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  1. Switching from dino to full synthetic enigne oil at high mileage
  2. K&N oil filter
  3. oxygen sensor (O2) replacement tips
  4. Can anyone help me out?
  5. DIY oil change FAQ?
  6. spark plug
  7. What type and size of spark plugs?
  8. AC Not Working in '04 WRX
  9. Cruise Control in 2004 STi
  10. Fuel Filter replacement in an 05
  11. look another fuel filter?
  12. Proper leakdown test procedure
  13. Oil going everywhere during change?
  14. question on replacing fluids
  15. Consequence of having too much oil?
  16. Need torque #'s for valve cover bolts.
  17. Spark Plug Gapping
  18. going to start driving again..
  19. spark plugs and fuel filter
  20. What to do with used brake fluids + coolant
  21. What sparkplug should I use
  22. 30k Service
  23. How often MAF sensor needs to be cleaned?
  24. Aw crap! Cross-threaded a stud
  25. Repost from the Newb Forum - 02 2.5 RS question
  26. Best new paint protectant?
  27. VOA - Castrol GTX 10w-40 SM/GF-4
  28. My WRX Loves Gas
  29. touchless car wash?
  30. Radiator leaking from top
  31. Car only starts when steering wheel is in the lowest setting?
  32. New Mobil 1 oil
  33. Finding mechanics or tuners?
  34. California Emissions & Smog
  35. Slight hesitation when accelerating
  36. 150,000 mile self service
  37. Rocker cover gasket
  38. 30,000 Mile Service
  39. Radiator replacement - anything else while I'm in there?
  40. Brake pads covered under warranty?
  41. help with balljoint
  42. what to get when leaky head gasket replaced at dealer?
  43. 30k checkup and minor body work
  44. EGR valve location
  45. Problem with changing plug wires
  46. Tranny fluid affect mileage?
  47. check engine light
  48. How to ship airbags?
  49. Where Are The Cheap Oem Parts?
  50. Car jerks/studders after fill-up
  51. Brakes are not covered
  52. scan tool
  53. Plugs?!?!
  54. Where are the spark plugs?
  55. car
  56. Ok to use Mobil 1?
  57. Check Engine Light P0031
  58. 00 RS Valve Adjust
  59. Spark plug gap on PFR7G. wrong or not?
  60. Question about repairing
  61. Coolant change, does time of year matter?
  62. New Quaker State "Q" oil
  63. Where can I get a brand new engine?
  64. gas station
  65. Oil for a fresh engine?
  66. How to change brake fluid to Motul 600
  67. Smell of gas under the hood
  68. 02 WRX Upper Radiator Hose Coolant Leak!
  69. Quick Torque question...ASAP
  70. Impact Wrench Size
  71. NGK to V or not??
  72. Oil Consumption
  73. What makes my car hard to start sometimes?
  74. Using Jackstands
  75. My mileage is on 3k. Do I have to change the engine oil?
  76. star shaped tool....tranny fluid change
  77. No oil in my car?
  78. Rattling 5MT shifter- what to do?
  79. wheel bearing
  80. Buying Factory Oil Filters
  81. oil change question
  82. My first tune up of a diffrent type of used car.
  83. Dealership BS?
  84. Oil capacity and Dipstick Position
  85. Car is pulling slightly to the right
  86. What is a colder plug?
  87. Ekk think I added too much oil for my oil change.. sti.
  88. STi transmission fluid
  89. What is that in the engine bay?
  90. Best way to relocate AC line?
  91. TSB's
  92. question about oil.
  93. NGK 1 heat range colder Iridium plugs for 04' STi?
  94. any max amount time on jackstands
  95. Rad Fluid consumption
  96. Rad Fluid consumption
  97. 2004 STI Fuel Filter
  98. smaller battery
  99. Power Steering fluid for 98 impreza rs
  100. When do you check your oil?
  101. oil change?
  102. what 03 wrx oil filter to use?
  103. going on 100,000 miles -- recommended service
  104. Throttle Position Sensor CEL!
  105. Need a quick answer about jacking the car up in the front.
  106. how to look for vacuum leaks?
  107. napa 1357 / wix 51357 oil filter
  108. Major ignition problem
  109. EJ20 Gasket Numbers
  110. Recommendations on Car Fluids
  111. Suretrac gear oil
  112. Momo gear shift knob
  113. My car is getting horrible gas milage - why?
  114. Oil leak EJ22 partially diagnosed
  115. Synthetic power steering fluid?
  116. How does this price sound?
  117. Fuel Question/Poll
  118. took outback to dealership and quoted me at $750, sounds outragous
  119. firing order and placement of each?
  120. Seal block coolant plugs?
  121. Parking lights don't turn off
  122. Should I go with colder plugs?
  123. Symptom of wheel bearing going bad?
  124. 2.0L vf39 fouled plug's what temp for replacement
  125. Cotton air filter, lets settle this
  126. Oil analysis on German Castrol Syntec 0W30, 5,930 miles, FXT
  127. Mirrors
  128. Sparkplugs with a bigger turbo setup question
  129. Cheaper Fuel Filter
  130. Oil filter leak?
  131. need help with front axle boot
  132. New Water Pump?
  133. noticable compression sounding squeen on FXT durring bumps
  134. Power steering fluid ?
  135. NAPA 1365 Oil Filter
  136. Stupid me
  137. Broken Window Seal
  138. Damaged Irdium
  139. Which way do I turn the engine oil plug nut?
  140. Replacing a battery- use grease on the posts?
  141. NEO synth.
  142. Question about cleaning o2 sensors
  143. FYI oil comparison
  144. Synth Oil Intervals
  145. Motor Oil Question
  146. New "best" oil filter!
  147. Front Brake question
  148. new 2.5 shaking when idling
  149. Zero 1000
  150. Question about possible loose spark plugs?
  151. Exhaust install questions
  152. First oil change
  153. scaning tool
  154. Creaking from back end
  155. Wheel bearing/hub replacement cost?
  156. replacing valve gasket and o rings for spark plugs
  157. installing a new starter today (wrx), any tips?
  158. why won't my trunk close?
  159. Anyone know of any online instructions for replacing CV joints?
  160. Torque on exhaust screws?
  161. Doing oil change yourself: Need to keep receipts for warranty?
  162. oil consumption question.
  163. Legacy oil change
  164. Quaker Q advanced
  165. Synthetic Oil Question
  166. Timing belt issues
  167. Should I listen to Jiffy Lube?
  168. What options for colder plugs??
  169. 30K service
  170. Oil Change:Started with 5w-30...can i switch?
  171. Threw P0442 DTC
  172. coolant temperature sensor
  173. repair manuals
  174. Air Impact Wrenches
  175. 13,000 miles... what to service???
  176. What Oil Weight to use?
  177. Plastic Part# that the PCV Valve is connected to on 2004 WRX?
  178. Burning Oil!!!!!!
  179. Wheel Bearing replacement (front) on Impreza
  180. o2 Sensor Help
  181. Help with o2 Sensor
  182. Help: car stumples and back fires when acceleration
  183. Wiper fluid pump
  184. Cost of 60k tune up/maintanence?
  185. window leaks
  186. Certified Used Maintenance (30K)
  187. Tall or larger oil filter?
  188. Replace Power Steering Fluid (WRX).
  189. fuel surge problem
  190. Dash rattle driving me nuts!
  191. CEL code P0335
  192. Battery OK starter ok car wont start
  193. Urgent coolant change question!
  194. Cel P0103
  195. Fuel Filter location and cost?
  196. 2001 subaru legacy timing belt
  197. weird no start
  198. How to tell if my fuel pump is bad?
  199. How to dispose of used oil and fuel filters?
  200. Rear Fender Well
  201. Spark Plugs
  202. NGK Iridiums BKR7EIX, what gap you running?
  203. Valve Shim Tool
  204. Losing oil on synthetic
  205. 75w-90
  206. What type of oil are you using?
  207. no power!!!!
  208. Muffler Peeling
  209. Should a moddifed wrx use 10w40 oil for extra protection?
  210. Radiator Delaminating
  211. service manual on cd
  212. Dealer: synthetic oil will void the warranty on your STi.
  213. O2 sensors
  214. dumb question; where is the pcv valve?
  215. Timing belt oddness on MY03 WRX
  216. EJ22 has shorter timing belt change interval?
  217. 1991 Legacy L engine codes
  218. Air Condition smell on start up
  219. Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment
  220. Drain and refill A/T tranny oil in-between each full tranny oil flush?
  221. Replacing fender & doors
  222. how to change brake rotor
  223. Reservoir tank not draining
  224. How to free an exhaust bonded with muffler cement ?
  225. Cooling system problem?
  226. Need quick help with spark plug install
  227. rusty gas tank nozzle
  228. Denso IK20s bad for my setup?
  229. 96 Impreza Outback idles rough in reverse and drive
  230. CELs that come on and turn off?
  231. Check Engine Light comes on, whats the problem?
  232. Two Cooling Fluid Changing Questions
  233. Oil Smoke
  234. Oil Drain Plug Socket Size in Inches?
  235. UOA: Castrol GTX 10w-40, MY05 Forester XT, 4339 miles
  236. Catch Can FAQ
  237. Shift Buzzer
  238. help cel p0325
  239. Part number for thermostat gasket?
  240. WRX Block Drain Socket Size
  241. is it ok to read fresh plugs?
  242. recharging 1998 Impreza AC ?
  243. check engine light on
  244. Brake fluid flush
  245. CEL light
  246. tips on bleeding coolant line
  247. Does synthetic oil burn white like dino?
  248. any reason why i shouldnt get iridium plugs?
  249. Valves
  250. plugs.. 1 or 2 step colder?