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  1. 06 WRX 5MT real world questions
  2. Speedometer Not Working
  3. Second transmission Failure! Need PARTS or TRANNY
  4. Axle to Hub Compatability?
  5. dccd wiring help!
  6. Looking for a Clutch install guide.
  7. Transmission Issues
  8. Clutch pedal creeking everytime
  9. at oil temp light
  10. DCCD Display
  11. HELP; trouble getting into Reverse and 5th gear
  12. adjusting clutch pedal
  13. Clutch Rattle Question
  14. Whats the difference..... dog box vs. RA
  15. Having trouble going into 1st
  16. Is this my clutch, tranny, diff, or what?
  17. Limits of ACT Street/ Strip Clutch and PPG Straight Cut Synchros
  18. 0-60mph with RA gearset...
  19. The final word in DCCD coil control ?
  20. PROPER way to break in a transmission, I learned this from APS
  21. Axle Seal Replacement Info Needed
  22. ATF in the front diff??
  23. What tranny drops into my 98 RS.
  24. clutchmasters-act flywheel yes or no
  25. Shiftable AT Transmission
  26. High clutch engagement
  27. do I need LSD in Drag car?
  28. Gasket and gear slams
  29. off the shelf chromo half shafts?
  30. sti tranny issues
  31. Tranny Fluid for the WReX
  32. front axels question
  33. Input shaft leak? (2.5 GC8)
  34. what are symptons of dying slave cylinder?
  35. Is this a WRX starter?
  36. 4EAT Valvebody question
  37. clutch brake adjustment
  38. Help getting my tranny to separtate from engine
  39. I broke my axle/cv joint
  40. strange third gear grind
  41. STI Pitch Mounts - Group N and OEM same?
  42. RA gearset owners, please respond...
  43. USDM 4EAT features
  44. Drive shaft "sludge" around U-joint? (pics)
  45. Steel Synchronizers for STi
  46. clicking noise on left turns
  47. Please help quick!
  48. Rear diff temp light and CEL
  49. Is it possible to change 6-spd to perm. 50/50?
  50. short throw???
  51. problem with my center diff.???
  52. stuck in neutral.. sigh
  53. disassembling rear axle?
  54. Rear Diff: 2002 RS
  55. clutch advice (yes, ive read the FAQ and searched)
  56. My tranny is making lots of noise... Im thinking input bearing?
  57. usdm 5 speed to jdm 6 speed?
  58. 2002 WRX Flywheel w/ 2004 STi 6MT?
  59. Tranny final drive ratio chart for 4EAT's?
  60. Better Highway Gearing
  61. 6MT won't fit all the way on
  62. How bad is it to use 80w-90 in cold climates??
  63. Moves in neutral.
  64. Slipping Clutch?
  65. Help finding tranny for my car
  66. Clutch Jitter!!!???
  67. WRX center diff. fit USDM 6-spd?
  68. Different 5MT Trannys... PLEASE HELP!
  69. 2006 lighter drive shaft
  70. are push types and pull types interchangeable?
  71. Kart Boy Shifter Bushings
  72. Center Diff. Help
  73. Sti Block Rs Tranny
  74. Lightweight FW noises????
  75. Deep in the dccd
  76. gear set or six speed
  77. Is 5spd manual 93 legacy wagon rear diff..
  78. STI swap to Auto??
  79. DCCD Install into a WRX?
  80. My WRX tranny (broken to peices) pics
  81. My tranny question
  82. How Strong is the '04 WRX Tranny?
  83. will it hurt anything to drive without
  84. Strange Torque Steer Issue.
  85. rebuilt tranny
  86. Rocket Rally Active Differentials
  87. Flywheel inspection/dust cover?
  88. Need some help on front axle sizes
  89. Seized VLSD?
  90. Difference between 6MT / 5MT front axle stubs?
  91. Key stuck in 4EAT...please help
  92. C4 Corvette IRS worth a look?
  93. Clutch Break-in
  94. wHERE TO bUY ppg
  95. will it work.
  96. Another DCCD thread, Q on Open
  97. 1st/2nd gear...
  98. Rear Cusco LSD = which oils
  99. what PPG do you recommend?
  100. Transaxle
  101. Are the Subaru Special Tools really needed to split and reassemble a 5MT?
  102. 2002 Subaru Transmission problems
  103. BANG what happened????
  104. k i dunno
  105. For all you tranny experts.
  106. gear ratio
  107. shifter kit
  108. 1st gear "sticking"
  109. why can't they interchange???
  110. clutch set ups?
  111. WRX Final Drive ratio is 3.9?
  112. PPG syncro gear set
  113. 05 STi ACT Prolite Flywheels #600240 Available Now?
  114. possible problem with exedy twin plate?
  115. swap help
  116. Gearstick "freeplay"
  117. Gear Indicator
  118. 95 impreza awd need tranny info quick
  119. Clutchmasters something wrong
  120. What GVW tranny cooler do i need?
  121. Newb question
  122. How much better would a set of shotpeened gears be?
  123. Help with a smell
  124. Center Diff question
  125. 06 WRX shorter throw shifter
  126. how far out should the converter sit when dropped in?
  127. R180 vs. R160
  128. anyone want to help?
  129. sti tranny mount installed...05LGT
  130. Can shifting too fast make you grind?
  131. what models use a 2-wire VSS?
  132. I need schematic of WRX 5MT
  133. I need a picture of an 04' female Sti front axle! Please!
  134. Need Quick Flywheel/Clutch question answered!!!!
  135. 4EAT Transmission Rebuild
  136. HP limit of 06 WRX tranny.
  137. Is this clunk part of the "Clunk Package in WRX'S" Common sounds in WRX
  138. knocking vibration in reverse (06 wrx)
  139. Short shifter
  140. new shift knob
  141. The definitive "Stop clutch squeek" thread.
  142. Clutch Burn...How long the smell??
  143. Life span of a clutch pressure plate?
  144. Dccd
  145. Replaced cv... still making noise???
  146. Clutch noise at idle
  147. Tranny Fluid Change Cocktail Question
  148. help TRANS and DIFF urgent
  149. which clutch to use?
  150. JDM 6mt issue.....
  151. Which clutch?? New setup
  152. NEED HELP!! question on RA gears
  153. Who else is running an Sti 20Kg center diff?
  154. Do I got a bad diff?
  155. 2005 Outback diff/trans torque specs (are these right).
  156. sti trans mount on wrx . .
  157. ??? about what clutch to buy
  158. How to change transmission fluid?
  159. I need a clutch.. help.....
  160. quick question. only a 04 sti steering rack will fit into a 02-03 wrx?05 sti wont?
  161. Center diff. ?
  162. removing stock shifter
  163. Snarling Outback
  164. Front diff carrier bearings- preload adjustment?
  165. what do you recommend for transmission and diff. fluid?
  166. Best place to get an RA special edition gearset for my02 WRX
  167. torque spec for tranny drain plug
  168. 4 EAT slipping ?
  169. center diff
  170. oem presure plate.. not re-usable?
  171. ACT Pro-lite Sti Compatibility
  172. Infinite Gear Ratio Transmission
  173. Cel P1700
  174. Clutch/tranny sound when partially engaging cluth?
  175. Driving in rear gear causes problems
  176. Does a Kartboy SS out for 2006 WRX?
  177. Changing clutch/flywheel... anything else?
  178. TCU outputs for controlling the ECU on 4EAT
  179. STI Shifter?
  180. Protorque install this weekend, missing any parts here?
  181. changing differential fluids
  182. Lightweight Flywheel Pros/Cons
  183. noob question? wrx clutch?
  184. STi ACT street disc kit w/ resurfaced flywheel?
  185. Any difference in shifter bushings?
  186. Anyone in Richmond area with the special manual transmission tools?
  187. WRX 5MT 1st Gear Question...
  188. Which Tranny Cases would work?
  189. broke the unbreakable
  190. stock clutch
  191. Really confused about my torque converter from protorque now.
  192. Emergency: Whole Front End Shaking
  193. Using Turbo Legacy R160 for 6mt swap
  194. Is There An In Between!!!
  195. jdm 2.0l v7 sti spec-c + 05 wrx 5MT
  196. release fork issues
  197. non DCCD 5 spd conversion to DCCD
  198. Loaded the transmission hard on a downshift
  199. What clutch is everyone running?
  200. Tranny noise?
  201. DIY WRX clutch replacement question
  202. Whats that sound?..
  203. 4EAT Issue: At stop sign/traffic light, car stays in neutral when I step on the gas.
  204. <--- N00b -- Clicking and knocking
  205. 6MT into MY99 Power Wiring Help
  206. Link to info on Viscous Coupling
  207. help with sti clutch install
  208. Throw-out bearing install options?
  209. Looking into the Future of gears.
  210. Gear Sets for RS tranny
  211. Differential Problem - need YOUR insight.
  212. Ball Joint Replacement
  213. can't bleed the tranny? (gc8 5speed)
  214. Strange problem. Any ideas?
  215. Really heavy stock clutch?
  216. center diff control
  217. sti lsd
  218. Can a MY05 Legacy GT tranny be fitted for mechanical Vehicle Speed Sensor?
  219. Cusco mounts (Yes, i searched)
  220. Stuck in first gear
  221. DCCD problem on 05'STi
  222. Sachs Clutch - anyone heard of this??
  223. forester tranny questions
  224. 1st gear's synchro going out?
  225. Need A Front Diff Bad!!!!
  226. Quick 6 speed question
  227. 2005 DCCD controller with 2004 6mt?
  228. center differential spool ??
  229. Kartboy shifter bushing
  230. sequential shifting
  231. Clutch Install Installation Instructions Scan
  232. Clutch problems on 05 WRX
  233. squeeking when off throttle
  234. torque for axle nuts?
  235. 'Milky' gear oil... a serious problem?
  236. B&M short shift kit
  237. Rear CV Half Shaft
  238. Look what I gots!!!
  239. 5 speed sti ra tranny vs usdm 6 sp
  240. need pricing(general) ACT Clutch!!
  241. Protorque converter, first impressions.
  242. someone with new clutch experience
  243. Factory fill gearoil
  244. Need drive axle help Female tranny.
  245. i think tranny go boom!
  246. 1st and 2nd
  247. Rear diff bushings change power delivery..?
  248. STi6 speed good upgrade
  249. ATTN: PPG Dogbox users. What gear oil?
  250. transmission housing bolt size