pumps...
  18. Intellectual property, patents, and tuner parts
  19. Adding to the mix...UD pulley with cone-style intake....
  20. Opinions on the Zex Nitrous Kit???
  21. help finding wastegate for minnam st.2...
  22. 2", 2.125", or 2.25" custom exhaust question
  23. buying stromung
  24. Retard timing by boost, not RPM (ITC alternative?)
  25. Headers: Help me choose
  26. Headers? Pulleys?
  27. Clutch!!!!!
  28. Need part # for a 93 FF Clutch
  29. Unorthodox on MY2002
  30. JC Turbo, ASR Turbo, and numbers
  31. Stupid Intake
  32. Intake and CE (Check Engine) Light
  33. what parts would i need to build my own turbo kit?
  34. rear differential leakage
  35. Stromung vs. Borla
  36. 4 wires going to distributor....which one is the negative
  37. Air flow through an intercooler
  38. Spark Plugs?
  39. Blitz NUR Spec questions?
  40. Minnam turbo peeps check your heat wrap on the down pipe
  41. question about MRT exhaust
  42. Fighting with weapon R intake
  43. Question on '96 STi
  44. Need help on deciding an intake
  45. Need advice about richness...
  46. J&S Fuel Cut Install, Help!
  47. speed limiter
  48. Recomendatoins for a low Boost Controler (5psi)
  49. FS Used Core Transmission etc
  50. Will high flow cat work with 96 2.2L?
  51. STi Intercooler fitment.
  52. another Spark plug ?
  53. haltec e6k vs tec II
  54. hood scoops
  55. Comprehensive list of Impreza Intakes (turbo only)
  56. problem with a slipping clutch
  57. unusual noises- post Rally Cross
  58. Replacing spark plugs
  59. fifth gear synchro
  60. Strange noise from clutch pedal
  61. Where can i get arospeed muffler?
  62. Is the JC sports exhaust anygood?
  63. Front Mounted I/C...Who's running them
  64. Need to find something in our engine!!!!
  65. JC Sports Torque Chip, MY98/99?
  66. Turbo: What are you using (and does it do you good?)
  67. Good clutch/flyhweel setup for a 2.5 RS? >>>
  68. Nitrous Opinions
  69. a\f gauge problems please help fast
  70. What's the dif. between open and closed deck?
  71. Unstable throttle % on S-AFC?
  72. How much louder is the Stromung than the Brospeed/Subaru?
  73. When to change Auto tranny fluid and filter?
  74. Blinking CE light
  75. Who else gets back fire with an Apex-i N1?
  76. Help me!
  77. Does an AT have gears like a MT?
  78. intakes and gas milage
  79. To Those With Cobb Tuning Cams
  80. New enging management option???
  81. AWD systems.....manual vs. automatic...what REALLY is the difference?
  82. I changed my clutch and tranny and motor mounts now i have a drivetrain thud
  83. Maximum miles per gallon?
  84. Just asking
  85. Weird clutch problem when starting?
  86. Quiet Exhaust
  87. Need help with me S-AFC settings???
  88. Where did the stromung sound clip go?
  89. my 1st exhaust
  90. New WRX exhaust
  91. HP loss in the Drivetrain & hardened mounts
  92. engine oil fill level
  93. wrx engine swap??
  94. Borla Header Installation
  95. Muffler pipe question: does 2.5" give a top end advantage that 2.25 doesn't?
  96. Kartboy S-AFC Wiring???
  97. Best place to source a WRX intercooler?
  98. Rallispec Test pipe?
  99. O2 Sensor Voltage
  100. not a exhaust leak then what?
  101. Legacy Turbo engine in 2.5 RS
  102. help...trying to find an old post w/exhaust sound files link, no luck w/many searches
  103. Midpipe/Mufler gasket for Mike Shields STi 2.25" setup
  104. Exhaust questions
  105. JDM ECU for EJ20 (Yes I have done a search)
  106. What stock internals need to be replaced to run 10 PSI safely and reliably? (EJ25)
  107. Could the factory 's low amount of tranny fluid have hurt it?(kinda long)
  108. Oil weight for high performance cars
  109. Newbie Question about S-AFC computer
  110. Minnam Turbo
  111. lean condition
  112. Is it possible to...
  113. IHI turbo size
  114. ATTN: trey cobb:about turbo cams
  115. autometer tachs
  116. FWD to 4WD conversion on a Rally breed XT-6 (questions)
  117. Recall O2 sensor before or after MRT exhaust?
  118. 4EAT 50/50 question for Subie Techs
  119. Correct setup
  120. Stromung getting to me, I need something quiter...
  121. Help!! autometer tach
  122. Is the JC sports TCII worth the $$?
  123. Ok...Name all the companys with turbo Kits
  124. How do you take up the slack in throttle cable?
  125. Anyone running a loyale turbo(JCS AutoX turbo)
  126. SPT or STI shift kit?
  127. to antone who ordered a JC turbo kit for my00-01rs
  128. 2.5" tubing for intakes (solution possibly)
  129. Does size matter (for turbos, silly!)
  130. oil pan leak
  131. Got a Important Question About Nitrous???
  132. Limp mode in MY99
  133. Power Pulley Article
  134. I need some help and some answers
  135. ECU Location in a MY99
  136. valve noise
  137. Question about different ACT clutch kits
  138. silencer removal smell
  139. borla header and cat-back install?
  140. For the interested, MRT can just do headers for us.
  141. Correct me if I'm wrong (turbo)
  142. JCSports turbo install manual - who has one I can see?
  143. whole car shakes!!
  144. Is that normal for stock RS turn in corners in snow will fish tail?
  145. SAFC, is that really worth to buy?
  146. Ignition Block Trouble (pics)
  147. Rallispec Intake (review 14k miles)
  148. Overheating! on freeway??!!
  149. Clutch shudder
  150. ISR Intake question.
  151. Grapefruit shooter or STi muffler--you be the judge!
  152. turbo/supercharger
  153. Where can i buy MOTUL ....
  154. us wrx ej20 --> RS engine swap
  155. N1 vs. Fireball
  156. how long til the auto gets "smart?"
  157. Nozzle "thingies" on Ganz intake?
  158. ASR Turbo Kit Installed
  159. What is this thing? (big pic)
  160. ATTN: legacy people(subiegal?), or subaru experts(trey)... header question/info
  161. Looking for pic of FMIC
  162. which air fitler is better?
  163. Imprezars N1 style exhaust
  164. Would RS Exhaust fit an LX Coupe?
  165. Has anyone used the MRT motec kit yet?
  166. N/A intercooler setup (CHECK THIS OUT)
  167. ITG Airbox/Filters
  168. Just installed HKS drop in filter.
  169. Idle question?
  170. Bad Fuel Mileage
  171. Too few miles for Underdrive Pulley??
  172. Cost to Install Limited Slip Differential?
  173. Need Help with Part Numbers and Getting Parts...
  174. anyone installed a shiftlite?
  175. EJ25 and dwell feedback - does it have it?
  176. Exhaust tone
  177. Home Depot sells low end torque!
  178. maf vs map
  179. Outback VDC tuning?
  181. Kevin Thomas Got a Nitrous Question???
  182. ludespeed turbo kit info?
  183. Tanabe racing medaillion VS Fireball
  184. wrx stock exhaust diameter good?
  185. And I though Subaru MAFs were expensive
  186. How to launch from dead stop
  187. Clutch master cylinder with WRX gearbox
  188. Larry's intake
  189. Midpipe for Stromung...stock or custom?
  190. question for top mount intercooler people
  191. Engine differences..... no not another Subaru thing
  192. Intake + exhaust without headers. Am I missing something?
  193. $180 for Cat back Exhaust, Good Price?
  194. WRX engine redline?
  195. Random Cat for 2.5RS
  196. TL4B vs. 16G turbo questions
  197. WRX vs. Legacy Turbo Headers
  198. Messed up Tranny Warranty?
  199. model # for turbo spark plugs?
  200. Who else has clutch shudder?
  201. turbo fuel pressure questions
  202. IC for RS
  203. custom exhaust or apex-i ??????
  204. Launch Question
  205. my short shift lever is finished besides the weld...
  206. engine temp & hp
  207. Will I feel a difference?
  208. Have you seen the NEW Apex'i NI exhaust?
  209. ne1 have experience with clutchmasters
  210. Installing Oil Pressure Gauge Sender
  211. Few oil change questions?
  212. Autos vs. Manuals
  213. how big is the impreza stock exhaust pipe?
  214. Question about the Blitz Nur Spec muffler
  215. Scratching/Scraping sound when cold starting
  216. Going to install the HKS Sport Exhaust ...
  217. Anyone heard of SheepDog muffler?
  218. Would Japanese products for WRX fit 2.5 RS?
  219. Anyone with experiance installing JC Sport Torque Chip II?
  220. mod to Ganz Intake
  221. Anyone have proven benefits from JCS TCII??
  222. What turbo(s) bolts up to Legacy turbo headers?
  223. Blitz DD BOV
  224. 5zigen muffler question?
  225. Muffler certificates
  226. Reset on ECU?
  227. ram air box mod
  228. Besides Stromug, which company has dual tip exhaust?
  229. Loud Turbo
  230. Dual Cone Intake
  231. DIY A/F gauge schematics....
  232. Towing problems...
  233. What is this noise comming from my clutch? ABS issues too...
  234. shifter install??
  235. Why twin Turbos?
  236. HKS Spark Plugs??
  237. Underdrive pulley problems
  238. Difference between Turbos?
  239. Does somebody now....
  240. Subaru XT turbo, RS compatible?
  241. read the posts - still need more info
  242. Update on 2.5L project
  243. Best turbo setup???
  244. intake silencer
  245. Turbo and Gas pedal relationship?
  246. Turbo or supercharged?
  247. Rallispec intake in the priv. class. forum:
  248. HELP!, installing shift light
  249. dual tip muffler for 3" exhaust
  250. ram air