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View Full Version : Transmission (AT/MT) & Driveline

  1. gear doesn't shift in time.
  2. Clutch difference 2003 vs 2004?
  3. 05 STi Clutch Toast?
  4. 03 RS to 98 Forester shifter linkage swap??
  5. drivetrain woes
  6. Stock Center Diffs
  7. is my tranny blown?
  8. I think I hurt my tranny
  9. What else should I replace during center diff swap?
  10. Exedy owners... questions for you
  11. where can I find a WRX transmission diagram/exploded view?
  12. Clunky STi diffs- just how noisy is normal?
  13. Help! need the name of what I'm experiencing so I can google it.
  14. Dogbox users please help
  15. Clutch disk loose on input shaft splines?
  16. Grinding Gears
  17. STi RA +4.444 VS Kaaz gears
  18. TCM Code Retrieval
  19. Go Fast Bits short shifter rocks!
  20. Clutch Question
  21. How bad is a Tranny oil leak???
  22. center diff removal, what do i take out?
  23. Tire, FWD fuse, and diff question
  24. DCCD torque split limits and strength
  25. How long it will last?
  26. Hard shift 1st 2nd gear on STI 04
  27. What to replace with clutch plate?
  28. After Market Clutches, Pressure Plates, and Flywheels...
  29. short shifting
  30. stock WRX 5-spd grinding after 20K miles
  31. Chip n Exhaust = Dead Clutch?
  32. Are Subaru transmissions like Legos as well?
  33. rear diff gear ratios (outback/wrx)
  34. Grinding noise until I push in clutch
  35. what are characteristics of a 20kg/mm center diff
  36. Brand new clutch won't engage.
  37. New clunk in back after getting new Rims and tires
  38. 00rs problems help
  39. Axle question
  40. where is a good place to source a rear diff
  41. gotta love trannies(horror story)
  42. Does a 04 wrx rear diff bolt up to a 1st gen impreza hanger?
  43. 02 WRX -> 05 STi Clutch
  44. Do you grind when quickly shifting to 5th?
  45. Where to buy 4EAT tranny oil cooler?
  46. Need help... gear thing inside
  47. fuse for 4eat to keep it from shifting?
  48. upgrading front diff
  49. How bad is this? Pics Posted
  50. Turbo Tranny Nightmare
  51. RWD 6mt?
  52. Better shift linkage for '04 STI ?
  53. 75w90 needle in a haystack
  54. Mis-shifted from high RPM 3rd into 2nd
  55. i need a new clutch...which one?
  56. modifying the dccd ? is it possible ?
  57. 05 sti 450whp what clutch should i use???
  58. Manual Transmission/Rear Diff oil plug
  59. Transmission losses
  60. ABS Light with auto to manual trans conversion
  61. STI shortshifter vs GFB vs BPM
  62. Occasional Grinding in 1st gear...what is it.
  63. Bought a used STi, question inside...
  64. Bearing cap retainer o-rings
  65. Will the 4EAT hold up to
  66. Strong Vibration above 40 MPH on STI?? Please Help
  67. Clutch Torque Holding Capability
  68. What vehicle did this tranny come out of?
  69. First gear grinds occasionally
  70. Reving into the 9000's
  71. clutch for RA setup
  72. anyone have the cusco 1.5 diff. 4 the rear
  73. 02 wrx tranny to sti tranny swap
  74. Which year 5 speed did you break?
  75. Transmission Reverse Problems
  76. 04 Clutch is dying
  77. no clutch??
  78. PPL with STi's and short shifter questions
  79. Wheel bearings goin bad or maybe some bushings somewhere?
  80. question on 90 degree turns
  81. Squishy clutch pedal noise
  82. Flat-shifting: Do you do it?
  83. STi 6 speed w/R180, can I use stock WRX brakes?
  84. 2002 WRX axles
  85. Legacy Turbo Diff Swap
  86. Tranny dead, what can I replace it with?
  87. clicking noise when shifting
  88. front diff drain plug
  89. Clutch?
  90. Couple of quick STi 6mt questions..
  91. internal problems
  92. Will a stage 2 exedy clutch be right for my setup
  93. Kartboy short shifter + bushings
  94. manual shifting on an auto trans?
  95. 01 RS: Exedy Clutch/Flywheel question...
  96. Will RA gears be enough??
  97. engine or transmission?
  98. Rear diff swap
  99. Exedy Clutch/Flywheel question...
  100. Blown Tranny Help Asap!
  101. WRX 5MT: Taller 5 Gear?
  102. can an auto trans from a legacy gt 05 fit in a 04 wrx
  103. loco clutch problem
  104. ra gears with stock 5th gear
  105. Subaru Ring and Pinion Question
  106. mrt vs ppg
  107. STI RA ver.6 will not fit?
  108. should i be able to see the flywheel from the outside?
  109. lose in boost after gearsset and flywheel replacment
  110. STi Group-N rear mounts/bushings install
  111. Tranny Temp Gauge sensor
  112. Clutch issue..
  113. Swapping Differentials/Final Drive on a 2002 GX
  114. clutched replaced?
  115. 5spd wrx owners with 6spd sti clutch please respond
  116. WRX/STi Rear Axles
  117. Coates Infinitely Adjusting Wheel Bearing
  118. Help me pick a clutch.
  119. Trany trouble?
  120. Gear Whine?
  121. STi pitch mount
  122. "Aggressive Driving" what does that mean?
  123. Front Axles
  124. stock shifter question
  125. High stall torque converter for 5EAT (05 LGT)
  126. I know Subaru says not to change the tranny filter but should I?
  127. Problem...Need some help
  128. Trouble in Tranny???
  129. Aftermarket clutch owners
  130. Rolling stops in 2nd gear
  131. r160 or r180
  132. Ring and Pinion Swap
  133. Rear diff damaged by towing?
  134. STi: HELP with clutch recomendations
  135. is my clutch slipping
  136. Wierd Clutch Petal Feel
  137. Installed RA Gears- But 1st and second gears are tight
  138. Tranny Question...
  139. Could someone confirm DCCD coil control signal?
  140. 2000 Forester driveshaft issues
  141. Rear Axles Popped out-Help!
  142. '04 vs. '02 WRX 5MT tranny differences?
  143. help! i'm driving when i shouldnt be!
  144. Clutch engages horribly but doesn't slip
  145. the infamus blown tranny of death.
  146. question on Transfer Driven/Drive gears
  147. Manual 6spd Trans Cooler?
  148. loud shifter
  149. 4eat and aftermarket radiator
  150. No second gear.
  151. 05 STi balking in 2nd and 4th
  152. well I think its time to melt the credit card
  153. Short throw shifter intallation
  154. Somewhat "Unique" drivetrain issues... What should I do?
  155. Anyone have any information about the 2005 2.5RS manual transmission?
  156. IPT, Level Ten, and my 4EAT- the lowdown
  157. What did I break?
  158. MY02-05 WRX hubs and bearing the same?
  159. 02 WRX 4eat to 6speed
  160. New Clutch Feels Spongy
  161. Kartboy rear bushing install problems
  162. What is the part # for the STI tranny mount
  163. Redline 75w-90 or 75w-90ns in the rear.
  164. front axle's a/t
  165. Looking for tranny options
  166. WRX Front Differential Failure
  167. 04 STi left rear axle part number?
  168. Exedy Clutch set up question
  169. How long for tranny swap and clutch?
  170. Anyone try the Mr. Josh shifter bushings?
  171. Vendors with Cusco diffs in stock
  172. 05 STi hubs for 04 STi
  173. Question about the Driveshaft from an 05 STi
  174. rev limit
  175. Anyone here have a Clutchmasters Stage 3?
  176. Flywheel Questions!
  177. ugh...another 1st gear grind thread
  178. RA gearset problem
  179. 4EAT dead spot - please explain
  180. How to tell if my knuckle/wheel bearing are toast?
  181. Quick Question
  182. Transmission woes
  183. Damn Exedy stage 1
  184. Spring like squeak from clutch
  185. How does changing rear track width affect axles?
  186. What would you do?
  187. Does everyones Outback shift slow into gear from park??
  188. grr NY obstacle course damage
  189. Kartboy short shifter
  190. Humming Noise when clutch pedal is not depressed
  191. I need an expert opinion!!
  192. racing clutches for 2.5 tranny?
  193. RPS Max Series Clutch
  194. what is wrong?
  195. Rally Innovations Extended shifter for WRX or STi
  196. 04 STI front diff
  197. Kartboy Shifter bushings- its different this time i swear
  198. STI Short Shifter upgrade for WRX
  199. Switched to Royal Purple MT and rear diff fluid today
  200. drive train dying??
  201. 1/4 mile times with sti RA?
  202. Tuning out gear-breaking torque
  203. '98 OBS tranny options
  204. Max whp for stock tranny?
  205. Changed tranny fluid at 9K, it is noticibly darker than new fluid. Please help! 4EAT
  206. Uh oh, my clutch smells
  207. SPEC stage 1?
  208. clutch install not going well
  209. STi differential options
  210. Difference Between 04 & 05 STi Clutches?
  211. no clutch pedal return
  212. Clutches are not rated for horsepower, they are rated for torque
  213. DCCD controller on ebay?
  214. Driveshaft U-Joints serviceable/replaceable?
  215. Can't go into gear?
  216. Is that possible to use the 2.5RS AT with the STI V7 engine?
  217. I think I killed my front diff at the track [confirm/deny?]
  218. STG4+ WRX - Slippage at 290wtq
  219. Running in RWD for a day
  220. 02 Weak Transmission
  221. Loud thud noise when turning
  222. another short shifter?
  223. 05 RS stock clutch replacement?
  224. Rear studs for R160/R180... bolts?
  225. problems with first gear
  226. '05 sti-can you use kartboy SS in addition to the sti ss?
  227. Import Performance Transmissions and Protorque - 450 mile check-in
  228. Which flywheel exedy, mrt, cusco, etc.?
  229. Short Shifter Design
  230. need help removing axle
  231. consistent grinding noise
  232. VSS Location?
  233. parking jammed
  234. Successful P.M. : New gear oil in 5MT @ 50k miles
  235. i smell gear oil
  236. What to do about crappy feeling shifting.
  237. driveshaft size/length confirmation
  238. Gurus: FWD WRX?
  239. Wow, today was a long day!
  240. Can't put my manual into any gear
  241. what's the best thing to do if i need a new tranny
  242. Rough Clutch Engagement (Exedy)
  243. rough clutch engagement (Exedy)
  244. MY00 4EAT behaviour
  245. 2002 WRX Shifter and Linkage into 2001 Impreza L
  246. Center/Rear Diff
  247. Gear oil decision
  248. Need some help
  249. 01 RS to STi 6 speed conversion question/info needed
  250. 4EAT Final gear