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View Full Version : Warranty Issues & SOA Problems

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  1. wind noise
  2. grinding noise when starting ignition
  3. Any problems with 03's?
  4. Tranny synchro question
  5. Subaru Recalls 163,243 Vehicles in U.S. for Transmission Flaw
  6. Subaru recalls 01-03 auto tranny cars
  7. How does SOA cover warranty diagnostic?
  8. Midnight Black Paint Problem
  9. leaking trunk?
  10. Should I extend my warranty?
  11. $1600 for just open the head?
  12. Troncalli is trying to screw me, what do I do?
  13. Paint peeling off
  14. Extended Warrenty Info?
  15. Subaru recall alert
  16. clutch shudder resolved, one story that may help others
  17. Wheel bearings?
  18. extended warranty from Subaru on a new WRX
  19. ~5500 RPM hesitation
  20. Steering Rack problem and Subaru America
  21. Boost gauge shorting out electrical so car wont start
  22. Should i get the 60,000 mile warranty?
  23. future clutch recall?
  24. Radiator Fluid Junk?
  25. driver's and passenger's seats squeak
  26. Warranty about gone and now a problem
  27. Oil Leak Covered Under Warranty?
  28. Power Windows Motor Should Be Recalled?
  29. Who Makes The Decision On Warranty Work?
  30. Warranty
  31. dealer giving me crap about boost gauge
  32. Center Differential Problem?
  33. Dealer and my paint
  34. Driver's seat problem...Is it under warranty?
  35. Dash control indicator lights = defective
  36. 36k approaching fast
  37. Lemon Law
  38. Turbo timers voiding warranty on ECU
  39. Ignition coil warranty coverage?
  40. STi with 6 speed tranny... what does it mean for the WRX warranty?
  41. SOA is great! Wheel bearings covered!
  42. Clutch shudder? Not anymore! New (different) Clutch/Flywheel for FREE!
  43. 1st gear failure - going after SOA
  44. Sticky inside door handle
  45. 100k warrenty?
  46. Subaru Recall Wrx Auto Trans. 2002
  47. Windshield Cracks '02-'03 WRX anyone?
  48. Voiding Warranty with aftermarket Modifications
  49. Ok, anyone have any ideas whats up with my rear right bareing?
  50. WRX Short Block at 16k miles?
  51. Battery
  52. WRX Clutch parts backorder?
  53. Warranty Denial based on personal webpage
  54. cancelled extended warranty?
  55. Hood not aligned to grill
  56. gasket is leaking
  57. buzzing clock fix
  58. mudguards and fender liner
  59. Unfair Warranty Denial
  60. MY02 WRX, rust already?!?
  61. Fuel Smell, Car break in
  62. Clutch shudder and how to get it fixed
  63. MY03's with P1443's?
  64. Anyone hear of Fuel line Problems on MY02?
  65. Passenger Side Mirror Freely Swinging
  66. WRX commercial
  67. 30,000 mile service
  68. Warranties on bumpers?
  69. Drivers side rearview cracked
  70. Help: Dodgy Paint Job?
  71. I got my SOA Account
  72. Extended Warranty... Is it worth it?
  73. heat shield rattle
  74. Rattle inside Auto Dimming Mirror
  75. what is the tsb number for clutch shudder?
  76. Misfire Cyl#3 (P0303) - Thermal Soakback
  77. My WRX is such a lemon
  78. Does anyone else have window scratches caused by inner door?
  79. clutch tsb?
  80. Fuel cut after right turns?
  81. TT
  82. Clutch #2 More clutch shudder
  83. What is clutch shudder?
  84. Lease turn ins and warranty issue questions
  85. Mods and warranty
  86. My service update
  87. Clutch Replaced
  88. Radiator Leak
  89. Does the WRX have a weak tranny
  90. driver side mirror
  91. Letter Of Complaint To Subaru
  92. Clutch fixed per the TSB
  93. Do you still have clutch shudder/decceleration noise after getting 02 WRX fixed?
  94. Subaru did me wrong!!!
  95. dealership accessing this website to subaru owners detriment
  96. Alignment, Spoiler and vin plate
  97. Cheated out of warranty!
  98. dealership spoiler paint job
  99. paint chips on hood
  100. Ah, the beauty of leasing
  101. SOA says minimum thickness rotors are [email protected] miles!
  102. rust inside car???
  103. you guys really going to the Subaru Showoff?
  104. New Clutch Performance?
  105. water pump?
  106. Subaru Added Security Gold Plus Plan
  107. Carpet under drivers floor mat coming up
  108. Alarm problem
  109. steering wheel thread
  110. Suspension Or Tranny Problems
  111. Warranty Question
  112. WRX chirp and "slipping" sensation
  113. Can anyone email me a 1998 wiring diagram?
  114. Shifting Problems
  115. Has anyone had a stock boost solenoid go?
  116. A repsonse from SoA Re: oxygen sensors
  117. WRX drivers window (must read!)
  118. TSB for clutch shudder
  119. Did your dealer charge you for looking at the clutch shudder problem?
  120. screwed or what? (wheel bearing)
  121. Right Rear Bearing and Rear Discs warranty question
  122. Service bulletin question
  123. Compass in mirror not working
  124. Subaru SA warranty claim rejection - flicker
  125. Should I put the car back to stock and take it to the dealership?
  126. Warranty + Intake
  127. WRX Warranty Question
  128. Request - scans of Subaru warranty's
  129. Clutch Shudder Past 36k
  130. Warranty??
  131. How do I contact SOA?
  132. Warranty Limitations: What to do?
  133. Should I drop my extended warranty?
  134. warranty: turbo timer install?
  135. 4th gear grinding?
  136. clutch shudder
  137. Subaru Saga - The Web Site
  138. clutch replacement
  139. Wheel Bearings
  140. warranty?
  141. how to cash in extended warranty
  142. if soa denied your warranty for powertrain please click here
  143. clutch judder (drat drat drat!)
  144. CEL = factory defect
  145. How do get a hold of Subaru rep for warranty(CA)?
  146. so I saw this poster on the window of a subie dealer yesterday
  147. Class Action Lawsuit for warranty denials-Sign up now
  148. Exhaust rusting!
  149. Lifetime Warranty on Seatbelts?
  150. Can someone tell me what this is?
  151. What is going on with my car?
  152. Broken Clutch
  153. Covered under warranty?
  154. AWD rear differential binding (98 GT Legacy)
  155. My brake pads were covered under warranty
  156. Automobile Recall
  157. Looking for fair prices on Sube FACTORY extended Warranty? Here ya go ...
  158. About to buy a used WRX... I have a few warranty questions though.
  159. Anyone can confirm this?
  160. Warranty denied for BOV?
  161. Hole in AC condenser
  162. Anyone else's seat cloth fraying?
  163. Subaru rear crossmember paint recall
  164. Mods that won't void the warranty?
  165. Synchros, Clutches, ABS, and so on
  166. Front & rear suspension(?) noises
  167. The Blown Tranny Registry
  168. Rear Wheel Bearing TSB 03-50-02
  169. 2004 Sti Wheel Bearing Issue?
  170. Dealer covered new clutch on '00 RS
  171. "Poll", Shudder - Judder Recurrence after replacing with new clutch
  172. Misfire cel deamed defective ECU
  173. please list transmision work that was coverd
  174. Aftermarket radio voids electrical warranty?
  175. BBB complaint filings?
  176. Ext. Warranty vs. major parts replacement
  177. Internal transmission failure (may not be under warranty)
  178. STi ECU (pinging) fix SOA contact?
  179. paint is peeling on rear section of trunk
  180. Just Called SOA
  181. Caution! Protect Your Dealership!
  182. Turbo smoking and curious about warranty issues
  183. What to do when dealer says nothing is wrong ??
  184. Cost? NHTSA TSBs
  185. Seats covered under warranty?
  186. blown engine
  187. Can someone help me find the TSB on clutch shudder?
  188. Tire Warranty
  189. Turbo Timer voiding warranty??
  190. Warranty Heirarchy
  191. What if I bring my car overseas?
  192. Big problems with SOA and Renick
  193. My car wont hold boost!!!
  194. Definition of modifications
  195. Clutch replaced under warranty!
  196. Theres a very small heart in Subaru of America
  197. blown trans/warranty denied
  198. Gauges and Warranty Claims
  199. Downpipes and warranties
  200. 2nd Broken Tranny???
  201. Possible recall ?
  202. WRX Service Bulletins
  203. Steering wheel vibrates when I turn it to the left
  204. getting clutch repaced
  205. kind of a vent
  206. Anyone know the warranty length for the stock speakers?
  207. 36,600 miles?
  208. 5th gear grinding
  209. 4th gear grind
  210. Bad Subaru Dealer!
  211. WRX Performance Exhaust Systems
  212. Bad Vibrations
  213. AEM Intake for 2.5RS
  214. Does any one have a list of aftermarket products that void warranty?
  215. Major transmission problem
  216. Major transmission problem
  217. Need advice- dumb accident with ABS
  218. Air Leak 03 WRX?
  219. 2.5 liter Headgasket issues
  220. TSB's and second owners?
  221. lemon?
  222. 2nd gear went out
  223. Warranty Problem (sort of)
  224. Yet another head gasket problem, will I be denied warranty?
  225. Warranty denial for modding my exhaust?
  226. Approaching the 60,000 mile mark
  227. 60K warranty?
  228. Oxygen sensor replacement warranty coverage
  229. clutch shudder/judder
  230. cracked windshield
  231. need help fighting with subaru warranty
  232. Warranty on stock WRX rims? Mine have rust on them.
  233. Well they are finally changing my syncros
  234. check engine light
  235. how many wrx owners have had warranty work for leaking oil pump?
  236. Impr3zaGuy's tranny warranty threads merged and with good news
  237. Blown head gasket and MRT exhaust
  238. My warranty log.
  239. windshield question
  240. transmission failiures
  241. STi: blown tranny, txs tbe
  242. SOA Wheel Bearing Lemon Lawsuit - Verdict for the small guy.
  243. New owner question on warranty service requirements
  244. Am I Screwed?
  245. Stock Drivers Seat Failure
  246. Well so much for my Subaru being reliable
  247. 59K miles on my GC8- warranty expires soon
  248. synchro's
  249. Wipers poor TS wagon?
  250. Memory Steer experience with dealer