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  1. Am I the only one who actually likes the new WRX appearance (alot)?
  2. Best WRX color?
  3. New US WRX no-HID what else is missing?
  4. WRX Aftermarket
  5. wrx upgrade
  6. Attn: Glenn Wallace - Re: "Area 51"
  7. MN WRX
  8. wrx power
  9. New WRX Front End
  10. What aftermarket wheels available for new WRX?
  11. WRX article at
  12. WRX special edition in UK
  13. Welcome to the WRX Countdown Forum!
  14. Thank you thank you thank you thank you
  15. WRX Wagon vs Sedan (Back Seats).....
  16. WRX tunability
  17. Varible Valve Timing
  18. Chip
  19. DOHC
  20. how to disable daytime running lights in WRX?
  21. Woo! WRX Brochure on ebay!
  22. WRX Part's including Head Light's!
  23. wrx exhaust size...
  24. WRX HID headlights
  25. WRX Wallpaper???
  26. To those that have seen the WRX in person...(suspension ?)
  27. guess what about the wagon!
  28. WRX Brakes
  29. WRX power output curve
  30. wrx pricing
  31. Dumb wagon question
  32. limited
  33. morette twin lamp for MY02
  34. WRX engine specs
  35. Invoice??
  36. Canadian WRX site- launching today!
  37. "WRX Fans won't wait"
  38. WRX wheel fitment questons
  39. HID FYI: Please Read!
  40. Where does the wider track comes from
  41. more WRX photos
  42. What will the WRX Inspire from other Carmakers?
  43. WRX Newbie ... anyone giving lessons?
  44. WRX and rally...
  45. Canadian WRX MSRP
  46. WRX Spec Comparison
  47. Can Anyone Photoshop 17" Wheels on WRX Wagon?
  48. New WRX = 300+bhp w/ Bolt-ons
  49. WRX Single stage or dual stage brake booster?
  50. When are they REALLY Coming???
  51. Got to ride in the new REX today.
  52. WRX's front control arm...
  53. Blow-off valve on a WRX
  54. availablility
  55. ATTN: Photoshoppers!
  56. Anyone have a picture of the yellow wrx?
  57. WRX - forged pistons, rods and crank?
  58. One Sport Wagon = Happy Me!
  59. What tires on 16" rims?
  60. Features that are new with the WRX model
  61. Where to get a WRX in the SE for $800 over invoice
  62. Anyone know if the auto is a Tiptronic?
  63. Armrest Extension
  64. WRX intake
  65. WRX questions about US model (pics!)
  66. WRX, Prodrive, Headlamps, and You...
  67. Leather seats
  68. Yellow Blaze in Canada???
  69. Test drive opinions?
  70. turbo upgrades
  71. Subaru has No Plans for a WRX Coupe
  72. What options is everyone getting??
  73. OT:First Impression of WRX STi in GT3
  74. Seats issue
  75. WRX Comparo in March 2001 Automobile
  76. New remote?
  77. What, NO SUNROOF??
  78. safely lowering the WRX
  79. anyone have pic of white US WRX sedan?
  80. how much is your insurane (going up)?
  81. The WRX I want to build.
  82. I saw a WRX. Driving. On the road.
  83. 1/4 mile
  84. Need Help more black wrx pics, please
  85. STI Tri Meter Pod $1200!
  86. Hello
  87. Question about WRX color
  88. Just placed an order for a WRX in Chicago!
  89. 2001 bits down under
  90. 235/45/18 will fit under the WRX
  91. What if the WRX looked like this?
  92. Manual or Automatic? VTD only with Auto.
  93. Hardcore Diet For WRX.
  94. Turbo Timer questions for the WRX
  95. total WRX's ordered?
  96. WRX Clutch Type
  97. Fuse pull for 2WD mode for 5speed?
  98. WRX "newbie" info sources.
  99. WRX accessories from the UK
  100. Sport Compact Car WRX article
  101. Weight of stock wheels?
  102. WRX Spotted...
  103. Lobby SCC for WRX Project
  104. Invoice price to be announced tomorrow...
  105. Questions about new RS/TS/OBS/WRX spec? Canadian site has it all.
  106. Interchange-ability
  107. WRX speaker sizes?
  108. 2002 WRX Price
  109. What colors will STI make parts for now?
  110. UR Pully compatability
  111. Post all MY02 WRX video links here!!
  112. Hey Imprezer?
  113. Saw the new person!
  114. Those flared fenders
  115. Where to get the aerodynamic package on
  116. WRX vs. A4 / auto ?
  117. Asking the tough questions
  118. Seats we dont get
  119. Real prices (BBS wheels, STi suspension, more)
  120. Gear Ratios
  121. Want to see a Rex really corner? QuickTimes
  122. WRX vs Evo VII
  123. WRS vs. STi
  124. wrx vs. m3
  125. Actual blaze yellow chip scanned
  126. option pricing
  127. Picture of 17" BBS Wheels
  128. Invoice Price
  129. WRX Upgrade list
  130. New License Plate
  131. Look at this Yellow
  132. Bad news regarding the Performance Suspension.
  133. Exhaust layout and sizing
  134. Who's trading a car for teh WRX?
  135. New WRX in yellow?
  136. Old WRX vs. New WRX Exhaust System Analysis
  137. scoobysport exhaust for new WRX?
  138. Classification of new body style?
  139. SCC WRX Pictures - Whats going on??
  140. WRX price in DC/Balt
  141. Dealer offered me some wheels at wholesale.
  142. 1st Shipment
  143. Has anyone Actually Gotten An Order #?
  144. Yellow WRX Authentication
  145. What SOA says about delivery and VON
  146. bigger engine in the future?
  147. Exhaust Systems
  148. Dropping 2 cats
  149. rs body style?
  150. WRX side indicator
  151. Talked to dealer about new impreza. Am I crazy or is he wrong?
  152. Tale lights
  153. For those that have ordered...
  154. Automobile Mag WRX article
  155. WRX upgrades
  156. Edmunds Road Test
  157. another newbie question concerning the WRX...
  158. Yellow sample...
  159. time left (real time)
  160. wrx engine in 2,5rs?
  161. How am I going to pay for this?
  162. Missing Sunroof???
  163. Top speed of WRX
  164. NEW Polling System... check the forums front page.
  165. Yellow rear spoiler and ? for Lord-Atak
  166. RS Midwinf fit new WRX
  167. Daily updates to
  168. Does anyone know...
  169. 20mm rear swaybar for WRX?
  170. WRX+BBS=$3035.00 This is a joke right
  171. Best (Most Reputable) Place to get WRX Mods
  172. RS/ TS/ OBS
  173. New WRX Kicking A$$ and consistent!!
  174. expected handling?
  175. What rims are these?
  176. is preorder the only way to get a wrx?
  177. Too late to get one?
  178. Anyone from Connecticut order a WRX
  179. Probably the best car in the world for petrolheads
  180. WRX performance underestimated?
  181. WRX AWD tranny/t-case questions...
  182. what do you want to know about the WRX?
  183. anyone notice how much bigger the STI hood scoop is?
  184. Weight gain vs. stiffness smokescreen?
  185. wrx tail lights
  186. Boost gauge and towing?
  187. Purchasing near summer...
  188. What is standard on WRX???
  189. How heavy will the new WRX STI-RA be?
  190. Any other pics...
  191. Cast iron crankshafts on WRX? Huh?
  192. New Link
  193. Interior Quality
  194. Please help.......
  195. VTD and VCD explained
  196. MY02 WRX tranny in a RS???
  197. Think there'll be a price hike for future WRXs?
  198. Costs for insurance on the WRX?
  199. Trade Integra Type R for WRX?
  200. I was awarded 4 extra (non-sold) WRX's!
  201. Grassroots Motorsports review - WRX
  202. SOA changes # of Yellow cars we are getting
  203. Fishy WRX story I heard
  204. Philly auto show wrx pics
  205. WRX clutch question
  206. jdm wrx vs. usdm wrx
  207. Front bumper,,wrx ?
  208. How many of you have actually seen the lights?
  209. Removing those 3 evil catalitic converters
  210. Drag Coefficency
  211. Bashing the WRX Bashers
  212. Debadging the WRX
  213. Rumor mill: Free SCCA license
  214. Port of Entry and the first allotment
  215. I went to the auto show today...
  216. change the US WRX headlight to the JDM ones?
  217. Rear sway bar compatibility?
  218. "Out the door" price?
  219. 10 Second Scooby Pass
  220. Stock exhuast
  221. Silver trim only on sedan?
  222. BPU 'rex (basic parts upgrades)
  223. STi WRX badge
  224. Brilliant Impreza
  225. Curious about BOVs
  226. Has invoice price been announced?
  227. this is my "ordering-wrx face" (pic)
  228. turbo timer?
  229. new news
  230. WRX Wagon vs. Sedan?
  231. What aftermarket gauges would you install?
  233. Breaking in the WRX
  234. SOA answers crankshaft debate!!!!
  235. WRX track time
  236. Does anyone know of light, gunmetal colored rims?
  237. WRX styling explained
  238. Aluminum A Arms
  239. WRX rear spoiler's?
  240. Picture of yellow WRX
  241. Factory aerodynamic package?
  242. Jun WRX at Tokyo Auto Salon
  243. Deadbolt...
  244. WRBlue or Silver WRX wagon?
  245. Pics: The Yellow WRX and a quote from a Subaru VP
  246. WRX Photos from Philly Auto Show
  247. New new WRX
  248. WRX Paint concern
  249. WRX Crossmember....again
  250. Short Shifter question