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View Full Version : Transmission (AT/MT) & Driveline

  1. Can't go into 1st or 2nd
  2. Aftermarket clutch in MY03?
  3. will silicone hose hold power steering line pressures?
  4. 2004 transmission revisions?
  5. Need some front (ver7)STi axles
  6. Question about changing tranny oil
  7. BPM Shifter
  8. Anyone ever cut their shifter?
  9. ACT Clutch Installed: Have some questions regarding engagement
  10. Clutch chattering?
  11. why bad to use E-brake?
  12. fidanza fly & exedy clutch
  13. I broke a bolt
  14. tinnie-winnie kartboy knob
  15. Cobb dual-adjustable short-shifter
  16. Experience with damaged center diff(MT)?
  17. Flywheel question
  18. problems using MT in back of kit car
  19. Dog gears for Honda?
  20. will Quaife LSD fit '93L 5spd transmission?
  21. vibration when turning left
  22. Light Flywheels
  23. If cryo gears are stronger, can you cryo the case?
  24. Help what involved to remove tranny
  25. Broke 1st gear have a couple of quick questions
  26. Please Help! I think I broke my Tranny!
  27. trouble going into 2nd gear!!!!!
  28. More MT compatibility questions
  29. Gear oil for non wrx?
  30. New tranny installed...PROBLEM!
  31. legacy axles work in wrx?
  32. Under normal driving, what RPMs do you rev to (slip the clutch) from a stop?
  33. STi axles
  34. Light Wt. Flywheel options
  35. fidenza help!!
  36. building a bombproof 4EAT tranny
  37. Where can I get an Axel Stub Ring? (broke one)
  38. Gear Sets
  39. Part number from STI type RA tranny... got the #, but can't find how to verify it
  40. Axle nut torque value?
  41. Perrin STS install help
  42. JDM 6 speed with what rear diff?
  43. AT not that strong
  44. Is 1st gear on 02 WRX 5MT syncho'd?
  45. Questions about transmission/gears options
  46. clutch slip? tans problem??
  47. Question about changing tranny oil
  48. Strange grinding and stiffness
  49. new auto tranny question
  50. Some interesting observations w/ part throttle brake torquing
  51. '03 trans. vs. '02 trans. (WRX)
  52. 02 Shift Levers
  53. WRX shifter assembly on my95
  54. Protoque TC question
  55. WRX Rough Shifting Solution
  56. Forget 1st, Why Does 5th Gear Grind?
  57. rear differential oil drain plug
  58. Auto trans
  59. Just an FYI to the automatic guys wanting to do a valve body upgrade
  60. First gear grinding w/ clutch in and at a complete stop!
  61. popping out of 5th??
  62. Broke third gear (at least)
  63. Auto 2.5 RS owners, autocross question.
  64. Name this clutch and flywheel
  65. Cost to fix Blown 2nd Gear
  66. Would You Like SOA to Release an Official Test Procedure for Their AWD?
  67. reading tranny level dipstick for 5mt wrx, am I low?
  68. 00-01 vs. 02-03 RS tranny?
  69. Attn: APS flywheel owners
  70. throw out bearing replacement
  71. blown front differential pics!
  72. new factory MT and clutch question
  73. Arrrghhh...My clutch shudder is back!
  74. 4eat front differential noises
  75. Clutch question
  76. Questions about propeller shaft
  77. GL-4 vs. GL-5
  78. Where to buy pinion shaft?
  79. Cutch mismatch -help!
  80. I need help- tranny install stuck on one thing
  81. no clutch pedal pressure
  82. Tranny whine.. normal?
  83. Kartboy shifter and bushings, NVH?
  84. Can't shift into 5th cleanly over 70mph (2000 2.5rs)
  85. TC mod guys, I have a q for you...
  86. Changing ATF on 4EAT?
  87. Double-Clutch + Rev-Matching
  88. rear diff fluid for Mechanical LSD?
  89. Clutch gone
  90. how difficult is it to replace a clutch?
  91. Impreza and Legacy Propshaft Lengths and Types
  92. Instructions on replacing Transmission Fluid
  93. how bad is brake torqueing?
  94. How many horsepower can stock clutch and flywheel handle?
  95. Would U.S. STi pressure plate fit WRX?
  96. Tranny Problem!
  97. Need help choosing a clutch
  98. Best kind & placment for tranny cooler
  99. Two pops when I turn right hard and straighten?
  100. Also, should I ask for a syncro warranty with Redline in??
  101. Crazy tranny noises?
  102. Real Quick Questions about removal of WRX 5MT
  103. Viscous coupling
  104. need help on choosing a short shifter
  105. Legacy AutoTranny Help Please!
  106. Status of transmission conversion (WRX 4EAT -> Legacy Turbo 5MT)
  107. Rwd Wrx?
  108. Royal Purple Max-Gear is in
  109. STI clutch
  110. cv joint help
  111. Clutch shudder, revised TSB
  112. Gear Install
  113. Motul gear oil users?
  114. Where to get gears cryo'd?
  115. Best Aftermarket Clutch Replacement
  116. Need Clutch ASAP
  117. longest lasting stock clutch?
  118. GAAAAHH!!! Am I the only one???
  119. I have question about stalling
  120. What is clutch shudder?
  121. I just wanted to gloat
  122. exedy sport clutch and chromoly flywheel in!
  123. ACT clutch SB2-HD00 in an Impreza OBS 2.2L?
  124. tranny problems
  125. Amsoil in tranny?
  126. STI 6 speed feed back
  127. stage 4 54,000 miles tran gone
  128. Cobb upgraded tranny mount?
  129. Going back to regular gear oil
  130. slides into 1st at speed easily
  131. What is an electronic shift kit
  132. reverse switch replacement
  133. Automatic Transmission Temperatures / at temp gauge question
  134. noise and constipated performance....
  135. Any oil to speed up 1st to 2nd shifts ...
  136. Smooth ride, at the cost of some clutch riding.
  137. Shift forks
  138. Anybody know where to get Sti GC axles and rear hubs for my '99 Gc8 chasis.
  139. WRX A/T Transmission Slipping at 5500 miles?
  140. STI 6spd for sale???
  141. Has anyone used Redline MT-90 in their WRX ?
  142. Clutch Install Question
  143. What will work?
  144. STi tranny mount does NOT fit FWD Impreza
  145. How hard are steering rack bushings to install
  146. Will an STi JDM motor mate up to an auto tranny?
  147. Are your 1st and 2nd WRX gears stripped?
  148. STi clutch disc, cover (pp) and flywheel
  149. What gear oil to use on a 01' 2.5 RS?
  150. Homemade clutch bleeding tool!
  151. Axle pictures
  152. Who has blown a stock non-vcd auto tranny?
  153. the price on the 5MT tranny?
  154. What's up with my auto tranny at the track?
  155. Stage 4 With Stock Tranny
  156. Changed my tranny oil today at 15k
  157. How to install new tranny? Clutch? Flywheel?
  158. Clutch Disk - aftermarket better than factory?
  159. Would you own a FWD Subaru Impreza/Legacy?
  160. I need your input!
  161. Question about stock shifter
  162. tranny case questions
  163. LSD? Phantom Grip
  164. Is anyone looking for a GC6 Torque Converter
  165. Clutch shudder question?
  166. Axle Spline Count
  167. Exedy Hyper Single Installed
  168. Squeaky Clutch Pivot?
  169. GM Synchromesh MTF, What GL rating?
  170. Does the WRX have 3 differentials that need lube?
  171. Where to get stronger 1-2 gear that fits stock 5MT?
  172. Clutch Help
  173. Whining noise in tranny
  174. Diagnose my slipping clutch problem!
  175. Never Mind
  176. 5th Gear Grinding
  177. Can a short shifter damage your gearbox??
  178. How to Double Clutch?
  179. Tranny question... Related to a rear end collision i had today.
  180. GC/GM Clutch inquiry... holding 350-450 whp
  181. The gears are NOT weak, you cant drive.
  182. Is a flush needed? (MT lube)
  183. light weight flywheel in 4EAT
  184. Aftermarket ECU with 4EAT
  185. "Stub Rings" I need one. The ring that is around the axle stub to hold it in the diff
  186. What rear diff to use with STi Turbo Forester tranny?
  187. Tranny angle & Shifting ?
  188. Royal Purple Max Gear 700mi update
  189. Car is jerky
  190. Changing gear oil, new washer on drain bolt?
  191. Switched to Redline MT-90 today
  192. New Clutch. Need Break In?
  193. Tranny died today... any input?
  194. Drag racing ... how long will my stock clutch last? (285 HP ?)
  195. I admit it... I cant drive...
  196. Lucas gear oil 75/90
  197. Launch Technique with Upgraded TC
  198. Having problems shifting into 2nd Gear!
  199. Clutch Install
  200. Clutch Shudder TB
  201. synchro quantity
  202. bad news?
  203. Tranny Oil Low at 5700 miles???
  204. Exedy sport organic clutch and lightened flywheel
  205. 04 WRX makes clunking noise when in gear & engine cold at 2000-2500 rpms
  206. Gimme Gears vs. STI vs. another stocker?
  207. Getting into 1st
  208. 2nd gear whine
  209. decel noise is gone!
  210. 4EAT's How much Boost?
  211. Shift linkage problem ??
  212. exedy vs. fidanza
  213. 6-Speed Conversion List
  214. which redline ATF?
  215. Motul Gear 300 for $8.50/Liter
  216. throw out bearing
  217. HELP! installing a clutch return spring
  218. What is clutch shudder?
  219. Exedy VS ACT?
  220. Car shuddering
  221. Clutch/brake/gas pedals
  222. Transmission temp gauge idea, Switch to use coolant temp gauge so no dash space taken
  223. explain to me what a rod is?
  224. Question on clunk noise when shifting quickly.
  225. grind going into 5th gear?
  226. transmission broke!
  227. Chirping!
  228. Sti Vs Wrx
  229. Is my Subaru dead??
  230. What are the shift points on WRX ... MPH
  231. what's wrong with this shifting?
  232. Petition To Request That FHI/SOA Develop A Comprehensive AWD Test(s)
  233. Minor: Kartboy SS=trouble for 5th gear
  234. clutch break-in
  235. Pics Inside of Stock Shifter vs Kartboy Short Shifter Height
  236. Clutch release bearing seated into cover?
  237. Sti motor mounts
  238. Identifying transmissions...
  239. Flashing "POWER" light on dash in 1993 FWD Impreza
  240. What shortshifter? STI, REVLAB, or Kartboy?
  241. Which aftermarket clutch to buy w or w/o lightened flywheel
  242. Replace gears before it breaks?
  243. problem with my new clutch??
  244. Anyone have have a lightened drive shaft for the WRX?
  245. 4.44 ratio in a manual possible?
  246. Kartboy Short Shifter
  247. Kartboy SS makes a thud noise...
  248. clutch shudder rumors?
  249. Coasting bad for MT?
  250. Ok Broken Gears Now What