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  1. 04 STi 30k service- how much of each fluid do I need?
  2. Air Bag light won't turn off!
  3. Rear Diff Fluid Change at 30K in STi?
  4. Water Pump at 36,000??
  5. Not happy with service in Turnersville, NJ
  6. Do fuel cleaner products work?
  7. Fuel pump and module broken?
  8. spark plug change
  9. Who is using Motul 8100 and how do you like it?
  10. approximate cost of a dealer 30k service?
  11. DIY or no?
  12. PO463 and Clutch Fluid?
  13. Front windshield replacement
  14. Question about oil change
  15. Is changing the clutch real difficult?
  16. Cleaning Perrin Air Filter
  17. 60K Doing coolant change but one question
  18. How often should we change our brake fluids?
  19. intake manifold removal
  20. WRX NGK Iridium spark plug BKR7EIX gap?
  21. Did a oops b4 30K Service!! Help
  22. Oil filter question......
  23. Help, overheating at idle
  24. How to tell if an STi has had 30k service?
  25. Quick Question, Oil Grade?
  26. Walbro pump and Injectors
  27. Need help with a CEL
  28. Spark plug torque wrench
  29. 04 STi-Clutch, Front, and Center Diff fluid?
  30. GC8 won't shut off/key won't turn, wife pissed!
  31. Dash Clock Died
  32. Oil Filter Size Same Diameter, Different Heights?
  33. Spark plug change help
  34. Do I remove the BOV to take the IC off?
  35. Synthetic Oil, good, bad, doesn't matter?
  36. So I have bent valves?
  37. OK to mix coolants??
  38. Oil change question and problem
  39. 30K Service next week...advice?
  40. Oil leak...Cloud of smoke ahh!!
  41. Rattling noise during acceleration
  42. Post Your Better Mileage Mods
  43. Oil gaskets on a 93 Impreza
  44. DEI Radiator relief vs Redline Water Wetter
  45. How often should we change engine oil & filter?
  46. is the brake fluid flush really necessary at 30k for 03 wrx?
  47. Tranny & diff fluid changes are cake
  48. Questions about a scratch
  49. Crush Washer - Which Way is Up
  50. Airbag Light - funny story
  51. Straightening and painting intercooler fins
  52. Running Cool?
  53. Where to buy front/rear O2 sensors?
  54. radiator fans not running?
  55. 05 RS Overheat after an hour of 60 MPH, with CN
  56. 2006 STI Oil Filter
  57. do our diffs have vent tubes?
  58. OBD-II connector
  59. Best FSM modules?
  60. Smokey Engine Problem
  61. Consumer Reports - Gas Mileage
  62. Exhaust Manifold Gaskets?
  63. Oil in spark plug tube
  64. Spark Plug Problem Help Please
  65. Temp control stuck on hot after timing belt work
  66. 60k service question(s)
  67. brake pads
  68. Is this a good price?
  69. Amsoil Severe Gear 75W90
  70. Where to get good, cheap steering boot
  71. need help removing oil filter
  72. Part Numbers for Side Mirrors
  73. Proper STi maintenance
  74. So I'm changing my tranny fluid in my awd outback sport...
  75. wheels and tires help
  76. Battery, alternator, or something else?
  77. need spark plugs
  78. Disc runout is .0015", turn it now or wait?
  79. DIY Maintenance sticker
  80. How do you know if you stripped the threads on a oil plug or tranny case?
  81. Changing PCV valve and may have screwed something up
  82. compass always points west
  83. ngk coppers
  84. Is changing the tranny fluid in a awd vehicle any different than
  85. Will store STi during winter - need advice
  86. is it possible for a lift to damage a downpipe?
  87. Battery dead after 1 month vacation
  88. downpipe installation
  89. fuel injector question
  90. Auto Rx users, give me your 2 cents.
  91. Swapping battery for winter?
  92. 1992 subaru CEL
  93. Dealer part cost too high
  94. Need help changing starter!
  95. 2.5 SOHC Timing Belt Replacement Parts
  96. 32psi Low Refrigerant Pressure
  97. Idle hunting - up/down
  98. Do my injectors need changing?
  99. Coolant Overheating
  100. v7 sti. Need plugs that are one step colder. Few ?s
  101. Scheduled Maintenance
  102. Window Screeching.
  103. Safe method to prevent jackstands from sinking into asphalt driveway?
  104. Saving radio stations
  105. NGK Iridium IX, is one step colder ok??
  106. Window motors - rear doors the same as the front?
  107. NGK BKR6EIX on ebay- $28 shipped for 4.. Here's how.
  108. Where to find heat range 8 ngk spark plugs
  109. Cleaning an intercooler
  110. Knocking
  111. Cel issues...
  112. 30K Service Question
  113. valve adjustment on 2.5 Series 2 Outback
  114. First 2006 STI oil change at 3000 miles...
  115. Poured ATF Fluid in Front Differential..HELP
  116. Replacing Driverside STi wiper question
  117. Humming noise
  118. Driver side window dont work.
  119. WRX exhaust manifold torque specs
  120. New Oil Filter Part Number For Turbo Wrx?
  121. Trans drain plug might be stripped.
  122. What is the lifespan of the WRX battery
  123. oil leak?
  124. power locks dont work?
  125. Alternate method to test compression?
  126. Thought someone could help me with a CEL Code
  127. Delvac 1300 15W-40 and wrx in AZ
  128. Mobil 1 5w30 users- whose car consumes oil?
  129. new engine, still got problems
  130. will the oil dip stick read higher or lower than normal on warmed up engine?
  131. Power Window Woes!
  132. Shouldn't have bought used...
  133. [B]Gas - Does it matter which one?[/B]
  134. Oil capacity
  135. Accessport Married, Car In Service After Wreck
  136. Timing Belt Help
  137. need spark plugs
  138. 5W-50 synthetic in winter?
  139. Slipping Belt
  140. Evaporative emission control system vent control function problem
  141. part # for rear o2 sensor (02 wrx)
  142. How much coolant for the STi?
  143. Oil Change at 1000 miles?
  144. 98rs rad-02wrx
  145. didn't drive WRX for 7 weeks - change oil?
  146. Misfiring felt during idle
  147. Y/N question, warranty when buying used in non-Subaru dealership?
  148. Air Bag light won't go off
  149. Oil filter ?
  150. spraying down engine
  151. oil filters?
  152. '06 STi- 1st oil change done and oil leaking from filter?
  153. im dumb, wheres the tranny drain bolt?
  154. Fill plug size for rear diff 04 sti?
  155. Best Spark Plugs for my96 Impreza L
  156. Replacing fusible link: larger diameter ok?
  157. Engine will not turn over.
  158. Burning Engine oil
  159. 98 2.5rs intermitent overheating
  160. fine metal in oil
  161. 2002 Front Bumper help!!!
  162. Rotating Tires- Special Case
  163. Wheel Bearing Replacement
  164. Oil Filter ? Wrong Part #
  165. Dino oil recommendations 04 + WRX ?
  166. Where does the coolant come out?
  167. changed my oil - now getting smell
  168. What plugs??
  169. Mobil 1 full synthetic to Valvoline full synthetic
  170. AC in a Subaru cold or coldest?
  171. What Oil Do You Use?
  172. Oil drain plug thread size?
  173. Ordered Fumoto Valve for the STI - Discount code still works
  174. can't add auto tranny fluid
  175. Car locking/unlocking by itself
  176. Oil checking help please
  177. quik question
  178. Uppipe or motor mounts - which is easier?
  179. Help Me Please
  180. oem parts pricing at dealerships
  181. People with EJ18 - grounding point question
  182. Manual Transmission Top Up?
  183. what spark plugs for this v34 setup? heard 2 diff. stories!
  184. Please Help- Emergency !!
  185. Spark plugs
  186. Mobil oil filter part #?
  187. Auto-Dimming Mirror Question
  188. radiator/engine flush
  189. Oil light comes on after sitting overnight and rain
  190. spark plug question
  191. Battery dead to the point of not taking a charge. new battery 2 test alt?
  192. what brand gas is the best quality?
  193. Online Parts Stores That Take SubaruBucks
  194. Best/Cheapest place to purchase oil filters?
  195. Another oil grade viscosity question
  196. Winter wiper blades?
  197. brake light stays on.
  198. dealership giving me BS about engine check light?
  199. First oil change/what should I do
  200. help with alternator
  201. P1518 Starter switch circuit low input - ***?
  202. Injector cleaner
  203. Anyone using motul 8100 5w40 in their WRX?
  204. my WRX overheated last night
  205. heater blower motor resistor
  206. location of thermostat
  207. Clicking sound
  208. when doing oil change how long do you leave the oil to drain out?
  209. How to clean blowby?
  210. p0037... pass inspection?
  211. A few questions about 30K service
  212. Colder plugs?
  213. Used oil analysis FXT 6,144 miles German Castrol Syntec 0W30
  214. Help- Cracked Radiator
  215. Help, engine turning off while driving
  216. Some help please!
  217. help, car wont start
  218. car won't start mystery - help!
  219. car won't start - mystery. turns over but doesn't start
  220. Fouling/Misfire vs. Det
  221. uh oh... i let my wrx stay dirty too long.
  222. whats wrong with my impreza
  223. Losing oil, even with M1 5w40
  224. Jack height: what's needed?
  225. Cruise Control Aint Cruising
  226. how to choose between 10W30 and 5W30??
  227. Really bad idle
  228. CEL please help
  229. Quick question on changing oil... which is better?
  230. Seat problems
  231. Offer Ends Today!!
  232. need more info on p0103
  233. misfire
  234. Rear Noise
  235. Update - Oil Level Issues
  236. 30k service, why bother
  237. amsoil
  238. Ground wires go from battery to body and...?
  239. Need Help Immediately
  240. check engine light on
  241. timing belt install
  242. 2004 Forester 2.5X Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS question
  243. Drivers Side window stopped working
  244. 2001 legacy outback rear wheel bearing
  245. Engine mount installation timing
  246. never did 30k, 60k maint...just rolled over 90k. gimme some "must do's"
  247. Help! Cel....
  248. (very) high pitched noise @ ~1800rpm
  249. Engine block small leak "oil"
  250. Idle Question?