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  1. 95 legacy LS
  2. 02 Fuel pump Sock
  3. Reseting ECU
  4. "Seafoam"/B-12 Results & Observations
  5. capacitys for 99 RS?
  6. Fuel Filter Locations
  7. Which water to mix with coolant?
  8. Weird Smell
  9. who ships oem coolant?
  10. 2002 WRX rear Diff: Subaru LSD oil????
  11. How's this timing belt kit look?
  12. My A/c is not working AT ALL please help.
  13. Just to clarify about coolant.....(zerex dexcool questions)
  14. Engine problems - compressor?
  15. UOA: 07wrx rotella 5/40
  16. Nippon oil filters now at NAPA
  17. Cel - P0026, P0028, P0082, P0420
  18. Oil filter experts please weigh in on faulty filter:
  19. Cheap radiator pissing steam...Other advice before giving car away
  20. Spark Plug Wire Brand
  21. Kendall full synthetic
  22. My Heater Fan only works on full blast. Why?
  23. Heater Fan only works on Full Blast. Help!
  24. 95 Impreza doesn't kick over...
  25. Expansion Valve Removal, need some help.
  26. steering rack boot replacement question
  27. PROPER A/O PLUMBING element tuning
  28. 2005 STi cylinder 1 misfire
  29. Air condition issue?
  30. Mildew Smell
  31. Is it safe to douse the calipers with brake cleaner while installed?
  32. Isn't tranny oil supposed to be red?
  33. Post Swap Help
  34. trying to pinpoint a slow oil leak
  35. Help installing timing belt tensioner!
  36. Wheel bearing the same?
  37. Stuck plugs - dealer wants to pull engine?
  38. 02 WRX Wagon Power steering fluid leak
  39. Testing a bad MAF?
  40. Head gaskets that won't leak.
  41. 10 codes after swap...Help me out..
  42. Timing jumped when starting car...this is second time?!?!?
  43. A/C Condener replacement, any wisdom?
  44. Why is my coolant not using all 7.4 quarts of coolant?
  45. Hard codes?
  46. 96 legacy ecu restarts every time i start the car
  47. consequences of running disconnected 02 sensor?
  48. Brake interlock
  49. Turbo Oil Feed Line
  50. coil plug locations
  51. Oil to full?
  52. New UpPipe installed, normal or leak?
  53. Larger Oil Filter?
  54. weird A/C noise.
  55. Alternator Housing/Idler Pulley Torque Specs
  56. Sti Timing belt
  57. No AC but refrigerent not low in 2002 outback
  58. Having trouble removing fuel filter hoses
  59. Antifreeze everywhere!
  60. Shift Shaft Seal leak?? Anyone heard of this?
  61. p1130
  62. Best oil for 05 STI?
  63. Extra oil filter my impreza
  64. Scanner codes?????
  65. redline gear oil
  66. Silver or iridium spark plugs?
  67. gates racing belts
  68. BOV Question
  69. Cam2 5W/30, 3022, Subaru WRX STI
  70. Any way to suggest that a timing belt has been changed?
  71. Best spark plugs for 2005 legacy gt
  72. What size bolt on the driver's side exhaust bushing
  73. What spark plugs??
  74. diferential and transmition fluid swap
  75. What's the proper way to clean the MAF sensor?
  76. Camshaft support won't sit flush after new o-ring
  77. Cheap 2.5T plugs...NEW DENSO plugs
  78. Codes and....Part numbers?
  79. Grinding Noise When I turn Right!?
  80. Timing belt change due at 105k miles?
  81. Need help with old style tensioner
  82. Any trick for getting the tbelt on?
  83. SS turbo lines
  84. 2005 WRX Engine Hiccup Problem
  85. stripped coil pack bolt
  86. Oil Filter Difference?
  87. vague CEL
  88. ABS light in the dash...Tone ring prob.
  89. ball joint diy?
  90. Which NGK plugs to go with?
  91. CEL + Curise Light Blinking ever 2s
  92. Mobile 1 filter with Amsoil 100% synthetic?
  93. A/C pulley/clutch
  94. Alternator idler pulley/belt problem (not the same old one either)
  95. MY 04 WRX just threw off a massive number of CELS, pic included
  96. 97 LGT Raw Fuel Smell
  97. Driver's side window stuck on '02 wrx
  98. Oil Leak From Front Bottom Center of Engine that Isn't the Oil Pump?
  99. 02 WRX slow to start/raw fuel smell
  100. Eneos Oil
  101. rear brake caliper replacement?
  102. How to drain out A/C Freon?
  103. Boost Problem!
  104. Air condition need help!
  105. thumping noise when very light on gas? (its not the rear diff)
  106. A/C problem - mentioned nowhere else
  107. Valve Adjustment? EJ25 N/A
  108. I believe my starter is going but...
  109. High RPMs at idle
  110. Just replaced my front diff oil and now getting a grind in first
  111. HELP! broken spark plug
  112. 02 wrx ac not working
  113. A/C stopped working...
  114. My a/c compressor is toast!
  115. weird A/C problem
  116. cel and cruise blinking?~!
  117. CV joint going at 33K miles? (06 Baja)
  118. 2005 Front Inner CV Boot... Hard to find?
  119. WTF Is "Sensor Output Waveform"
  120. Gearbox/differentials/DCCD oil change..
  121. Bolt lengths for starter motor (MT, on EJ257)
  122. Has anyone had an a/c leak here?
  123. Oil filter relief pressure / oil pressure spec
  124. boost leak troubleshoot??
  125. rear wheel gets hot!!!
  126. 99 Impreza Outback Unexpectedly Dies
  127. 4eat Trans Fluid and Front+Rear Diff Change
  128. So....why does my car idle at 2200?
  129. Does Octane Booster Really Work?
  130. Which sensor do I need????
  131. pulstar plugs?
  132. Vibration on slow right turn
  133. Windshield Washer Leak - Rear Window
  134. 2002 WRX Timing belt Parts question
  135. need help with something older (1990 loyale)
  136. Which plugs should I use?
  137. Got code P1135...
  138. Help OBD Port Not Functioning
  139. oem filter
  140. Mystery Vibration/Noise
  141. Odd Engine Vibration
  142. Tranny drain plug gasket?
  143. Dumb question, please help.
  144. Oil Overfill (slightly): do I need to drain and how?
  145. Ground Location
  146. Airbag Light On?? Help!
  147. Need Help! Air/Fuel Correction #3 Reading -55%
  148. Anyone used Amsoil P.i. Gas Additive Concentrate?
  149. 2006 STi Timing Belt Service Question
  150. Oil Filter Disposal
  151. 2005 STi Transmission Fluid Change
  152. blown motor
  153. Decided on Amsoil
  154. subaru turbo oil starvation
  155. Help with Check Engine Code P0021
  156. Coolant overflow tube kinked
  157. New Timing belt skipping teeth.
  158. New timing belt cause of misfiring?
  159. Replacing external door trim
  160. Wont Start? Lights work, etc/ Heat???
  161. tranny and diff fluid swap (motul users)
  162. german castrol- new bottle, different color??
  163. Somebody Help ? !
  164. A/C Help, It's 95 degs outside and it's acting up!
  165. A/C compressor not disengaging?
  166. A/C leak... any suggestion?
  167. Is the 2005 STi's wiring harness significantly different than other 05 imprezas?
  168. CEL P0134 help
  169. Impreza A/C Tensioner Pulley
  170. 2.2 OBS Exhaust pipe size
  171. UOA: Joe Gibbs Racing XP1
  172. Safe to jack up car anywhere along pinch weld?
  173. Issues after vf39 swap
  174. Timing belt backside wear
  175. Radiator coolant sensor unplugged...
  176. Drive belts cracked - where to get belt - couple other ?'s
  177. 95 Impreza A/C Compressor Oil
  178. changed header->cat pipe gasket...still have exhaust leak :(
  179. 60K Maintenance
  180. Flashing CEL....misfiring then back to normal?
  181. Jammed up front right brake caliper. Already cleaned it once...can use 98 forester?
  182. P301 Misfire
  183. Purolator Cabin Air Filter for the Pignose Impreza
  184. Oil filter and Oil question
  185. need to fix a DIY r134a A/C conversion
  186. Ice forming on low pressure AC line
  187. Issue i ran into today!
  188. What Fluids would you recoment to use in 07 sti swap
  189. Inconsistent or sporadic oil loss?
  190. IACV question
  191. P0031 : My solution after new sensor didn't work.
  192. Free oil analysys
  193. AC Compressor Grinding/Knocking
  194. Repost
  195. just hit 144,444
  196. Cel P1591
  197. Water coming in through floorboards?
  198. toothed idler for 2.5rs
  199. Help! Oil Drain Plug stripped!
  200. 2001 Forester Lighting Issue
  201. Inspect wheel bearing lubricant
  202. CEL Codes P0500 and P1540 =(
  203. Instant Oil Change
  204. Can you inspect your clutch with a fiber optic camera?
  205. What to look for in a USED 04' STI? help asap??
  206. Heat Shield Rattle
  207. Another mobil one thread..
  208. Got error p0420 even with AP
  209. 07 WRX transmission fluid
  210. Using a torque wrench on drain plug
  211. Help Please! Coolant released by Turbo Reservoir cap
  212. Changing AT oil/filter and differential oil
  213. 3-inch donut gasket info
  214. Lower control arm rear (transverse link) bushing aftermarket replacement
  215. Best place to buy O2 sensor?
  216. misfire, fuel injector or low compression
  217. A/C Compressor kicks on and off, on and off - AC Clutch?? IT's HOT here!
  218. How bad is this divider-jumping damage?
  219. AC Problems - Bad expansion valve?
  220. Can I use a 2000 RS o2 sensor in my 99 ?(different plug)
  221. Anyone have a problem with their starter?
  222. Mobil 1 Question!
  223. A/C troubles
  224. flashing cel!!
  225. 99 2.2 timing belt specs
  226. Timing way off??
  227. Hand Tight Oil Filter
  228. oil pan bolt =(
  229. Are marks for timing belt close enough. pics inside
  230. 60K Mile Service - Whats needed???
  231. A/C, Battery problem? Please advise.
  232. 2.5i Head gasket replacement ?
  233. Brand new A/F sensor with antiseize on it? Safe to use?
  234. OFF or ON brakes, vibration felt in steering wheel???
  235. Misfire Help
  236. A/C issue - suggestion
  237. 06 wrx fuel filter convertion?
  238. thoughts on running 5w-40
  239. Small water leak under passenger side dash after using A/!
  240. How to properly torque rear diff fill plug (STi)
  241. Service Maintenance: Timing belt for California cars
  242. So the carpet in my trunk warped.
  243. brake fluid capacity?
  244. Crank pulley removal.
  245. Conventional or Synthetic.. really a difference for DD
  246. Want some opinions, broken o2 sensor?
  247. 2008 WRX AC belt on 2002
  248. What Material is Fuel Pump Wrapped In?
  249. Redtek AC charge kit
  250. Tune up time. Want your info