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  1. Installed my rear spats yesterday. Easy
  2. ATTN: All 93 - 95 Impreza Owners: Need help with rear seat questions!
  3. STi Ver 5 or Ver 6 seats
  4. debadging
  5. Rear wiper on WRX.? Functional, but ugly
  6. Installing STi Pedal Set
  7. Driver's airbag?
  8. keeping things kleen
  9. clear fog covers, anyone interested?
  10. Clear lights
  11. Remote fuel door release
  12. Anyone know where I could find a P1 Impreza front spoiler, real or replica?
  13. can't find ver.5-6 grill part number or wing
  14. OBS rear window as big as Imprezas?
  15. Test
  16. Door sills
  17. Idea for a new front end.
  18. Where is the part # of the STi seats?
  19. Gauge Pack?
  20. My car
  21. skid plates
  22. WRC shift know part number.... (it links to the tranny... right forum?)
  23. Q: fog light wiring harness
  24. Gauges for N/A vehicle?
  25. shift handle auto MY00 RS ??
  26. Heated Seats?
  27. Glovebox light kit. Is there one for the Impreza?
  28. Leather Seats?
  29. Want to Buy Seats...
  30. what do you think of this?
  31. replica wrc wing
  32. OBS bumper conversion
  33. Legacy BulbS
  34. vented brake ducts/mud flaps
  35. where can I order the STi Front Grill (Version 5) online??
  36. Shaved Door Handles
  37. Best place to buy 22B hood vents?
  38. Porsche Recaro's
  39. pricing questions
  40. Headlamp assy removal
  41. Where can I order online the STi Version 6 shin sopiler?
  42. How hard is it to remove Vinyl?
  43. DIY clear corner
  44. Dimming the dome light
  45. WLTB interior carbon fiber kit
  46. Where is the best place to buy GENUINE Subaru body parts online?
  47. removing center glove
  48. foglight conversion for cheap?
  49. painting the interior plastic trims
  50. 2002rs??
  51. lighted switch inplace of coin holders?
  52. Zero Sports supplier in the US?
  53. Legacy Body Kit...
  54. North's lower lip GB rocks!!!!
  55. Dynomatting the Impreza...
  56. Question about powering aux. lights...
  57. Change in the ash tray,any problems?
  58. Good Fog Lights?
  59. new impreza headlight conversion (neo-WRC-style black housing)
  60. Where's the V4 Lip?
  61. Difference between european and american headlights?
  62. shift light
  63. Help...Perf. gauges signal tap locations....Help please
  64. part number?
  65. Help: Tail Light Removal
  66. hella 500 fogs
  67. painting the side skirts
  68. Used steel hood
  69. Question about aluminum hood
  70. interior dash lights
  71. Floor Mats, where to get them.
  72. How do you remove the carbon fiber dash kit?
  73. intermittent wipers
  74. i hurt my baby =(
  75. 4 Point Harness?
  76. Higher wattage fog lamp bulbs
  77. has anyone installed their own tint?
  78. Keeping Low Beams On With High Beams
  79. Light Bar/Brushgaurd
  80. Sunroof won't open, but will close
  81. Painting the stock grill
  82. Imit. Carbon Fiber
  83. side skirts
  84. Can someone show me a picture of....
  85. install orange bulb for diy corners?
  86. Are these front spats available???
  87. Side marker and blinker?
  88. Need help with Hella 500 driving/fog lamps?
  89. whats the difference between.....??
  90. Hella Supertone Install Instructions Wanted
  91. What do you think.......
  92. Dual Cup Holder
  93. UPDATE; Red stiched automatic shift knob
  94. AAARGH! crappy carpets
  95. aluminum interior pieces
  96. ATTN: Pinoy
  97. Cheap bumpercovers
  98. $$ for front bumper
  99. help! which piaa bulb to buy?! AHHH what a stupid little problem argg!!!
  100. Replacing Rear Tail Light Bulb???
  101. 1/2-way close point for sunroof.
  102. size of shifter shaft, and hole size of shift knob?
  103. Headlights&Corners needed
  104. clear corners; bulbs? am i missien something?
  105. RS fog light adjustment
  106. Hey whats the point of Fog Light Covers?
  107. What wattage bulb?
  108. Installing Fog Light Covers
  109. Anyone with installed Syms style Grille?
  110. Final Prototype of Clear Vent covers
  111. Which online store have the following item(s) in stock??
  112. Help me please!!!!
  113. Those with the v5-6 a question.
  114. 22b wing
  115. Anyone tried/installed the BELLOF HID SYSTEM?
  116. Leather interior MY2001..
  117. anyone have a pic of............
  118. spoiler question
  119. Hella bulbs
  120. aluminum instrument panel?
  121. E-Code Replacement Headlamps?!?
  122. light wattage
  123. Factory Trunk Light Installation
  124. Whiteface guages!!!!!!!
  125. Carbon fiber dash kit
  126. Painting brake calipers
  127. OSB Cargo Light?
  128. AWD sticker
  129. Question about the clearcoat and buffing
  130. Rear Window Wiper
  131. Silver interior pics posted !!
  132. 2.5RS Impreza Badge Mod? Anyone
  133. Good Replacement Fog Lights?
  134. removing air bags
  135. Need some suggestions for my seat
  136. does NE1 have the wrc rb5 prodrive wing on their car
  137. Lighting Question
  138. Anyone seen this yet
  139. New Impreza Body Kit 8-)
  140. Driving lights that won't be overdriven at 90?
  141. Wiring Harness for Lights?
  142. STi V5 Rear Wing
  143. H4 headlight conversion to replace round fog lights
  144. Andy's Auto Sport Body Kit?
  145. Need help with V5 wing install
  146. new stereo looks awesome
  147. Any and All Front bumper pics needed...
  148. Help: Trimming Rear Spats (Rear Skirts)
  149. Can someone recommend the brightest 5w light?
  150. PIAA bulb questions
  151. Anyone interested in red-stitched shift boots?
  152. New V5 wings for sale
  153. Window tinting
  154. Custom grille?
  155. HID Lights? STi? Hells yeah!
  156. Piaas? What piaas?
  157. Has anyone swaped there stock Body Panels for 22B Panels? Is it possible?
  158. Pictures of Clear Vent Covers!!!
  159. Brighter bulbs for Reverse?
  160. brighter fog/driving lamps
  161. Broken Fog light
  162. Paint Question
  163. SWRT headrest Pics now up... Check them out!!!
  164. Prodrive/Recaro Seats
  165. What's that plug next to the mirror control?
  166. Got Decals? post ur pics here.
  167. review hella H3 yellow stars
  168. You and your spoiler.......
  169. morette headlight conversion
  170. Will RS front seats fit a 90' Legacy?
  171. has anyone trimmed the radio bezel to fit a radion in?
  172. bumper vents
  173. 2.5rs spoiler stickers
  174. Clear Corners for Legacy
  175. Lighted ignition key ring
  176. Help please
  177. bulbs
  178. How do you change gear oil?
  179. Hella Bright!
  180. True HID conversion- Cheap!
  181. Attn: Folia Tec not sold by Strictly Foreign!
  182. Painted break caliper pictues anyone?
  183. replica prodrive wing???
  184. Yellow FOg light covers?
  185. If you think the OEM paint and Carpet for the RS sucks...READ THIS.
  186. How can I get the red stiched auto shif knob back?
  187. Headlight connector sticking to bulb?
  188. Check This Out!
  189. Looking for roof scoop
  190. Pics of my car
  191. 22B wing idea...
  192. P1 wing?
  193. Ok. Who's Ever DONE THIS MOD?
  194. Subaru Hood Deflector?
  195. Evil horn modification
  196. Custom badge paint
  197. Fog light cover install?
  198. Ver 5 Lip Spoiler on Non RS
  199. Subaru LH fog light part #
  200. Help! I need a receipt for rear spats
  201. Seat belt replacements
  202. Damn Shoulder Pads tearin up my belt!!!
  203. Look for ball shift knob
  204. rally mirror lights
  205. Auto-passanger side windows
  206. painted and installed my rear spat DIY!!
  207. Req: part #s for side mouldings
  208. New Impreza
  209. 22B vents on 88 GL-10
  210. Part number of Ver. 5 rear bumper
  211. Where did you mount the switch for Hellas?
  212. bulbs from ISR
  213. where to get the pink I emblem
  214. Brushed Aluminium dash kits.
  215. Shoulder pads tearing up seat belt, I have solve the problem
  216. Rear fold down seats
  217. LOOK at this! NEw bumper!
  218. new find - gauge conversion kph ->mph
  219. Painting side skirts different color?
  220. custom Perf. Gauge Pack Pics
  221. hella black magics
  222. Light cluster tinting
  223. any 1 ever try to add heated seats?
  224. Fog light mod... Whose done it and my recent discovrey.
  225. where can i get gold bulbs to put in my fogs...
  226. Is anyone else as stupid as I am?
  227. Does anyone have the bulb sizes/watts/etc for all the lights?
  228. Steering wheel
  229. Cargo Net for Coupe
  230. Run open hood vents without worry
  231. Imprezer - What's going on with the seat rail mod?
  232. DIY: rear fold down seats.
  233. Driving Light covers that snap on?
  234. FHI aluminum hood
  235. Narva rangepower vs. Sylvania cool blue?
  236. Got boxers?
  237. STi Titanium Wing
  238. P1 lip spoiler
  239. Best price on headlight conversion kit?
  240. Driving lights???
  241. changing the illumination color from green to blue????Got an idea, sorta..
  242. Parts Needed to make Fold Down Rear Seat
  243. Sti Headlight conversion!!
  244. Amber Bulbs for DIY Clear Corners?
  245. Corbeau Seat Fitting problems HELP!
  246. Neon lights for interior?
  247. japaneese rear bumper conversion?
  248. show your piaas here...
  249. STi V5 replica rear wing installation - need help!
  250. What front grill is this and does ne one have one?