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View Full Version : Transmission (AT/MT) & Driveline

  1. '86 GL Wagon won't shift gears in Drive
  2. tranny fuilds and rear diff
  3. bellhousing protection
  4. 5MT SVX....clearence/balance issue please help
  5. Hard shifting
  6. Discussions on LSD
  7. Subaru Recall
  8. where and how much could I find a six speed for my 02wrx?
  9. Blew My 1st gear tonight
  10. Is shifting from 5th to 3rd to pass someone ok?
  11. I know we're all sick of Redline oil discussions
  12. Difficulty of replacing synchros?
  13. Clutch Install
  14. Hydraulic Circuit or Control Valve
  15. shifter rattle?
  16. I Blew My Tranny
  17. Which clutch do i need, WRX or RS?
  18. Is there a difference?
  19. 99RS clutch
  20. MY00 2.5 clutch?
  21. Stock WRX Flywheel question
  22. Flywheel Question
  23. Should I cryogenically freeze my stock 5spd tranny?
  24. Signs of a failing autotrans?
  25. chirping sound low gear
  26. Question about upgrading clutch "feel"
  27. New clutch in, but dripping fluid
  28. Decel noise fix??
  29. If my RS was towed with 2 wheels on the ground, could I drive it at all?
  30. Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
  31. Automatic Transmission Valve Switch
  32. Neo Synthetic 75W90 RHD gear oil
  33. Drivetrain distribution questions?
  34. Need help please!
  35. Help reading transmission codes
  36. 4eat owners, do you downshift to 1st?
  37. Shifter grinding from 1st to 2nd
  38. blown tranny?
  39. What do I need with a torque converter upgrade?
  40. Would I know if my lsd was blown?
  41. most mileage on original clutch?
  42. lighten stock flywheel
  43. MY02 WRX - What's teh recommended WHP limit?
  44. Why can't use 2.2 or 2.5 PH1 trans with 2.5 PH 2?
  45. Looking for a chromoloy flywheel (help)
  46. 6 spd conversion on 2002 2.5 RS?
  47. 4eat noise
  48. Can short shift cause warranty problem?
  49. RS vs WRX tranny
  50. 2nd gear tranny problem? (GC8)
  51. "Half-Clutching?" shifting technique: bad for tranny?
  52. Grinding in first, with the clutch in!
  53. Best Clutch for my soon to be RS-T-Nitrous
  54. sti gear ratios
  55. Protorque TC Questions
  56. Cost of a clutch install?
  57. 97 OBS blown first and whinny diff
  58. Links on Clutch Installation Process
  59. help! car shifted itself from 1st to Neutral
  60. Counting teeth to figure out ratio?
  61. What a difference a shift knob makes!
  62. My tranny is in pieces!
  63. can not shift gears- help
  64. What is this Chik Chik Chik sound?
  65. Are auto and manual trans mounts the same? Or does a hardened mount exist for autos?
  66. Could this be my clutch or flywheel?
  67. R160 differential to R180
  68. will a WRX clutch fit on a EJ18?
  69. swapping front differentials in an automatic
  70. More FWD to AWD questions for conversion guru's
  71. Flat tire
  72. UR ceramic/bronze clutch
  73. Which clutch to pick?
  74. need P/N for Clutch Return Spring for 97 OBS
  75. Trouble going into third gear (04 WRX)
  76. Shifter Questions
  77. Burning smell after gear oil change?
  78. Reverse Gone!
  79. Torn CV Boot...difficult to DIY repair?
  80. WRX transmission final discussion
  81. Impreza transmission year/compatibility questions.
  82. Hmm..did I overfill my tranny oil?
  83. Clutch replacement issue OR picking a fight!
  84. Replacement gear sets
  85. 5 or 6 speed?
  86. Does the US have sportshift 4eats?
  87. clutch creaking
  88. Price on used 6-spd once they're here?
  89. Best Fluids for 02 WRX automatic?
  90. Input desired: swapping '02 trans for '03
  91. need opions on cobb shifter
  92. semi-novice self clutch/flywheel install on gc8.
  93. Mechanical Engineering
  94. replacing a clutch in a 5MT
  95. Transmission problems.
  96. 4EAT Operations
  97. Dimensions of Legacy Turbo transmission?
  98. Short shifter installation question
  99. How many of us are running 6-speeds?
  100. OEM Fluid for '02 WRX Manual Transmission
  101. Blew Out First Gear, What Do I Do?
  102. ProTorque Installed - Who's Next?
  103. Worried Buyer
  104. Amsoil series 2000 synthetic 75W-90 gear lube
  105. type RA gearsets
  106. Perrin Short Shift Kit Install
  107. Manual Trans Problem-4th to 5th gear shift
  108. Broken Speedo gear
  109. Final drive ratios
  110. Changing how 4EAT shifts
  111. Max difference in F/R wheel size
  112. Subaru short throw shifter installed but have questions
  113. Shifter bushings plate falls off!
  114. Curious driver :P How many launches..
  115. Installing Shoft Shifter w/Linkage
  116. 2.2L MY00 Impreza OBS Clutch Adj. Question (NooB)
  117. Clutch: 4-pad ceramic w/ sprung hub, OK for street?
  118. 1/4 mile times for automatic WRX?
  119. Could not get car in 1st
  120. weird tranny problem
  121. can i use this flywheel, with this clutch, on this tranny?
  122. STI short shifter rattle
  123. 98 RS tranny: can you identify these wires?
  124. Clutch pedal noise normal
  125. What about half titanium on the gears?
  126. tranny fluid question
  127. Tranny problem
  128. Possible bad CV joint?
  129. Bizarre clutch problem
  130. New clutch = same problem?
  131. "Sticky" feel to clutch
  132. 10w40 in MT = Bad?
  133. Is there a DR. in the House?Ratcheting Diffs
  134. Exedy vs Clutchnet vs JDM Ver2 stock clutch disks.
  135. Rights and wrongs in driving an MT
  136. '86 gl-10 is my tranny gone?
  137. The auto tranny limits have been reached
  138. Auto trans request
  139. clutch squeaking
  140. Boiling Clutch fluid?
  141. Got my 1st my oil change at Texaco Xpress Lube and...
  142. Valeo Clutches?
  143. MY00 RS and WRX TC. Are they the same ?
  144. 4Eat internal part removal question
  145. SVX with the 5-speed out of an Impreza
  146. where to buy limited slip diffs & gears
  147. short shifter problem
  148. Price for install of a clutch
  149. AT recall hassle...
  150. Has anyone successfully installed the STi "rear" diff mount (bushing)?
  151. Replacing 3rd -> 4th synchros?
  152. will a RS clutch and flywheel fit on a 94 L trannsmission?
  153. Upgraded Engine Mounts
  154. My Kartboy has popped out twice going into third
  155. How long is warranty for transmission? 3 or 5 years?
  156. Too much pressure in tranny?
  157. Chalak Gears installed, pics here.
  158. Clutch Adjustment after install?
  159. Automatics with 4.44 final drive, help me find them
  160. 6 speed swap, what's needed?
  161. new clutch question
  162. What about an 8K redline and 4.44 final drive??
  163. Who has best price on Kartboy ?
  164. How often to change tranny fluid?
  165. AT for drag racing
  166. First gear doesn't want to let go
  167. KAAZ syncomesh gearset
  168. ID this noise
  169. Fwd Rst
  170. Having probs with 1st gear in MY00
  171. Who is sick of the "WRX 5MT AWD=All Wheels Disconnected?!" thread?
  172. Automatic O/D question
  173. How involved is it to install a transmission cooler??
  174. Fun with the WRX pressure-limiting clutch slave cylinder
  175. Do short shifters help the 1->2 shift much?
  176. Scratching sound from clutch! Help! New car! :(
  177. clutch burn?
  178. Clutch Masters, ACT, Centerforce?
  179. How and when do I change transmission fluid?
  180. Axle CV Boot clip question
  181. how much better is the sti clutch/flywheel than stock?
  182. Swap: manual to auto?
  183. Help... clutch rattle
  184. Starter Question
  185. I guess I didn't get the AWD option either
  186. Short Shifter Shootout
  187. LSD swap into 2002RS
  188. SS clutch lines
  189. Moderators are idiots
  190. Oh crap! Did i do any damage? (e-brake/center differential related)
  191. What is the best gear oil for STi 6 speed?
  192. fidanza vs exedy flywheel
  193. clutch slips in 2nd and 3rd
  194. Noise coming from Drivetrain?
  195. lightweight flywheel
  196. Finally, track times w/ 4EAT/Q about heat soak
  197. The "my tranny and AWD kick major buttocks" thread
  198. Anyone know where to get STI V. 4 or 5 drivetrain? or good prices on STI gearset.
  199. Why you need some "deadband" in your VC unit
  200. 4EAT to 6spd
  201. Rate your WRX manual tranny
  202. Rate your 5SP Manual WRX all wheel drive system
  203. How would you rate your 5SP WRX all wheel drive system
  204. Clutch gone at 45 000km.
  205. Clutch acting weird
  206. AT Shifting!
  207. How do u read Gear Ratios???
  208. Clutch Shudder fix
  209. How do I make sure I got the right transmission?
  210. Stock RS with modded torque converter?
  211. Best Clutch for UTEC stg 2?
  212. 2003 Tranny in a 2002?
  213. Anyone with problems or noise from KB shifter?
  214. Question for people with clutch shudder fixed by dealer
  215. Cause for concern?
  216. At what mileage has everyones clutch worn out? Please report your miles inside!
  217. gear lube besides NEO
  218. Has anyone installed a Kartboy shortshifter (GC8) on the STi short shift linkage?
  219. Riddle me this
  220. WRX 3.54 to 4.44 LSD rear diff - what's a direct bolt in?
  221. noise in shifter
  222. Amsoil 2000 serious opinions??
  223. Clutch Master Cylinder Woes
  224. Terrible grinding and banging noise
  225. New Kartboy product
  226. Transmision Mount
  227. factory lube question
  228. stiff clutch pedal?
  229. Where can I find MT synchros only?
  230. The decel noise, but in an 03?
  231. Tranny Options....RA vs. stock and UK vs. stock...
  232. Stuck ATF & Rear Diff Bolts
  233. 4eat clunk after parking rod recall?
  234. Redline MT-90, for hard street use
  235. Does your car grind going into first?
  236. Synthetic gear and tranny oil?
  237. 5spd project for svx need wrx tranny
  238. Clutch pedal popping noise.
  239. Wrx auto trans in a auto rs?
  240. Slight "Bump" in Shifter
  241. rs 4eat with a tranny rebuild/buildup from level10?
  242. I need a new clutch, which kind?
  243. Redline MT-90 GL-4 O.K.? Suby says use GL-5?
  244. Shift Knobs without Gate selection on them
  245. If GL-4 Redline MT-90 is not OK for WRX MT, what is?
  246. Bearing grease from front driverside halfshaft?
  247. How difficult will a USDM 6-speed swap be? (Worried about DCCD and front LSD)
  248. Why does 1st gear grind? Read here
  249. Anyone have a soundclip of wrx revving with lightened flywheel?
  250. tranny mount install on wrx?