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View Full Version : Transmission (AT/MT) & Driveline

  1. Universal Joints
  2. How bad is it on the tranny to treat an auto like a manual?
  3. Whiteline Steering Rack bushing?
  4. clutch technique
  5. Legacy GT 5EAT Swapped into WRX?
  6. Should I be able to hear the tranny spinning at idle?
  7. Bone Stock 2nd Gear Broke
  8. Parts required for 6 speed in a WRX?
  9. Generic Drivetrain Question
  10. Could my shifter arm be bent after transmission repairs??
  11. WRX clutch on 2.5 RS trans? (i.e., push-type to pull-type ... will it work?)
  12. Throw out bearing noise?
  13. Shifter bushings installation?
  14. What is the Gear
  15. installing clutch tomorrow
  16. shifter rattling
  17. possible tranny prob, dont know..
  18. Where to learn about transmissions (pics?)
  19. Getting Clutch Shudder TSB - problems
  20. Castrol Hypoy C an acceptable trans. fluid?
  21. Can anyone help me?
  22. Threadlock on Diff Plugs?
  23. Tranny problem!!! help!!
  24. ATTN: people who've driven the STi RA gearsets
  25. my automatic WRX is going crazy
  26. How strong is the FWD 5-speed trans?
  27. RS tranny in WRX?
  28. JUN lightweight resurface?
  29. Who are these guys?
  30. Diff Tag.
  31. How Much would you pay
  32. Reverse protection?
  33. Getting ready to flush E4AT
  34. STI 5 speed short shifter?
  35. Grinding in 2nd gear, 4th gear, and reverse
  36. 4EAT 2.5RS Problems
  37. 2005 synchros?
  38. need redline tranny fluid
  39. Tranny advice
  40. Royal Purple Sucks IMO
  41. Can't get into gear?
  42. possible shift linkage problem?
  43. 3-4 gear gring at high RPM's when on track!
  44. ok, changed clutch now CEL
  45. weird noise when pressing the clutch
  46. Rev-lab steering rack
  47. Good place to get new synchros?
  48. Hot tranny action (not that way you perverts)
  49. Should I have my clutch replaced?
  50. Clutch Slave Cylinder - How Can You Tell It's Going Bad?
  51. OEM fluid for 5spd manual & for rear diff?
  52. Can't shift smoothly?
  53. 2.5 Rs Axles
  54. MT gear lube on the cheap
  55. STI 6MT serial number info help please..
  56. STi: Clutch Shudder?
  57. best way to install a Tranny Cooler on 2001 bugeye
  58. USDM STI Clutch upgrade need info
  59. Curious, tranny has better ratios: Forester XT or the Type-RA
  60. Just broke second gear on 04 WRX 11,000 miles
  61. 2 litre NA extractor
  62. turbo RS clutch change
  63. Does the WRX & STi have a clutch delay valve?
  64. Shift zones
  65. Diagnose my 2.5RS vibration
  66. Need help bleeding the clutch please
  67. stainless steel braided clutch line
  68. 05 STi broken tranny 549 miles
  69. Help me make my ACT clutch wife-friendly
  70. Seqshift dogbox? from prague?
  71. how much damage does moving just 2 wheels cause?
  72. cold clutch judder gone but....please help!
  73. Stainless clutch line
  74. tight turn "clunking" in front end after highway driving
  75. What is the gear ratio in a US STI rear diff?
  76. spare tire tranny damage?
  77. What is the best manual tranny fluid?
  78. how much does the sti 6 speed transmission cost?
  79. how strong is the sti 6-speed tranny?
  80. ACT, Centerforce, Exedy, why re-invent the wheel???
  81. My Tranny on the way out?
  82. STI RA + stock 5th gear
  83. Legacy shifter problems
  84. Different kind of 1st gear grinding
  85. how many quarts does the tranny hold?
  86. Has anyone here installed complete DCCD system in WRX?
  87. My car sounds like in reverse gear but when moving forward
  88. Gear Noise
  89. Circlip in rear diff doesnt fit?
  90. Beefing up the Stock RS tranny?
  91. Subaru Extra S Gear Oil
  92. Having problems with new clutch
  93. New clutch smoking
  94. STI motor & tranny mounts
  95. Replacing Cv Boot
  96. How are 04 Tranny & clutches? & other questions
  97. what is Final Drive Axle Ratio (i.e. 4:1)
  98. AT Shift Knobs
  99. Tranny ran without oil for < 1 mile
  100. Graphic of WRX vs STi gear ratios
  101. My b0rked tranny update:
  102. advice on broken tranny parts
  103. New Clutch
  104. SVX transmission in WRX?
  105. best lsd?
  106. Have an STi tranny/gear swap?
  107. Switched from gl-4 to a gl-5
  108. Differential Capacity
  109. I was a little too hasty.
  110. 2005 rumor...oh well
  111. 2003 outback tranny problem
  112. Clutch Disengagement
  113. MT failure rate
  114. 02 WRX 4EAT slow engage @ low rpm
  115. 4eat awd damage with handbrake?
  116. 4EAT upgrades??
  117. Red line gear oil
  118. Fake Kartboy Bushings Warning!
  119. Help me diagnose a grind/rattle while upshifting
  120. kartboy ss?
  121. noise while moving
  122. For GM Synchromesh tranny fluid users ...
  123. For those with 1st gear grinding at a stop, READ!
  124. Clutch and flywheel
  125. KartBoy short throw
  126. SPEC Stage II Clutch Kit
  127. loose shifter
  128. squeaking in reverse and cold start up
  129. Kartboy STi short shifter and bushing (soon)
  130. Cutting shifter
  131. Tranny Whine?
  132. hesitation in 3rd and 4th gear
  133. One Bad Ass 5 speed
  134. Oldschool Trans Cases same as new ones?
  135. Car jerking at low speeds - related to motor/tranny mounts?
  136. Torx T70 driver to Canada
  137. forester crawler gears
  138. Speedo quit, CEL: bad speed sensor or speedo gear?
  139. My wife complains about STi Gear box! What lube?
  140. Help Picking a New Transmission!!
  141. where can i get a higher stal converter for a more drag setup?
  142. turbo spooling louder and 5th gear whine..
  143. Question about reverse
  144. Max WHP/TQ you have on v6 RA/STi gears
  145. Downsides to a high stall converter?
  146. Oh boy I much trouble am I in?
  147. feasability of 6spd swap
  148. Subaru wins WRX transmission dispute
  149. 6MT wiring-need info
  150. car shakes at idle sometime "AT"
  151. 4EAT shift kits and manual valve body
  152. How works the AWD? (Attn. GURUS!)
  153. Transmission broken - Need advice
  154. Inconsistent shifts in 05 WRX (5MT)
  155. Does the 5mt clutch anf flywheel fit the 6mt
  156. kjb
  157. I need a 3.9 rear. Should I get a nonLSD Legacy diff and swap,or buy a legacy LSD 3.9
  158. Need part #s, 6MT front LSD side bearings
  159. Any STi owners with clutch problems?
  160. stock exedy clutch. Any good?
  161. What's wrong with my clutch? Going limp?
  162. Question about Kartboy shifter & bushings
  163. Forester XT
  164. people that have pretty new clutches
  165. '05 STI w/ squeaky clutch
  166. Does the AWD use a Yaw Sensor?
  167. Driveshaft Shop Axles
  168. Lsd
  169. Zero Shift
  170. what is your favorite gear and why
  171. RA Gearset Tuning
  172. Kartboy shifter review
  173. rpm and speed question-clutch
  174. help me choose a clutch
  175. Bent fork?
  176. Shifting into 1st gear in a roll is nearly impossible
  177. FWD Diffs
  178. converting '05 STi 5 x 114.3 hub into '04 STi?
  179. Short Shifter
  180. How not to break tranny with upgraded turbo
  181. What clutch?
  182. Where is power? On perfect pavement
  183. auto to manual conversion
  184. 2nd to 3rd gear shift = grinding
  185. Off Throttle Oversteer
  186. steering rack bushings install
  187. AT fluid
  188. won't shift into reverse or park
  189. Transmission probs in Old ('84) Subie
  190. changing front differential oil
  191. Kartboy Shifter Bushings
  192. WRX LSD cartridge in a 2.5 RS Diff?
  193. Modified Valve body problems
  194. Which rear LSD to go with?
  195. can someone list all the parts I need to convert my auto tranny to manual
  196. Cheaper steering rack
  197. What tranny fluid do you like better? Redline vs Royal Purple?
  198. what Transmission and LSD do you have?
  199. harder to shift into any gear?
  200. rear clunking noise
  201. Stuck in 1st
  202. need help with tranny noise
  203. 4EAT What Front Diff Oil?
  204. Upgraded Tranny
  205. Help Broke 1st gear
  206. What Are The Different Types Of Clutches
  207. 60,000 miles. . no tranny issues
  208. ATTN: 4EAT plus EJ257 Caution
  209. 2-way diff, new axles needed?
  210. Rear Axle Install...any secrets?
  211. 4eat WRX (shift solenoid #2) broken
  212. Can anyone give an opinion on MRT short shifters?
  213. Can a LSD work while not under power?
  214. Short shifter choices
  215. Help me with part numbers for the STi shifter assembly please.
  216. Transmission slipping in 5th?
  217. Stepping the flywheel with ACT clutch
  218. Towing ?
  219. Bogging?
  220. Driving an Automatic
  221. Possible diff problem?
  222. 5-speed Issues
  223. Redline Shockproof, is it GL-?
  224. Exedy Part #'s
  225. Is there an easier way to check the tranny fluid?
  226. had the 30,000 mile service performed
  227. Replace slave cylinder now new problem
  228. Question...Why does my car jerk like that?
  229. Tranny Oil
  230. Brembo Brake models
  231. which is better- STi 6speed tranny or a more durable 5 speed?
  232. Tranny feels funny
  233. HKS shift knob & Kartboy short shifter
  234. How to adjust my96 clutch cable (engagement) - non-hydraulic system
  235. 3rd gear?
  236. RA tranny which clutch?
  237. trans cooler and fmic problems
  238. Short Shifter Install
  239. Engine braking harmful?
  240. found several 6spd trannys.... but why are the serial numbers missing?
  241. Smell clutch after a smooth launch???
  242. Clutch and Flywheel Install
  243. Finding gear ratios?
  244. Weld hole on tranny?
  245. Just got a new flywheel and clutch for my WRX
  246. Sources for CUSCO tarmac center diff??
  247. Car goes into Neutral after accelerating
  248. Kaaz gearset, clutch, flywheel installed
  249. How long will al clutch last with shudder?
  250. What is the lightest flywheel you can use before throwing a cel?