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  1. Intake replacement question
  2. big hit in MPG after switching oil brand
  3. Strange " Buzz" sound
  4. no spark on two coils
  5. WaterPump Spewed! How long Does The Smell LInger?
  6. Problems turning sharply at low speed. HELP
  7. I just had to add a quart of oil to my WRX....? please help
  8. Cost of Subaru 150 point inspection?
  9. danged undercover clips
  10. When vaccuum bleeding brakes, cap on or off?
  11. slow windshield wiper
  12. White Smoke and Plastic Burning Smell.. What is the problem?
  13. Gas Tank Bolt Information/Suggestions
  14. The Fresh Prince of Engine Problems (or, Am I Right or What?)
  15. Argh..Almost!
  16. wrx repair histories
  17. Thud noise
  18. Broken Gas Light/ Squeeky Clutch on 02 WRX.
  19. overheating XT
  20. where to b uy cheap 02 sensor?
  21. 2008/09 WRX Rear Windshield washer sprayers
  22. Timing belt brands...
  23. Off brand Subaru STI Fuel Filter
  24. Fuel Sender Location
  25. Trunk swap....only 4 bolts or springs 2?
  26. K & N Drop in Filter
  27. Battery Issues!
  28. p0201 on 96 EJ18
  29. Your FAVORITE engine OIL for N/A
  30. What Milage is Timing Belt Change Necesary?
  31. P0031-Is is the upstream or the downstream 02 sensor I need to replace?
  32. Timing Belt Pulleys!
  33. Where is the idle air control valve?
  34. Legacy 2.2L - loss of power
  35. I've beenon the fence about buying an AEM EUGO Wideband, but just got CEL P0031.
  36. Pics or DIY of Up-Pipe Install?
  37. Thickest grease? Ball/socket in base of shifter rattling.
  38. Possible starter problems
  39. EJ25 high temp/overheating
  40. Service disaster - engine help needed
  41. Replaced Upstream 02 Sensor at 105K, now getting P0546! WTH!
  42. What type of oil shall i choose to use???
  43. how many qts?
  44. aircon problem ?
  45. Changed air filter, check engine light on now
  46. 2008 Impreza rear seat removal
  47. Changed my driving routine, how often should I change my oil?
  48. a little worried about
  49. Rear differential lifespan
  50. Window scratching after new tint job.
  51. 1996 Subaru Legacy Wagon Issue
  52. P0031 Ho25 Heater Control Circuit low Bank1 Sensor 1
  53. skipped timing belt step
  54. 94 Impreza with ODD starting issue
  55. 08 STI Rear Diff.: Motul 300 or Severe Gear?
  56. oil pump o-ring/reseal how to
  57. Please Help! STi Overheated And Wont Start! Cruise Light Blinking!
  58. engine oil quart
  59. Timing belt method - why not do it this way?
  60. Which O2 sensor?
  61. Difference between Amsoil and Amsoil XL?
  62. Cel P2092 ?
  63. Air fuel issues - hesitation popping - P0172
  64. Key cylinder has fallen out of place
  65. Terrible Gas Mileage
  66. 2006 STI CEL on, but can't read code...
  67. security alarm problem
  68. Car started to Overheat...Thermal Switch?
  69. What Happens When the Oil Filter Bypass Valve Opens?
  70. Power Steering Whine?
  71. fram air filter and oil change
  72. I just wanna delete the code!
  73. using seal puller on cam seals
  74. Help! Loud Squeaking
  75. CV joint, repair or replace?
  76. Brake Booster Valve
  77. Rebuilding / Cleaning Fuel Injectors
  78. Strange oil consumption...Any ideas?
  79. Coolant spilled after replaced!?
  80. hondabond HT or hondabond 4?
  81. Maintenance
  82. Removing intake manifold. Maintenance?
  83. Intermittent squeal when a/c or defrost on
  84. Check Engine Light On.
  85. Is this normal temperature?
  86. Cel P2907
  87. tightening wheel
  88. GC8 Coupe window regulator Question??
  89. driver side window won't move
  90. 1st gear winding noise.
  91. 2 Vehicle Speed Sensors in 65K miles?
  92. Can downpipe bracket be welded back on?
  93. setting please
  94. what else while i have the tmic off?
  95. Oil and Coolant Mixing: Dead HG or Dead Turbo?
  96. MAF sensor Question
  97. floor jack and stands...any recommendations?
  98. 1992 SVX tranny swap
  99. new or reman?
  100. Diff. oil change question
  101. How to tell if timing belt is needed.
  102. Help fix 03 WRX
  103. Galvanic corrosion noticed when changing spark plugs
  104. CEL and ABS light no codes?
  105. Tribeca scan codes
  106. Oil Receipts
  107. oil pan... Please HELP!
  108. cel P0457 - NON TURBO
  109. Chirping, grinding, and squeaking: wheel bearing?
  110. Smelly Air System in my WRX (JDM Spec 95 model)
  111. alternator for wrx and sti?
  112. 2008+ STi Rear Diff fluid
  113. Oil Temp Problem and CEL after Engine Install
  114. 08 WRX will not turn over
  115. Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner - Where to Buy?
  116. high maintenance?
  117. Alternator Circuit Low
  118. Left Side Secondary Air Injection Valve: What the hell is this?
  119. ABS Codes and Scanning?
  120. Fluid Types in 2002 100k
  121. Power steering pump removal
  122. Does anyone have the SOHC Diagnostics Section aka GD(H4SO) of the manual?
  123. I think SOJ uses Castrol Edge 5w-40 in JDM cars
  124. Confirm/Deny my blown head gasket suspision
  125. 98 OBS trunk/hatch supports/lifts ?
  126. National service history, does Subaru have one?
  127. power steering help!
  128. best oil for n/a
  129. Can Anyone Read/Reset Cel In Bay Area
  130. PS Leak Help
  131. P0183 Fuel Temperature Sensor
  132. 93 subaru impreza power light
  133. Alternator/Pwr Steering Belt Problem
  134. 02 wrx Power steering pump fit a 00RS
  135. Misfire
  136. timing belt job well done?
  137. Servicing the car, what would you recommend?
  138. which way to losen nut that holds rotor
  139. bleeding brakes???
  140. P0600 code and Er HC, Er SS
  141. Way to tell if a caliper is bad?
  142. Buying a 1998 Subaru Legacy GT
  143. Question about oil
  144. 93 subaru wont start
  145. got an sti ecu update and the car keeps getting slower
  146. alternator promblem maybe?
  147. How to fix Oil leaking thru bolt threads?
  148. Oil Change
  149. CEL due to wrong o2!(04 WRX)
  150. battery light after plug change
  151. Gear oil and manual transmission oil?
  152. ticking noise at front passenger wheel area
  153. Recommended and Favored Oil in EJ22
  154. speedomter and Gastank problem
  155. Buildup of Gunk in my breather tubes
  156. CLOSED - Where to buy 30K Fluids?
  157. Repairing a Stripped Head Bolt Hole?
  158. How to- Install Spark plugs
  159. 02 WRX 115k without timing belt Q?
  160. maf code?
  161. Throttle Body and Top Engine
  162. Overheating, heater not working, anything?
  163. Dealer Screw Up: WRX Headgasket on an STi
  164. Timing question
  165. car keeps cutting out and bogging
  166. Maintenance Schedule Spreadsheet for 2003 Subaru WRX (and similar)
  167. Clutch burning smell when driving?
  168. iratic stuttering during full throttle
  169. Can anyone help? pop sound when engine fires up
  170. Pulleys and such
  171. How do I measure fuel pressure?
  172. coolant leak after new water pump
  173. Car problem PLEASE HELP!!!
  174. ABS light
  175. Base Plate for heater control
  176. blue smoke pcv cel??
  177. 2003 WRX Stage 2 loss of power
  178. timing job on 07 sti
  179. Windshield Wipers?
  180. old subaru legacy not starting
  181. radiator issue
  182. changeing tranny fluid(need opinion)
  183. Checking AT fluid level
  184. Brake Shims for Brembos
  185. AC Won't Turn Off
  186. P0328 Cel?
  187. Fuel pump and controller on a 2000 RS
  188. whining sound from motor?
  189. Really Loose Shifter
  190. T-hose needed for 02 WRX radiator swap...need help
  191. Truth of Full Synthetic oil?
  192. Coolant change 04 wrx
  193. 97 Legacy GT: Steering Issues
  194. 100k service please assist and advise...?
  195. 08 STi problems??
  196. Windshield wiper spray not working
  197. Is this the AMSOIL you all talk about?
  198. GAS SMELL in Cabin
  199. Are there no Zerks on my Subie?
  200. Squeaking noise from engine
  201. Small Coolant Leak???
  202. P0453 cel .....can It be a hose?
  203. Check Engine Light????? Trick of the trade???
  204. 02 wrx fuel pressure sensor
  205. Oil Smell in Cabin
  206. Got fuel smell?
  207. Trans Filter questions.
  208. Is this the fuel pump relay?
  209. Problem with bolts for splash guard '06 STI
  210. 04 sti coolant amount
  211. Extended Engine Oil Drain Interval
  212. Weird Overheating Problem.
  213. Heating problems (in cabin)
  214. DIY coolant overflow tank? The OEM sprung a leak.
  215. Weird cel p0183 and p0453 after widebody install
  216. Should I be seing engine speed with a wrong crank sprocket?
  217. Airbag code repository?
  218. Broken (?) sensor on air intake
  219. Overheat then car wont start...
  220. overheating issue
  221. Air Conditioner Noises
  222. Oil coming out of exhaust and bov!!
  223. power issues please help
  224. Any experience in this area?
  225. 30k mile service check list?
  226. MAF/O2 Sensor/ Throttle Position Sensor?!?
  227. Need Snap ring pliers for that TD04?
  228. Trunk Lock Won't Turn - Solution
  229. fuel filter for 05 wrx
  230. UOA Generic 10w-30 on 2002 WRX
  231. Radiator Fans not coming on
  232. P0420 code, after recent cat replacement
  233. Colored Dots on engine / suspension components: What do they mean?
  234. A/C pump noise, bad clutch or pressure leak??
  235. Heater problem!!! HELP...HELP...
  236. 2010 Legacy 3.6R Oil Filter
  237. Torque Spec for Oil Filters 06 Impreza
  238. cel flashed 5 x's and went off @ full throttle? wtf
  239. Question about thread specs
  240. replacement ignition wires - 2005 2.5 impreza
  241. Another radiator thread! Sorry...
  242. What is this that's leaking? [Pic]
  243. Spark Plug help
  244. High Mileage Preventive Maintenance - 02 OBSW
  245. 97 LGT Alternator Wiring Harness
  246. Checking/resetting valve clearances
  247. small coolant leak radiator how much to fix?
  248. newbie routine maintenance question
  249. Q horse power?
  250. Burning oil smell while driving