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View Full Version : Transmission (AT/MT) & Driveline

  1. Clutch problems
  2. Ran into some problembs!
  3. Petetition To Subaru Usa All Subie Owners Read!!!!!
  4. 4th gear grind on 2003 wrx
  5. Is V6 Ra gearset enough for me?
  6. FWD Flywheel
  7. need some 4eat tranny removal help
  8. what is the maximum hp the STi 6speed can handle?
  9. 94 impreza wagon AWD AT question
  10. 2nd gear whine in '02 5mt
  11. Engine out or tranny out?
  12. Gearing Question
  13. 4:44 final drive Ver.6 RA 5MT driving impressions
  14. Is anybody really running 700ft lbs of torque through a 5 speed?
  15. Who else in running Clutchmasters stg 4?
  16. 6spd sti clutch/flywheel in 5spd wrx tranny?
  17. Driveline Shudder
  18. Look Sequential shifter on standard trans!
  19. Ebrake Slides in Snow?
  20. STI Cold Clutch Question
  21. Some VTD info
  22. Speedo not working, car in limp home mode
  23. Alright, tranny guys! maybe you gurus can help.
  24. 6spd sti wrx converts... rear hub question
  25. Tranny Fluid In STI?
  26. whats a good transmission cooler for a 92 subaru svx
  27. how do i tell a sti trans from a spec - c trans
  28. What is this (pic)
  29. musing: CVT's and turbo engines?
  30. I think my rear dif is going out but...
  31. DCCD wiring and voltage info needed
  32. What the hell is that clunk?
  33. 6Speed and R180 swap into a WRX wagon
  34. Primitive LW FW, but need clutch advice
  35. short shifter and synchro wear
  36. need clutch
  37. What tranny with 2.5 conversion
  38. clutch hose for 03 2.5rs
  39. shady transmission shop
  40. clutch "bounce" question
  41. 80W90 oil ok?
  42. Distance from rear diff to tranny is too long for me
  43. In search for paddle shifters!
  44. Need opinions
  45. fuel rail?
  46. Gear oil bolt
  47. Need Advice
  48. Car stalls
  49. Rear Diff codes?
  50. whirring noise when I let off the gas
  51. RS Tranny upgrade options?
  52. trouble aligning tranny
  53. What car is this short shifter for?
  54. Question for STi owners - burning clutch smell from reverse?
  55. engine mount install made easy
  56. Help: Car got lefted from rear..
  57. How much can 04 AT handle?
  58. Pitch Mount Install
  59. STI 6-Speed Rebuild Kit?
  60. STi's rear diff- tight turns a problem?
  61. Where is my 4EAT from?
  62. 96 Impreza throwout bearing worn
  63. will an 02 tc work on an 04?
  64. where to get LSD rear axles?
  65. 96 imprezza throw bearing worn
  66. Reverse switch problem
  67. 4EAT Differential Fluid Type
  68. Strange clunking noise
  69. Tapping noise on drivers side
  70. I'm with stupid...oh wait..I am stupid!
  71. '02 WRX 1st-2nd shake
  72. Whirring noise coming from rear
  73. Strange noise in 4th and 5th
  74. Where is the fill plug on the 5 speed tranny
  75. GC Drivetrain parts to GD WRX?
  76. My WRX Max Gear speed doesn't match with DD gear speed. Help!
  77. Liquid gasket on plug threads?
  78. how many qts of tranny fluid for 6 speed tranny?
  79. 2002 vs. 2004 transmission
  80. Anyone using a SPEC clutch?
  81. R160 rear diff options.
  82. STi engine/tranny mounts = easier to hit reverse?
  83. special procedures for 4eat dyno tuning?
  84. 6MT clutch options?
  85. Pilot bushing or bearing?
  86. Tranny dead
  87. wrx automtic mod to 2wd
  88. remove awd
  89. Yet another engine/tranny question
  90. Which diff to upgrade?
  91. any chance of a 6spd sti serial number sticky?
  92. Mother of all stumpers
  93. I think I lost 5th
  94. Anyone with a film of a suby tranny grenading?
  95. Twin turbo 5 speed gearing?
  96. forester xt 5 speed, does it use wrx clutch?
  97. What are the transmission differences between USDM versus JDM WRX?
  98. 98 AT Outback Driveline Issues
  99. help please, short shift install
  100. help with shortshifter
  101. question about the sti rear diff sensor(fill plug)
  102. my auto is tranny is acting weird help!
  103. hub bolt -cv boot relpacement
  104. Okay to cruise in 3rd gear?
  105. wrx with forester xt tranny, does anyone know what rpms will be at 70mph in 5th?
  106. 5MT transmission fix now having problems
  107. Any new news on the lightened drive shaft front?
  108. experts: diagnose my clutch wear
  109. 4EAT Transmission Swap Question
  110. wrx rear lsd type
  111. Replacing my clutch
  112. Inspiredmotors Short Shifter
  113. Best clutch and flywheel
  114. FYI: March Modified magazine ESX MT->AT swap interview
  115. strange sound
  116. How to clean K&N drop in air filter?
  117. Strange rattling sound in between shifts- advice please!
  118. New tranny or rebuild?
  119. ACT and Turbo VS. Stock diff
  120. nissan rear diff conversion?
  121. How did I fix my 1st gear synchro?
  122. Is clutch broken in now?
  123. Need help with clutch/flywheel
  124. when is it time?
  125. Torn Axle Boot
  126. 6 Speed Short Throw Impression
  127. DCCD wires?
  128. sti clutch and flywheel
  129. How bad is clutch chatter with puck clutches?
  130. LevelTen Shiftronic discussion
  131. GDB R180 into GC: Yes or no? (definite answer please)
  132. Exedy Clutch - Made of?
  133. Clutch pedal slow off the floor/sticking, all new clutch/fw/pp/bearings
  134. Blew out first gear, which parts do I need?
  135. RA spec 5 vs. 6spd vs. non RA spec 6spd
  136. sti 6spd converts... another serial number check
  137. rear transmission mount.
  138. Generic tranny question: Is driving an AT like a MT bad?
  139. my right rear clunk is gone
  140. 95 L short shifter question
  141. Are people using the DCCD in 1/4 runs?
  142. GM Synchromesh and royal purple
  143. cusco tranny and engine mounts
  144. 6spd question
  145. Trying to decide between act or exedy clutch.
  146. how to tell the FD of a ver7/8 r180 diff?
  147. good WRX 5 speed transmissions?
  148. Labor costs on tranny rebuild
  149. STi Clutch Engagement
  150. Clutch Chatter
  151. very unique tapping noise
  152. 5speed wrx trannie in a 04 sti
  153. recommended tranny coolers?
  154. 4eat to 5 or 6spd standard
  155. Which exedy clutch is this?
  156. Hole in transmission?
  157. Clutch/flywheel upgrade?
  158. RWD WRX?? cheap and easy
  159. 2002 5 speed in my 03
  160. My rear axle boot got hit by my exhaust?
  161. 3rd gear
  162. subaru tech said...
  163. Noltec Differential Bushings
  164. Outback automatic transmission problems engaging
  165. STi flywheel into EJ22?
  166. damaged starter teeth on flywheel... help?
  167. how to tell if a used flywheel is still good?
  168. Flywheel CEL question
  169. Which clutch and flywheel for my swap
  170. how do i measure backlash for an lsd install?
  171. Subframe locks ARGHH!
  172. 6 speed short throw shift linkge
  173. Is this my tranny?
  174. Has anyone converted an AWD Subaru to RWD?
  175. My axle boot ring broke and my Boot slid off what to do?
  176. MY 02/03 Difference Quckie: Heavier flywheel
  177. Does this sound right?
  178. Replacing clutch this week. Checklist of to-do?
  179. Whiteline rear subframe lock bolts
  180. Kinda Binding Problem
  181. Aftermarket clutch & LWFW - Pro & Cons
  182. Gear oil change. Put in 3.7 qt. Why is my dipstick reading high?
  183. Sti 5-Speed Tranny
  184. Short shifter recomendations
  185. Breaking in a new aftermarket clutch
  186. looking for tranny
  187. For anyone thinking about swapping gearsets
  188. wierd noise when reversing?
  189. What kind of short shifter is this?
  190. I broke something, What do you guys think it is?
  191. Binding with 4EAT?
  192. Tranny Install
  193. Does any company make a built 5spd for the WRX. Complete tranny not just gears?
  194. Auto Trans Hot Forester XT?
  195. R160 3.9:1 ring and pinion??
  196. Changing Tranny oil?
  197. Unusual grinding in first?
  198. excessive stalling
  199. I need to know if the STI RA gears would fit in my 2000 2.5RS casing
  200. Help - rear end knock/thunk : bad axle? bad rear diff?
  201. sti tranny=better than wrx?
  202. Bushing that keeps your car in first
  203. Rear Diff. Oil Temp warning light
  204. gimmie gears owners, please post opinions
  205. flywheel experiences
  206. 04 sti driveline clunk?
  207. which center diff will fit on '97 legacy w/ ej22 ?
  208. Yet another "where to find Valvoline 75w90 non synthetic" thread...
  209. Where is Design Craft Fabrication?
  210. Help! Car wont go into gear when started!
  211. dogbox transmission
  212. dogbox transmission
  213. AT tranny problems
  214. 6 speed 2.5RS?
  215. Clutch engagement issue
  216. WRX LSD question
  217. Manual Transmission Gear Oil Viscosity/Grade Question
  218. Bad Syncro? 4th gear grind.
  219. high rpm = power loss ?
  220. DCCD Transfer Case?
  221. TO bearing maybe?
  222. 4eat AT Temp light came on, w/OBD2 Codes P1103 and P1106
  223. Automatic transmissions
  224. Oil Seal part # difference
  225. (GC8) phase 2 tranny (MY99 RS) into phase 1 motor (MY93)?
  226. Kartboy Short Shifter not so short?
  227. STI Flywheel and Clutch in WRX
  228. converting wrx to 2 wheel drive (article in scc)
  229. Mount Questions.
  230. Is it true about the FWD tranny?
  231. Right turn noise
  232. What shift knob will fit on my STi short throw?
  233. 93K on car and clutch might be slipping- help me diagnose
  234. Very cold weather clutch issue
  235. STi front diff/trans oil change
  236. Part number needed for slave cylinder
  237. down shift grinding in 2nd and 1st at any speed
  238. Clutch judder: when does the warranty run out?
  239. 4EAT Decel sound?
  240. Tranny cooler fitting trouble
  241. any recalls or TSB's on an 02 Wrx?
  242. Short shifter road noise
  243. Do I need to change ATF?
  244. Clutch noise
  245. Upgrading to short throw shifter on '04 STi
  246. I changed the tranny and the car won't start
  247. kind of a noob question... rolling through a car wash
  248. Difficulty to shift. Mounts?
  249. Stiffer clutch in '93 1.8L
  250. 02 WRX 5 Speed Tranny Life