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  1. TiAL Wastegate for Minnam?
  2. Borla Gen III and Minnam? Who's running it?
  3. WRX heads on an RS?
  4. Best Performance Exhaust
  5. Good turbo idea....I think?
  6. a little stuff inside the headlight
  7. No More Dual Cat
  8. anybody have trouble with bosche+4 plugs?
  9. oil catch tank
  10. Uprated fuel pump for turbo RS?
  11. B&M ShortShifter
  12. What i have to change??
  13. pics are up, check previos post "my short shift lever is finished besides the weld."
  14. Borla Headers and Minnam? Who's running it?
  15. quest for my own 22B
  16. Bad to use 12:1 Vortec FPR?
  17. Best short shift
  18. Prodrive exhaust for 99 rs?
  19. rev limit drops to 4200
  20. Where to get a Ver5/6/P1 Engine+Tranny?
  21. Anyone using Wolf EMS 3D, Need feedback from Owners...
  22. Beware the Dragon!
  23. Gasket for 2.5 Mid-Pipe to 2.5 Down Pipe?
  24. Splash Guard for Cone Filters?
  25. I just drove a 99 RS coupe and a 01 RS coupe and have a question!?
  26. SPO says that 2" exhaust is best!?!?!
  27. MY 98 Turbo and BOV routing
  28. Ram Air Intake Pics!
  29. WRX vs. Turbo kits
  30. Info on turbo lag
  31. Sources for Custom Eaton Blower Pulleys?
  32. Anti-lift kits
  33. SPT intake in the works from HKS.
  34. j&s tuning
  35. Plastic garbage or needed for torque?
  36. For those who wanted the 4.8v diodes :(
  37. Fuel Pump Power/Ground Wire?
  38. RX7 fuel pump?
  39. ITBs for 2.5 ?
  40. Air filter Vent cover?
  41. cobbtuning intake with headers and cat-back.
  42. AFC and ECU reset
  44. Spark plug changing
  45. how much oil in block??
  46. Car runs best no BOV?
  47. To Juice or not to Juice.......
  48. Trey hits a home run!
  49. tranny weaknesses
  50. ****ty shifter?
  51. headers or exhaust manifold
  52. Help! looking for site that sells Apex N1!
  53. Apex N1 or arospeed bomb muffler?
  54. 1st gear down shift problem?
  55. Stock Clutch with a Turbo
  56. URGENT!!: Need!!Field Boxer series Diagram
  57. Strange hesitation at WOT?
  58. RalliSpec ( Stage II ) Turbo
  59. Want to know something weird about removing the bumper vent?
  60. Help me diagnose overheating/possible blown head gasket
  61. Fluids... all of them
  62. MY01 comes with a map...?
  63. What I should have done so much sooner! Change the plugs :)
  64. oil change problem
  65. a 450hp turbo w/ low-compression pistons?? what happens to the power???
  66. Max boost with stock internals?
  67. borla headers
  68. Review - add-on fuel injector kit (verrry long)
  69. Need Help!!!!! Car is Dead!!!!!
  70. more ram air
  71. will a hi-flow cat make that much difference?
  72. A question for anyone with borla headers?
  73. Trans Fluid: 75W90NS or MT90?
  74. Looking for Directions for Fuel Pressure Riser.
  75. Blitz SBC-id?
  76. '00 Type RA parts --> '02 WRX?
  77. Turbo Guys what headers are you using?
  78. 6 speed
  79. Full Guage pod Pillars?
  80. what kind of wires should i get and spark plugs?
  81. Am I crazy, or just dumb?
  82. Attn: Pre 99 turbo manual's any tranny problems....
  83. OE Rear Diff Protector Removal
  84. Which spark plug is good to use?
  85. Can anyone post a review of Joe P's or any MBC?
  86. Brake installation howto?
  87. Shiv:A question on your tranny
  88. exhaust gasket
  89. Underdrive pulley throttle brake question
  90. Need New Plugs and Wires Any Suggestions
  91. WRX Exhaust
  92. Who has a MY99 RS w/Turbo and stock MAF?
  93. MAF failure with JC intake..........
  94. Engine swap or new car?
  95. Turbos/Autos w/ Turbos/Kits/Qtr Miles,etc
  96. Apex'i exhaust
  97. Turbo Guys, where'd you get your fuel pump?
  98. S-AFC for $320??
  99. S-AFC for $320??
  100. How to make the loudest noise from these mods
  101. Canadian Subaru owners, a question for you.
  102. Alternator Belt too tight/loose?
  103. Turbo Confused
  104. Maintenance?
  105. Fuel pump on a N/A: pros & cons please
  106. Transmission Noise
  107. No replacement for DISPLACEMENT?!?
  108. Belt Tension
  109. How does the Arospeed "Bomb" muffler sound?
  110. (i searched and searched) What is the best Exhaust setup for a N/A Rs
  111. MAF Problem resolved...Respect to JC Sports
  112. Advance timing when popping?
  113. Car Hesitates With Intake On.. Help Me!
  114. EJ motor information
  115. MINE'S computer
  116. Reading a compressor flow map??
  117. detonation..intake side?
  118. Help! Reverse Grinds!
  119. Meaning of double clutching?
  120. CUSCO Exhaust
  121. engine swap questions
  122. WRX turbo setup for RS?
  123. Cheap intake worth it?
  124. Ok, I suck.. I got a CE light and I know why.. now make it go away.
  125. gearsets and front diff....
  126. Higher Idle with larger fuel pump?
  127. reset ECU after new exhaust?
  128. Friend needs help with 2001 2.5 rs coupe...
  129. Anyone heard a Tanabe exhaust?
  130. Cobb tuning power package 2
  131. Is it true, the WRX RS is non turbo
  132. S-AFC...Why?
  133. Clunking sound on hard upshifts
  134. Loud thud when shifting under hard acceleration
  135. help fast with ECU reset
  136. Anyone with mods worried about your diff?
  137. What engine combo does Byron have?
  138. '99 engine swap into '98 RS
  139. Auto Tranny Problem... Help?
  140. Info on Octane inside
  141. Turbo in a 2.5 RS Impreza??
  142. intakes
  143. ganzflow vs cobbtuning intake
  144. Borla Exhaust
  145. Intake Filter that doesn't use oil?
  146. ??? TURBO ???
  147. hp gains? guesstimations
  148. MY96 rear diffs:
  149. ce light..but nothing seems wrong?
  150. pics of GReddy catch tank installed?
  151. K&N Filter, Subaru Problems????
  152. Cobb Cams, Trey?
  153. Point me to a good aftermarket turbo intake (complete) please...
  154. is it true, a real SC for RS?
  155. Anyone got pics of Blitz Nur Spec?
  156. Amsoil Filter
  157. Where to but K&N online?
  158. Oil Pressure Gauge
  159. Torque and HP Curves
  160. Finally gettting my AWD done- Which final drive would you choose?
  161. Exhaust, Apex-i N1 vs. 5Zigen Fireball vs. Tenabe Racing medallion?
  162. EJ20 or EJ22 - How easy to find parts?
  163. Oil catch tank tubing size?
  164. Official Subaru Stock 0-60 Times?
  165. 2.2L borla headers are waiting to go on...
  166. Cold air intake for MY99?
  167. Anyone have Hyper2000 Fullmega N1 exhaust?
  168. MY99 MAF solution?
  169. Intercoolers and ECU Resets
  170. Engine ?
  171. Question about Apex N1
  172. HiTech header group buy (2.5RS only)
  173. ecu q's
  174. turbo timer install
  175. MY00 Running Rich (C.E. Light) w/ Cobb Intake, Stromung Exhaust
  176. Intakes, Turbos. Oil catch cans, etc
  177. 179$ a good price for an Apex N1 muffler?
  178. Spark Plug R&R, HELP!
  179. grinding into fourth????? please help!!
  180. Poll: Got a CE light with PRM/Cobb intake?
  181. Compression Raitos and Cams
  182. MY96 OBS Rear Diff
  183. need info on turbo's for impreza 2.2 L
  184. Brospeed vs. Sti
  185. disable daytime running light..
  186. -DynoProven custom 2.5RS header-
  187. what is the mas?
  188. Bang for the Buck?
  189. How far to go when you LEASE...
  190. O2 sensor
  191. Help me oil my air filter for Intake
  192. Green engine oil?!
  193. Boost question
  194. How to tell is O2 sensor is dead?
  195. How to clean MAF
  196. popping from my cat-back
  197. Boost gauge hose?
  198. where to get a FULL apexi cat back?
  199. Warning for MY99 Owners!!!
  200. how much power can a stock 96 impreza 1.8 AWD 5-speed handle?
  201. Can you force the 4EAT to downshift to 1st gear? Tell me how, please!
  202. What's bad for the clutch?
  203. clutch creak at end of travel
  204. I need info from you N/A guys
  205. Blinking CE light after filter install! ugh!
  206. Does S-AFC work with MY00 +?
  207. MY99 Intake Silencer Removed. Couple ?'s
  208. Pipe between second box and MAF?
  209. intake bypass valve
  210. Cold-air/Ram-air intake from hood vent (not scoop)?
  211. bad CV joint...
  212. Does MRT make a single exhaust port header for the 2.2L?
  213. Right Mods.... Wrong Mods....
  214. O.K. who has he Rallispec turbo setup(not just one modified or installedby them)
  215. Right Mods.... Wrong Mods....
  216. intake venturi, blow-off and gadgets
  217. Sanding Stromung Rust?
  218. "GanzFlow" Cold-air Intake, Is it any good?
  219. turbo'd
  220. Discussion : 2.5RS Turbo induced failures
  221. block
  222. Installing Borla Cat. Back. Any Suggestions?
  223. MY change to new head?
  224. Did a search already: What kind of axle stubs do Quaife TB diffs require you to use?
  225. ecu reset after the mid pipe?
  226. Does NA stuff on a turbo engine....
  227. Difference between closed deck and open deck blocks
  228. Wiring diagram for MY00 ECU
  229. I need source for Alcon P1 pads, Please
  230. UOR Underdrive pulley!?!
  231. Cutch no longer slipping?
  232. What determines the rev limit on an engine??
  233. BPM gear shaft [pic]
  234. Compression ratio question
  235. cobb tuned limited edition cars?
  236. EFI differences '98 vs '99
  237. Somthing Similar for a N/A car but a turbo timer
  238. thermal muffler
  239. size of the header pipes?
  240. RRFPR for MY00 Turbo
  241. Locking fuel cap
  242. Help with JC Sports Torque chip
  243. DOHC heads?
  244. What's a sweet, durable, deciently priced clutch?
  245. More plug wire questions....
  246. oil cooler
  247. S-AFC or Aftermarket ECU?
  248. SC VS Turbo... educate me
  249. Part Number For Denso Plugs
  250. 01 Rs-T ...I need info