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  1. heavier oil?
  2. help. what hose goes through here? (pictures included)
  3. Need some help with a perisistent CEL issue that popped up at 122K miles.
  4. Hard cold start & steering problems.
  5. MAF problems
  6. how often to change plugs on wrx?
  7. Starter issues
  8. Fix Blower Motor Resistor DIY
  9. UOA: Castrol GTX 10w-30
  10. lost all electrical power, but engine runs.
  11. P0483 Control Fan Rationality Check Malfunction
  12. 08 STi won't start, doesn't turn over, battery charged
  13. Cel help p0108 and p1143
  14. 2006 wrx
  15. 1997 Impreza OBS 2.2L with engine noise w/Video
  16. Radiator Drain plug grommet missing
  17. No AC?
  18. stupid sunroof! works randomly.....halp!!
  19. How do I FIX a squeeky clutch fork??
  20. steering rack failing? something else? please help.
  21. Fuel Filter
  22. CEL error code: BBHO2S11
  23. P0420 debugging after engine swap
  24. what needs to be replaced if airbags deploy?
  25. Help with timing belt!!!
  26. TGV Question, Throwing a code
  27. CEL and blinking cruise after walbro fuel pump install
  28. help! car won't start after swap
  29. Help! oil pressure low and idle low
  30. front o2 sensor
  31. AC Belt Replacement Help
  32. Overheating
  33. Fuel Aeration
  34. Replacing brake pads on WRX 4 pots
  35. Misfires on cyl. 1,2, & 4 after new Timing belt.
  36. Timing belt replacement question
  37. Misfired, CEL, fixed misfire, cleared CEL, failed smog...
  38. A/C clutch not working?
  39. ABS light came on
  40. Radiator crack, fixable?
  41. Heavy Vibration - Strange noise
  42. New subaru oil filter
  43. White smoke with CEL code P0031
  44. Can you use 14460 filter on 04+ Turbo subaru's?
  45. ABS light, DCCD acting funny, and then a CEL
  46. low oil during start up?
  47. CEL came on
  48. A/C no longer working
  49. A/C no cold air during idle?...
  50. Car died while driving and wont stay running now, need your help!!
  51. Where is the PC Valve?
  52. Pinch weld jack adaptor with side skirts?
  53. oil and oil filter
  54. replacing front o2 sensor with wideband?
  55. Battery and Brake warning the same time
  56. replacing oil seperator plate... sealant alternatives?
  57. 04 STi A/C problem
  58. What is this bracket for and do I need to fix it?
  59. Oil Report Castrol GTX 10w30
  60. Strange PO302 code, help please(03 wrx)
  61. Repainting my APS FMIC??
  62. car turned off during driving
  63. Exhaust Rust and oem parts question
  64. Synthetic Oil for my Suby?
  65. A dumb oil question not really
  66. codes... but only when really cold?
  67. 100000miles!
  68. First oil change: 2008sti
  69. Adjusting the Parking Brake
  70. Bad Alternator???
  71. ID This bolt please (large pics)
  72. Best plugs
  73. Where can I get a good timing belt kit for my bugeye?
  74. stripped threads on the body! recomendations please!...
  75. Crossthreaded a subframe bolt hole. What options do i have
  76. why am I misfiring now ??
  77. P/S
  78. '97 LGT Exhaust Gas Recirc Flow Malfunction (P0400)...still
  79. Banjo bolt?
  80. Front wheel driver side making grinding and sqeaking noise, (help)
  81. Turbo Oil Filter Screen
  82. Help Boost leak?
  83. Quick timing belt question!
  84. Noise from A/C clutch after belt change
  85. GC users
  86. Could coolant temp sensor be the problem
  87. Oops, let brake fluid get too low...
  88. Front 02 sensor price variances...for 2002 wrx
  89. Replaced timing belt, now noise...
  90. ONE STEP COLD plugs dont work?
  91. 07 WRX a/c problem- any info will help!
  92. 2006 STI lifting points
  93. crankshaft bolt direction?
  94. Engine oil 5w30 vs 5w50
  95. Running Hot
  96. P0135 and cold-start stuttering
  97. Old Gas
  98. CC still flashing after cleared code. quick question.
  99. Need Power steering pump advicel
  100. when to replace a oil pump
  101. Car drives/sounds funny after timing belt install
  102. 02 wrx wont start after timing please help
  103. What do these plugs tell you?
  104. Orifice tube filter?
  105. i'm approaching 100k miles...
  106. Got ZDDP?
  107. Changing all fluids in 05 Legacy 2.5i auto
  108. SPT Timing Belt
  109. Head Nut torque
  110. How do I maintain a low Mileage STi that almost never sees driving
  111. Squeekin
  112. 98 forester tune up?
  113. Wipers going too far... Help needed!
  114. cat back exhaust 98 forester?
  115. Engine is TOAST... what now??
  116. Help me diagnose...
  117. RLI HD20 in production
  118. Putting some new plugs in
  119. im retarded
  120. Intake help.
  121. Slow turn issues
  122. Switched to Tokyo Roki filter, higher oil temp?
  123. Does this sound like a misfiring cylinder?
  124. What Oil Do You Use? - 06/07 WRX's
  125. cars slower with thicker oil?
  126. 2004 STi Camshaft Position Sensor Failure
  127. working on clutch need finished tonight plz help
  128. Which parts for an EJ20g?
  129. 2009 NA impreza won't start
  130. Timing Belt change part list
  131. synthetic oil and regular oil
  132. CEL blinked on while cruising
  133. Fill refrigerant to AC
  134. Is Mobile 1 M1-108 filter OK to use on a 2002 WRX?
  135. Just changed oil separator plate.. question
  136. Need help desperately!
  137. Head gaskets being replaced, what else to do while engine is out
  138. GD driver side window off tracks
  139. Strange noise when making right turns
  140. Battery keeps going dead when car is off. Need advice on the problem
  141. Walmart has stopped carrying Royal Purple. What am I to do...
  142. Thermostat/Coolant Problem
  143. Halman Boost Controler...
  144. Fuel pump dying???
  145. cel code p0420
  146. Spark plug change, now slight issue
  147. Shop forgot to put coolant in my car after 30k mile service..
  148. 2005 wrx transmission clarification
  149. downpipe to catback exhaust leak, help
  150. Tune up parts, which to use?
  151. Long list of problems, which need attention first?
  152. Feedback on Engine Oils for 2006 WRX
  153. Power steering fluid change
  154. How To: Diagnose and Fix your Trunk Leak
  155. Replacing windshield 2007 Impreza Outback Sport SE
  156. clunking sound coming from rear of my '04 STi
  157. Fuel Damper Valve?
  158. Spark Plug ? (I did look at sticky)
  159. Strut Lifespan?
  160. windshield replacement
  161. Car won't turn on! Sometimes...
  162. Gunk in gas tank
  163. CEL P1116 no info around
  164. How long do YOU usually wait to run the engine after using subaru sealant?
  165. External HG Leak Question
  166. radiator fans
  167. Squeeking subie...(vid)
  168. Advice for my local mechanic...
  169. Gas Leak during filling
  170. Clicking from dash, only above 1700rpm
  171. HELP! Timing Belt Slipped, Heads Got Smoked, Now What?....
  172. 02 wrx lefthand cams wont line up
  173. Which oil/oil filter to use in a STi w/ CP pistons (100mm)& eagle rods?
  174. Mystery coolant leak…help, I’ve got a long drive home
  175. Timing Belt Replacement Issues
  176. Help needed to diagnose my MY02 WRX.
  177. Car overheating while moving, ideas?
  178. Oil Question
  179. Expansion Valve ???
  180. Sti sat for 6 months
  181. Where am I leaking oil? Pics Inside
  182. 02 WRX engine misfire
  183. time to do wrx timing belt!
  184. engine turns over but won't start
  185. strange start
  186. Which Thermostat/hoses?
  187. Is it worth it?
  188. I/C spray question
  189. Belts?
  190. oil pump gasket question.
  191. 20 Hour Drive in my STI: Oil Guidlines + Others
  192. Question about salvaged 98rs' and head gasket problems
  193. 07 Wrx A/c Leak?!?!?!
  194. Suggested Service other than Performanc Subaru in Chapel Hill NC
  195. 02 WRX starts then dies after a backfire
  196. Short hesitation after start, idles fine
  197. clanking sound after up pipe install
  198. Low boost problems.
  199. 5 Codes, thin wallet....
  200. 02 Fairly stock WRX NO Boost
  201. Air conditioner / conditioning leak, 03 WRX
  202. SRS light stays on.... how to check what is going on?
  203. STi Stalled out and Won't start now
  204. Drain plug/washer
  205. waterpump on 2004 2.5L XT?
  206. Source of Tokyo Roki (Black OEM) Oil Filters
  207. ting, ting, tinging noise from right rear of wrx
  208. AC Compressor Clutch Replacement?
  209. Is my door open?
  210. Type of grease subaru uses for bearings?
  211. done did.
  212. UOA: '04 WRX, GC 0w30, 84k miles - WTF!?
  213. AC filled w/ freon...blows hot, refilled...blows cold What gives?
  214. Amsoil 5w40 to 5w30
  215. oil o ring where does it go?
  216. Best way to seal valve covers on car? Subaru techs please help...
  217. timing belt looks odd.
  218. stupid question of the night - brake pads
  219. 2006 WRX spark plug question
  220. Exhaust Manifold Rattling. What can I do?
  221. got a ? about bosch filter
  222. 90k service + fuel filter question.. am I being BSed?
  223. Camsprocket holder advice during timing belt change
  224. I has no A/C :unamused:
  225. Help needed ASAP - timing belt replacement
  226. timing belt alignment after install ?
  227. help with diagnosis
  228. Zerolift position question regarding valves
  229. Another P0442 problem
  230. when to change rotors
  231. The life of a turbo???
  232. Oil light on when idling
  233. Is my AC compressor toast?
  234. ac clutch problem!
  235. ej 253 compression test procedure
  236. Craftsman torque wrench lock ring - fixed mine
  237. Coil Pack Bolt - How Frustrating
  238. New PCV Valve Borked?
  239. Uppipe gasket replacement question
  240. What pressure for OEM Radiator cap?
  241. Quick question about axles...
  242. Anti-seize and spark plugs
  243. AC not working question
  244. Can my 06 WRX be out of freon already?
  245. not to recharge your ac...
  246. Not ready status...... help
  247. wierd symptoms after tgv delete?
  248. knock sensor
  249. Oil Leaking from Front Center of Engine
  250. trunk lock