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  1. first oil change?
  2. A/C Overhaul in 02 WRX Suggestions/Advice?
  3. Spark plugs for JDM big port heads?
  4. Should I be surprised that my 6 year old car needs an AC recharge
  5. STi Radiator Cap Question
  6. Engine /Shifting problems 02 OB MT
  7. Tell Tale Signs Of HG Replacement?
  8. 95 legacy - issues
  9. Timing belt replacement kit - '01, GDA, EDM
  10. Alternator blelt and AC belt destroyed in under 10k miles?!
  11. Can I drive on bad head gaskets?
  12. 60K service for '02 WRX = $$$$$$?
  13. Is it ok to drive the car with a bad ps pump?
  14. Loosing Oil.... Solutions?
  15. Is there an inline fuel filter in my car? Or just in tank? 07 sti
  16. 2000 2.5RS ?? Which plugs are best ??
  17. Timing belt help
  18. Pumping fuel issues
  19. Cooling system / Head gasket concern.
  20. Help with engine knocking
  21. Help. doing my own 60K service
  22. Meatys Timing Belt Changing Guide
  23. Wobbling / Hollow noise when turning...
  24. Help! Engine Running, But no gas???
  25. Motor mount help
  26. AC not blowing cold air
  27. AC clutch noise on both my 02 and 04
  28. 07 WRX 5MT fluid change ?'s
  29. Head gasket question
  30. Increased RPMs after 60,000 Mile Service
  31. Shift Lock and Brake Lights Dont Work??
  32. Transmission Oil Change Question
  33. Spark Plugs: Quenching is an issue to consider?
  34. Coolant loss
  35. SPt Intake filter
  36. P1507 and Neutral Switch info thread....
  37. TGV codes and misfire code upon start up
  38. DIY: 30k Maintenance for Naturally Aspirated Imprezas
  39. Replaced head gasket. Still overheating.
  40. Intermitent no-start 2002 WRX HELP ASAP!
  41. Any local chains carry the Fumoto?
  42. Oil filter brand
  43. Rear suspension bushing tool
  44. Just Installed A New Radiator On 03 Wrx, Got A Question
  45. 2004 sti security light?
  46. 06 WRX CEL and flashing cruise control light.
  47. Overheating After Radiator Install?? Help!
  48. idle help!!
  49. crank pulley issues
  50. Unable to Locate Coolant Leak
  51. O2 Sensor Question
  52. A/C compressor interchangable sti to wrx?
  53. Idle air control valve...looking for wiring diagram(s)
  54. 2009 Impreza Sport clunk/poping noise from back of car when first taking off
  55. Clicking Noise When Turning
  56. A/c compressor install
  57. Check engine, traction control, cruise control lights
  58. timing belt reference lines
  59. Lower ball Joint Install Questions
  60. How much smoke for a turbo to be toast?
  61. Overheating issues
  62. Whirring/humming
  63. weird a/c problem
  64. Windshield wiper problem
  65. Overfill from the factory
  66. Heading towards 100k miles - things I should check/replace while I do timing belt
  67. P0420 ?
  68. A/C non-use question
  69. Inquiring about tranny oil capacity?
  70. I need someone to mount up my Block!
  71. Am I in trouble?
  72. Engine break oil choice
  73. Cruise Control Issue
  74. Transmission Filter(s) ?
  75. Subaru
  76. maf snesor not working???
  77. Window, Door lining issue
  78. help please
  79. Air conditioning causes rough engine, ideas?
  80. Cam Seal/O Rng SCREW UP?? EJ25 SOHC. HELP!!
  81. Need AC help
  82. Heads being resurfaced. Pull cams?
  83. newbie question regarding gear/differential oil
  84. Belt changing caveats
  85. A/C Pump Going Bad
  86. Compressor oil spill... now what?
  87. Timing specs. for a 00 Forester
  88. Gas filler hose is cut! wtf
  89. '06 Fuel Filter Wrx
  90. turned on heat for a sec, now no A/C
  91. Anyone know how to refill a car battery?
  92. What is this pipe below the intake manifold?
  93. Ic noise
  94. 90 legacy clutch
  95. Trouble filling up (Gas)
  96. A/C compressor scuffing sound
  97. Awesome Amsoil 5W-30 UOA
  98. A/C stopped work, compressor not engaging
  99. Anyone diagnose and repair their AC ??
  100. Flashing/Blinking Check Engline Light CEL! HELP!!
  101. I need some insight on wheel bearings...
  102. oil filter on 09 2.5i same as the one on 05 sti?
  103. perrin intake filter cleaning??
  104. Emissions Test: OBD Scanner Fails to access ECU
  105. Starting problems
  106. Help removing cam gear bolt!
  107. Belt squeel sound?
  108. problems when shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear
  109. 06 STi..modded..problems..cel
  110. Jack Stand Location pictures
  111. Hazards don't work
  112. NEED help with ecu trouble codes please... wont rev over 1500rpm
  113. Help Replacing Ac
  114. AC needs new pulley and belts?
  115. can't get front 02 sensor off!!!
  116. Help please, i need some info on timing belts.
  117. Quick Tire Wear Question
  118. Repair Manual?
  119. Replacing calipers - block hose?
  120. 06 sti cold start idle drop (fp red+alky+++)
  121. found torn boots under car.. how to fix? (pics)
  122. slights squeak in front end
  123. HAMP oil filters
  124. Check Engine Reset Question
  125. Long Hood Light / Work Light
  126. Prolong
  127. ECU exchange?
  128. I Need Technical Help
  129. gates water pump
  130. UOA: '04 STi w/ high copper
  131. Does anyone use or recommend using ZDDPlus?
  132. Need Help: Broke a bolt off in the chassis and its stuck!
  133. Air Conditioning
  134. FilterDot - Snap-on magnetic filtration for your oil filter
  135. Oil plug size
  136. Need a cluch alignment tool. any ideas ?
  137. First oil change....wowser
  138. IC Support picture request
  139. Help!!!!!!
  140. oil change super noob question
  141. Air Bag Light??
  142. FWD Relay?
  143. Did Brakes Plus screw me?
  144. Best way to fix oil leak
  145. Radiator Fluid...possible dumb question
  146. OEM Air Filter Size?
  147. ripped CV boot
  148. Quick oil opinion needed.
  149. A/C part help
  150. Uncle Scotty will appreciate this..... My M1 story
  151. squeal and lurch
  152. A/C Help
  153. Are these new Blue oil filters any good?
  154. 6 speed servicing qns
  155. Lucas Oil "tranny stop slip"
  156. Boo car won't start 06 sti
  157. Boosting issues
  158. Advice Needed for a recent problem with turbo
  159. Using API SL oil when manual calls for API SM
  160. Fluid capacity question
  161. 97 LGT CV boots abye bye
  162. Need help fixing door hinge & window sensor...
  163. K&N / resusable air filters vs. gas mileage
  164. Castrol 5w-50 or M1 0w-40 or Valvoline Syn 5w-40
  165. Ebrake Light staying on
  166. Cam Seals Second Time Around '02 EJ25 SOHC
  167. New Member with fuel trouble
  168. HELP: The dealership screws up an oil change...
  169. Ac ?
  170. '02 WRX Valve adjustment?
  171. Fuel Filter 06 wrx
  172. where does this O-ring go?
  173. Fuel gauge misreading after Walbro pump install
  174. Transmission fluid change for 4eat
  175. 2010 Legacy/Outback drain plug gasket pn
  176. Tranny same as Rear Diff Fluid??
  177. ecu location
  178. Missing 5 Litres?
  179. Car Dead Immediately After Hour Drive
  180. Windshield Wiper Fluid, any requirements?
  181. p0031 to p1130
  182. CEL and cruise control light blinking...
  183. Hesitation between 20mph and 40mph
  184. Sending unit Question. Help Appreciated.
  185. Replacing Upper Coolant Hose
  186. Front Axle issue / Need Help!
  187. Wheel still vibrating...
  188. Low fuel light goes on and off at 1/4 tank
  189. How long should slotted rotors last? please help
  190. CPU reprogram/O2 sensor replaced question
  191. Linseed oil? sti rear end WTF?!
  192. having trouble splitting crank case halves
  193. Wiper fluid motor doesn't make a sound?
  194. Head Gasket Job Rate/Cost?
  195. Repair shop?
  196. PIC request: 04-06 sti turbo/dp flange with heat shields off
  197. A/C question
  198. Pennzoil Platinum $15 rebate or Walmart GC of $15
  199. Engine problem driving home (08 WRX)
  200. Buying 2003 wrx w/ high mileage, first maintenance?
  201. Replacing e-Brake Lever
  202. Gas light after spark plug change?
  203. Interesting beta site for part numbers
  204. Air Conditioning gurus: I found my leak, now how do I fix it?
  205. Need help with jack stands
  206. rubber inner wheel well trim repair 2000 OBS
  207. Help with align cam sprocket
  208. need help, just got into the subbies..
  209. What would happen if spark plugs were not tight enough?
  210. Window Wont Roll Down
  211. New battery and wrap?
  212. Filter leak on 02
  213. Pic request : Where to pour Seafoam in a 2006 WRX?
  214. Fuel filter: Generic or OEM?
  215. Need Advice on adding freon
  216. windshield wiper wiring
  217. Stripped turbo stud :(
  218. Adjusting D-side Front Window
  219. One more Shell Rotella Used Oil Analysis.....
  220. cheapest place to order Motul 300 75w90?
  221. Mice in the Vents?
  222. Why Is My Car Doing This!!!!????
  223. UOA on Valvoline SynPower: let me know how it looks
  224. tumle generator valve?
  225. 3rd Gen Impreza Faulty Evaporator Units?
  226. Overheating while moving only VERY strange
  227. Need help finding replacment coolent hose
  228. Need help locating sensors.
  229. Synthetic brake fluid=cheaper maintenance
  230. Changed plug, ran fine, then sputtering and misfiring again....hallllp
  231. 2002 RS AC Compressor b0rked...
  232. German Castrol Syntec 0W30
  233. low oil today
  234. Front diff oil???
  235. Hydrolock Scare
  236. Power steering related question....
  237. AC compressor leak!
  238. 2.5RS Head Gasket Replacement
  239. Lightweight Shock Proof! HELP!!!
  240. 04 sti overheating...
  241. My STI is overheating when the AC is on and the AC fan doesnt work, why overheating?
  242. AC Diagram Needed ASAP
  243. Flushed Power steering today
  244. Found AC expansion valve in it?
  245. Crank position sensor stuck
  246. R/R Spark plugs, now horn goes off & no POWER
  247. Subaru + Synthetic Oil
  248. What oil should i use?
  249. A/C Compressor: Grabs and Squeels on initial start up
  250. 09 WRX...rattle/squeak from tranny or suspension just aftering starting