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  1. A/C fan problem
  2. A complete n00b's guide to changing the oil in your WRX (with pics!)
  3. SOHC T-Belt Changing
  4. upper radiator hose collapsing
  5. Valve Adjust
  6. CEL Misfire Codes
  7. Car won't start....any advice?
  8. Question, but didn't know where to stick it.
  9. 900 mile first oil change
  10. problem with A/C?
  11. Power Window Problem
  12. Extremely low A/C airflow - vent problems?
  13. 30,000 Mile Maintenance
  14. Benefits from using the radiator cap from a new model WRX on a 2002? (higher Bar/kPa)
  15. What does the 10,000 mile maintenance include?
  16. 5k on Mobil 1 Super Syn am I ok?
  17. How much oil do YOU put in?
  18. fuse for power mirrors?
  19. Thermostat Housing Help
  20. Solid CEL?? (cylinder1,2,3 misfire)
  21. Do it your self Tranny and Diff Fluid Change??
  22. No such thing as OEM Gear Oil?
  23. Coolant Changing Drain Valve
  24. cleaning maf
  25. Cracked glass on driver side mirror
  26. Spark plug socket problems (not in FAQs)
  27. Need Engine Removal / Install Manual
  28. 2005 PVC valve and fuel filter not serviceable?
  29. uninstalling and installing spark plugs for the first time
  30. Alternator or battery or both?
  31. screwed up oil change
  32. Timing belt install
  33. Compressor siezed, shop says I need a whole new AC system?
  34. High squeal at WOT only when moving!
  35. New(er) WRX Drinking Coolant...
  36. Go back to copper plugs?
  37. ac compressor wiring
  38. AC repair question - Is the repair suggested reasonable?
  39. electrical problems
  40. clutch and tranny questions
  41. spark plug grommets
  42. I want to do my own 30,000 mile service, what do I need to do?
  43. fuel system cleaner and tire rotation
  44. Oil filter question (yes, i am stupid)
  45. oil filter ?
  46. Please Help! Oil pump removal?
  47. A/C Electrical Experts, help with fan speed!
  48. What happened to my cruise control?
  49. Oil Disposal
  50. How the heck do you torque the crank pulley bolt?
  51. oil question
  52. ISC Valve location and cleaning
  53. Gutted uppipe question
  54. A/C ? on 2005 WRX
  55. torque spec for axle nut?
  56. Best transmission oil for WRX gearboxes
  57. CEL light back again
  58. what spark plugs to use??
  59. '96 OB Wagon Amp Install -> Flashing CEL
  60. Subaru coolant conditioner question
  61. Gas gauge stuck (1997 OBS)
  62. OBDII error code PO420
  63. Opinions on Prestone Extended Life Coolant?
  64. Help! Wedged wrench into the car doing spark plugs
  65. Cant find proper timing on the RS
  66. 05 gauge cluster area rattle?
  67. PCV valve torque spec -- 2002 WRX?
  68. 15W 50 Mobil 1 too heavy for Sti
  69. Whew, just changed my fuel filter
  70. Stock 04 WRX, CEL - O2 sensor, slow response...
  71. ?Part number for air filter '05 Legacy GT
  72. Location of air conditioner blower motor resistor?
  73. slave cylinder kit
  74. I left "Engine Oil cap" open
  75. Im either over-reacting or I'm really screwed
  76. oil additives
  77. Crankshaft Pulley Restraint Tool for SOHC 2.5L Engine
  78. 75,000 mile Oil Report (Mobil 1 10W-30)
  79. fuse SBF #5 still blowing
  80. Transmission Oil
  81. What Grade Oil To Use?
  82. Gas pedal creaking when pressing down
  83. A/C temperature switch problem
  84. cel code p0457
  85. Looking for 3" donut ring
  86. service manual question
  87. ej25 maintenance
  88. 93 L Wagon won't shut off
  89. Quick Coolant Replacement Question
  90. Loud valves
  91. Misfiring on all cylinders?
  92. Something weird w/my AC.
  93. Yes, I'm new and stupid
  94. Cat Converter Heat Shield removal (any problems)?
  95. Need Help or Advice ASAP!! Crank problems
  96. Engine keeps shutting off at low rpm
  97. First oil change, can't get cover off
  98. Transmission oil help
  99. Do I have a faulty o2 sensor?
  100. how do my plugs look? 2004 wrx, 45K miles, Cobb Stage II for 35K
  101. Colder Plugs, cheap insurance?
  102. oil change question
  103. Oil change question
  104. Cel - P0301?
  105. help-belt noise?
  106. How can I add ATF/Diff. Fluid
  107. Where to buy synthetic oil
  108. engine stumbling and stall
  109. tire pressure gauge?
  110. Coolant?
  111. suby maintinence
  112. fuel gauge not working
  113. Air filter Shhhmair filter...
  114. engine service light help
  115. 2nd Consecutive Blackstone test
  116. 70k miles on an 02 WRX, what will I replace soon?
  117. Mobil 1 15,000 mile synthetic oil
  118. changed transmission fluid = boost problem
  119. Don't know what wrong with my car
  120. K & N filter from 02 wrx to sti
  121. I need to be directed!
  122. 99 Impreza Outback Sport Wagon OBD Code P0440
  123. Generic AC charging question
  124. service manual scan confusing... how to diagnose and clear airbag light in wrx?
  125. Help diagnosing A/C trouble
  126. checking fuel injector
  127. Where can I find a maintenance schedule for 02 WRX?
  128. Looking for engine seal/gasket kits..any brands stand out over the other
  129. STi oil filter seems too small. What about a bigger filter and a heat shield?
  130. Torque Specs for coolant tube under intake
  131. Engine code on 05 RS
  132. PCV Valve is stuck.
  133. coolant related question
  134. Fuel Filter replacement?
  135. trans oil slip up
  136. More damn oil questions
  137. spark plugs
  138. OBDII Diagnostics
  139. Clutch Fluid Question
  140. Brake and battery dash lights- I am at my witts end
  141. Buzzing sound from mirror
  142. clock spring installation question
  143. Fuel pump install tip
  144. CEL P0483 - Ran diagnostics... need advice
  145. 05 STI with no cold air coming from AC
  146. Coolant question- searched but no answer
  147. Had problems with NGK Iridium BKR7EIX
  148. Help reading oil dipstick
  149. 30,000 mile spark plug change
  150. OBDII port location, wiring and usage for 2002 WRX
  151. part number for NGK spark plug?
  152. Low Coolant Question
  153. which pulley is which?! (wish I had labled...)
  154. Need some electrical help! (car won't start)
  155. Brake fluid - true or false?
  156. Smart to change from syntec to conventional for summer?
  157. Amsoil 5W-40 EU formula, who's running it?
  158. Burned a quart in 1,600 miles- beat that
  159. Quick jack stand question
  160. Dealer put in dino after I was on syn.
  161. Gunk on oil pan...Oil leak?
  162. Diagnosis Help - Engine won't start...
  163. Attn: I have a STi and live in GA.(hot weather) what oil weight should I use?
  164. Changed timing belt, no spark.
  165. "check engine" heres a doozy for ya!
  166. power steering
  167. Exhaust Rattle?
  168. Subaru Tool 499207100 (Make your own)
  169. Will not start, need help
  170. Dumb engine oil question
  171. AC recharge
  172. Coolant suggestions
  173. I think the timing is off...
  174. UOA - Castrol GTX 10w-40, 3972 miles, MY05 Subaru Forester XT
  175. Where it go?
  176. Fuse blowing problem
  177. Problems!
  178. Wierd hose clamp, how to remove?
  179. Can't find oil leak, help..
  180. VSS-Limp home mode
  181. output seal and a vaccum leak
  182. Reseting the emergency fuel shut off device?
  183. Needed: Schematic - Air Bag Computer Connector
  184. weird noise...please help
  185. Gear lube for limited slip
  186. Rear Diff Fluid leak - 04 STi
  187. Where can I find 1 step colder NGK platinum plugs
  188. Welding a FMIC
  189. Fuel Filter Change...Oops!
  190. No A/C, pics too
  191. what is p2138 and how do i fix it?
  192. Removed snorkel and the car dies?
  193. so many problems
  194. i disable drl's and now remote start doesn't work
  195. The great oil change debacle
  196. Motul Engine Clean
  197. 1st oil change
  198. Redline oil powerpack WRX-STi
  199. More Timing Belt Tensioner Questions
  200. IAC Valve?
  201. IAC Valve?
  202. WRX won't start, then will
  203. Help: Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack Maintenance
  204. Weird noise when I cut the wheel all the way
  205. Knock Sensor
  206. 99L: P0327 Knock sensor circuit low input
  207. Probably a stupid NewB Question
  208. 1989 subaru gl-10liter automatic
  209. Transmission Oil change intervals
  210. Replacement knock sensor: Where to buy?
  211. spark plug help
  212. Neo or non synthetic gear oil for drivetrain, a little poll?
  213. Shifter, no resistance from N -> 1-2
  214. Caliper bolt problem
  215. Rubbing noise during cold starts @ 1500 RPM's
  216. Questions about Oil Change
  217. CEL question
  218. Car doesn't start... it's not even trying!
  219. Air con sadness/ Jap fusebox dilemma
  220. Rate My Cooling System Cocktail!
  221. What oil to use?
  222. 2002 coil pin out
  223. Problem with battery: water is bubbling up through the little screw caps
  224. car is having issues starting
  225. Proper Idle RPM
  226. p0037 after running 87 octane for the 1st time.
  227. What plugs??
  228. A/C failed, just out of warranty
  229. best spark plug for n2o
  230. Go to SOA now, or give dealer another chance?
  231. Need Help Engine Wont Start
  232. front calipers no pressure
  233. patching rust spot on muffler?
  234. Cold Air Intake Question
  235. 2004 STi: Cruise Control Problems
  236. 97 legacy 2.2 help
  237. MySubaru web site, and suggested oil changes
  238. 2.5 RS at 10k, switching to synth, any suggestions
  239. Checked ONE spark plug, saw some signs of detonation ... damn. So what now?
  240. CEL P0302 after changing timing belt
  241. Help, car won't start
  242. FTX air filter
  243. Fumoto Discount Code?
  244. Oil in dip stick... where is suposed to be???
  245. CEL, misfires, Low Idle...grounding mod.
  246. WRX spitting coolant, but no sign of leaks
  247. fram oil filters for our ej20s?
  248. TUFOIL:Good for subbies? Anyone heard about or tried this?
  249. quick answer: Synthetic oil back to dyno oil?
  250. Squeak during shutoff