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View Full Version : Transmission (AT/MT) & Driveline

  1. I installed the wrong shifter- now what?
  2. My brother bought a 2006 STi with no owners manual
  3. will this mate up???
  4. sti rear differential temperature light
  5. Brand New Tranny
  6. Please help!!!
  7. trans and gearing ?s
  8. weird whining noise in first- need help!
  9. Clutch "shudder"?
  10. just bought stock 03 tranny
  11. queston about tranny 02 wrx
  12. sti no go
  13. JDM Tranny upgrade worth it?
  14. sti wouldn't go into gear, 3900 mi on it
  15. STi V6 RA transmissions
  16. friends trans trouble (first gear etc.)
  17. Performance Fron Diff for 6spd tranny?
  18. Performance STI 6spd front diff?
  19. Got my gearset
  20. Tranny dying - suggestions welcome
  21. Identify my tranny problem?
  22. ring and pinion gears
  23. Well RA Gears suck.
  24. Redline Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil owns
  25. Automatic Transmission!
  26. Which clutch? (yes, I read the FAQ)
  27. Tranny Back on and Cant Install Shifter Fork
  28. Rev matching/Clutch wear
  29. Weird noise from back end
  30. 1st gear whine
  31. gear oil change... drain plugs
  32. grinding 02 wrx transmission 3-4 up shift
  33. Grinding 3rd - Synchros going bad?
  34. What happens...
  35. Best Fly wheel for a 2001 2.5 RS?
  36. 06 wrx and the legacy gt
  37. Lightened Drive Shaft for 2004 2.5RS. ANY?
  38. Another 1st gear problem.
  39. car stuck in gear
  40. What to order when buying parts for stock clutch install
  41. How to check/replace differential fluid. I searched but couldnt find
  42. How would I know if I got the wrong rear diff?
  43. teach me the difference in diffs
  44. STI Rear Diff
  45. Clutch pedal assembly part numbers
  46. AWD to 2WD by just removing a fuse???
  47. question on 4.44 gear
  48. what ratios go with what rear gears? 4.44/4.11?
  49. Who has RA gears in stock now?
  50. New clutch from shudder TSB, replace release bearing?
  51. Clutch Compatability
  52. thread pattern on 02 shifter
  53. DCCD fluid additive
  54. Clutch? Maybe?
  55. Forester XT box and rear end into 02 WRX
  56. Trans/diff oil change
  57. R200 Rear End Swap
  58. Energy Suspension Rear Shifter bushing??
  59. Car wont start after clutch install
  60. flywheel compatibility?
  61. shortthrow shifter for '04 STi
  62. uncle scottys cocktail, what tranny fluid to use?
  63. Cheapest place to buy Motul Gear 300?
  64. 04 sti driveline
  65. Who uses Uncle Scotty's cocktail?
  66. How Could my New Tranny leak?
  67. Off throttle whining
  68. IPT valvebody and "modified pressure control solenoid" relationship?
  69. rear axle or clutch?
  70. Has anyone tried the TiC Klunk Killer yet?
  71. 98 Impreza rear in an '02 WRX?
  72. CV axles loose in tranny, WHY?
  73. Here we go, 3rd gear lets go.
  74. Help me cofirm my suspicions. Driveshaft noise?
  75. 05 STi 6MT oil with front LSD
  76. mixability of Redline Shockproof?
  77. Transmission doesn't go into gears
  78. Can't find any instructions to do the Kartboy rear shifter bushing
  79. STi 350wftlb: New clutch and flywheel time
  80. short shifter install process?
  81. Help me decode my JDM 6MT tranny type
  82. blew my output shaft?
  83. New 4th gear problem...?
  84. Clutch?
  85. Towing a STi on 2-Wheel Car Dolly?
  86. 6MT Swap - What's this hose for?
  87. Any decent places to get a clutch kit
  88. whining noise
  89. Destroyed one tire, need advice
  90. Most economical way of replacing a broken tranny
  91. Questions about possible diff damage
  92. Knocking sound after flywheel replaced?
  93. Help on a stock MT5 rebuild
  94. At what HP/TQ did you lose your RA gears
  95. JDM 6spd swap help!
  96. Thicker differential oil
  97. Question on STi gear sets
  98. short throw install help for 05
  99. Which clutch with JDM STi 5MT
  100. $5330 for a new transmission? WTH?
  101. Tranny fluid for 2000RS Mt 5sp
  102. Weird "whistling" noise
  103. Who has IN STOCK rebuilt RA boxes???
  104. Whats the best clutch for this setup.
  105. Flywheel CEL, caused by ecu???
  106. Is there anything left of this clutch? What's a reasonable material thickness?
  107. Ticking Noise from transmission in reverse
  108. first gear problem
  109. need help! why in the hell is my transmission leaking around the right axle stub???
  110. Transmission upgrade for over 500HP?
  111. 04 wrx differential
  112. Just replaced tranny fluid with Silkolene
  113. cooked clutch?
  114. Castrols new 75w-90 gear oil
  115. shift linkage loose or done?
  116. up and down movement at slow speeds
  117. DCCD setting in the rain?
  118. Changed to sti engine and tranny mounts now do i have to change diff mount
  119. Need Help with Tune on 4EAT WRX
  120. STi 6 speed shifting from 1st to 2nd
  121. Trouble shifting into first
  122. Exedy 3-puck (stg2) clutch noise?
  123. Chronic WRX Gearbox Problems
  124. Stuck in Reverse
  125. weird clicking noise from the middle section?
  126. Vitek 4 Puck & Fidanza Flywheel
  127. 3rd shakes under boost
  128. Stuck in first after RA gearset install ??
  129. WRX / STI flywheel
  130. WRXs with 6 speed question?
  131. Need Flywheel Advice...among other things.
  132. Clutch slipping. Now seems to hold fine!? Help me troubleshoot.
  133. Amsoil Severe Gear 75W90
  134. Finally SOA acknowleges my skeaky clutch.
  135. M/T swap
  136. clutch advice
  137. Broken first gear
  138. I was wrong to go with NEO synthetic!
  139. center diff woes
  140. STi fluid from the factory? what to use? dino? sinthetic?
  141. 2006 dual cone synchro in 2003
  142. Where do you buy redline?
  143. non-turbo release bearing
  144. Delayed shift- why?
  145. which ATF to use?
  146. W-TF did i do now? binding while turning
  147. RS Short shifter recommendation
  148. '05 clutches?
  149. 2004 WRX 5MT whining
  150. Not much torque in 1st gear on 2005 RS
  151. How much does a stock clutch cost
  152. clutch slipping!?
  153. sloppy/sticking clutch. what's wrong
  154. dogbox?
  155. dogbox for earlier jdm sti trannies??
  156. Best Short Shifter for 04 WRX
  157. SPEC Clutch : review of a great product!
  158. changed gear oil, now 1st and 2nd grind
  159. Need Help quick. Auto-->Manual starter question
  160. Mysterious rubbing/ clicking sound
  161. 4.44 vs RA gears, facts and opinions needed.
  162. Flywheel advice, second attempt
  163. Rear dif fluid
  164. Whining 98 Legacy Outback while wife is not in the car.
  165. AT "power" light turned on while driving
  166. Adjusting torque split
  167. Switched from Mobile 1 to Silkolene. Still grinding. What's next?
  168. torque binding?
  169. DCCD setup pic?
  170. Anything better than Subaru's short throw shifter?
  171. play in shifter, 3rd neutral & 4th causing grinding
  172. Tranny cooler on 5MT
  173. extended mobile 1 not energy saving
  174. broke my 6spd today...any ideas?
  175. Exedy clutch cost
  176. Shifter Arm Or Something Worse?
  177. KB bushings causing shift problems
  178. question about light flywheel
  179. Transmission Issue and Strange Noise
  180. 05 rs mt shifting noise
  181. I need fresh info or ideas for my question
  182. help with clutch choices
  183. front diff question
  184. Pulling the tranny bites
  185. flywheel
  186. clutch engagement, shifter play, short shifter, and clutch vibration questions
  187. 99 RS 2.5 4th to 5th gear problems
  188. Dynoing a wrx w/a 6spd w/no dccd controller
  189. drain and refill ATF - need advice
  190. Need help with 3-4 shift
  191. 5MT problem putting shift arm in transfer case
  192. CHI: what's a good transmission shop?
  193. High Stall torque converter
  194. Clutch (not pedal) squeaking...
  195. PPG 1st and 2nd gear
  196. DCCD install on an 02 WRX
  197. JDM 6 speed vs. US 6 speed
  198. clutch pedal became really hard
  199. Dog gears for an automatic?
  200. Trans mounts/bushings - what priority?
  201. Clutch Has No Effect?
  202. 5MT swap
  203. Squishy feeling clutch...
  204. Need help tranny stuck in 1st gear..
  205. What kind of Transmission Fluid?
  206. New feel after oil change
  207. slipping in my transmission?
  208. What is the STi shifter?
  209. Poured ATF Fluid in Front Differential..HELP
  210. Checking Tranny Fluid in STi
  211. A/T filter change?
  212. special tools for wheel bearing replacement?
  213. USDM STi 6spd Pass side axle seal leak
  214. Front DIFF leaking!!! HELP please!!!
  215. Torque Converter question
  216. clutch change woes- any ideas?
  217. I finally did it... 4EAT lockup mod
  218. FWD tranny
  219. Have a 4 Puck; now I want something less aggressive
  220. Tranny finally let go on me
  221. OEM clutch &
  222. holinger dog box 5mt with KAAZ diff... value?
  223. Axle and Transmission Fluid Changed
  224. Need Help!!! With DCCD wiring hookup
  225. how much can a STi tranny stomach?
  226. Yet another DCCD question
  227. SVX auto to manual conversion
  228. Short Shifter Installation Problem
  229. re-install ?s
  230. Very Weird Engine/transmission Sensation
  231. OEM STi short shifter shorter in height than stock?
  232. little grinding going into 4th
  233. how do you remove the brown vent from a rear diff
  234. Separating Engine/
  235. Swapping 5MT cases
  236. Transmission Code, please help.
  237. stock auto tranny
  238. Is it the Pilot bearing?
  239. Racing, STi's and Final Drive ?'s
  240. Upgrading your WRX Gear Box with RA gears on Your Terms!
  241. WRX vs STI Flywheel Weight
  242. My 02 tranny is still working, but not for long
  243. what's this spring used for?
  244. Any known decel rattle issues with 04-05's?
  245. okay, I'm not sure what this issue is
  246. TiC Klunk Killer now causing a new type of "clunk"
  247. Where to buy Exedy Stage 1 Organic Clutch
  248. RS-T clutch
  249. ACT clutch + flywheel, starter not engaging?
  250. Gear Ratio