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  1. GanzFlow Cold air intake...should i get it?
  2. Tec-II vs Wolf 3D
  3. Safest Cone Filter for '99?
  4. Have another S-AFC question???
  5. Whats so bad about a Dry Nitrous System???
  6. How did you guys replace your plugs on a MY99???
  7. Best Power Header?
  8. ECU resets - good bad and ugly
  9. Theory on a DIY switch for AWD/RWD
  10. Compression Ratio for 98-01 RS
  11. My car sound like a V8 Chevy!
  12. word of warning (shifter bushings)...
  13. anybody know where to find
  14. Will the Legacy headers and uppipe (to turbo) fit the EJ25 block?
  15. preMY01 and MY02 2.5RS exhaust exactly the same?
  16. Brakes question
  17. Clutch pedal wont release!!
  18. Exhaust question?
  19. Good News for those who like the Dual (3,3.5,DTM) and single 4" style exhausts
  20. Compresion question
  21. Boost and compression ratios
  22. tranny cooler question
  23. Help: ordered Bosch +4's and the problem..
  24. My00 differential different than MY01 diff?
  25. JCSports vs. Weapon R?
  26. I have a headache: driveline woes, long
  27. HKS Header?? see pic
  28. Where and what is the best price for Mobil 1?
  29. I just found this out...
  30. A/F ratio gauge
  31. GanzFlow question
  32. part needed
  33. Question on the new WRX's turbo
  34. Please Help!!! Quick!
  35. N/A blow off valve!!! No, seriously!
  36. Get those Champion plugs OUT!!!!!
  37. Who has an oil cooler?
  38. Who has an auto tranny cooler?
  39. Differential Photos
  40. Attn: Subie Gal
  41. COBB Shifter, Review and Questions...
  42. Help please. Anyone whose changed their axles.
  43. New spin on using hoodscoop for colder air on NA car
  44. RS vs Celica GTS
  45. Ram air? (crazy idea)
  46. Need Help With Turbo Kit????
  47. how to get top end power?
  48. engine purchase question
  49. ECU/Air fuel/02 Sensors 1998 help pls
  50. clutch part numbers...
  51. Camshaft options
  52. Remus muffler questions (please post a pic)
  53. Short Shifer from 2000 to 2002 ?
  54. Just call me Cat-Killa!
  55. q on AFC
  56. STI Muffler
  57. Lightened Flywheel question?
  58. Exhaust sound clips
  60. Can we get RED STI intake manifold?
  61. Let's start the DOHC vs SOHC ALL over again ;)
  62. what gauges do i need
  63. Underdrive pulleys - harmonics
  64. Re: Dealer says 2.5 is slower than 2.2
  65. ITC Update
  66. M/T and A/T on 2001 2.5RS coupe?
  67. 450hp 2.0L Impreza!?!
  68. Cobb Tuning Cam for N/A
  69. FPR Help...Just Need a Few Opinions...
  70. Custom Legacy Intake
  71. Help with technical info please! (transmissions)
  72. New clutch design?
  73. Subaru tech books???
  74. Stock cam sizes?
  75. Individual T-bodies
  76. 5th gear balky above 5krpm?
  77. OEM, STi and Kartboy comparo
  78. STi Motor Mount ....Worth it?
  79. 4EAT slipping when cold....
  80. NOS and turbos
  81. Q's about Superchargers
  82. JC Sports TCII review
  83. 1998 RS o2 and airfuel install Qs?
  84. Universal Mufflers?
  85. Lots of fujitsubo exhaust tones!!!
  86. Cams installed - $ question
  87. Legacy Turbo Kit Install Woes
  88. How to become a Scooby Specialist?
  89. 4 inch exhaust on Mazda RX-7 (LOL)
  90. stromung with custom mid-pipe
  91. Cheapest way for Top end speed?
  92. GS-R or RS
  93. Need help hooking up EFPG
  94. yep, I think it's a head gasket.
  95. Pics and info on Borla v.3 headers, please...
  96. nos prep.
  97. How much HP at 0000 feet above sea
  98. Clutch weirdness
  99. Intakes causing damage to engine
  100. Auto Tranny Cooler Install Pics!
  101. STi shifter bushing review
  102. Who wants to fax me the wiring diagram for the MY00 4EAT?
  103. STi Motor Mounts...What do they look like?
  104. Liquid Calm, any status on the AMR twin turbo kit?
  105. Need a little help connecting A'pex-i SAFC
  106. Pros and Cons of Twin Turbo vs Turbo?
  107. Autometer Dual Instr. Cluster Bezel
  108. Intake & exhaust (new)
  109. Anyone using an AFR for Tuning instead of S-AFC?
  110. FYI My gauge pod/air fuel install
  111. Rallispec intake owners?
  112. ACT sucks ?
  113. PLEASE HELP !!!! Before i regret what i do to my car . Attn : TURBO
  114. Have hesitation need HELP!
  115. wrx drivetrain in a justy?
  116. Bad or Good idea?
  117. Looking for a garage to mod my scooby
  118. Turbo Kits...Whats Available?
  119. is SAFC useless on 00/01
  120. Boost/Vacuum Gauge?
  121. Dang Toxic Gas Hurry Up!!!!!
  122. Half Dog Box and synchros ??
  123. Death of an A/C compressor
  124. S-AFC for MY01
  125. U-joint binding?
  126. Weird lean runs
  127. Any info on a s/c
  128. WRX blowoff valve
  129. convert a sohc to dohc
  130. Is this normal???
  131. Want to make some Cash?????
  132. afc tech q's
  133. Nobody likes me!!!
  134. Insulated GanzFlow intake
  135. ShOrT sHiFtEr?
  136. The car 6 feet under water. - what to do...
  137. Whats the point of a universal exhaust?
  138. Verifying or villifying "performance" exhaust- talk to me
  139. Backfire noise when shifting
  140. MAF vs. MAP
  141. My SS Stromung is do i contact them??
  142. Rear Diff gear oil, what to use?
  143. Strange problem hope you can help
  144. SOHC vs DOHC battles
  145. How to Tune A/F ratio with EGT Gauge????
  146. header or exhaust manifold?
  147. Need your support for clutch warranty work
  148. All about Stromung
  149. Ganzflow Question
  150. How to get 400hp? Poll
  151. Want to keep it a daily driver.
  152. Exhaust pics and Qs
  153. Wanting to remove the third catalitic Conv.
  154. Full N1 exhaust
  155. dropping in a 2.2 or a 2.5 ltr into an older impreza with a 1.8
  156. Random Technologies...
  157. what is the highest NA tune
  158. need help re: clutch application
  159. Question on pulleys?
  160. Pulleys and Mid-pipe questions
  161. whats out there for N/A
  162. Clutch experts, MY99 clutch on MY98 car???
  163. Need Help!
  164. HasCobb's Cams and Cylinder Heads combo for 99 2.5DOHC??
  165. Ganzflow and rain
  166. More Power from a Weapon R Hyper Intake???
  167. block chipping
  168. Turbo Kit - The Best.
  169. Mods for a beginner
  170. Cobb Cams Acceleration Numbers
  171. flex pipe
  172. best bang for my buck?
  173. need some info from those with stromung.....
  174. Just installed Flowmaster Exhaust
  175. Where can I get the stromung catback for cheap?
  176. Acceleration
  177. Stromung Exhaust from COBB
  178. BroSpeed sound clip?
  179. EGT probe install pics?
  180. Use hood vent for oil cooler?
  181. Midpipe Question
  182. 98' K&N filter
  183. so I'm changing my oil last night....
  184. popping/clunking from rear... searched (longish)
  185. Final gear ratio of the MY02's
  186. K&N Filter
  187. Whose intake is close to Rallispec for 'MY98 2.5 engine?
  188. Cobb's CAI sound clips
  189. Drop in wrx motor in 2.5 rs
  190. 1998 Intakes and stock Qs?
  191. forged pistons?!
  192. Need help ASAP! Car wont start!
  193. My check engine light just came on......
  194. Help with rpm tackometer?
  195. Sick of alarm making you deaf after ECU reset?
  196. Pros abd cons of STi Lightened Flywheel?
  197. I am fed up!!!! We all need to join together for a common goal!
  198. Valves and Lifters
  199. Extrude Hone thoughts?
  200. ganzflow intake
  201. Borla headers
  202. Cat Cams?
  203. synthetic oils
  204. Heat Range of Stock Spark Plugs
  205. I played with a G-Tech...results inside...
  206. Can I expect to lose some torque, if I...........
  207. drive belt sizes?
  208. How to clean GReedy Air filter
  209. The Wrong Way to do Engine Mounts
  210. Pseudo "cure" for clutch shudder!
  211. How to attain 10:1 compression?
  212. stromung vs scoobysport
  213. Flapping sound thru 3K-4.5K!
  214. Ok, how did YOU took that UDP off ???
  215. Cobb Short Shifter
  216. Help.. gap on the stock spark plug
  217. EGT instalation
  218. overheating 98 rs... common?
  219. Supercharger
  220. NGK vs bosch (searched)
  221. has anyone been to
  222. Weapon R Intake
  223. Blown MAF!?! Need help fast!-Thanks
  224. Change Fuel Injector or just Use Cleaner???
  225. Think my clutch is slipping.
  226. Usable hood scoop?????
  227. Auto vs. Manual
  228. Did I get ripped off on my NGK's?
  229. Air flow meter
  230. Arospeed front air intake? Mr. Ganz?
  231. Exhaust silencer
  232. AEM - Air Bypass Valve
  233. Mixed feelings about NGK platinums
  234. Flashing CE Light @6000 in 3rd?
  235. Flashing CE Light @6000 in 3rd?
  236. Anyone Use Slick 50?
  237. Gauge Pod
  238. Will an RS shifter work in a Legacy OutbacK?
  239. any experience with borla or minnam exhausts?
  240. reseting the ecu....
  241. cold air intake vs. mass air meter
  242. Time for my fluid changes, etc........
  243. Please help me to choose!!!
  244. Time for an intake....
  245. Optimum diameter for non-turbo 2.5 exhaust
  246. Are all SOHC 2.5L engines the same?
  247. Catalitic conv question.
  248. Cobb Cams or Borla Headers
  249. top mount filter
  250. filters. paper, foam or cotton?