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  1. Loud POP and then clanking noise
  2. Herky Jerkiness
  3. Cylinder Missing at all RPM'S/Speeds
  4. 08 trunk release
  5. cam shaft position sensor
  6. Fuel pump not working?
  7. Window fuse blowing
  8. code P0420
  9. noob with questions soon to own a wrx
  10. Out of Control Wipers on '03 WRX
  11. ECU Reset
  12. 185K miles: Knock vs oil?
  13. What should I do about wheel bearing failure
  14. Tranny fluid change after X amount of miles?
  15. AC whines and Squeals
  16. P2102 Cel
  17. Timing Belt replacement
  18. replacing throttle body
  19. pulsating noise from wheel while cornering on highway . . ?
  20. Does anyone in Portland, OR, know a good upholstery place?
  21. oil temp gauge reaching 255 degrees
  22. Radiator issues...
  23. 03 Front Wheel rattle, goes away when braking
  24. Help All 4 Cyliders Are Misfiring!!!!
  25. Loud Tapping or Clicking Noise From Engine!
  26. Timing Belt Tensioner
  27. replacement for 02 radiator?
  28. Where is this noise coming from!?
  29. troubleshooting
  30. Service Tips Learned from a High Milage 02 WRX
  31. Fuel filter location for 2004 Legacy?
  32. Nut for wheel hub..
  33. Fuel pump losing it's damned mind!?
  34. Mobil 1 0W-40 UOA, Take a look
  35. antenna question
  36. Water Pump & Thermostat Gasket Question
  37. steering rack leak
  38. Are Craftsman impact sockets quality SIZE?
  39. Spark plugs for a 1998 Outback Sport
  40. Royal Purple
  41. Any Tips on Removing a Stuck Header
  42. Are OE struts oil charged or gas?
  43. Replaced my battery after 84000 miles, idles very low now...
  44. Oil Filters
  45. ughh, just moved to socal and now have to deal with smog, please help!
  46. Paint Help: Paint on rear bumper peeling!
  47. Timing belt
  48. Winterizing my STi
  49. A/C Leak?
  50. Timing belt questions.
  51. Premium Air filters/fuel system/injector cleaners
  52. Fuel filter replacement... HELP
  53. Dysfunctional AC, massive power loss, and a phantom CEL
  54. Very very very VERY sick Impreza. I'm in desperate need of good opinions
  55. What's the easiest do-it-yourself way to check brake pad life with minimal tools?
  56. Back flushing the coolant system
  57. disapearing, re-apearing power
  58. Squealing noise... wheel bearings?
  59. Spark Plug Gap?!? And Will Overgaping Hurt My Ride?
  60. recommend me some car ramps for oil change
  61. head gasket leak on 03 wrx?
  62. Oil filter question - K&N
  63. What is this part 21116AA010 Water Pump Sealing
  64. 180 out?
  65. A little too much for wheel bearing replacement?
  66. where can i get this, or what is it called?
  67. Help My Cylinders Are Misfiring!!!!!!!!!!!
  68. Possible Headgasket issue, Oh No1
  69. ebrake light
  70. Gas lid wont open
  71. Only made my headlights worse!
  72. Which Synthetic oil and oil filter is best for my 00RS??
  73. Can't decide on an all year oil (03WRX)
  74. Resealing the trunk/trunk leak
  75. Ok, so it's not the alternator - what is up now?
  76. Low pressure A/C Side Under vacuum
  77. German Castrol vs Mobil1
  78. Dealership coolant flush
  79. NGK Spark Plug Gapping?
  80. Cam/Crank Shaft Seal Removal
  81. my P0136 woes...
  82. Intermittently running hot. Replaced coolant and t-stat. Need ideas please.
  83. Stiff Steering fixes itself... Whats going on?
  84. Dealership "Deposit Control Kit" needed?
  85. Compression test
  86. My cornering woes
  87. SPT Intake filter question
  88. Oil filter fittment problem
  89. 08 Outback Cabin Filter
  90. Question...
  91. Header HS
  92. brake pads install dilemma, please help
  93. My Car will not fire at all
  94. oil dipstick question
  95. Heat shield and piston pin access plug
  96. Mis-fire all four cylinders(P301, 302, 303, 304)
  97. Flashing cruise light
  98. 5w30 or 10w40?
  99. sprayer adjustment
  100. Are one step colder pugs mandatory for 400whp?
  101. Drivers Front Squeaking (Brake, I think)
  102. I got a midget under my car!
  103. P0400: EGR Malfunction update
  104. How do I make my A/C not worthless?
  105. Gas mileage lower AFTER 90K maintenance and timing belt change
  106. Help My Car Please... All Sorts of Issues!!!
  107. Normal Noises?
  108. I need more MPG (Miles Per Galon)
  109. ac not cold...
  110. R134A refill adapter doesn't fit my WRX's AC service port?
  111. Advice needed: 2005 WRX w/strange problem
  112. fluid replacement
  113. timing belt replacement
  114. 30k maint. where to buy
  115. Problem: Air Conditioning Squeaks *Video + Picture*
  116. Sqweeky clutch
  117. jack stands at all 4 corners?...
  118. POLL: What brand of Oil do you use?
  119. Size of OEM Oil Drain Plug w/ Temp Sender?
  120. Heat Shield Woes...
  121. Recent mileage drop
  122. Spark Plug Heat
  123. air bag light
  124. Major tune up help
  125. Coolant question
  126. R134a for 03 WRX right? But how much?
  127. Belts & Related, What kind and where to get them?
  128. Mobil 1 OW-30
  129. 1993 Impreza L WILL NOT START HELP!!!! PLEASE
  130. Leftover oil
  131. I got a CEL, and my car is stock
  132. Crush Washer/Oil Change
  133. Impreza won't start correctly.
  134. 60k mileage wrx turbo regular v. synthetic oil?
  135. Help?
  136. O2 sensor for uppipe...
  137. Possible stress on ignition?
  138. Throwout Bearing Covered on Powertrain?
  139. Drivers seat is like a rocking chair
  140. Wheel Bearing Help
  141. Oil change, new oil?
  142. Timing Belt
  143. Need Help Please!!!
  144. Check engine light:How long till gone?
  145. When I Changed my oil....
  146. IACV questions...
  147. Is this website accurate?
  148. so i just panicked, weird noise from car....what could it be?
  149. oil
  150. Mobile1 Engine oil deal
  151. 04 STI Owners manual?
  152. 2002 4EAT Radiator replacement?
  153. Trunk vent gaskets?
  154. hydraulic tensioner
  155. prepping for comuting
  156. Oil and coolant lines
  157. Need Help! Timing belt, tensioners, idlers, water pump, crank/cam seals
  158. Battery wiring, fans are turning on
  159. 5w30
  160. VLSD rear diff maintenance q
  161. spark plugs
  162. Replacing rotors and pads... brake lines too?
  163. Rod Bearing/ Wrist Pin question
  164. Heating/Cooling Issue
  165. 0w40 rocks!
  166. overheating!
  167. Bad power steering pump?
  168. Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5w-40 is now API SM certified??
  169. musty A/C fix?
  170. New A/F Front & Rear. Now error: P0420
  171. Noise when braking
  172. 1993 Impreza Shift Lock??
  173. Friction Modifier Service??
  174. Code P0440 Evap.emission System
  175. AC Leak Help
  176. Ventilation problems
  177. 5th gear grinding
  178. Timing belt hydraulic tensioner
  179. using 10w40 oil on 2008 sti
  180. Coil packs/strange noise
  181. 30K mile service $650
  182. Air filter and cabin filter size for 2008 WRX?
  183. NEED HELP-NEW SUBARU Owner here
  184. Rod Bearing/ Shortblock Question
  185. Blown Spark Plug-Need help
  186. Front Swaybar -subframe welded nuts snapped off - HELP!
  187. Overheating, Top Hose and Radiator Cap Cold
  188. 2004 sti fuel filter location?? someone help
  189. 19k miles, low on coolant, oil, trouble?
  190. AWD, tire rotations?
  191. timing belt help, a couple q's.
  192. quick timing belt question..
  193. Timing belt help - Off by 7 teeth after one cycle of belt
  194. Radiator hoses for 2.5RS
  195. Question about Fuel Filter and Fuel Injector
  196. cyl 1 & 4 misfire
  197. Oil dripping above oil filter...
  198. 2008 STI front jack point? Where is it? Help!
  199. solenoid question
  200. engine surges when at idle when turning steering wheel
  201. check engine ? please help
  202. Is the Service Advisor Lying?
  203. 30,000 Check Up Question
  204. 2004 STi - Vibration in Narrow RPM range and a knock during 2nd gear pull
  205. Rough idle=$635!!!
  206. 800 miles with only 3qt of oil?
  207. Upgrades soon but 100K mi services required
  208. How many miles between oil changes, poll
  209. Hot deal on Purolator oil filters
  210. 05 wrx manuals? can i get one...
  211. any ideas on dessicant bags in intake?
  212. Can u HELP??
  213. pulstar spark plugs
  214. Disconnecting Rear Diff to tow?
  215. Intermittent AC...Cuts out when idling, kicks back in during cruise...
  216. Cel P0483
  217. Bad crank on MY99 EJ22. Replacing with MY96 motor bad?
  218. Pulled #2 misfire and Camshaft sensor codes, now what?
  219. Engine gunk
  220. AC COmpressor having issues?
  221. cluster
  222. maintenance help, and i need to get rid of my exaust!
  223. Troubleshooting codes from scanner
  224. does anyone else have a really finicky crush washer/plug thing going on?
  225. Time for changing timing belt???
  226. New radiator problem
  227. Best ANSI/ALI certified 10K lb. 2 post lift for under $3,000?
  228. A/C Always On?
  229. P/W Clearance Stock 07 WRX
  230. Blackstone Results
  231. Any point in upgrading the battery?
  232. Battery?
  233. Violent Boost!
  234. Just changed 6MT oil- comments/tips
  235. just weird
  236. Speedo and Tach stopped, ABS light..= battery or Alt?
  237. Where's my coolant leaking from?
  238. Need Help: Air Conditioning works intermittently
  239. airbag light...still on after putting in a different clock spring
  240. tumbler valve malfunction
  241. Engine and transmission mounts?????
  242. 30K Service
  243. Need help please!!
  244. Another need help thread... Electrical/Fuel?
  245. Clunking noise from the trunk
  246. home boost leak test ?
  247. Michelin Radius Wipers $20 @ Wal-Mart w/$10 rebate
  248. Blower Motor Resistor Pack - 02 WRX
  249. Question on factory replaced engine....
  250. Question regarding 6spd transmission filter.