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View Full Version : Warranty Issues & SOA Problems

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  1. Is a 1.5-1.75 k idle Normal?
  2. Back-ordered tranny parts
  3. WRX Warranty actually Voided
  4. Uh oh, Auto tranny broken (WRX)
  5. lowering void waranty?
  6. List Current Problems!!!
  7. Greasy stuff around lower lights frame: Ideas?
  8. 2nd gear doesn't engage?
  9. Will MBC void Drivetrain Warranty?
  10. Warranty repair *after* warranty expiration?
  12. aftermarkert wheels?
  13. Turbo noise
  14. 2001 RS Coupes! get free wiper replacements!
  15. My Car wasn't checked in at the dealership!
  16. Look at THIS!!!!
  17. improvement maybe?
  18. piston slap warranty?
  19. There is hope after all-well sort of
  20. Deceleration Noise Issues: Clutch Only.
  21. rotors turned @ 500 miles!
  22. DOWNLOADS for people with the clutch/deceleration problem here....
  23. Tranny Warranty problems
  24. denied warranty repair
  25. 3rd cylinder misfire update
  26. noise
  27. coolant leak
  28. new carpet kit
  29. More Clutch Shudder
  30. Loud click noise when turning on/off headlights
  31. what will be happen if I go pass 7k rpm?
  32. Misfires...
  33. SOA will not fix O2
  34. would doing this have any effect on the warrenty
  35. loud turbo noise. Is it normal for turbo car?
  36. Help, just got a CEL and ive only had my car for 5 days
  37. broken side mirror?
  38. Where Is Electronic Ignition Located???
  39. Extended warranty on "02 WRX
  40. CEL log Summary?
  41. Piston Slap fix?
  42. Where's the boost?
  43. How many items have you had your Sub Serviced for?
  44. Warranty Question
  45. Decelleration Noise Solution
  46. Security light problem
  47. SOA tech Line?
  48. Discolored center caps on stock rims
  49. Weatherstripping Came Loose!
  50. tire blowout + not covered = lame
  51. It's not the clutch, It's the heat shield!
  52. WRX: no power to CD/radio
  53. Engine knocking when cold fixed
  54. Yet another story about clutches
  55. shuddering clutch when cold
  56. Fuel Emission Control TSB
  57. possible class action / SOA warranty issues
  58. intercooler fins bent and damaged
  59. My Tranny Is Being Rebuilt! And I dont know why!?
  60. Important Service Bulletins Database
  61. I got CEL!! Any way to check and reset it myself
  62. Subaru warranty is worthless, i am losing faith in the company
  63. Loss Of Power
  64. SOA may be keeping track of modified cars
  65. Blown WRX engine at 13K. OUCH
  66. Significant suspension rattle
  67. How often should I replace differential fluids?
  68. Warrenty on Rebuilt cars
  69. Burnt Oil on turbo, leaking PCV valve?
  70. throttle blip when changing gears
  71. New diff/tranny noise? Anyone else?
  72. First it's radiator leaking, then clutch master cylinder resorvoir leaking, and then.
  73. Wheel bearing failure in 01?
  74. SOA techline phone number?
  75. WRX Tranny Rebuilt Under Warranty- Parts List
  76. WRX damaged while at dealer -- what do I do?
  77. CEL @ 16,600kms
  78. SOA Gold vs. Warranty Gold
  79. For those who have had the decelleration noise/rattling fixed
  80. You won't believe this
  81. To all you whiners out there
  82. Report your WRX problems to the NHTSA
  83. WRX Cracked Windshields. Just How Many?
  84. Air Filter Upgrade can void warranty
  85. CEL theory - deja'vu all over again?
  86. Ignorant Dealers- "Decel Noise" Please read!
  87. Second gear sounds like reverse
  88. Just noticed body ripples in my WRX!
  89. Annoying ticking noise
  90. Hesitation and Low Boost After ECU Reflash
  91. Aaahhh! 11mpg!
  92. What's the most serious condition that will cause a constant CEL (non-flashing)?
  93. Alarm not working correctly
  94. Head gaskets.
  95. Blown head gaskets, warped heads and a piston melted to the cylinder wall
  96. SCC and Lawyer Jibber Jabber
  97. Problem? Heater/AirCond Fan speed varies with engine speed
  98. strange exhaust noise at 1,500
  99. Acceleration noise
  100. Deceleration grind fixed under warranty
  101. 2002 Impreza bumper test results poor
  102. gas smell in oil
  103. Need advice - alternator problem?
  104. Noise when clutch is press in neutral?
  105. Erratic Idling
  106. Anyone else have their clutch completely replaced?
  107. Tranny
  108. SOA rating 9 dealer William Lehman rating 3
  109. bov void warranties?
  110. WRX left front axle leak
  111. Bonestock WRX, P0546 = ECU Reflash?
  112. What type of mods does your local dealer let you get away with?
  113. transmission problems-1st & 2nd gear
  114. who here is
  115. For those with B-pillar rattle on WRX
  116. Cracked Windshield (no stone chips)
  117. 1 Free alignment
  118. Tranny
  119. Can Subaru Deny Coverage for Broken 2nd?
  120. Warrenty On 99 Impreza L with 42,000 miles
  121. Something interesting from SCC mag.
  122. After market steering wheel void warranty?
  123. Engine bay paint?
  124. Stick shift vibration with STi short throw shifter
  125. Alignment Problems
  126. premature 2002 wrx upholstry wear
  127. auto vs manual
  128. Driver seat is squeaking bad
  129. Would you just live with this?
  130. grrr... Dealer didn't find clutch decel noise
  131. Poor factory paint job? What can be done?
  132. weird humming noise
  133. Piston slap and valve noise
  134. Engine Serial # Location?
  135. Do you know what's wrong here?
  136. Piston slap and valve noise
  137. radio off?
  138. competition use?
  139. First gear noise and alignment issues
  140. should I take my car to the dealer?
  141. Speedometer problems
  142. Mystery horn chirps
  143. Car is cutting out, sometime stalling
  144. world record set blood pressure!
  145. Air Bag Warning
  146. '02 Impreza WRX ABS light
  147. My car's hot! (Bad A/C?)
  148. How does the unichip affect the car factory warranty?
  149. Dealership messed up my clear coat (really long)
  150. OK Gang lets try and be sensible. Every who has been refused a warranty repair!
  151. ABS Variables?
  152. How have your mods affected the ABS?
  153. B Pillar Rattle is driving me nuts
  154. Oil leak on WRX
  155. Clutch gone in less than 6000 miles
  156. First paint job bad they're doing it again
  157. Ive been had by my dealership please help!
  158. Apexi A/F Warranty Question
  159. Defective Brake Pads
  160. Good dealerships in DC metro area?
  161. Idling Issues
  162. Don't Mess With the Instrument Cluster
  163. AC compressor on/off all the time, normal?
  164. Drivers seat is squeaking
  165. Factory guage pack a "performance part" ?
  166. Performance drop in hot and humid weather
  167. Got my Clutch replaced at last!
  168. Deceleration noise solution (new clutch) effectiveness
  169. Odd Request from Local Dealer
  170. weird thing happened
  171. Help!
  172. Extended Warrantee? Yes/No?
  173. Is my frame bent?
  174. clutches on a 00 legacy outback
  175. 2002 WRX manual Wagon Transmission issue
  176. Need some help urgently
  177. A "clunk" when backing up?
  178. Questions about the warranty
  179. clutch 'bump' while driving?
  180. Subaru WRX 2002 misfiring on low tank
  181. Abs Fixed!
  182. decel noise and Minnesota WRX owners.
  183. Paint Issue
  184. Americans, please help me with my new Impreza TS defects
  185. "Spring" or "Rattle" noise from clutch pedal
  186. Paint looks funny and is starting to chip!
  187. Problems with Morries (MN) Subaru, need SOA contact info please.
  188. Problem with drivers side seat "popping"
  189. Steering Wheel Chipping!
  190. 2nd gear is gone, what will happen?
  191. transmission problems/work
  192. I should have bought another Mustang!
  193. Dealer response to Stage 1?
  194. Autocross, warranty, and S.O.A.
  195. tranny problems no 2nd gear no warranty
  196. AEM airfilter affect my warranty?
  197. Class Action Lawsuit against SOA
  198. SOA Warranty Denial used as Microsoft antitrust example
  199. Dealer Left Off My Master Cylinder Cap!
  200. Are brakes or resurfacing covered under warranty?
  201. Air Conditioning "Noise"
  202. clutch shudder
  203. How many people have had their brake pedal fall to the floor?
  204. Shuddering Clutch I have good news for all of us
  205. Tranny problems and denied claims log
  206. Phase I engine warranty
  207. vibration, floor and pedals
  208. Decel Noise Louder @ 3500 to 3000 RPM on MY'02 WRX Wagon
  209. Car Crash and SOA Warranty Coverage
  210. Brake Rotor Issue
  211. Warranty Service and Loaner Cars
  212. California emission exhaust warranty
  213. Warranty work for Windows that are scratched
  214. Question about warranty parts and upgrade parts
  215. Dealer's letter of recall on my WRX today
  216. Side view mirror
  217. ABS food for thought?
  218. my paint is flaking off
  219. Warranty for a MY00 RS
  220. Hesitation/Misfire? 2500-3500 RPMs
  221. Tranny Failure and No Waranty
  222. Passenger front door lock
  223. SOA Extended Warranty WRX
  224. Why do ECU's have to be sent in for reflashing vs a ECU sent to dealer?
  225. Warranty coverage denied (long but important)
  226. minor rattle in steering column/dash on new wrx?
  227. Cracked Windsheild!
  228. My carpet is worn already.
  229. another method for combatting BS warranty denials
  230. Dealer says SOA reps are voiding warranties and denying warranty work
  231. Servicing/Oil change myth?
  232. Thinking of contacting a local whistle blower TV news segment about clutch/ABS issues
  233. Rusted connectors in exhaust
  234. Brake Problems
  235. Just got recall in the mail
  236. Phoned SOA about installing fresh tyres same size!
  237. Problems with the Subaru Clutch
  238. Note to all.
  240. A/C compressor noise/vibration. Normal?
  241. Warranty Work refused?
  242. read this about "another tranny problem"
  243. Deceleration noise problem
  244. Clutch problems...need advice
  245. made an offer
  246. Steady CEL ok for a few days?
  247. 2002WRX clutch failure after Vegas trip
  248. Side view mirror mystery log
  249. Dealer Recommended not changing to new clutch
  250. call back issues