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View Full Version : Warranty Issues & SOA Problems

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  1. 2004 wrx clutch recall
  2. Misadventures with Subaru Customer Care and Subaru Roadside Assistance
  3. Warranty issue using STi parts
  4. Contact Me If They Have Denied Your Warranty
  5. auto dim mirror
  6. Warranty question
  7. Warranty issue with body damage?
  8. Rear diff mount bushings
  9. Gold Plus Warranty
  10. Should I wait or chip the car and void the warranty?
  11. Options With Catless Uppipe To Maintain Warranty?
  12. CEL: common problem due to snow?
  13. Metallurgy engineers look!
  14. Catalytic converter problem
  15. why do windows get stuck?
  16. Is there anything I can do about a bad dealership?
  17. TSB Information
  18. Hypothetical Trasmmision Situation
  19. SOA refuses to fix transmission what do I do?
  20. Keeping the factory warranty?
  21. How much will it cost to fix light?
  22. Dealership Price Quotes - Sound good?
  23. Body noise question
  24. Window adjustment
  25. Fuel door release rust
  26. cruise control problem
  27. valve adjustment needed?
  28. Hood Never Closes
  29. Gas Door Never/Barely Opens
  30. Fuel pump not covered by warranty?
  31. alignment rejected
  32. 2004 wrx seat material ripping? And hesitating
  33. A Warning to all military Subaru Owners
  34. STi Clutch
  35. Would installing aftermarket boost gauge void warranty?
  36. If your drivetrain warranty is voided does it also mean your suspension warranty is
  37. Warranty problem due to suspension modifications
  38. Transmission Mount/Dealer Bull
  39. Clunking noise from the rear of the car
  40. Impreza = number one lemon?
  41. Can I cash out my extended warranty?
  42. Crappy Baja Tonneau Cover
  43. Back left wheel kind of clicks??
  44. Where can I find the clutch shudder TSB?
  45. Lemon? Please Read
  46. Clutch chatter fix under warranty
  47. Stinky clutch: just got car back from dealer
  48. My woes on an 04 WRX manual
  49. Head Gaskets
  50. How dealerships handle warranty
  51. Dealer might be trying to rape me
  52. WRX tranny class action suite
  53. Bad Drain Plug?
  54. 05 WRX first gear destroyed - 6k miles all stock
  55. Gas smell in cabin
  56. '05 paint problem
  57. 02 WRX radiator leak, is there a service bulletin?
  58. Question regarding cancellation of Subaru Added Security
  59. hub and bearing not covered
  60. high pitched noise while car is off
  61. SOA workmanship question
  62. Aftermarket Header?
  63. engine bay rattle
  64. Dealer doesn't want to pay for my warranty issue
  65. Mods that won't void warranty
  66. Cancelling Extended Warranty
  67. Is Added Security worthy? (Extented warranty)
  68. STi rear strut failure a common problem?
  69. dash paint starting to rub off
  70. Warranty & buying car at remote dealer
  71. Best Price for 7yr/100k Gold Plus Extended Warranty
  72. Has the ABS/bumpy pavement issue been eliminated on the new Lagacys?
  73. Trunk release cable.
  74. Heat Shields
  75. The common AC problem - pointers?
  76. Common STI Problems
  77. Which warranty should I buy?
  78. Battery Overflow. Overcharging?
  79. Returning a warranty?
  80. interior pieces
  81. Carpeting question
  82. got radiator leak covered?
  83. Brand new tranny
  84. Warranty issue with damage and oil pan. Weird one.
  85. Life sucks.
  86. Questions on warranty claims for 5MT synchros (long)
  87. What can you do when warranty is denied?
  88. warranty issues
  89. 2002 WRX radiator question
  90. Wheels, offset, and warranty (in Canada)
  91. '05 STI mods... warranty?
  92. intake silencer removal
  93. Paint chipping petition
  94. Warranty work required to be done at your dealership?
  95. New shortblock on warranty installed next week
  96. Bad wheel bearing and coilovers
  97. S-afc void warranty?
  98. 2005 STi black exhaust paint is flaking
  99. speaker warranty
  100. Subaru Canada replaced my car
  101. Ignorant Subaru Dealer
  102. performance parts warranty
  103. Will they warranty my clutch if I have a UTEC and TBE?
  104. Are windshield wipers covered under warranty?
  105. Is it dealer's responsibility to check if repairs fall under extended waranty ?
  106. Blown motor... I think.
  107. Transmission Warranty
  108. brake pad warranty
  109. All Around Awful Subaru Experience
  110. Run around from SOA. Need Help.
  111. "Aggressive Driving" what does that mean?
  112. P30x Codes
  113. Clutch judder and sinking pedal problems with MY98
  114. Extended Warranty Thoughts?
  115. What can I do?
  116. SOA Recall?
  117. rear strut replacement questions
  118. Parking Brake Issues
  119. Minor Front Suspension Question
  120. Low-speed, metallic noise while turning.
  121. Misread Mileage
  122. Potential Service Manual Inaccuracy: Technical SOA Contact?
  123. How dark was your oil at the first change? (under 1000 miles)
  124. Remote Alarm Key
  125. Dealership voided warranty
  126. knocking, creaking, rattling in rear
  127. beware extended warranties
  128. Extended warranty and service agreement refund
  129. broken tranny?
  130. if you like JDM read this!! very important!!
  131. weird knocking sound
  132. Trouble at the Dealer
  133. strange noise after I lowered my Impreza
  134. Axle back exhaust -- warranty issue?
  135. 2006 STI Mods vs Warranty
  136. BOV vs. Warranty
  137. A/C Weirdness
  138. Warranty on the 04 STi
  139. can they do this?
  140. SOA: Keep your customers happy!
  141. Any one been jerked around by dealerships because of your age? (long story involved)
  142. Where Do I Send This To?
  143. A new Recall?
  144. Losing oil.
  145. WRX Rear Brake Question
  146. STi parts on an RS?
  147. I'm beginning to hate my wrx - Lemon Law?
  148. 60500 miles and clutch slipping 01 RS
  149. What parts of my warranty could potentially be voided if I install an EGT?
  150. How many years is the paint warranty?
  151. Is the clutch covered under warranty?
  152. Heat Shield??
  153. Age vs. Warranty Denials
  154. warranty void?
  155. don beyer subaru of alexandria va
  156. Not wanting to stir the pot, but...
  157. Your warranty cannot be voided
  158. Subaru extended warrranties- classic versus gold
  159. Warranty void?
  160. clutch under warranty?
  161. Warranty transfer
  162. Warranty denied on power steering line leak due to exhaust mod
  163. Suspension Warranties
  164. Huge tranny warranty problems
  165. This figures
  166. Losing Coolant: STC advice to service departments; monkeys?
  167. Did I buy a lemon?
  168. Replaced wheel bearing 3 times
  169. Warranty Denied? (Ultra long)
  170. Factory paint job
  171. Cyl #2 miss fire
  172. second owner
  173. clutch shudder and TBE
  174. bad mas air
  175. Subaru slump again to another low..
  176. Tranny warrantied...but
  177. STI cluster swap into a WRX
  178. 03 wrx dies many deaths - lemon law - need input
  179. Subaru Head Gasket Issues
  180. Warranty issue for HG or not?
  181. Subaru headgaskets
  182. Intermittent Variable Power loss. Help troubleshoot
  183. 05 STi Exhaust paint
  184. Dealer refuses to sell me parts for 05 RS
  185. I hate SOA
  186. Thermistor
  187. BBB Complaint in progress
  188. bad subaru service
  189. Extended Warranties
  190. Subaru Paint System Brand?
  191. Rubber window stopper
  192. '05 STI Pinging problem: SOA - "Normal Operation, mix 100 Octane to reduce pinging"!!
  193. Has anyone had warranty issues with a Catch Can installed?
  194. my motor locked up
  195. WRX-safe pants: my encounter with a Subaru rep
  196. So I pull off my oil return line (long thread)
  197. knocking 2005 Impreza
  198. Extended warranty??
  199. I hate my 05 WRX
  200. Decapitated Caliper Bolt
  201. SOA tries to make me pay for warranty work...afterwards
  202. Is My 05 WRX A Lemon?
  203. STI showing brake pad clips on left side calipers...
  204. I stalled while approaching a stop
  205. Problems with warranty/SOA
  206. Question about TSB service
  207. Warranty Speaker Question
  208. STi compression question
  209. 60K miles timing belt / Gold Extended Warranty
  210. windshield
  211. Canadian Insurance
  212. SCCA Registry Question
  213. Getting close to 36k warranty question
  214. Interior Rattles On 04 Sti
  215. ABS harness has a short, warranty denied.
  216. Blown engine
  217. Bank 1 senor 1 nightmare!
  218. Paint Chips/Warranty Issues/Interesting Story
  219. Dealer messed up my front bumper!
  220. 1999 Legacy Outback question
  221. Code #325 came up...knock sensor? If so, then...
  222. ever been there?
  223. Knock sensor, only under basic 3yr/36 warranty?
  224. Denial of Warranty for Brakes (different than sticky)
  225. Sos Help Vegas Dealership Wont Fix My Car
  226. What will not void my warranty?
  227. Cruise Control and Horn
  228. Steering Wheel / IC Spray switch
  229. Passenger window making noise?
  230. Strange Warranty Denial--Please Read
  231. How Do I Cancel My Extended Warranty?
  232. 61k leaky strut
  233. 04 STi Hood Scoop Blew Off
  234. Tranny problems my second time
  235. Changing Oil at local shop
  236. What do you think about scratches (not paint)
  237. dead battery covered under 36k warranty?
  238. 5th gear grind denial. how to fight it?
  239. Warranty Story of 05 STI....(read it nasioc!!!)
  240. got noticed
  241. Change in inspection at dealership policy??
  242. 2005 RS wagon Problems
  243. Tire Road Hazard Coverage
  244. 02 WRX clutch shudder comes and goes
  245. Just Curious: Recall
  246. Engine died at high speed on the freeway- almost got rear ended by a semi
  247. anybody have connections at a Subaru dealership near Cleveland?
  248. y pipe not covered on 04 STi
  249. 4th - 5th gear grind
  250. abnormal engine sound and shaking