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  1. MOds for my00 rs
  2. Aerodyne turbo
  3. OT: Indy car vs. F-18
  4. Need ideas in securing my foglight covers
  5. Changing my steering wheel???
  6. where to???????
  7. Oh no..... a fellow member is getting flamed...
  8. Who is online right now....
  9. PA-MD Guys- "Pizza and Drags" Night.
  10. first time US visit,some questions.
  11. New Exhaust Installed!!! STi
  12. Downtown Cleveland RS Spotting
  13. My02 spotted
  14. Saleen Mustang and my Subie PIC!!!
  15. terrible NIGHTMARE!!
  16. Flame War issue.....
  17. OT: Anyone go to Laguna Seca two weeks ago?
  18. 02 Photoshop edit...
  19. HomerJay==/==>Homersexual
  20. Photochop MY02 Challange....
  21. Inside news from SOA!!!!
  22. Who's web page had the part numbers?
  23. Impreza Cometh
  24. Very OT. Out of the top 15 car makes rated for reliability, Daewoo is 4th????
  25. Blown 2.5RS engine at Buttonwillow?
  26. News on New Impreza WRC
  27. Modem too slow... Working with Windows9x or higher I got the cure
  28. What's the deal with the MYo2?
  29. Bay Area Impreza people?
  30. Holy V8!
  31. New board function?
  32. Stock wheels?
  33. what kind of rims are these
  34. What was Minnam's contact info?
  35. How would you rank these on looks??
  36. CobbTuning Throttle Body released...
  37. Im so pissed right now..never go to Lynnes Nissan Subaru!!! (kinda long, please read)
  38. Some pictures of re-badging and DIY intake
  39. You know that little pice that sits...
  40. All this interest going around on the new WRX what about...
  41. The i'XEPA (upside down) muffler is no more
  42. Does anyone have pics of....
  43. Need help fast, warranty coverage DENIED!!
  44. Turbo people, and insurance...
  45. i am having aruff time understanding if its really true about usa turbo imprezas 2001
  46. what's the ver. 6 wing look like
  47. SuperCharger for Rally racing?
  48. OT: Why cant people use Periods?
  49. Steven's Creek Subaru has below average service department
  50. NTB Situation nearing end. Opinions wanted...
  51. **new impreza site**
  52. Sep. 3rd Solo II in Nazareth?
  53. How much did you pay for your MY2001 2.5RS,and!!!
  54. Didn't get owner's manual
  55. Tell me what you think?!?!?
  56. What happened to the post about "GM Synchromesh" tranny fluid?
  57. looking for webpage?
  58. About SOA that you should know
  59. Does anyone here know photoshop?
  60. Wheels...
  61. Hong Kong right around the corner
  62. Attention JASONY from Columbus!!!
  63. Window banners and graffix
  64. Best way to contact SPD?
  65. OT: looking to buy tow vehicle/daily driver
  66. New site?
  67. Anyone with a Sub hood deflector?
  68. Opinions on Hella Supertone Horns
  69. Just got my new Tanabe Exhaust!
  70. New WRX "low bhp" concerns unjustified
  71. Posting Problems? Please Read
  72. I'm 16, race go-karts, and i am looking for sponsorship!
  73. TOYO Tires National Event @ Moroso
  74. poll : what's the hottest debate on this board ever?!
  75. hehe new impreza to tinker with
  76. Weapon R Intakes vs. the competition
  77. Teague's??? hmmmmm.....
  78. OT Tuesday Humor
  79. I think you guys need a hobby...
  80. When it rains, it pours : another Ford recall.
  81. OT: Sega GT [pic]
  82. jc sports backorder
  83. OT: Rally games
  84. New Impreza
  85. ADR Wheel Weight
  86. Where to buy race helmet in Eastern PA?
  87. Manufacturer Complaints-Stick it where it hurts
  88. Attn: 5Zigen Groupbuy members...and anyone else interested in a 10% club discount!
  89. Mud Flaps Dimension Anyone??
  90. Where to buy WRX parts?
  91. Who in the NorthEast would be interested in rally-x?
  92. Reid Steals Burns' Car!!!
  93. Why are KYB/AGX's so cheap?
  94. Subaru paint realy sucks!
  95. Need your opinions! - About Truck Drivers
  96. Victory! Center Vent Carbon Fiber put back in by me!
  97. Anyone going to MIR?
  98. currently browsing the boards
  99. should i get a current impreza or new one??
  100. New sube pics. Looks kinda OK..Maybe?
  101. That rabbit logo??? anyone
  102. Aluminum Control Arm Part #'s ?
  103. OT: Battlebots tonight
  104. Does Amsoil make a cone intake?
  105. Amazing Bouncing Rock Story
  106. HIgh Pitched Squeeling - MY01RS
  107. Caution, Flying rocks may injure!!
  108. turn on comedy central NOW !!! battle bots>>
  109. This guy has a Watermelon Shooter Exhaust
  110. OT- - Rally Masters game
  111. AMR Intake anyone?
  112. Time for some more crashed Impreza pics!
  113. Head count for Car Show at the shore 9-3
  114. Anyone in the Meridian, Mississippi area?
  115. OT: It just keeps getting worse for Ford, and then some...
  116. ::New site:: and BAD news; Please read
  117. Not enough members
  118. Passing on the ClubSi humor: Rice Jet
  119. MidWest Subaru Owners Club - Autocross Oct. 1st! (big meet too)
  120. what should i do, thinking of trading in my rs?
  121. Never2phat - OT
  122. WRX motor for sale on ebay
  123. Who has da Cheapest K&N filters
  124. Radar Detectors
  125. Upgraded seats and interiors - Please post pictures - I need to decide
  126. Need Some Help. Post your car and wheels
  127. Any rally's in the Colorado regional area?
  128. ROFL!! Saturn R***! Spotted!
  129. St. Charles Divisional SCCA
  130. what is arollcage an how do i get one installed?
  131. need a screen saver
  132. Finally! Seperation of the Classifieds section!
  133. OT: Audi TT Quattro
  134. Just saved a bundle on insurance
  135. Please Help to Define Regional/Chapter Areas
  136. Central PA Drag Race Mini Meet-update
  137. Kick Ass Shifter
  138. Do they hand out drivers' licenses out in cereal?
  139. Imprezidents mass deleted old posts?
  140. WRX Speculation (yes more!)
  141. After-market parts prices going down?
  142. Quasi aftermarket seats... Check out what I'm doing
  143. What is involved in removing the front grill?
  144. Anyone read the letter inquiring about the Impreza in Import Tuner?
  145. Subaru's Stealth Web Site
  146. Finally, Pics up of my Baby!
  147. How did I jumpe from Scooby Newbie to Scooby Specialist?
  148. OT: Unusual driving position.
  149. very bored....
  150. Poll: What screen resolutions are you guys running?
  151. Chopped and lowered Imprezas.
  152. Turn singnal is flashing faster than it should appreciate...
  153. mountain bikers...
  154. sorta OT: converting vids to flash
  155. Cobra seats
  156. bike racks?
  157. Got my damaged SCC yesterday.....
  158. Did anyone ever figure out ...
  159. OT : Scooby Doo Song mp3
  160. Would you run from this Cop?
  161. Gab and Whiteline strut bar inquiry
  162. ATTN: Omaha Subaru Club members or Subaru driver's in & around Omaha area
  163. '80s Lancer - need pic
  164. Who's selling BPM Twister? How much?
  165. OT: best smiley
  166. New pics of MY02 - 9/1/2000
  167. Tint?
  168. Body kit??
  169. Awaiting my Summons...
  170. "asylumms" - any good?
  171. strobe lights
  172. 2.5RS as SCCA soloII prepared car
  173. Thank God for Mike Shields!
  174. OT- Question about email.
  175. Download the WRC 97 Review
  176. RS count
  177. JC SPORTS intakes are in!
  178. Some new vendors that I found
  179. subie heaven
  180. Lowrider Impreza
  181. Another Concept vehicle from Nissan
  182. OT: How many animations/smileys do you know?
  183. H6 Outback review
  184. Could you please do me a favor and E-Mail me pics of your engine compartments?
  185. First Drive Report for the new WRX
  186. Looking for a board like this for (excuse me) the CRX
  187. Carbon Fibre Gauge Pod housing?
  188. Sad News In Rally World
  189. Car Insurance Question
  190. I almost got fined last night! 250 big ones! (longish also venting)
  191. does anybody know why the Impreza's insurance is so high?
  192. GM's influence is already upon us...
  193. Eurospec Headlamp Washers
  194. New Subaru Impreza Drivers Club site
  195. Please help - Link to technical thread.
  196. Tools needed to replace ignition wires?
  197. I miss my Subie.
  198. The cheepest Radar Dectors vs. Valentin 1
  199. Att: Brett Gronemeyer
  200. new pics
  201. Touring Thailand in a WRX :)
  202. Nissan Silvia?
  203. Anyone want to buy a salvaged 1999 RS for parts?
  204. Here's an MY02 pic that I think we'll all love(at least like)
  205. OT:Questions for you musclecar guys.
  206. Are you ready for some FOOTBAAAALL?
  207. Classic Car Show Today!!!at the shore.
  208. R.S.4dr.GSP north N.J. yesterday any one here?
  209. Explaination of heel-toe shifting
  210. RALLY Finland tomorrow on speedvision
  211. Our Twister Has Arrived!
  212. The i-Club is dangerous. Almost cost me everything
  213. Wide Body Kit.. where?
  214. Imprezas and smaller turbos.
  215. WRX engine, Wiring harness, etc.
  216. ATTN Imprezer - RE: Texas Subaru Performance Club
  217. michigan owners up for a meet????
  218. Hey MPREZYA
  219. new impreza owner
  220. dumb question
  221. NJ sightings
  222. SOA sold RHD models in US????
  223. neone ever drive a Audi a4 1.8t?
  224. WTF is wrong with people.
  225. OT: The new Volkswagen Passat!
  226. EscaFlowne's Engine Gallery
  227. new pics of my car with OZ rims and everything
  228. Heard of Sponatious acceleration& brake probs?
  229. Hella Head Lights???
  230. 18mm Rear Antisway Bar
  231. new wagon???
  232. Who else has ever gone kart racing??? WOW...
  233. ot;how to un zip files
  234. I just saw the commercial for the Rally VW Beetle
  235. I bought a WRX Version 5!!!
  236. Just got job at Subaru
  237. whos using AOL
  238. AutoX in College Station
  239. Legacy crash in-car video now on-line
  240. OTish: Heading to Australia maybe within the year...places to go? Parts to buy?
  241. NYC/Long Island Owners
  242. check this out
  243. Did any 1999 Subaru models come with LSD standard??
  244. Special Editions Plaques....
  245. re92's are trash
  246. Advan wheels
  247. clear corner light question...could use some advice
  248. Fuel Cells...
  249. Red RS at Philly U...
  250. : EscaFlowne's Engine Gallery has a home page