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View Full Version : Factory 2.0L Turbo Powertrain (EJ Series Factory 2.0L Turbo)

  1. Best Sparkplug for forced induction...
  2. Should we worry about the tranny?
  3. Turbo Lag Helped by K&N?
  4. Finally...a Turbo forum!
  5. ITG filters...
  6. Forum name suggestion
  7. Unit coversion program
  8. ECU pinouts
  9. WRX Tranny noise while decel in 2nd or 3rd gear without throttle
  10. Same Oil Filter as the RS for the WRX?
  11. any problems with turbo 2.5rs
  12. Legacy Turbo/WRX Turbo install on 2.5
  13. Ordered my BPM exhaust today?
  14. Any one got a JC sport, ASR or Lubespeed turbo kit?
  15. Any one using a HKS Super AFR?
  16. Turbo Timer Questions
  17. Stock WRX turbo wet or dry?
  18. Some interesting info for WRX owners
  19. ApexI Safc will it work on the wrx?
  20. Help! 2.0L engine opportunity , need advice
  21. Does anyone know the engine code for the WRX?
  22. Tumble Valve
  23. Motor diagram and catalytic converters
  24. Spark plug change?
  25. Crazy idea....
  26. Air Power Systems of Austrailia
  27. Know were to get turbo heat shield?
  28. what about a Turbo Kit Shootout?
  29. 107 octane to big ?
  30. Help with scooby sport exhaust bits!!!
  31. FREE Turbo Upgrade to 1 lucky WRX owner!!!
  32. best headers and exhaust system?
  33. who has the first turbo kit?
  34. WRX Intake IS SWEEEEEET!!!!!!!!
  35. WRX -- 2 idle speeds?
  36. Help: Please post your Tranny/Turbo problems or lack of problems!
  37. PPP - what's going on Simon?
  38. Clicking sound at the bottom of the clutch travel?
  39. Here is the Oil Filter Part Number
  40. Putting a EJ25 in a 2002 WRX - I am!!!!
  41. K&N Air Filter part number for WRX
  42. 2.5rs turbo question......
  43. shifting when pulling out of a corner or bend
  44. Legacy Turbo on 2.5RS?
  45. Another choice of exhaust systems for turbo owners!
  46. BPM sound
  47. Vibration at 1500 to 2000 RPM
  48. best trubo install shop in the NW.
  49. Attn. People who broke trannies! Which Clutch?
  50. Turbo Kits for EJ25
  51. WRX resonator box bypass?
  52. Useless mount?
  53. boost gauge installation
  54. Symmes products
  55. WRX IC efficiency numbers and other info
  56. Attn: Owners of Rallispec 3" Exhaust System
  57. WRX parts need Opinions.....
  58. Curious discovery :)
  59. WRX stock fuel system limits?
  60. WRX HP Rating
  61. 1/4 DIN Components
  62. Real-world max boost on the WRX?
  63. ball bearing turbo
  64. Anyone have a rear Quaife in their Mk1 Impreza?
  65. Greddy exhaust for WRX in two months!!!
  66. which high flow cat!?!?
  67. Anti-Lag????
  68. Stromung WRX Exhaust on Today...Very Nice!
  69. Were to find 3" stainless steel cat back turbo exhaust?
  70. stock fuel injecters/450hp VS more better fuel injecters/450hp
  71. Replacement transmission for the WRX?
  72. Is this possible?
  73. EJ20T vs EJ25T...
  74. My needs are simple!
  75. IHI Turbo?
  76. First Intake Mods For the WRX
  77. AIrPowerSytems USA
  78. WRX/preferred front lsd?
  79. Fuel Pressure Range On Stock WRX
  80. Peformance parts with proof?
  81. WRX Center diff torque distribution question
  82. ECU/Engine spec question
  83. 2.5 Heads on a 2.2T block
  84. How Easy is it to Coke a Turbo?
  85. The mystery of the TD04L goes on.....response from SOA.....
  86. If same valvetrain as japan why less hp?
  87. Wiring diagram help
  88. WRX engine ticking
  89. Blow off
  90. wrx turbo fit in a older RS with maf?
  91. Re-programming WRX ECU?
  92. CE on a turbo 98 2.5 w/missfire
  93. HELP! Clutch Confusion
  94. WRX tranny Susceptible to damage like RS?
  95. Complete List Of Turbo Kit Suppliers For RS
  96. boost gauge pods
  97. Tec II on a WRX
  98. too late for turbo and boost vs. hp??
  99. Where is the ECU in the WRX?
  100. '98 Turbo; How do get the EGT's down?
  101. 6-Speed Tranny Swap
  102. Exhaust Options
  103. UK Superchips WRX proggy
  104. Anyone ready to try the BPM 2.2l stroker kit?
  105. Will a turbo kit work on a 98 Impreza wagon?
  106. HKS super sequential BOV compatible with MAF systems?
  107. What is the best Oil Connection?
  108. WRX Boost Solenoid Mod
  109. Check out this email I got from Stromung...
  110. Maintaining higher boost at high RPM (more constant 14.5psi)
  111. Is 15-16psi the real stock max boost?
  112. Thoughts on a T3 turbo for a my00 Auto 2.5rs ! HELP!
  113. shiv: TEC3
  114. wrx boost bleed
  115. Best way to make tranny last ?
  116. Opinions: How strong would a billet synchro gearset be compared to stock?
  117. Greddy TD-06S Turbine upgrade
  118. Ok, Please help... guages!
  119. Where to mount boost gauge??
  120. Best turbo timer? Your opinions/experiences...
  121. after turbo + afc = turbo timer problem
  122. Turbo Install Help---
  123. Looking for BPM Twister sound file of turboed 2.5RS
  124. ITG Filter rocks
  125. Is it ok to powershift turbo cars?
  126. How can we make ours Japanese Spec - i.e., w/ V V T?
  127. STL sells used EJ20s...
  128. Racing Gas vs. 100LL AvGas
  129. To those who purchased the full BPM exhaust
  130. WRX Cats
  131. I need gear set options...please
  132. Subaru replacement exhaust for WRX?
  133. Turbo Indentification (not WRX)
  134. Custom turbo kit setup questions
  135. Just curious, will the V5/V6 WRX STi engine compatable with the RS auto tranny?
  136. Supra Fuel pump
  137. WRX: TGV Value == Turbo Lag?
  138. Confirmed, my WRX is making 17psi!
  139. 1/4 mile time post~
  140. Getting gauges, need advice on temp and pressure ranges
  141. FYI, SPO Motorsports
  142. Anyone using a VDO EGT gauge?
  143. ihi turbo for wrx?
  144. Front mount vs Top mount intercooler
  145. Turbo?
  146. WRX Intake manifold on 2.5L
  147. Ej20
  148. Profec-B Hookup on T25 HELP- - - -
  149. Optimal exhaust piping diameter for the WRX?
  150. Boost Guage hookup???
  151. How do you raise boost levels on the WRX?
  152. Turbo's For L models
  153. Car Shakes remove Unorthidox Pulley?
  154. minnam website? or contact numbers?
  155. Anybody used the new improved STi Gear Set?
  156. attn: Glenn, boost gauge from spy shots??
  157. Looking for these Mufflers..
  158. I'm new to Subaru's, and I was wondering what the Chassis code is for the new WRX.
  159. Quieting the engine of a turboed car
  160. WRX exhaust testimonials?
  161. Proper Break-in??
  162. Defi group buy guys
  163. justy hybrid??
  164. could this be a cure for our wrx turbo lag woes???
  165. questions for top mount intercooler
  166. G-tech Pro Result on 92 Legacy Turbo!!
  167. The cost of 3 cats
  168. Aftermarket BOV.. any suggestions?
  169. Where to order/buy ITG dropin filter for WRX?
  170. Low End power
  171. K&N Filtercharger Injection Kits?
  172. DIY Intercooler guard...
  173. Turbo Series?
  174. how loud is your turbos exhaust?
  175. Short shifter for Legacy Turbo?
  176. BOV & Wastegate?
  177. Intercooler Sprayer for the US-Spec
  178. 0-60mph time on 92 Legacy turbo!!!
  179. Anyone switch to synthetic oil in their new WRX?
  180. Does the new WRX use a MAF or a MAP sensor?
  181. Scooby sport components
  182. psi: does it have anything to do with turbo's?
  183. Gauges. Most 3 needed gauges on a turbo car.
  184. anyone upgrade their wrx turbo?
  185. Is this a good price for a Japan EJ20T with turbo?
  186. Looking for turbo kit for 2001 RScoupe?
  187. My new turbo car...
  188. Don't like the WRX headlights - look at what STI has to offer!
  189. Safegaurd Knock sensor
  190. Garrett Turbo 4sale on Ebay
  191. WRX exhaust question
  192. Autotranny and Turbo troubles
  193. Newbie questions on upgrading WRX intake/exhaust...
  194. JC Sports turbo owners : no add on electronics needed?
  195. EJ20 question...
  196. Vishnu Turbo track day pics...
  197. Turbochargers vs Superchargers
  198. Boost Junkies...How much are you running
  199. Which is Better? T3/T3, T28, GT30, GT35
  200. how much more boost in WRX?
  201. MT WRX 2-1 downshift
  202. does the american EJ20 fit pre-2002 models?
  203. Anybody recieved their BPM exhaust's yet?
  204. Ahem. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to ASR's latest handiwork...
  205. does the WRX come with break-in oil?
  206. EJ22T swap into RS, tranny question?
  207. Which Legacys had the EJ22T?
  208. 2002 Wrx hp?
  209. 94 Legacy Turbo Manifold.
  210. Pump up boost on WRX to 19.5 lbs.?
  211. motor
  212. WRX engine for sell
  213. About oil change on wrx.
  214. Needed MY98 RS 5spd ECU
  215. Check Engine Light= Misfire...
  216. exhaust system component /grades of steel
  217. Mod parts yield ?horsepower?
  218. Home Depot Carries Boost controllers
  219. MRT's intercooler spray kit
  220. Kaaz Gearsets and LSDs
  221. turbo timer/ boost control
  222. Wanna twin turbo?
  223. Boost controllers & WRX
  224. I found a EJ22T...
  225. Looking for something different in an exhaust
  226. $2000 - I'm a little lost on what to buy
  227. Quaife syncromesh gearsets
  228. my WRX stranded me today
  229. Anyone actually time Stage 1 Cobb cams + turbo?
  230. Just Got BPM WRX Exhaust...
  231. Blown Tranny Questions
  232. Looking for a WRX *bolt-on* down pipe.
  233. STi/SPT shift linkage same as stock?
  234. S-AFC Worth it?
  235. What is a Shortblock/Longblock engine?
  236. Subaru Suggested Oil Change Schedule
  237. Anyone have the link to the WRX intake silencer mod?
  238. Items need to install BPM exhaust???
  239. Wiring diagram for a WRX ecu?
  240. Did My WRX's Power Steering die?
  241. 94 WRX questions
  242. I want to buy a turbo. What is the best out there for 99RS
  243. EGT for WRX
  244. question about turbos
  245. Maximum Boost?
  246. Auto Tranny vs Manual Tranny
  247. Hey, About the guages
  248. Twin-Turbo EJ20?
  249. RS Turbo Plugs???
  250. Turbo Timer w/Factory Alarm,Possible?