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  1. Coolant smell
  2. Anyone else get a flashing low fuel light?
  3. Oxygen sensor question
  4. soft clutch pedal
  5. AC problem
  6. For What Car Jobs Would I Need A Press?
  7. turbo bolt/stud question
  8. identified coolant leak/head gasket?
  9. HVAC mode door thingy
  10. Mechanic told me knock sensors never fail
  11. Need Help Testing WRX Cooling System
  12. Someone help me understand why my car sounds like a diesel
  13. How to refill the front diff on a 6mt?
  14. Radiator cap?
  15. Oil Leak
  16. How many use just regular oil
  17. no AC all of a sudden
  18. Rear rotor change
  19. Fuel smell saga
  20. 2nd-3rd gear pop, hesatation
  21. Automatic Transmission Fluid Change
  22. Change battery terminal position
  23. High mileage
  24. Tearing down much of engine- suggestions on what else to do (100k miles)
  25. Time for serivce, need your help!
  26. Signs of a blown turbo?
  27. Oil extractor to change ATF?
  28. '06 STI swap - starting problems
  29. Ok to remove spark plugs and reinstall them?
  30. Power Steering Fluid Low?
  31. 2.5 head gasket replacement in car
  32. Am I retarded? Only 1 connector for pulling CEL.
  33. Marv's Mystery Oil?
  34. Oil Analysis - More metal than I like
  35. starting fluid OK?
  36. Is this an alignment issue?
  37. Storing my STi while in Iraq
  38. The "Can I do the 45,000 mile maintenance myself?" thread
  39. 25k mile service?
  40. car shake/rattle @ idle
  41. What bushings would you change after 80k miles?
  42. Help CEL code 0442 Evaporative Emmission Control System Leak
  43. P0037 & P0128!
  44. Cleaning AEM filter?
  45. Is the Red Line Lightweight shockproof Synthetic?
  46. Is "High-Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker" "High Temp Gasket Compound"?
  47. quick question re: new pads
  48. Steering Rack Replacement
  49. MY06 Coolant Drain Requires Removal of Exhaust Headers?
  50. Washer Fluid not spraying
  51. Lube Pro MINUS; The Bad Oil Change Story
  52. Where did this oil come from? (outside of spark plugs)
  53. Problem with the legacy!!
  54. What is next to the alternator? Its noisy
  55. Most of the times it starts and once in a while it doesn’t start
  56. I Need A Part Number for the HUGE Bolt in the Rear Knuckle
  57. tranny oil?
  58. Replacing deployed airbag, need some help
  59. window diagram
  60. 02 WRX repairs
  61. front axle replacement: what went wrong?
  62. Flashing CEL
  63. '06 with P0172 I searched
  64. Cel 1574
  65. Battery Going Dead?
  66. changing cam seals, got some questions
  67. Belt squeal when cold?
  68. Performance Spark Plug
  69. Motul
  70. airbag light is always on??????
  71. Spark plug problem
  72. 02 simulator for wrx/sti downpipe... P0420 code!
  73. Need a Part Number for Wagon Rear Floor
  74. Please explain my gas consumption
  75. Does anyone do their own OBD scans in their scoobs?
  76. A few maintenance questions
  77. New spark plug problem
  78. Replacing oil pan, plugs and doing other things saturday
  79. causes of P0301 misfire cylinder 1
  80. Timing belt methods
  81. Just put in Valvoline Synpower 5w30 into my 05 STi
  82. Code P0325 - '00 RS - Knock sensor, need instructions
  83. Someone please tell me where the knock sensor is
  84. Power steering pump pumping air?
  85. 30k service interval questions
  86. Thoughts on oil additives (stop smoke ect.)
  87. Funky fuel gauge reading
  88. 1999 impreza rs will start, but then die...
  89. Spun out and had trouble starting
  90. need help starting my impreza
  91. ARG! i hate CEL's / sensors... need some help please.
  92. Is it a wheel bearing?
  93. Wheel hop?
  94. Got caught in the snow in lake tahoe..... now my abs light is on
  95. 60k tune up
  96. 90k Mile Maintenance + Question bout Fuel Filter
  97. need a couple O2 sensors, what kind?
  98. Timing belt change
  99. Cam gear removal
  100. First time cleaning air filter, need advice
  101. CEL question
  102. spark plug replacement for 04 sti
  103. Hesitation/jerking at very low rpms
  104. Broke A Nut Welded to the Frame, Now What?
  105. What's the Best Spark plugs to run
  106. Valve seal leak?
  107. Synthetic = Lower MPG?
  108. Greddy GR-2 5W40 engine oil:
  109. Repair Manual
  110. low RPM stumbling - 96 OBS EJ22
  111. Still smelling coolant
  112. When to use 2 stg colder plugs
  113. Towing a Subaru behind another car
  114. anyone have a vacuum line diagram?
  115. Overheat problem
  116. Hate to ask n00b Q, but...
  117. Signs of a bad PCV valve?
  118. OBD-II Port?
  119. aftermarket fuel filter
  120. Cleaning/Removing paint from Intercooler?
  121. fuel gauge stuck?
  122. Tap, tap, tap, tap: so annoying!
  123. My heater isnt working
  124. Tire wear? alignment? (humor me for a minute)
  125. Swiiiish.. Swiiiish....(water sounds)
  126. Who's used AutoRX in a WRX
  127. UOA: 2006 WRX 5MT Castrol Syntec 5w-30
  128. Problem starting my Baja
  129. UOA - Castrol Syntec 0W30 (GC), 7k miles, FXT
  130. I think I blew my engine..
  131. which plugs for a hybrid?
  132. oil change-crush washer
  133. missing seal and need a replacement
  134. what happens when it overheats?
  135. A/C compressor startup sound
  136. which oil???
  137. Heat gets cold at Idle
  138. what is the official answer?
  139. Hydraulic Lash Adjuster keeps collapsing. (Even brand new replacement!)
  140. Why would my car be runnig cold?
  141. 2005 wrx fuel filter location?
  142. AHH Whats Happening to my Rex!!!???
  143. Leaking Turbo :(
  144. too late to rotate?
  145. car stalls out in traffic
  146. A good oil for your car?
  147. Bucking
  148. SOA "G-O Extra-S" Gear Oil Update
  149. 6MT fluid question
  150. O- ring for GREDDY sandwich adapter....
  151. Oil where is sould not be?
  152. HELP! Taking out the studs on an 06 STI
  153. Cel P0302, P0303
  154. Cleaning out the carbon build up in my exhaust.
  155. Anyone know how much this might cost?
  156. strange A/C
  157. Oil Question
  158. 1993 impreza L problems
  159. Where to buy WRX A/C compressor?
  160. Cost to change timing belt - parts & labor?
  161. Threw two cel's: P0691 and P0502
  162. Just changed my diff. fluid
  163. ebay timing belt kit issue
  164. No Spark?
  165. one step colder
  166. how to install a perrin frontmount?
  167. hole in ac line from upgraded intercooler
  168. What type of coolant would my '04 FXT need?
  169. Scary oil analysis
  170. 1995 Subaru Impreza Noise
  171. 60,000 mile tune up question
  172. cel question
  173. 06 tranny oil change
  174. My FXT trembles
  175. My first OA - not too bad.
  176. Egr
  177. Knock Sensor?
  178. Smoke from exhaust
  179. Something other than Bosch o2 sensors?
  180. Changing AC P/S Belts (need to know differences)
  181. Pulley Problems
  182. Bizarre windshield wiper problem
  183. transmission oil change question
  184. which drivebelts to use?
  185. Where's my oil going?
  186. Speedo Not Working, Engine Light On
  187. Sti Bogging
  188. AC Pulley
  189. 2006+ WRX spark plug part no
  190. Replacing Stock Air Filter Help
  191. Threw the P0171 code...
  192. threw weird 1088 code help
  193. Diamond in the rough extra-s replacment?
  194. I need some help with oil consumption
  195. I am stronger than Gojira!
  196. What is it with wheel bearings?
  197. CV Boot Replacement
  198. Anybody used Motul oils??
  199. Help me with these alignment results
  200. How many quarts of oil for 06 sti?
  201. V8 EJ207 Oil Filters
  202. spark plugs question
  203. 96 outback RKE wiring
  204. How to check 1993 L CEL
  205. Steel braided brake lines: Do these need to be replaced?
  206. Trunk is leaking. Spoiler fitment?
  207. heater fan speed control not working, please help
  208. Fuel gauge
  209. Power Steering Pump Source(s)
  210. how often should plug wires be replaced
  211. Who has 100k and what's been replaced?
  212. ngk iridium ix or ngk laser platinum?
  213. Axleback Gasket?
  214. Subaru Service Manuals
  215. Squeaky wheel
  216. No power after timing belt/wash
  217. Popping/Click in RF
  218. Please Help: Car Won't Start
  219. Anyone else with a bad case of the sludgies?
  220. How's this for a broken radiator?
  221. how often do you check your fluids?
  222. Does anyone have this compressor?
  223. Handbrake light stays on!
  224. No A/C after fuel rail replacement
  225. overheating issue help please
  226. Radiator leak?
  227. Old key, Old ignition
  228. uhhh spark plugs?
  229. Oil Filter
  230. Wiper and Washer problem
  231. Estimating torque that is above your wrench's range
  232. Locked keys in 02 WRX with car running
  233. Bork , my light went out....
  234. Smoking
  235. CEL p0031 help
  236. How Do I Fix This Damage to My Subframe?
  237. checking tranny fluid?
  238. new radiator hose
  239. Mobil 1 15-50?
  240. Torque spec for BPV to Intercooler gasket
  241. Air/Fuel Sensor
  242. Timing belt experts - opinion on belt age from pics
  243. Any Other Castrol 5W-40 Users Here?
  244. GReddy BOV Install Help
  245. question about A/C condenser
  246. Crankshaft Bearing - gone
  247. temp went up
  248. TSB - ABS Brakes
  249. Another A/C question...It's that time of year
  250. Oil Reccomendation