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  1. Jackstands Messed up my Car
  2. Differential Protector Install?
  3. CEL codes
  4. Burning rubber smell
  5. Best place to buy parts?
  6. Knocking sound in Reverse
  7. Baja 2003 fog lamp bulb replacement; how to do it?
  8. synthetic oil, what kind?
  9. my clutch pedal squeak story (lube pics inside)
  10. A/C Compressor disabled in cold climates?
  11. 16 mpg 2.2
  12. slow coolant leak thru timing belt cover
  13. Powersteering Flush / Replace with Synthetic
  14. Place to get OEM parts for your Subaru
  15. What to do for 50k check up
  16. at 23k mile, which service (missed 15k)
  17. Engine oil, how many?
  18. What oil to use/other maintence?
  19. two pcv on wrx?
  20. Car in maintenance limbo but wants attention!
  21. anyone use amsoil, and if so what grade?
  22. What oil to use?
  23. Light bulb replacement on WRX wagon
  24. 30K maint. -- how to tell if work done?
  25. Stock plug #'s
  26. anyone using a FRAM sure drain plug?
  27. Did I pop the cigarette fuse?
  28. Clicking sound from dash
  29. rear main seal
  30. HVAC problems!
  31. 90000 Mile Service
  32. O2 senser problem...any suggestions?
  33. Teeny tiny oil leak?
  34. Crankshaft position Sensor Malfunction
  35. Any recipe for homemade water remover for gas?
  36. Anyone using Subaru winter wipers?
  37. Mods caused premature gasket failure?
  38. whining noise
  39. "film" on bug eye headlights
  40. Cold Clutch Judder Service Bulletin
  41. clogged windshield squirter
  42. power steering problem
  43. Oil Flush?
  44. Anyone heard of the Topsider?
  45. The sound of birds chirping?
  46. With 1100 miles, is my car ready for synthetic?
  47. Oil pressure light comes on for a split second
  48. 12V impact wrench?
  49. Typical cost for timing-belt work?
  50. STi radiator cap
  51. Car wont start, dumb reason
  52. Hard starting 1993
  53. P0447 after body work
  54. oil pan crush washer question
  55. MI: I know a good body/paint shop
  56. STI crush washer same as RS?
  57. Cam/Crank sensor check
  58. Radiator Fluid and overflow tank sludge
  59. Yet another Overheating thread
  60. magnetic oil drain plug?
  61. My engine eats oil when I use synthetic?
  62. splash guard and oil change
  63. Starter grinding after start - replace?
  64. Sticky clutch
  65. Hit 24000KM what to change
  66. Dirty air filter, photo, please advise.
  67. Oil question!
  68. Oil stain how do you clean it out?
  69. Timing Belt?
  70. Clinging metal noise under car
  71. overheating
  72. check engine light
  73. Big spreadsheet of Used Oil Analyses
  74. What to check after WRX is stolen?
  75. Misfire problems
  76. Do seals go bad after tranny sits for a few years?
  77. motul 300 v
  78. Location of VSS
  79. Hardcore Bogging & Other Problems
  80. socket sizes
  81. Tranny fluid replacement
  82. Cost of 60k Mile Tuneup
  83. Anybody Read
  84. Silicone Wiper Blades?
  85. Location of STI fuel filter?
  86. 30k maintenance
  87. OK, so what do you guys think of synthetic blends?
  88. What is the best engine oil?
  89. black vent thing fell off?!
  90. oil temp. going wacky?
  91. Door lock fell in door? How did this happen?
  92. Power Steering Problem on '04 WRX
  93. Headlights cause noise when sterio is on?
  94. Timing belt cover gasket
  95. Torque Specifications
  96. Outback plug replacement?
  97. engine oil overfilled.
  98. coolant 60: 40 water mix bad?
  99. coolant leaks continues!
  100. Wierd noise when compressor is on.
  101. What is the sign of worn out engine mount?
  102. Fuel filter location ?
  103. oil filter leak
  104. Exhaust midpipe size on 2.2L
  105. 80W90 for transmission fluid on 02 WRX?
  106. Oil FAQ: Read if you want more information on oil, oil filters, and oil changes!
  107. B&G fluids
  108. Weird wheel noise after ice race
  109. Stubborn Spark Plug Removal In Progress
  110. New Car Warranty / Adjustment Question
  111. idler wobble
  112. question about ac
  113. 15k maintenance
  114. knock sensor covered under warrenty?
  115. Weird CEL code
  116. autmatic oils!
  117. trunk pull issue
  118. 30k tune up
  119. what to do for 12k maintenance?
  120. Changing to synthetic oil
  121. 95 Outback oil leak @ head and valve cover
  122. Is the new OEM oil filter better?
  123. 2000 2.5 Rs Idle Problem
  124. strange noise from tranny/wheel/transfercase?
  125. 36000 miles
  126. Sqeaking/clunking noise in the back solution
  127. Air filter inserts what's better(Reuseable)
  128. Power Steering Fluid?
  129. 93 Impreza bucking?
  130. ABS light/ABS is dead
  131. 2003 wrx pcv valve
  132. AC Discharge
  133. rear diff oil change
  134. Fumoto Valve intrusion question
  135. Tire pressure gauge, is this right?
  136. Oil changes and such
  137. 02 WRX, driver's side mirror whine.
  138. Engine Specs?
  139. I need a new starter at 51,000 miles!!
  140. Transmission/diff fluid question
  141. Cooling System FAQ: Read if you want coolant information!
  142. regularly scheduled maintenance
  143. First Oil Change?
  144. Fan rationality code
  145. Aftermarket blow off valve
  146. basic automotive question (don't flame the noob)
  147. 96 Legacy Outback electrical gremlins
  148. idler pulley replacement
  149. Problem with parking break light.
  150. spark plugs
  151. Fuel leaks
  152. 30k service $595?
  153. weird buzzing noise coming from driver side mirror
  154. Is dealer trying to hose me? Says i should replace timing belt at 65K miles
  155. Newbies: Front brake pad job on 02 RS is easy
  156. Air Control Valve
  157. STI Oil capacity???
  158. Iridium or Double Pt plugs?
  159. Exhaust rust prevention
  160. need help
  161. Dropping the oil pan
  162. Jackstand blocks for stock jack points
  163. rear diff oil change impressions
  164. I bought jackstands and a hydraulic jack
  165. Hole in AC Line
  166. Tsb Denied
  167. Best way to clean/rebuild a slave cylinder?
  168. Picture of Oil crank seal?
  169. Idle air control valve circuit
  170. Replacing rear oxygen sensor
  171. Empty Coolant Reserve Tank?
  172. spark plug wear
  173. Price for plug change
  174. Rear Window Squeaking
  175. The "guess where my oil is leaking from" game
  176. Car starts but wont stay on... need help
  177. Broken hub = new axle?
  178. no CEL without gas cap? should be on right?
  179. What do you think about this jack?
  180. Spark plug question
  181. who got a letter from SOA about antifreeze?
  182. How long does it take to change Spark Plugs?
  183. '04 STi Iridium plugs out yet?
  184. Driving without rear oxygen sensor?
  185. Loss of power when accelerating sometimes
  186. when to change spark plug wires
  187. good online OEM Subaru parts store?
  188. oil change time intervals?
  189. Should I bother with the 15k Dealer Service?
  190. recall
  191. Antifreeze smell in cabin occasionally
  192. repair/maintenance manual
  193. I need info on this recall WWF89
  194. Wheelwell discoloring
  195. First post: Outback with hesitation/misfire around 30mph
  196. valve cover bolts torque specs
  197. Oil Analysis: 7600mi on M1 5w30 - WRX
  198. my wrx is about to hit 60k what needs to be done??
  199. weird clunking noise from back right
  200. Another IAC question
  201. What are these All-Data symbols?
  202. Can anyone tell me the scheduled maintenance on my non-traditional subbie?
  203. Transmission filter
  204. Decent, inexpensive tool cabinets?
  205. what is GLS fluid?
  206. Amsoil Oil filters?
  207. Spark plug replacement interval on 03 WRX?
  208. Maintanance for a WRX with 15,000 miles
  209. WRX Manual Gear Oil Dip Stick Question
  210. oil change for sti
  211. Anyone know what brand is Subaru OEM transmission oil?
  212. New STi alignment
  213. Sizes for wiper blade for 04?
  214. Ramps fitting under 04 RS?
  215. CEL after gear oil change
  216. where to do 15k maintenance??
  217. WRX valve train?
  218. What's involved in a 30k mile service.
  219. fuel filter replacement
  220. Please help w/synthetic motor oil
  221. Flashing Airbag Light please help
  222. Bubbling sounds
  223. oily air filter
  224. Chirp/squeak a loose belt?
  225. loose spark plugs -- what could happen??
  226. Shaking out air filter
  227. Question about 30K
  228. MT oil change @ 15K
  229. A few Service Questions
  230. 2.5 STI spark plug pics here
  231. CEL went on and then off again
  232. Fluid recommendations for all parts of the engine?
  233. GM6 Maintenence
  234. Royal purple
  235. PCV valve?
  236. Wiring harness pins
  237. Extreme Power Steering Noise
  238. valve cover gaskets
  239. Parking Uphill Can Cause Timing Belt to Jump Teeth?
  240. Factory shop manual
  241. Sealant on exhaust gaskets? Yay or nay?
  242. Cleaning aluminum completely
  243. wheel bearing question
  244. How do you tighten the throttle cable?
  245. 02 wrx clutch advice
  246. Anybody know why my rear defroster no longer works?
  247. Broke a valve cover bolt
  248. mystery exhaust leak
  249. transmission flush and fill
  250. Spark Plug FAQ: Read if you want spark plug information!