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  1. Tools needed to change rear diff fluid?
  2. Battery to trunk
  3. Side skirt for 2002 WRX wagon
  4. 10 Miles On Car: Should I Switch To Mobil 1 Immediately?
  5. 11250 mile maintenance
  6. Help, how to change spark plugs
  7. cel codes?
  8. Reset airbag light?
  9. negative boost???
  10. Cracked Radiator?
  11. Stupid Question re: torque specifications.
  12. What windshiled wiper replacements are considered best for the RS?
  13. My window motor broke. the window fell off the
  14. My low beams don't work, but my Highs do
  15. Wwjd?
  16. OBD 1 scan tool?
  17. Starting Problems
  18. Glovebox door rattle
  19. Training WRX
  20. boost dropping???
  21. engine sputtering at High Rev full throttle app.
  22. Mechanic in CT?
  23. oil flushing a myth?
  24. squeeky shocks
  25. Air filter
  26. oil?
  27. Replacing Burnt Out Headlight & Fog Light
  28. Defeating Check Engine Light
  29. Test
  30. Amsoil is the ONLY synthetic oil??
  31. Car is really quite at idle.
  32. gas gauge misreading
  33. What product should I use to repair gouge in my bumper?
  34. RANT Firestone
  35. Big Problem.....between 4500/500 rpm
  36. Dash illumination problem
  37. How much oil does a 2.5RS take?
  38. Any good service manuals out there?
  39. If you have the Peper scan tool, here's an Impreza trouble code file
  40. damn the oil nut is really tight
  41. Why aren't bumpers painted?
  42. K&N oil filters
  43. part number request
  44. question ?
  45. Calling any Subby Mechanic
  46. 1.8 L Spark plug gap
  47. Coolant top up - air pockets?
  48. denso iridium question...
  49. Nippon oil fliter, any idea what this is?
  50. Plastic Bag + Headers = Problem
  51. does Subaru have a parts CD available?
  52. Anyone have a pic of the SUbaru Wrist pin puller please?
  53. Average price of installing " Spicy Cams"
  54. need help with a headgasket problem.
  55. Handbrake Question help
  56. Poping sound
  57. Premium Gas in west 'burbs of Minneapolis
  58. Help.... please?
  59. My car smokes like a chimney
  60. Changing fluids-amounts?
  61. help with check engine light
  62. How do I get my WRX on jackstands
  63. i need a front windshield. please help
  64. Lets Talk OBD-2 Scan Tools!!
  65. just put on fumoto valve
  66. for all you econmics majors, cheap bastards and everyone else...
  67. Need detailing advice
  68. bad O2 sensor on MY99
  69. stock guage pack ,voltage ?
  70. Electrical Problem (Lights)
  71. something's burning!?
  72. Wind noise
  73. valve cover gasket replacment
  74. Getting the fuel lines off the Fuel filter
  75. Tail light bulb replacement help
  76. Oil filter for 2002 RS
  77. Muffler Install Question
  78. How hard is working on a Subaru compared to a Honda?
  79. How many quarts of gear lube do I need?
  80. When to switch to SYNTHETIC?
  81. A/C question
  82. Maintenance Intervals?
  83. Sparkplug wires for the WRX
  84. How much was your accident repair cost?
  85. WRX mystery part! what is it!?
  86. How can I remove or adjust the stock spoiler on MY00 RS?
  87. Tell me about Solid end-links.
  88. Pin outs for a 2002 RS ECU
  89. help with cams
  90. Red line oil
  91. Mystery Plug Behind Grill?
  92. help...Compass Mirror light question
  93. Do Subaru Crate engines come with a warranty?
  94. Oil weight and filter for '02 WRX
  95. Maintenance for MY00 RS
  96. Power Window dead! Help!
  97. Can't take my wheels off. Help!
  98. PIAA Wiper Blades. Anyone try them yet?
  99. $500+ in repair costs!! Maybe I should just get another engine :)
  100. How much would it cost to fix this?
  101. Looking for Subaru Part #
  102. radiator cleaning
  103. cam sprocket removal help
  104. head gasket advice
  105. SPRINGS: Legacy vs. Impreza, Are they identical?
  106. cheapest internet site for L14460 oil filter??
  107. Auto Xray Scan Tool review...kinda long
  108. HELP! "TS Cargo Area Lamp Kit" Install
  109. Electrical Problem... HELP!:)
  110. WRX Window seals?
  111. Anyone ever use AC Delco plugs in their Subaru?
  112. Denso plugs for '01 RS
  113. My sunday night maintenance experience
  114. What grade oil do you all use?
  115. ran out of gas
  116. WRX Tire Rotation--How Often?
  117. Best fuel additive?
  118. factory service manual info
  119. Tornado
  120. Valve Adjustment
  121. Sunroof Rattle Fix!!
  122. Blending 5w-30 with 10w-30?
  123. jacking
  124. maintenance
  125. Location of fuse for headlights
  126. green one pin connector (electrical)
  127. service manual
  128. MT Oil Compatible with Stock
  129. differential and auto tranny fluid
  130. Need comments
  131. ratteling sound
  132. outback sport 36k mile tuneup $400!?!?!
  133. just got my car, bad clutch?
  134. Getting screwed by dealer...
  135. Hood Release Problems
  136. i just mixed mobil 1 synthetic with valvoline synthetic (both 5w-30)...
  137. 99 rs, cruise and fog switch lights blown
  138. Water pump at 70,000 miles?
  139. Scweeking sound from back left rotor
  140. stock header bolt torque specs
  141. I just changed my oil and something very strange happend!
  142. over-filling manual tranny fluid?
  143. PureOne Filter for WRX
  144. Does Mobil One make 5W20?
  145. BPM GT downpipe coating is coming off/rusting what do I do?
  146. 2.2l legacy engine and 2.5l RS engine
  147. has anyone figured out....
  148. car shuts off while driving....
  149. Using ramps
  150. Tranny housing is stuck to engine - Help!
  151. starter difficulty
  152. oil change question about turbo cars
  153. Siphoning motor oil?
  154. aiming headlights and fogs
  155. possible vaccum leak with samco induction hose
  156. Sticky throttle cable?
  157. Trasko oil filter with heat sink
  158. how to change oil without making a mess?
  159. Battery and Alternator: Recommendation...Please Read
  160. Question?
  161. Check Eng Carbon dust
  162. power window problem
  163. WRX Tire Pressures?
  164. valve adjust?
  165. MY02 WRX Short Shifter rattling problems
  166. 15K mile service - how much $$
  167. Front differential oil = transmission oil?
  168. Cost of going synthetic
  169. Fuel Tank Size
  170. Redline 75W90NS synthetic gear oil for Manual Transmission?
  171. oil filter from dealer or from auto parts
  172. Wobble wheels?
  173. Subaru Financing question
  174. MRT turbo back causing CE
  175. What can i do to help my scoobie ?
  176. blown fuse(s), any ideas?
  177. If Redline Oil is so great...
  178. Timing belt?
  179. Oil Drain Plug Crush Washer - is there a substitute?
  180. Wobbly Wheels (The Answer!)
  181. Do the service advisors receive a commission?
  182. Exhaust is farting!
  183. fumoto valve- low oil sort of?
  184. any better wiper blade out there
  185. Thick Red fluid all over battery? What could this be?
  186. REQ: MY98 wiring diagrams
  187. Redline oil - opinion!
  188. Spark Plug Questions
  189. Optima Battery in WRX?
  190. wheels squeaky?
  191. When to do first oil change?
  192. Help! New 2002 Impreza TS problems within 1st 200 KM (120 miles)
  193. Oil, Water, Fuel pump question
  194. air in fuel lines??
  195. Subie with 160k miles?
  196. Changed Oil, now there is a buzzing noise?
  197. Check Engine Light?
  198. fluids
  199. Mobil 1 for good prices
  200. Waterless Engine Coolant?
  201. need help with a oil leak
  202. A/C vents
  203. SPT or STi Catalog Available?
  204. Synthetic Oil Change Question (2002 WRX)
  205. how much to recharge the AC
  206. Power window problem
  207. WRX CEL - Missfire
  208. OBD II Code
  209. Throttle
  210. Why are there 12 sided sockets?
  211. wheel bearings?
  212. Fuel filter?
  213. Sunroof and other
  214. idle question
  215. 60k service for MY00 2.5 RS
  216. Driver's side window doesn't work
  217. How to unlock the seat belt?
  218. WRX uppipe cat?
  219. Oil leak question, WRX
  220. gator grip? twist-a-dent?
  221. Pre-Mixed antifreeze/coolant
  222. MY2000 LSD oil change
  223. Idling of engine before shut down
  224. Alternator belt
  225. Removing door panel
  226. chassis lube
  227. ABS stuck
  228. Length of warranty on Impreza bearings?
  229. Best Way To Fix A Dent?
  230. Tire Noise?
  231. Anyone had their oil analyzed?
  232. 1995 Impreza 2wd M/T axle needed
  233. Getting a wagon on jack stands
  234. rear differential leak after oil change?
  235. Observations on coolant flush - normal?
  236. Bearing Part Number
  237. Anyone notice a difference in mileage/performance with different brands of gas?
  238. anyone know of a high performance reusable oil filter?
  239. whats up with the security light?
  240. How much oil stays in the engine?
  241. Oil Change Before Auto-x?
  242. "Clinging" noise when rpms hit 3000
  243. 1st Gear and Reverse Problems
  244. "Clunk" noise in front end
  245. Updates on Electronic rust proofing?
  246. Location of fuel pump fuse
  247. Air Bag Warning
  248. changing rocker cover gasket
  249. '02 Impreza WRX ABS light
  250. Installed exhaust- can I remove heat shield?