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  1. my air conditioner isnt working
  2. Vin # Questions
  3. OEM parts
  4. torque wrench
  5. dented oil pan
  6. Tsb ?
  7. Share your service/maintenance log forms!
  8. Blown head gasket
  9. Where can one get JDM wiring diagrams?
  10. I think I overfilled my oil
  11. Starter not engaging flywheel correctly....but only when cold?!
  12. Virgin Castrol GTX 5W/30 oil analysis
  13. Castrol GTX 5W/30 oil analysis
  14. 5w-30 or 10w-30 oil for socal weather?
  15. how much brake fluid do I need for a flush
  16. Headlight aiming help!
  17. hesitation/jerky throttle
  18. Denso Iridium spark plugs? Are they worth it?
  19. Tranny, Clutch, LSD fluid flush!
  20. How much to repaint a gd8 bumper
  21. Brand new WRX dies and won't restart (kinda long)
  22. Part Places that take Subaru Credit Card Coupons?
  23. Please help: Factory fuel pump short
  24. Tips for Timing Belt/Water Pump Install
  25. 3750 miles/3.5 month service
  26. very weird idle
  27. Replacing A/C condensor
  28. Accurate Tire Pressure Gauge
  29. PL14459 or PL14460
  30. Part Numbers for Differential and Auto Tranny Drain Plug Gaskets
  31. Any spark plug tips?
  32. Wheel bearing?
  33. Stay away from K&N oil filters!
  34. What to do... What to do...
  35. motor oil: how much?
  36. New '20 PDFs Per Hour' Speed Limit at
  37. wheel bearings different from '97 to '98?
  38. Fuel gauge problem
  39. replace oil & water pumps on Legacy GT?
  40. Just got back from dealer with PO546
  41. Source for "Nippon" black OEM oil filters
  42. time for brake fluid change?
  43. sti burning oil?
  44. front ABS sensor replacement
  45. Knock Sensor
  46. What would a "major" maintenance job include?
  47. Used Fuel Filter Pictures
  48. Changing power steering fluid
  49. Cleanup after body work??
  50. Did anyone else recieve this 'Cooling System Conditioner' TSB?
  51. Please confirm Pure One #
  52. Purolator Pure One #
  53. I fixed my seats
  54. paint on oil pan & rear diff screws/area?
  55. Dumb question: probs with overfilling oil?
  56. Where to find Subaru Coolant online?
  57. How to change trans/rear diff fluid
  58. How do I fix my loose handbrake?
  59. Is the coolant level above the top radiator hose when cold?
  60. Pricing for 60k tune and front/rear brakes
  61. OBD & Emissions Testing
  62. Help! How do I get part numbers from the Subaru Technical Manuals?
  63. what's the story with the cabin air filter?
  64. belts change
  65. Crush washer for oil change
  66. Difficulty level for SS lines and fluid flush
  67. Exhaust fumes inside car
  68. Air conditioning smelly when I turn it off
  69. Lubing CV joints
  70. Loss of power on hard cornering?
  71. When to replace clutch?
  72. Throttle Position Sensor TPS
  73. Flare vs Standard Wrench?
  74. Power Steering Pump banjo bolt socket is FUBAR
  75. CEL- system too lean?
  76. CEL came on while changing coolant- what is it and will it go away without scanning?
  77. Legacy (H6?) Wheel bearing upgrade for WRX
  78. Quick question about oil change
  79. so I compared the emission test results from last year
  80. front brakes
  81. sloshing sound + low coolant
  82. fuel pump life expectancy
  83. How often should I be changing my oil?
  84. 95 Impreza ABS light and pump issues
  85. Squealing from climate control fan
  86. STI windshield same as other Imprezas?
  87. Bolt spins freely but won't come out
  88. APS Exhaust Repair
  89. Anyone have detailed instructions on intercooler removal for a 2002 WRX?
  90. best spark plugs
  91. Reduced Turbo
  92. erratic idle with a/c on
  93. Where is the service intervals and descriptions chart in my manual?
  94. Clunking sound from right rear
  95. Too soon for synthetic for my STI??
  96. power steering reservoir cap
  97. Code 35 purge control solenoid valve troubles
  98. Oil recomendations
  99. How to remove door panel
  100. Severe vibration at high speeds (and its not unbalanced wheels)
  101. When do most of you guys change your brake pads and coolant?
  102. oil filter
  103. Buying Oil Filter & Motor Oil Online
  104. Should I buy OBD2 scan tool?
  105. How to remove air filter from cold air intake in 2002 WRX?
  106. 96 Legacy Outback
  107. Which compression tester do you guys use?
  108. Maintenance
  109. 1998 Impreza Outback
  110. Help!, odd check engine light
  111. Do the 2004's still have A/C problems?
  112. SL Oil?
  113. STi Syn Oil Trans/Diff oil
  114. Anyone Use jack stands on an STi?
  115. The 2.5L STi oil filter is too small
  116. Cheap Plugs and Wires For A Non-Subbie
  117. 2.5L oil analysis?
  118. Website to buy tranny oil?
  119. Had to take off STi wing to clean - anyone experienced?
  120. Correct Oil Filter?
  121. obd2 scan
  122. Interested in OBD-II scanners
  123. Swap nearly done, having start trouble
  124. Break in time for my new 04 WRX
  125. tranny problems
  126. cross-rotation
  127. yet another coolant question!
  128. How do I remove the door panels on an L (manual windows)?
  129. red line synthetic 75W90NS in 98 rear dif
  130. Redline waterwetter mixing ratios
  131. OBD code P00447 and solution
  132. Throwing a P0117 CEL
  133. check engine light
  134. Huge air bubble
  135. Crush washer on tranny and if plugs?
  136. Why no Chilton/Haynes 98 Impreza OB books?
  137. Fuel additive/treatment?
  138. Key Fob Issue and Fix
  139. Interior maintenace from flooding damage
  140. What should I do at 20k miles?
  141. Drain Plug Size
  142. Question on knock sensor hesitation! Help.
  143. T-Belt Cover Oil Seeping
  144. Starting problems
  145. How much for a CEL and new plugs?
  146. oil pump needs resealing - cost? DIY job?
  147. I need help!
  148. Minimum Brake Rotor Thickness
  149. Why does my '93 Impreza die?
  150. Denso iridiums & gapping
  151. Stock boost gauge calibration
  152. Prestone coolant in grey bottle ok.
  153. K&N Oil Filter for WRX??
  154. Replacing trunk weather strip?
  155. fuel pump ecu
  156. SAE Viscosity # and applicable temp
  157. 120k service interval
  158. bkr7e and bkr7es
  159. Broke Tie Rod getting pulled out of mud: OEM rod OK?
  160. Just bought 95L
  161. WRX seats reclining!
  162. '96 Impreza 2.2 Timing Belt replacement
  163. Stock Gas Cap CEL
  164. ATE often replace?
  165. brake and battery light on with AC?
  166. Differential fluid seeping out loose filler plug
  167. 98rs exhaust on 95L
  168. Source for "cam tools" for dohc ej25 timing belt replacement
  169. CEL came on and went back off
  170. So has anyone replaced a timing belt on a dohc ej25
  171. stall on '04
  172. Coolant system filler neck paint
  173. Brake Cleaner - Do you use chlorinated or non-chlorinated?
  174. Way to adjust the clutch pedal?
  175. take off stumble worse then hesitation
  176. Tried Amsoil?
  177. Recall on 02 - 04 WRX
  178. Subaru impreza CEL thread
  179. What could cause an ECM to fail?
  180. Simple oil change interval doublecheck
  181. Steering wheel not straight after alignment?
  182. Changing oil brands frequently?
  183. CEL- engine revs then bogs
  184. Passenger foglight won't work (02 WRX) tried new bulb
  185. Hole in AC line, Subaru charging too much
  186. Mobil 1 Racing Oil 0W-30
  187. Burning Oil on 04 WRX
  188. Anyone know how to repair threading on an oil pan?
  189. 5W-30 oil or 5W-40
  190. 1998 Ouback Sport timing belt
  191. Where The Oil? (beef)
  192. low idle and car sputtering
  193. Mixed Codes or dealer jipping me?
  194. Service Bulletin WWP-99: Coolant Conditioner Additive = Head Gasket leak??
  195. did compression test on jdm motor
  196. Buying a Torque Wrench
  197. cant get starter out
  198. want to do a tune up at 100k miles
  199. heart engine murmur
  200. Found Oil Leak in Spark Plug area
  201. Recall and 60k service questions on a 00 RS
  202. 7500 Mile Service
  203. How do I Test my TPS
  204. Differential fill plug stuck!
  205. AC problem 98 outback sport
  206. rotor question
  207. What are the highest rated gas stations?
  208. know where I can pick up a used MAF?
  209. Removing smog equipment
  210. Alignment/Strut Woes (Need expert advice/opinions)
  211. air conditioner not working
  212. power steering out?
  213. can't get rear hub off (pics)
  214. Question about Jacking
  215. rust problem need advice
  216. wiper arm removal
  217. Lefthand Drive changed to Righthand Drive
  218. alternator/pwrsteering belt part?
  219. squealing when a/c's on?
  220. weird sound when air hot/cold is turned on
  221. rapid fire *click* sound when trying to start engine
  222. Coolant level
  223. a gazillion little rocks stuck in my radiator fins.
  224. 60k mile service really worth it?
  225. H6 Front/Rear Synthetic - Have Question
  226. Service intervals for everything?
  227. Antifreeze: What's the final answer?
  228. 1999 Subaru outback sport trunk problem
  229. service
  230. H6 Transmission Bolt Welded On
  231. H6 automatic transmission fluid not 9.8 US QT? Overfilled!
  232. don't wait 60,000 miles to change your cabin air filter
  233. Turbo Rust?
  234. 48,000 km service
  235. weird oil leak/AC leak?
  236. Water Puddle Under Car (A/C Condensation)?
  237. Rough opening door
  238. Valve cover seals on a 98 RS
  239. Rear diff fluid & tranny fluid
  240. Where can I get complete listing of WRX part numbers?
  241. Just bought an 02 WRX w/ 31000 miles.
  242. problem with first gear at stop
  243. AC problem
  244. Gas Gauge
  245. ect sensor replacement questions
  246. My car jerks like crazy
  247. Penzoil dino 10W30. Anyone use this stuff?
  248. I found another bodyshop blunder!
  249. Changing pads, advice for rotors?
  250. Something let go in engine