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  1. Making 300hp. Full disclosure (very long)
  2. Some answers to common (and not so common) gas questions
  3. EJ25 and 2002USWRX engine swap???
  4. Best Clutch + pressure plate setup
  5. Help. Clutch Problem(attn:ARG)
  6. Some news of my 2.2 Turbo swap
  7. update on cobb cams install...
  8. Programmable ECU vs. Piggyback Electronics
  9. Synth oil in a turbo RS, to use or not?
  10. Chip from Powerchip
  11. Minnam Intake
  12. Oil/Tranny cooler help needed...
  13. Just a question about the T28/T3 hybrid...
  14. Scooby sports exhaust
  15. Ultimate N/A motor?
  16. JC Sports Turbo Group Buy Install Instructions
  17. Front LSD ? Is it a direct bolt on??
  18. Anybody have the new Rallispec exhaust?
  19. Someone running an ITC without a CE light
  20. crankcase pressure?
  21. What model NGK plug to replace with?
  22. Turbo'd RS - Should I be concerned for longevity? (more...)
  23. ISR Intake on MY99?
  24. Exhaust minus the muffler
  25. clutch bleed procedure
  26. Attn Jay_UK, need diff help
  27. just long does it take for oil to burn off? sheesh...
  28. Gas Milage with a Turbo?
  29. What are the specs of the 22b turbo?
  30. Cams finally in.
  31. Shorter Crank Pulley
  32. Carbon purge canister check valve
  33. Attn Kevin Thomas -- your ailing AT
  34. plug wires???
  35. What'll happen if I use +7.5 NGK plug?
  36. Is there a constant power wire going to the ecu
  37. Anyone try an Air/Fuel meter
  38. 99 RS fuel/air questions
  39. Has anyone had any experience with supercharging?
  40. Knock Sensor & Gary's electirc fix. (yes I did a search).
  41. where to get the STI exhaust??
  42. Any things to watch for during AGX install?
  43. Any gearheads? (long high mileage PM questions)
  44. H6 uses timing chain instead of belt.
  45. Shifter comparo-Kartboy vs. Cobb vs. Larry's
  46. Is it AWD in reverse also?
  47. opinion on exhaust
  48. Strenghtening parts with cryo or heat?
  49. Yet, another Cobb Tuning Cam Installed!
  50. Crank Pulley sizes..
  51. Not your daddy's clutch sudder, help! [long]
  52. Header uppipe melting things
  53. Where I can find the MRT header???
  54. MRT supercharger for EJ25
  55. Opinions on Apex-i Super AVC-R
  56. Anyone use adjustable cam gears?
  57. 2000 2.5RS has a limited slip
  58. J&S documentation
  59. REplacing both cats with high flow cats?
  60. "Computer" upgrade
  61. Capability of various trannys
  62. Exhaust Centre section
  63. Where to buy complete EJ20 with everything?
  64. Wide-band A/F Guages?
  65. AF vs. EGT
  66. Cam Install in NY Tri-State Area
  67. AWD Dyno
  68. EJ25 DOHC on EJ22T block
  69. Rallispec Exhaust vs Sti exhaust....
  70. Syms Headers???
  71. K&N Filter Question
  72. Oil Cooler Kit for automatic transmission question.
  73. Fire out the exhaust?
  74. Rallispec air intake
  75. Will the Stromung work with a Turbo?
  76. Anyone tried the genuine Subaru performance exhaust for the 2.5RS?
  77. Intakes connected to plenum VS. Intakes Connected to throttle body - opinions pls.
  78. fly wheels and clutches
  79. 30k miles service?
  80. Time to buy a safc?
  81. idea: Ultimate N/A intake
  82. Which is the Best turbo? HELP!
  83. What Gives u More Hp in...
  84. HELP! Engine Light on - Need Advice!
  85. Does anyone knoe a company that reworks ihi turbos..
  86. Knock Sensor
  87. best setting on a Field SFC Hyper R
  88. need help with the J&S knock sensor
  89. Please please help me!!!!!!
  90. Anyone try this with the stock knock sensor?
  91. i need help of all subaru owner who race ther car on the 1/4 mille
  92. Royal Purple Oil.
  93. Tranny
  94. Battle of the ECU's. Haltec vs TEC-2
  95. Air conditioning for more power?
  96. Cold Weather causing the 3-4k hesitation????
  97. opinions on a 5spd tranny swap....
  98. ITC Q's. Both n/a and turbo
  99. DOHC heads onto a '00 2.5 block?
  100. Problems with the Kartboy shifter?
  101. Cheap Power Increase!
  102. Terrible Misfire when cold???
  103. New Rallispec Magnaflow exhaust?!?!
  104. COBB Heads and bigger NA-spec cam - installed
  105. Anyone who's ever had clutch shudder, please read!
  106. Solid lifters?
  107. What is under my hood???
  108. hey larry! N/A power
  109. SOA Supercharger?
  110. 250hp
  111. Feedback needed and greatly appreciated
  112. Recommendations for a turbo prepped EJ25 block?
  113. Who has the fastest N/A Impreza...?
  114. URGENT... need help with STi mount install
  115. Urgent...need help with changing gear oil
  116. EJ20 swap complete!!!
  117. probably a newbie question but...
  118. Turbo 2.5RS Pics...
  119. H6 has no flywheel
  120. Nirtous or Turbo?
  121. ATTN: Some one who KNOW'S 1.8s and Turbos
  122. EJ20 versions
  123. How much hp can the EJ20 support?
  124. UR Pulley questions concerning torque specs
  125. Shifters
  126. 4.444 Limited slip diff
  127. anyone with MY00 and AFC tuned?
  128. Unusual Question?
  129. The new H6 is swapable.
  130. Fliter Gasket, Whimpy MAFs, & idle
  131. Aftermarket catback install question..nuts/bolts rattling off
  132. Apex FC?
  133. cold air vs. cone filter?
  134. Urgent--have a dent in my oil pan....
  135. Bored throttle body
  136. Internal or External Wastegate?
  137. SAFC Throttle missing 10%
  138. intake and exhaust install questions
  139. Praise/thank you to Rallispec :)
  140. Getting the max power for STS?
  141. changing octane and ECU reset
  142. you don't have to bleed the hose that goes to the oil pressure sending unit....???
  143. Headers?
  144. Will this turbo work with a 2.5rs ?!!!HELP PLEASE
  145. Borla Headers
  146. Extra parts with Cobb shifter..what are they for?
  147. What Gauges and Piggy backs needed for Turbo?
  148. ITC question!!!!
  149. nitro users???
  150. 2.5 L lifter noise
  151. How often do you reset your ECU?
  152. Guages for NA
  153. 275 ft*lb!!! (new STi tech data)
  154. 2k knock sensor on a MY99
  155. Any chips available...
  156. AT won't hit redline
  157. EJ22 detonation!
  158. Unorthodox Cam Gears!
  159. NOS any one?
  160. Air filter
  161. Motor finally arrived!! woohooo
  162. EJ25 to EJ20 loom splicing? anyone?
  163. Has anyone had reliability problems turbo?
  164. Greddy Rebic 3
  165. How bad is water leaking through air filter for engine?
  166. Need help with dying ignition problem...
  167. Does it needed to reset the ECU for the following changes?
  168. Just got more upgrades! Chip and Brakeline review!
  169. COBB Tuning N/A Accessories
  170. Rimmer S/C and Cobbs street cams... gossip...
  171. Can the 4 guys who own a S/C please post a review!
  172. Any Aftermarket Guages Installed???
  173. Rev limiter 5th gear?? (I did a search)
  174. Rrfpr
  175. Minnam Greddy filter swapping
  176. someone posted about adapting legacy turbo to impreza rs:
  177. Anybody using the Defi-Link system
  178. Where to get piping for Custom Intake
  179. Need Urgent install instructions for s-afc
  180. Ej20
  181. SAFC or a RRFPR ? with a turbo
  182. reseting the ecu ....fuse method
  183. Never use synthetic atf?!
  184. Is it bad to change the engine oil and automatic transmission oil at 2-3000km??
  185. Hood-scoop intake and water?
  186. Is anyone using a Vishnu Turbo set up? Is minnam a better quality? Need Input:)
  187. Turboing a MY00 auto
  188. OBS Platimum 4 plugs
  189. RS tranny / WRX motor
  190. Raising the redline?
  191. Does Quaiffe make gearsets for the Impreza transmission?
  192. Fuel management options...
  193. SAFC setting for 00RS
  194. How much ATF needed?
  195. 1.8/ 2.2/ 2.5 engine harness compatibility q's....
  196. Anyone running the Wolf EMS system now???
  197. NE1 know the gear ratios for 2.2L and 2.5 RS tranny?
  198. Question about viscous limited-slip
  199. Front LSD Mechanical or Viscous?
  200. engine swap
  201. BPM Twister
  202. Amr racings new subie twin turbo kit!
  203. BORLA headers
  204. Fuel Pressure Gauge?
  205. Shiv's dyno results?
  206. Please help me with my S-afc
  207. Wide band O2 on stock ECU?
  208. Home made turbo system
  209. WRX Sti exhaust review
  210. WTB: a Bell rrfpr
  211. JC Sports intake and exhaust review
  212. smell coming from car after drive...
  213. Prodrive Exhaust?
  214. SPT/Sti Short Shifter Review (if anybody hasn't posted it yet)!!!
  215. most Torque/HP exhaust?
  216. Installing cone filter directly on back of engine
  217. Banjo Bolt or new oil pan for turbo oil line?
  218. Those with clutch squeak - Does it happen when it's cool?
  219. MY00 AFC tuning notes
  220. complete engine built. Review
  221. Engine Swapping
  222. Using handbrake a lot on FWD...?
  223. Problems when accelerating
  224. HELP: CE light this morning, gone this afternoon
  225. Exhaust heat shielding...
  226. Apexi S-afc & itc
  227. re-gear a MY99 RS?
  228. What does this do?
  229. snorkus removal issues
  230. Engine swap? All power-crazed tuners please read!
  231. HAS ne one Tried the New Borla Headers!!??
  232. Feel any different???
  233. Isolating an Intake
  234. Gaskets when replacing headers...
  235. anyone dyno their car with only a new muffler?
  236. Anybody figured out that rattle?
  237. Removing catalytic converter?
  238. Need Sti Motor and Trans Part Numbers
  239. Trouble getting into reverse
  240. Hey larry, so much for your intake!
  241. Squeee squeee squeee...
  242. Does anyone have a picture of......
  243. AT oil cooler (Hayden 403)
  244. WRC mystery...
  245. Jc sports intake instructions again!!
  246. Straightening air in intake/before throttle body?
  247. Front mounted IC for MY02 WRX
  248. Whats the biggest shot of nos.......
  249. Running '98 2.2 AWD without transfer case...
  250. JC Sports torque chip