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  1. Internal engine cleaner
  2. over heating
  3. 2 questions
  4. Water leak into cabin
  5. Stiff door
  6. Touch up - paint how to??
  7. car won't start, dip stick indicate no oil.
  8. Best Spark Plugs?
  9. Good coolant change procedure?
  10. fan related ticking noise
  11. Almost at 100,000, any thing I should do?
  12. air conditioner switch lights on, but nothing kicks in
  13. Trouble starting...coolant sensor, how can that help?
  14. Has anyone used the fancy injector-cleaning machines?
  15. car have about 300 miles, and it pulls a little to right
  16. Carbon spraying out of exhaust after starting, problem?
  17. Sandpaper Noise From Rear Wheel
  18. If you had a few hours to spare
  19. window
  20. No A/C-- bad Schrader valves?
  21. Alignment problem
  22. Tanny Fluid
  23. Likely cost of 15,000 mile service?
  24. Just got oil change, charged me for 6 qts
  25. Rear o2 sensor wiring?
  26. my interior has water!
  27. Axle removal question
  28. Fuel filter?
  29. Can't remove Oil Drain Plug
  30. Changing the oil myself and have questions
  31. Jacking up my WRX
  32. Squeerch From Engine
  33. hood release broken
  34. engine coolant not at "full"
  35. let's talk radiator cap
  36. Moonroof won't open!
  37. Fluid change time on 4EAT! Yay!
  38. bearing questions
  39. Can tech really tell age of spark plugs?
  40. Hard(er) Starting
  41. EJ22 Mysterious Oil Leak
  42. Stupid oil plug crush washer question.
  43. oil dipstick indicates something different everyday
  44. Oil Analysis: 7,247mi on Mobil1 5w30 (WRX)
  45. Let's talk wiper blades
  46. time to replace CV joint and Cv boots..
  47. removal of rear axle
  48. Radiator removal?
  49. door lubrication?
  50. Oil overfill on oil change- bad?
  51. three bond 1105 equivalent
  52. fuel tank size
  53. Replacing Cv Joint... Hard?
  54. car has nothing under 3k RPMs, and when it passes it bucks...
  55. What's the Differnce?
  56. POLL: first oil change at 1k or 3k?
  57. How to Charge A/C Unit
  58. Knock sensor in 1991 Legacy
  59. Crank Pulley reinstallation problem. urgent
  60. Can I get new DOHC plugs? 98 Forester
  61. Hurricane Isabel got me good.
  62. Oil Change: Doing it clean
  63. What is done at 60,000 miles service
  64. Oil change problem?
  65. inside trunk release question
  66. 1.8L hesitation
  67. coolant leaked? oil like sustance on garage floor
  68. im having a knocking sound from the rear of the car
  69. Dented My Oil Pan
  70. changing oil pan
  71. 96 Legacy Outback hesitation problems
  72. Dented oil pan, Warranty issues
  73. Why is my Forester starting like this???
  74. WRX oil filter - new part number
  75. another oil overfill thread
  76. 2004 STI service manual download: missing lots of stuff! Need help
  77. Napa oil drain plug gasket part number(wrx)
  78. Fixing rear passenger seat belt
  79. Which factory Subaru oil filter to use on my 2002 WRX
  80. Mobil 1 on high mileage car?
  81. insufficient egr flow
  82. Broken Cruise control, horn, and probably airbag
  83. need advice on exhaust repair
  84. Engine Bay Cleaning?
  85. Windshield removal?
  86. Question-- TSB V. Recall?
  87. Alternate jack point?
  88. 15k checkup risk
  89. Radiator Inlet Hose Question (WRX)
  90. Beware! Used oil from Walmart
  91. A Good Service Reference
  92. STi vs. WRX Radiator?
  93. Who manufactures the coolant temp sensor for Subaru?
  94. When putting on coolant sensor, how do I prevent air in system?
  95. what brand(s) & oil types to use
  96. Looking for EJ25 SOHC Timing Belt replacement Instructions
  97. steering rack coming loose. anyone else?
  98. Reverse light problems
  99. Cold start engine knock
  100. Am I stupid?
  101. WRX Oil Filter Part Numbers - 060 vs 080 - New Details!
  102. where can I get the best price on black 080 oil filter?
  103. Oil leaks after switching to synthetic?
  104. Nearing 90K miles; what preventive work should I get done?
  105. Diagnosing bad mounts (engine/trans.)
  106. Noise coming from back
  107. What Milage to Begin Synthetic
  108. Found Part; What Is It?
  109. Squeaky windows
  110. Need a part #
  111. Overfill oil = oil in intercooler
  112. Some 60k Questions
  113. Jack stand suggestion
  114. Over-filling the engine oil
  115. Creaking after Suspension Installation
  116. Oil Pan Change/Replacement?
  117. Has anyone purchased the CD repair manuals available on Ebay?
  118. Whats needed on a 60k tune up?
  119. Cabin Filter system - who knows?
  120. How many drain plugs on our manual trannys?
  121. air filter test results online
  122. Extracting ball joint from knuckle
  123. Replacing rod bearing and?
  124. PCV valve
  125. "Sloshing" noise
  126. Replacing rotors on 02 WRX question
  127. Steering wobbly
  128. Hey mods: Oil Filter model # sticky.
  129. anyone have a fsm for the 02?
  130. was this a stupid move?
  131. Size (in MB) of 2002 Service Manual from
  132. Anyone use Lucas Oil Stabilizer....????
  133. quick coolant change question
  134. power steering pump rebuild
  135. Motor Knock
  136. good replacement battery (other than optima)
  137. Air bag light is on
  138. this must be a bad smell (electrical)
  139. Had my 15k service at 11k. Should I have my 30k at 22k?
  140. How do I get a code?
  141. Fuel pump location
  142. how tight to torq rod cap
  143. why in the world, on start up...
  144. Stock battery dying early
  145. grainy oil in oil filter: is this normal?
  146. Amsoil oil filter users
  147. Squeaky clutch = dried boot?
  148. Battery Cable Part #
  149. Persistant Driver Side Dash Rattle - Solved!
  150. yet another jack question
  151. Service Manual recomendations?
  152. EGR temp sensor
  153. rotors turned/refaced?
  154. mixing Redline Water Wetter
  155. Factory Touch Up Paint in Spray Cans?
  156. How much oil for the 1.8L?
  157. Wheel alignment
  158. 4EAT Service Schedule
  159. Oil Change? Tune Up?
  160. p1480...Off and On
  161. are gc8 and wrx fuel filters different?
  162. UOA: Royal Purple 10w30 3100 miles
  163. Car was broken into at the Dealership!
  164. oil and warranty
  165. Diagnostic programs for a laptop?
  166. What kind of coolant and brake fluid are you guys using?
  167. dealer scratched my car!
  168. A/C need fixing at 46k miles
  169. Floor jack not working
  170. Sikkens vs Sherwin-Williams
  171. longest time (mileage) between oil changes
  172. Nissan to recall 2.25 million cars
  173. Snapped the oil return line bolt
  174. Weird Shifting from 1st to 2nd?
  175. Synthetic Oil
  176. How to remove the oil bolt?
  177. Curbed my wheel and bent my control arm and possibly knuckle, should I replace?
  178. Use of Loctite
  179. Sounds of moving rocks/pebbles in the engine bay?
  180. How to change ATF.
  181. deep scratches on bumper sides. how to fix? touchup paint?
  182. oil change
  183. defroster drain hose question for GC's
  184. ATF filter change
  185. Bkr6eix?
  186. heater problem
  187. How to remove the oil drain plug at the very end (before it drops)
  188. Re: 2000 Impreza Rear Wheel Bearings
  189. Rear window rattle
  190. can ac delco oil filter PF1127 replace the fram PH3593A
  191. Piston slap after I changed pistons to Arias forged pistons
  192. Subaru scheduled service questions
  193. Strange dash noises
  194. where's the oil filter?
  195. How do I clean my windshield?
  196. Will being in FWD hurt my scoobie?
  197. Whacky wiper blade sizes
  198. Maintaining my car in excellent running shape for the next 5 years... suggestion!
  199. ABS light and NO DCCD Light
  200. Rhino Ramp 12000s work fine with the 2004 STi stock suspension.
  201. Best Motor Oil
  202. what do you use to clean the v8 sti seats?
  203. A/C temp fluctuation
  204. Torque specs for Legacy!!!
  205. Coolant problems
  206. No TSB for 2001 2.5RS
  207. Undid TB bypass mod for winter, interesting observation
  208. pinholes in my paper element air filter
  209. Replacing Front Axles
  210. best spark plugs?
  211. coolent flush?
  212. Replacing Windshield Wipers
  213. my heat broke! technical question
  214. Weird noises when I hit the accelerator pedal
  215. Replacing Heater Resistor
  216. Need to change tranny fluid and oil??
  217. Recall Clutch & Tranny
  218. Driver's side folding mirror problem? (02 WRX)
  219. head gasket cost
  220. Can you use normal crush washers on Fumotovalve?
  221. service manuals
  222. Coolant resevoir tank
  223. 30K Service
  224. Stupid question, where's the PCV?
  225. Coolant stink after drive
  226. Whats the deal with the crush washer with your oil change?
  227. Differential fill & drain plugs hard to remove - torch 'em?
  228. Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve 15% off
  229. MIG Welding Question.
  230. automatic filter
  231. AC/Heat on gas mileage
  232. Getting 14 mpg... Is there something wrong with my car?
  233. Ignorant about the Impreza
  234. whistling while accelerating
  235. poor throttle response
  236. Crush Washer Needed for Fumoto Valve?
  237. Busted AC on 02 WRX. Made 4 trips to dealer already
  238. higher octane
  239. tapping noise from engine
  240. Front Differential Question
  241. Grinding during Startup
  242. Emergency starting problem, help!
  243. Mobil 1 oil filter question
  244. Grinding noise
  245. Winter Preps?
  246. Power Steering Problems
  247. hot start issue with ignition
  248. Gear oil leak
  249. dried coolant on top of timing belt cover
  250. brake flush?