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  1. What size is the socket for the oil drain plug
  2. mobil 1 ok for wrx?
  3. A/C question
  4. Water Wetter
  5. FYI - Specialized Service Tools
  6. TCU Signal Access for 4EAT
  7. rs oil change
  8. Where to go to replace wheel bearing?
  9. Why use Synthetic Motor Oil?
  10. WRX Oil Pan uninstall/install instructions
  11. charging r134 AC system oneself?
  12. car cover while engine still hot
  13. PCV valve?
  14. Fuel Injector Cleaning
  15. How long can I store a car battery for the future?
  16. wrist pin noise
  17. 'Clicking' noise
  18. Question about Turbos and Motor Oil
  19. STi oil change procedure question - Car's on the ramps now!
  20. Engine revving by itself
  21. Getting a sqeeking noise when slowly rolling away fron a stop.
  22. Spontaneous door locks and wipers
  23. Puff of smoke?
  24. Do I need to drain coolant in block MY02 WRX?
  25. Subscription to 65hrs left
  26. Torque wrench suited towards all ranges in Subarus?
  27. Which spring compressor do I want?
  28. Tranny Fluid Change
  29. knocking along
  30. Performance jump with gas treatment and injector cleaners
  31. 1993 Loyale Cel
  32. New MAF and CEL
  33. Air filter in the cabin?
  34. Tune Up?
  35. How could I have screwed this up?
  36. My girls' gas gauge stopped working
  37. you know you need new spark plug wires when...
  38. Diagnose my noise!
  39. Engine Block coolant drain plug location?
  40. first service??
  41. compatible radiator coolant fluid for wrx?
  42. Yet another clunk question
  43. 96 Legacy Outback Knock Sensor location
  44. Steering wheel alignment issues? No more!
  45. Actron OBD II AutoScanner on sale
  46. when is the first oil change?
  47. NGK washer locked onto thread of spark plug = bad running engine
  48. Finding A/C Dash Controls for '93
  49. Which way does the air flow in the HVAC system?
  50. I have two noises that are driving me crazy!
  51. Weather strip problem
  52. weird things going on
  53. Can I run without dust shields on my front rotors?
  54. 30k mile 'inspection/adjustment' stuff? (Already did all the maintenance)
  55. EVANS NPG+ Waterless Coolant
  56. 02 WRX Wagon - hatch sticking
  57. preventing a problem
  58. Alternate PCV system in Suby's?
  59. A/C line insulation on a WRX
  60. squeek from the right side- what is it?
  61. oil change for the track
  62. For those who use Mobil 1 synthetic
  63. WRX and SVX use same oil filter?
  64. Overheating?
  65. Free synthetic oil, plus a question
  66. Where to find exploded part diagrams, with part numbers, on
  67. cel p0172
  68. motor getting wet?
  69. Do Japanese vehicles have VIN numbers?
  70. Changing to synthetic
  71. Fix for A/C Cycling?
  72. Component Breakdown of WRX
  73. Coolant
  74. cv joint replacement
  75. Best fuel filter for the buck? and where to buy?
  76. OEM seats
  77. Which OBD II scanner?
  78. how to remove clips on engine undercover?
  79. 2 P0457 CEL codes
  80. My Coolant Experience
  81. Opinions/Help Please!
  82. P0328 CEL code
  83. Intermittant door lock
  84. Loud squeak at low speeds
  85. rear diff oil change
  86. Something Leaking
  87. WRX Blinking AT OIL Temp light = ??
  88. Careful when changing spark plugs
  89. Wierd chirping sound
  90. Getting head decked
  91. Replaceing fuel gauge sender??
  92. Coolant tank problem
  93. What kind of water does the dealer use for coolant?
  94. manual tranny oil
  95. metal particles in old oil?
  96. water wetter
  97. Help with changing spark plugs
  98. Hesitation
  99. Windshield fluid nozzle not working right!
  100. Wierd bucking while accelerating
  101. Odd Burning Smell
  102. Used Oil Analysis
  103. ?? on retrofitting A/C system on 1993 Subaru Impreza
  104. power steering leak
  105. trans
  106. another heater problem
  107. Bad tank of gas?
  108. Is it possible to re-aim my headlights?
  109. Rear wheel bearings shot - replacing knuckles
  110. Removal of Crank Pulley; Questions
  111. P1112 Cel
  112. P1507 Cel
  113. fuel system cleaners
  114. Wowwowwow noise from rear of 1 day old STI
  115. best/worst oil
  116. Silkolene Silktran SYN-5 Gear Oil
  117. strange new squeak?
  118. severe (7 sec) delay shifting r-d
  119. GM Synchromesh + synthetic tranny fluid = ?
  120. I won't violate board rules
  121. stuck differential plug
  122. Alternator
  123. 99 obs clutch noise and hatch noise
  124. Oil Drain Plug Torque Specification?
  125. noise from timing belt cover
  126. No A/C
  127. Check Engine light keeps coming on.
  128. A good online source for oil filters, K&N cleaning kits, and other basic items?
  129. Looking for some A/C advice
  130. Losing Oil
  131. Is it really necessary to replace the brake fluid every 30k miles?
  132. throttle position sensor CEL
  133. Torque numbers for thermostat housing?
  134. Front passenger door lock problem
  135. coolant/radiator FAQ request
  136. fuel filter
  137. 60K; hesitation; CEL Help?
  138. Spark Plugs
  139. exhaust rattle
  140. hesitation problem/smell and smoke
  141. air conditioner squeak
  142. Fuel filter fuse?
  143. Broken water pump?
  144. Would a faulty PCV valve affect hesitation?
  145. Turbo cooling
  146. fuel pump relay fault ?
  147. noise,sounds like jingling?
  148. Weird Sound When Backing Up
  149. Engine missfire
  150. where to get a decent toolset online?
  151. radiator drain plug question
  152. sorry, 02 wrx oil q, lost users manual
  153. Repair Manual
  154. A/C Compressor clutch wearing out? (what is this brown dust?)
  155. Cabin Air filter Part # + install guide for your viewing pleasure!
  156. Leak!
  157. Brake lights
  158. cv boot repair
  159. PO304 Engine misfire #4, help please??
  160. OEM WRX fuel filter part number?
  161. first oil change
  162. blinking cel
  163. crankcase seal leak
  164. What happened to my cruise control?
  165. How do you get rid of swirl marks?
  166. removing broken bolt
  167. Am I getting ripped off?
  168. Correct Cam Mark
  169. clay bars and Wolfgang, Klasse paint sealers
  170. Oil changes- not when but where?
  171. engine removal instructions?
  172. Fumoto Drain Valve Install
  173. Does a 2004 wrx have a PCV valve?
  174. Battery Install
  175. Cabin Air Filter Empty
  176. brakes still sqeeking
  177. Looking for a shop manual
  178. Torque wrench range and calibration
  179. defoggers on, i get slight hesitation
  180. K&N air filter and oil - does it mess up the MAF?
  181. Synthetic/regular oil question
  182. tranny fluid change...
  183. Timing Belt
  184. '98 Impreza RS- told engine is FUBAR
  185. 86K mi radiator + Subaru coolant conditioner = new radiator
  186. timing belt change, pulleys?
  187. Rear diff leak?
  188. borla headers void cat warranty?
  189. Oil viscosity question
  190. 29985 miles, what to do at 30K?
  191. oil consumption
  192. Basic air compressor with some tools for do it yourself installs
  193. Half Second squeal when A/C Compressor Engages
  194. Airbag light on
  195. switch to mobil 1, two days of thoughts
  196. 30000 service = first gear grind?
  197. Service Manual
  198. 200k service?
  199. Head Gaskets - Pull Engine or Service In-Car
  200. 45K Service
  201. 0w-20 in Service Manual?
  202. how to rid nasty smell when AC is on
  203. jacking up rear, bent jackpoints
  204. Gas Smell In Cabin After Fillup
  205. n00b question - Service Manuals?
  206. How much to replace evaporator and drier?
  207. 93 - Smoking engine block and radiator flush?
  208. i need code help
  209. High water/overheating
  210. 57,500 miles in need of a new short block
  211. Help: How to re-oil K&N Air Filter??
  212. Are all fuel filters created equal, or are some better than others?
  213. Check engine light came on
  214. ECU problems, any suggestion
  215. What Rear Diff oil to use for STi?
  216. NEED HELP...I think my car is terminal
  217. CEL on '99 Impreza
  218. Installing Cruise Control Kit - stripped square bolt
  219. Trouble Starting
  220. Overcharged A/C help (possibly) for one of those friends
  221. removing crank pulley on auto RS
  222. failed smog test
  223. What do I need to change my Timing belt on my 1996 Legacy Outback?
  224. Temp gauge problem
  225. Fumoto on a Legacy GT
  226. mobil 1 synthetic oil
  227. Power steering leak
  228. Question about oil change at 1,000 Miles
  229. Oxygen sensor...time to replace?
  230. '02-'03 impreza trunk release
  231. 15K service = CELs?
  232. Horn fuse pops all the time.
  233. Synthetic Gear Oil
  234. stalling if not warmed up, even in summer!
  235. Oil Consumption Concern
  236. Check engine light. Knock sensor. PO328
  237. 2005 STi Oil filter
  238. replacement battery - MY96 GF4 EJ22
  239. cel for "engine speed malfunction"
  240. STi: Any tips to simplify oil change??
  241. Looking for a Car Care Parts # for A/C Compressor
  242. Seat Belt Timer
  243. Black cover under engine, what to do with it?
  244. 5L of oil too much?
  245. Need info on TSB 03-52-03R for master cylinder
  246. CEL code P0505
  247. fumoto nipple
  248. NGK plugs... '03
  249. Brake replacement
  250. starvation while cornering issue