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  1. A/C Belt shredded and wrapped around PS pulley
  2. stock fuel pump controller current carrying capacity??
  3. Help! Temperature issue on Legacy
  4. Low Oil Pressure sign
  5. Shell Rotella T 5W-40 UOA
  6. Coolant very low in overfill tank
  7. Another A/C not working thread =/
  8. Rough Idle! Plz Help!!
  9. Fuel pressure test instructions?
  10. intermittent starting issue
  11. Car Massively Down on Power, No Other Symptoms
  12. timing belt change - worried about left side cams
  13. Jackstand Question
  14. Heads Up: Sears 8 Piece Gear Wrench Set $35
  15. A/C & A/C Belt Problem
  16. 2002 WRX A/C Problem
  17. What costs knock sensor signal Subaru Forester turbo 1997year, resonant ?resonant kNz
  18. need link for dodge coil pack mod
  19. How do I inspect the motor mounts?
  20. AC Compressor squeal
  21. MTX Clutch affected by A/C ???
  22. Is $200 in labor too much for a new turbo and fuel injectors to be installed?
  23. raising coil over suspension with stock jack
  24. Help me select a synthetic Trans fluid for my protorque 4eat
  25. Help! Cam Sensor and All Four Cylinders misfiring
  26. Car won't start.
  27. how to remove my rear bumper on my 05 sti
  28. Oh Noes, threw a weird CEL
  29. A/C chirping
  30. moving across the country.
  31. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic I searched!
  32. Link to the DIY Leak Tester Thread?
  33. Fram oil filters
  34. tune up
  35. Low idle
  36. Has anybody tried these?
  37. First oil change
  38. Loud Squeal when A/C Turns On
  39. A/C makes a louid noise when compressor turns on
  40. Need to change spark plugs but which ones?
  41. Synthetic yay or nay
  42. Coolant service
  43. A/C Compressor Oil - Unable to find correct type "Zexel Type R" ??
  44. CEL p01039 Slow o2 Response Help
  45. MAF sensor interchangability
  46. proper sparkplugs for hybrid?
  47. '08 oil change interval info from SOA
  48. Crush Washers: Only at the Dealership?
  49. A/C Bolt keeps getting stripped
  50. cel p0031
  51. P0038
  52. Castrol 10/60 RS VS Motul 15/50 VS Agip 10/60
  53. About to drive from alaska to north carolina- what do I do?
  54. M1 "high mileage" syn 10w40
  55. Oil Help Please
  56. OBS Overheating
  57. check engine light is on
  58. question about wiper blades
  59. Flashing Lights after Battery Replacement
  60. Power steering squeal
  61. Cel Is On!!!! Help!!!!!
  62. FYI: Some free tech manual extracts on SPT page
  63. Heater not working
  64. AC Problem
  65. Oil: Over the 2nd dot but only used 5 qts?
  66. Is Non-Subaru Coolant OK? SOA answers!
  67. shaking/vibration under load
  68. Door Alignment - Sagging
  69. OBD2 tool connecter unable find
  70. Install Guide: Zero/Sports Cool Thermo Thermostat
  71. tranny and lsd oil question
  72. Coolant Air Removal
  73. Sqeaking Belt
  74. 05 WRX puffs of bad smelling white smoke
  75. Mobil 1 Extended Performance oil
  76. Coolant
  77. Failed Inspection for monitors "Not Ready"
  78. Flashing Dashboard on a 2004 STI
  79. What Weight Rear Diff Oil?
  80. How far can i go on a torn CV boot?
  81. Subaru Cooling System Conditioner - What IS this stuff?
  82. stripped nut=huge problems
  83. ATF overfilled?
  84. Great bolt snapping and stud-stripping fun!
  85. I Think I Used the Wrong Oil :(
  86. What's Wrong?
  87. Almost full lock troubles
  88. Still Have AC Compressor Problem
  89. Diff flush help
  90. power steering fluid change
  91. normal driving then CEL and Limp mode
  92. t-fitting
  93. Oil & a new 2.5 short block?
  94. 99 STi wiring diagram
  95. Part number question
  96. Need wheels bearings, are they "upgradable"
  97. power steering fluid
  98. One step colder or stock plugs?
  99. Checking motor mount health
  100. ac compressor noisy as hell
  101. Oil?????
  102. CEL wile driving, caused limp mode
  103. Maintenance records
  104. Another Cruise Control Problem
  105. Funny noises galore!!
  106. royale purple yes or no
  107. P0108
  108. 03 WRX, how do I improve gas mileage?
  109. wiring diagrams?
  110. CEL is KILLING me!
  111. oil filters
  112. PS/Alternator Belt Adjuster Bolt Size?
  113. Gear oil dip stick overfill
  114. How much play is too much in an axle?
  115. stripped threads during water pump install
  116. 02 Bugeye cannot rev past 2k?
  117. Motul 300V
  118. Dino oil 10w-30
  119. Brakes not working right
  120. Rocket fuel!
  121. Timing belt
  122. Splash guard regarding RUSTTT
  123. How Do You Replace A/C Clutch?
  124. Oil at 2900 miles - chg before or after tune Sat.?
  125. Subaru Coolant--does it contain conditioner?
  126. Should I change my oil at 1k miles?
  127. WRX charging problem
  128. 2.5 Hybrid using Rotella T 15w40 UOA
  129. STi vs. WRX timing belt
  130. Airbag warning light
  131. 2.5 RS w/143k miles - creaking noise and other stuff
  132. thread Repair
  133. Wheel bearings?
  134. Blackstone UOA for Amsoil 5W30 (MY06STI)
  135. EJ18 Smoking
  136. Cooling issues at idle with aftermarket radiator
  137. Colder Spark Plugs Improving Performance?
  138. Archive on park brake adjust vs Haynes manual
  139. What oil to use?
  140. Misfire codes
  141. 60k service?
  142. Trying to hunt down A/C leak
  143. Help! suspension noise
  144. Firing through exhaust after TB...not that tho...
  145. Accessory belt failure?
  146. I broke down...
  147. School me on oil filters
  148. Weird fuel leak, couple of questions
  149. non synthetic to synthetic oil?
  150. timing belt help - possible interference while hand-turning engine
  151. Steering Issue, Power Steering BAD??
  152. Attn: High-mileage WRX owners
  153. 72kmi switch to synthetic
  154. low fluids?
  155. Where do I start troubleshooting a P0447 Code
  156. Bought Service Manual from Subaru - How to organize?
  157. driver front window motor 02-03 impreza
  158. I did not need a Torx
  159. Help With CEL, Running Rich
  160. The new Subaru Multi-Tool
  161. AC high pressure hose interchange?
  162. IGNITION coil corosion...
  163. When to change the 6-speed transmission fluid - What brand to use?
  164. OEM 05 STI subaru oil filter is it good oil filter?
  165. Fluids Safety Cheat Sheet
  166. connection to drain filter problem (with pic)
  167. CEL wont go away
  168. power steering??? ebrake and batt. light on! whats going on? :(
  169. Anyone use autozone rear o2 sensor?
  170. Rear struts and sway lines cost 2001 outback
  171. Oil bolt question
  172. can i use motul 75W90 in sti diff?
  173. Fuel Gauge always on empty and CEL what do I do?
  174. EVAP Vent Control Solenoid Function Fault
  175. Castrol Syvtec 5W40 UOA
  176. Overheating- blown HG? Waterpump?
  177. Broken and Loose Spark Plug!
  178. flushed my radiator 4000 miles ago...looks like someone puked in the res
  179. Replaced Tensioner - Engine Tick Got Worse
  180. Coolant Overflow Tank Problem
  181. What motor oil should i be using
  182. copper vs. platinum plugs
  183. Clutch Master Cyl. problem?
  184. Sticky Gas Pedal
  185. Coil Doesn't Fire Until Car Warms up
  186. Thermostat opening
  187. used oil analysis results 2002 WRX what do you think?
  188. im readiness evap inc, catlyst inc... help
  189. heater core
  190. Dealership or Local Shop for maint?
  191. Valvoline 5w40 syn or Rotella T 5w40 syn
  192. Is this part ok?
  193. What is the cheapest place to get an replacment o2 sensor for 03 wrx
  194. 02 WRX Strut Replacement
  195. Royal purple for my next oil change?
  196. Idle a bit higher after alternator and belt rplacement??
  197. piston slap? tensioner? knock/tick sound
  198. check engine
  199. Mobil 1 and K&n filter a good combo?
  200. Oil Change & Engine Coolant
  201. using synthetic oil overkill?
  202. UOA: '02 WRX, M1 10W-30/15W-50 EP Mix Part II, 6.2K Miles
  203. 04 STi Low on R134, any tips?
  204. CEL p1560
  205. Motul 300V Smell?
  206. Water pump replacement at second timing belt replacement?
  207. Motul Oil In My Climate
  208. 96 leggy CEL FLASHING?
  209. 96 leggy CEL flashing
  210. help tmic problem
  211. Workshop manuals - 1993-2004 - for free
  212. Heeeelp!
  213. P0328 Knock sensor circuit high input
  214. under 3k miles ok to go up to 4k +
  215. Power steering change gone band somebody help please!
  216. Retightening Oil Filter
  217. Used Oil Analysis - Castrol Syntec 10W40 - Subaru WRX STi, 2nd sample
  218. German Castrol For Track Events?
  219. fluid change question
  220. What's that sound?
  221. 06 sti problems
  222. Broke PS belt tensioner, now what?
  223. Just bought tools, a steal or a rip off (I'm noob).
  224. Favorite one-man brake bleeding pump?
  225. Using heat on stuck nuts
  226. boost problem?
  227. Wheel bearing question
  228. cheap oil filters.
  229. STi oil change question
  230. Need Help Please!!! ODBII Monitors
  231. OBD2 reader that actualy works ???
  232. Alternative to Redline 75w90 for rear diff
  233. A/C system Oil?
  234. Help ! what seal do I use ?? (with pics)
  235. requestings 05 wrx downpipe/turbo cad diagram
  236. Stuck Speedometer
  237. ac wiring question
  238. Fuel Pressure Regulator question
  239. 5W30 or 10W30?
  240. P0065 is killing me
  241. Jiffy Lube problem
  242. 2007 sti
  243. Tie rod end just spins
  244. Miscellaneous Torque specs (list)
  245. oil change questions
  246. Going all in on a monster pot of trouble
  247. pics of connections of all the vaccum/boost lines from the turbo
  248. Noob/neurotic question
  249. +105,000 miles maintenance
  250. "AT Oil Temp" Blinking, CEL P0743, Any clue?