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  1. I hear like a liquid sound coming from the firewall
  2. wrx from dead stop, in first gear easing off the clutch, hitting the clutch point
  3. Oil drain plug question
  4. How to remove the splash guard?
  5. Please help: scratch and dented wrx
  6. TPS sensor
  7. check engine light
  8. Fumoto Valve Update. Please Help.
  9. 15k mi checkup? how much $, how important?
  10. I-Club saved me money
  11. Annoying noise when pushing clutch pedal.. where to lube?
  12. Fog Light Lens
  13. Trying To Find How Much Oil The Rear Diff Needs
  14. Leaking power steering pump or reservoir.
  15. How tro wash the engine
  16. Can Royal Purple Max Gear be used in the rear diff?
  17. any washers for drain bolt?
  18. Dealer Service
  19. quick question bout maintance schedule
  20. What is the oil capacity for the 2.5 RS?
  21. headlight & foglight Bulb replacement
  22. Ramp Question
  23. Has Anyone Changed Oil Using an Extractor?
  24. Lots of rocks and dings in radiator
  25. Lock mechanism in trunk. How to reconnect?
  26. Pep Oil Filter
  27. Mist comming from my A/C
  28. steering boot ripped
  29. buzzing noise when adjusting side mirrors?
  30. Front O2 sensor vs Rear O2 sensor (MY00 RS)
  31. it's 110 outside, and my air's broke
  32. part # for fuel filter- WRX
  33. Do I have a broken engine mount??
  34. Fram SureDRAIN
  35. Trouble code question
  36. Check Engine light came on
  37. What happens when you put a little too much oil?
  38. 60 K T belt = timing belt?
  39. Oil change w/mods
  40. A/C Problem?
  41. Oil Analysis Results
  42. Meguiar's Gold Class Instant Wheel Cleaner Safe to use?
  43. Cheapest place to buy wheel bearings?
  44. clutch squeak?
  45. How to reassemble tranny
  46. my first oil change
  47. oem boost gauge problem and possible fix
  48. Keyless entry install instructions, any help?
  49. Anyone replace their own wheel bearing?
  50. Rust on WRX?
  51. Alternator died without warning light on
  52. power steering
  53. Parking lights won't turn off
  54. Check Engine Code 1507
  55. itty bitty light bulb for seat heater switch
  56. Pinging/tapping sound help
  57. Service manuals
  58. Flutter, whistle, bad idle
  59. Is WRX battery POS? Or was it just mine?
  60. 7500 Mile Service?
  61. Disassembling rear drum brakes?
  62. Steering Wheels feels loose
  63. 150k Miles
  64. Oil Light Flickers
  65. 42,000 mile check-up
  66. Grinding into reverse
  67. engine noise in the mornings - need help!
  68. dry cell vs. wet cell
  69. Hella 500 install questions
  70. Summer (Hot) Day Maintenance
  71. BG 44K questions
  72. fuell pump regulator
  73. how long does oil last?
  74. Vishu Tech II problems
  75. fuel pump fuse?
  76. flapping noise comming from my a.c.
  77. how to get a.c. colder
  78. Prolong, V-Max, others
  79. how to take off fender
  80. cam/timing belt tensioner self installation difficulty?
  81. Service Inspections
  82. the sheet metal is thin - duh!
  83. Which Amsoil product?
  84. Fuel Filter Replacement?
  85. ECU learning continuous?
  86. Difference between Purolator filters?
  87. coolant system questions
  88. First oil change, again
  89. 2.5 DOHC Timing Belt Replacement procedure
  90. Poposed ban on sales of R134a to public
  91. Questions about my car for storage.
  92. nissan parts in my WRX?
  93. Anyone take off their radiator cap?
  94. idle problem
  95. Fuel filling issues
  96. Oil filters
  97. Fumoto valve sticks in too far
  98. Better than WD40!!
  99. How many quarts of oil for an oil change?
  100. Driver side window no work
  101. How to remove rusty bolts?
  102. How do you flush the a/c system for MY00 2.5RS
  103. removing bird crap
  104. power steering problem
  105. Lubricating Suspension
  106. Strange sound occurring under acceleration
  107. clutch problem
  108. Reading Stock Boost Gauge
  109. Anyone cut their Fumoto valve?
  110. A/C recharge question
  111. Shaking
  112. Losing oil?
  113. alignment shop in NYC area (manhattan, bkln, queens) pref
  114. Bulb #'s
  115. sunroof's shorted out?
  116. abnormal seat wear?
  117. Check engine light
  118. Rear Bumper
  119. Body shop having trim problems, help please.
  120. which FSMs are most helpful?
  121. My poor car
  122. Couple of questions
  123. Where do you put in the tranny fluid?
  124. Best synthetic oil?
  125. changing oil, how to remove plastic shield
  126. Lights out
  127. Water Dripping Under Dash
  128. Smack me for being a newb but
  129. Zaino Wax
  130. Mobil 1 oil filter for WRX
  131. Any good jacks for lowered cars that lift high?
  132. Changing the ATF in the power steering system
  133. strange sound after oil change
  134. intercooler as tool rest
  135. Squeek/Squeel at low speed - Any ideas?
  136. Fram oil filter
  137. Clutch shudder and Irvine subaru
  138. clunk, rattel sound
  139. 90k maintainence $$$?
  140. What forum? Dash light brightness method change in what year?
  141. Oil change scammers
  142. remove blow off yes/no help asap
  143. Procedure after battery disconnect?
  144. I stripped an important screw!
  145. Oil change instruction
  146. Stupid oil question (not which one is best)
  147. Need body repair advice
  148. Descriptions of parts
  149. Warning: Possible recheck 006901?
  150. Anyone has the same problems on their Suby?
  151. Knocking from under engine
  152. Code 1445 (Check Engine Light)
  153. Stolen (switched) Turbo
  154. a/c blowing hot air after coolant flush
  155. 15K service?
  156. When is your 1st service?
  157. cool coil
  158. Use different weights for synthetic?
  159. Put map lights in your MY '02 TS or RS
  160. Lovin' that oily feeling
  161. oil viscosity grade
  162. help
  163. PCV trends on high mileage engine question
  164. Burning Oil - DIY fix?
  165. random brake light flash?
  166. Redline vs. Amsoil oil?
  167. stripped rear wheel stud problems
  168. Remanufactured half shafts
  169. ECU re-learning
  170. Oil change question's 2.5RS
  171. Loud clunk sound from rear when pressing in clutch at 5k rpm in 1st gear
  172. question about brake pad/rotor install
  173. gear oil
  174. ByPass Oil Filtering System- Mounting Location?
  175. pulley torque spec
  176. How much should a 60K mile service cost for the Forester?
  177. Niagra Falls from you oil filter??
  178. You want external filters coolers and such? Check this out
  179. Transmission Fluid
  180. I need help
  181. synthetic oil summary please
  182. How do I locate the source of an oil leak?
  183. Changing diff oil with diff cover on...ugh
  184. Window squeak
  185. Spark Plug replacement - how hard?
  186. mirror removal
  187. Boston installer sucks!
  188. swirl marks?
  189. stock boost, 0.09 MPa. Low?
  190. $420 for 30k check up?
  191. what went wrong
  192. How long does Redline synthetic motor oil last?
  193. 4500 miles
  194. WRX - Sagging Driver Side Door
  195. WRX - Fitted Windshield Sun Shade?
  196. Audible thunk at start
  197. service manual on CD
  198. changing coolant
  199. trunk light
  200. Still looking for my oil leak
  201. Corrosion?
  202. Coolant change and timing belt?
  203. Fuel Light
  204. Oil Filter
  205. Passenger seat adjustment
  206. Synthetic oil, from SOA
  207. turn signals don't always work
  208. MY97 speaker install
  209. Oil overfill
  210. 15,000 mile service
  211. Can Manual Tranny Oil go Bad?
  212. 60k miles and now what
  213. Stained Paint?
  214. Cleaning the engine bay
  215. wax as you dry?
  216. What brand of oil are you using?
  217. WRX service instructions
  218. ECU reset
  219. ODB Error Code
  220. check
  221. Oil Analysis
  222. "Aftermarket power steering hose swelling not proper hose for fluid"
  223. Suspension problem
  224. Rant - Cheap Bolts
  225. Switching to synthetic oil - Anything special need to be done?
  226. A/C cycling often; strange buzz under decel
  227. o2 sensors
  228. P0442 Cel
  229. paint chips
  230. 30,000: How much are you paying (wrx)
  231. Bilstein engine flush system
  232. had a fog light stop working
  233. Wheel bearing replacement scans of service manual
  234. Getting scratches out of plastic
  235. Idle Air Control Valve: Anyone had this replaced?
  236. Aiming Headlights
  237. dumb question but please help
  238. Refrigerant Charging Procedure
  239. Refrigerant Leak Check
  240. Tire chirp while off the gas rolling in 3rd or 4th gear?
  241. ECU Reset
  242. Is the 7 year extended warranty worth it?
  243. I need info on changing gear oil (tranny)
  244. Subaru FAQ: Do I have to replace all four tires?
  245. Incorrect Gas Gauge?
  246. Interior Air Filter
  247. Loose motor mounts?
  248. center dash pocket
  249. GC8 30K Service?
  250. WRX made a noise similar to driving on a flat.