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  1. fan relay location
  2. Factory Performance Gauge Pack
  3. Guess who's back????!
  4. More torque/wrist pin offset
  5. Dimming interior lights?
  6. to everyone who wants the p1 suspension
  7. People with Whiteline Anti-Lift kit I need your HELP URGENTLY!!!!!
  8. Adjusting rear brakes?
  9. Vibrations? help me
  10. Headlight re-wire
  11. Dealer installed Performance Muffler & Pipe
  12. Regrinds, good or bad? regrinds vs. cast
  13. STI engine
  14. What to do with $6k engine-wise
  15. RedLine Water Wetter??
  16. Cobb Tunning Intake Attn: Trey.
  17. Steering Wheel Hub for 2.5RS?
  18. how to remove MAF sensor?
  19. missing a gasket...can i buy one?
  20. how to install STi setas?
  21. Will 235 40 17's rub?
  22. Supercharging, and Backpressure...important?
  23. JC intercoolers
  24. Unorthodox Racing Ultra Light Aluminum Flywheel
  25. Winter wheels for a MY00 2.5RS
  26. rs vs mustang?!?!
  27. extrude honed intake manifold????
  28. Yakima Rack and sunroof
  29. FMIC review (finally)
  30. Question About Alignment
  31. Turbocharging a high mileage engine
  32. What garrett came on the '94 Saab 9000?
  33. brake cleaning???
  34. WTB: Hella Air horns
  35. WTB: performance gauge pack
  36. Extreme heat in trunk
  37. Will these rims fit my car?
  38. Toyo Proxies FZ4
  39. Suspension Settings To Eliminate Understear
  40. Vishnu turbo setup
  41. Guage Pod Housing
  42. CARB legal forced induction
  43. Dynomax "Bullet" review
  44. guage pod housing install tips?
  45. Stromung Single Tip Muffler
  46. Where to get Bosch parts by their part number?
  47. weapon R intake
  48. X-Drilled Rotor Tolerances
  49. Headers For the Impreza 2.5rs ? Help
  50. Remove "SUBARU" letters and stickers
  51. not red ones, silver ones
  52. Tires
  53. Hoverin' Revolutions
  54. glove box
  55. plug wires,magnecor
  56. Question for Trey Cobb
  57. Vacumm Line Boost Gauge Tap
  58. Exhaust sounds quieter! HELP!!!
  59. JC sports turbo?
  60. Excellent online discussion of vehicle dynamics
  61. Door handles...anyone messed with these?
  62. SPT performance muffler...experience?
  63. Seized bolt
  64. Help needed Re: Lowering a '95 Legacy LS AWD Sedan, Plz! :o)
  65. i think i found headers for the RS
  66. Turbo or not
  67. does headers make a difference in Hp?????should i get them?
  68. Knocking sound @ engine startup.. any ideas?
  69. STI shifter V.S. Kartboy
  70. Car Won't start
  71. Trying to install TEINs, is something wrong here??? Help!!!
  72. Brullen
  73. "Closed deck conversions"
  74. What type of springs is selling?
  75. Performance Aligment?
  76. where to install egt probe?
  77. What's the difference between....
  78. Need help with installation of WRX wheel?
  79. Where can I get silicon tubing?
  80. Getting '01 RS - ?'s on new tires, intake, rear sway bar...
  81. RaceLine RL-7s, Toyo T1-S/205-55R16s, WRX suspension, and rubbing?
  82. anyone know where i can find gauge pods?????
  83. Cranking up timing w/o ITC
  84. Head work anyone?
  85. Byron's car...
  86. will '99 style headlamp housing fit into a '98?
  87. Front light problem
  88. ATTN: WRX Girl
  89. Intercooler core... the cooler choice?
  90. FWD for stop-light drags?
  91. check valve for vacuum tubing to MAP sensor
  92. Lighting specs (sort of interesting)
  93. oxygen sensor
  94. UDP installed and excessive oil consumption?
  95. I screwed my tranny
  96. Round or Square Oil pan
  97. Don't over tighten the belts!
  98. MY98 synchros dead, crunching from first to second?
  99. how hard is it to install your own brake pads?
  100. Iridium spark plugs
  101. lost power steering - I need some help!
  102. Silencer removal leading to damaged MAF?
  103. How to install A-pillar gauge mount??
  104. Buying speed bleeders
  105. need advice on a Subaru that shudders while turning
  106. URGENT!!! Need help with Tein HA's!
  107. Part # for my 99 wheels!?
  108. Why Pirelli P7000 205/50ZR16 over 205/55ZR16
  109. What is our bumper Version?
  110. whats a good automatic oil filter?
  111. Missing when Cold Help
  112. Power increase Help?
  113. Supercharging?
  114. What is the spring rate for the Eibach springs?
  115. anyone have 5zigen springs???????
  116. Wheels
  117. Safe, Low RPM
  118. Need Spring Rate Explaination
  119. MRT Stuff?
  120. So Who's Going to Be the First With Andy Nam's Twin Turbo Setup?
  121. O2 voltage always around .7
  122. S-AFC help!!
  123. How hot does our engine compartment get?
  124. volk offset?
  125. Skid Plate Resonates
  126. Slot or slot with x-drill?
  127. Anybody know the turbine type/size and a/r ratio for the Minnam turbocharger?
  128. Saw a toasted KVR brake pad over the weekend
  129. Minnam Racing website
  130. K & N Filtercharger for 2001 2.5 RS
  131. To Turbo or Not To Turbo?
  132. Running at high RPM
  133. ne1 have kg/mm springs?
  134. Ok- Question on this rattle I'm sure I can fix
  135. So what suspension is offering?
  136. Weapon R Intake Warning (at least 98/99 models)
  137. Anyone Have a problem installing Rear brake pads???
  138. G-Stock, tire/wheel size
  139. Correct Brake Pads for 97 OBS???
  140. Problem, rear diff is leaking.
  141. Mazda 15" rim on Impreza
  142. steel 15" wheel weight
  143. exhaust backfiring
  144. Question about RPM
  145. Need some help tuning MY99 RS....
  146. Electronics
  147. Intake and no AFC.
  148. What's up with KVR Brakepad group buy????
  149. What the [email protected]*! am I doing wrong....
  150. I have the "Turbo"...But I need the "Kit" Help?
  151. ISR Performace Clutch Friction Disk
  152. Air vent problem
  153. stop it
  154. Head gaskets
  155. pics of autometer water temp/oil pres. sensor installs?
  156. Oem\fatory alarm\front parking light and turn signal glitch
  157. shifting the automatic
  158. On the WRC cars, is there a misfiring system?
  159. driving light opening size
  160. Anyone using venom's nos?
  161. Metal bar behind rear seat?
  162. anyone catless and resonatorless?
  163. People who were in Automorphs wing groupbuy in july????
  164. wanna see pics of S.S. stromung Single tip
  165. what size tire.....
  166. After Oil Change Car Doesn't Sound Right
  167. GC coilover question - cross platform?
  168. ground control guys... need an answer ASAP
  169. what is the differance?
  170. WRX/STI spring for the trunk lid
  171. p1 parts (actual info)
  172. ATTN: Shiv....Miata question
  173. DMS Owners: Do you have a lot of bump steer?
  174. Fill Oil Filter Before Install?
  175. metric to US conversion
  176. offset & min wheel diameter on MY02?
  177. Tranny killers, confess!!!
  178. any tips on spark plug install?
  179. Turbo exhaust size POLL (killed post in general forum)
  180. HELP! car is stalling
  181. My Scooby is very very sick :(
  182. Tires for 15"ers
  183. Canadian vs American Bumpers??
  184. 100W H3 bulb in MY99-00 foglights?
  185. Cooling Fan Question
  186. How much does it cost to have a tranny replaced/rebuilt?
  187. apex AX53B70P18 turbo
  188. Can I get a concise description...
  189. suspension 101
  190. What are those little clips for on brake pads?
  191. Help me !
  192. Another Intake
  193. Do I have a MAF?
  194. Changing MT oil, and Rear Diff. Oil in a MY00 RS??
  195. Converting a 2WD Impreza to AWD?
  196. Xenon Heads and corner bulbs
  197. My E-brake 360 HELP is this BAD!
  198. are 2.2L transmission ratios different from 2.5L?
  199. Clutch pedal adjustment
  200. short shifter for MY96 Impreza wagon?
  201. Performance tires and snow?!?
  202. Preparing for JC Turbo
  203. How to remove deep paint scratches?
  204. Installing Fuel Pressure Gauge Sender
  205. Need Help install Teins !
  206. How much $$ to fill nos bottle?
  207. New ram air scoop pics! Never before seen if you live under a rock!
  208. Gear Ratios
  209. 2.0 turbo history?
  210. Rimmer Supercharger any good?
  211. Electric Water Pump ?
  212. Why do some old Subarus sound like VW Beetles?
  213. Any news on quicker steering rack ?
  214. Sti Parts # List
  215. I Want to Paint my Brake Calipers - Tips? Suggestions?
  216. Intrax Springs
  217. MY98; Shortcomings for project ? HELP
  218. Opinions: Need front sway bar after installing one in the rear?
  219. Need some advice ASAP re: converting FWD to AWD
  220. Window "Nib"
  221. Does anyone have experience w/these bulbs?
  222. Tire size dilema 215 or 225?
  223. FHI rear swaybar instructions
  224. How Do i Take Off the My00 Sedan Spoiler HELP ME!!
  225. Preventing Subaru Auto-Trans Failure
  226. Trey Cobb Cam Lift Question?
  227. It's a funny squeaky noise...
  228. Rear drum brakes on '95 impreza
  229. Need Advice: First Major Tune-Up.
  230. Japanese Engine Swap
  231. Need help adjusting TEIN HA's w/ Pillow Ball Mount
  232. Shifter Linkage Question
  233. projection light for subies?
  234. Aftermarket wheel studs?
  235. ISO Reliablie Shop in Chicago
  236. Suspension Help / Price?
  237. GC KYB AGX:anyone cut their spring perch?
  238. HID install ?
  239. Primitive spoilers...
  240. Turbo Issues- Final Update (I hope)
  241. skidpad
  242. Att: Cobb Tuning
  243. Stack fuel injection on N/A RS.
  244. Fuel Pressure Riser?
  245. Install: STI short shift kit
  246. Performance gauge pod?
  247. corner weighting vs alignment
  248. 5zigen springs or the STI springs at
  249. Sugestions on turbo for dailey driver???????
  250. ATTN: JC Sports Stage II owners