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  1. Doing my 105k service soon, list of parts im getting
  2. Question on cyl misfire: CEL P303 P301
  3. Impreza 2.0GT fault codes + O2 sensor
  4. help diagnosing issue with starter
  5. Help me out! Quick question about my subie
  6. Christmas Bonus: Stripped Threads
  7. Can someone help me out on the side mirror screw thread size?
  8. Is this an acceptable timing belt/pulley kit
  9. jackin points?
  10. 07 sti airbag light just came on in cluster. I have searched forum threads already
  11. Bosch 3310 vs Puro PL14460
  12. too much coolant?
  13. Nearing 200k, maintenance to look out for?
  14. P0420 code, where to go?
  15. Timing belt flapping when running?
  16. Changing my own oil.
  17. screeching noise on start during winter
  18. Trans and diff maintenance on 08 wrx
  19. AC belt squeek/screech and engine stutter/hesitation
  20. conversion - overheats, no vent heat
  21. Inspecting tranny/diff oil
  22. HELP! Bolt left over after head asket job - help me identify!
  23. p0223 on '04 sti
  24. Got in a fender bender last week
  25. Oil/coolant change - People are effing stupid
  26. 02 WRX hood won't close .. :(
  27. Fan control switch only works on "4" full blast.
  28. Better trans fluid for cold weather
  29. Windshield washer nozzles not putting out much (any) flow
  30. Just did headgaskets, now it throws a CEL and dies. Help please!
  31. straight water as coolant
  32. What should I do while the engine's off the car?
  33. Is my motor out of time?????!!!!!
  34. Emissions Q's
  35. Check Engine After Plugging in Loose Wire
  36. Will I be ok without an A/C belt for the winter?
  37. CEL / Flashing CC - Not normal Airbox / Gastank problem.
  38. Exhaust Gaskets?
  39. What Kinda Oil?
  40. How To Replace/Adjust Accessory Belts - Pictures
  41. Weird Noise..Please Help!!
  42. heat sheild problem lil help
  43. Which compression tester should I buy?
  44. build-your-own ignition coil for ej22?
  45. 04sti DCCD issue
  46. clutch suddenly bad?
  47. quart of oil every gas fill up, help
  48. UOA GC 0W30 '03 WRX wagon
  49. 04sti DCCD issue
  50. 06 STI: Stutter in cruise (closed loop)
  51. Fuel Pump HELP :(
  52. Door lock issues :( on an oldly subaru.
  53. '04 STi + E85 = which spark plug?
  54. 2 1/2 qts low in 3k miles?!
  55. Help troubleshooting P1230 CEL
  56. help with oil!!! first time oil change in 03 wrx
  57. 15 mpg?
  58. no compression on #4 03 WRX
  59. 04 sti leaking lots of fuel
  60. odd noise from front of engine?
  61. had to repalce turbo... no oil drain spout gasket!!! red permatex ok?
  62. subaru lsd oil in wrx?
  63. '08 WRX Rear wiper blade replacement
  64. Alternator Service Fee
  65. Which Shell Rotella for 2010 WRX
  66. what size torque wrench/socket?
  67. o2 sensors not reading when smog checked
  68. Top Radiator Hose Burst !
  69. Godspeed or Koyo Radiator?
  70. air conditioning circuit question
  71. Want to change Trans. Fluid & Diff. fluid what should i use?
  72. Does your AC compressor clutch ALWAYS spin freely?
  73. heat not working
  74. Long term Redline Shockproof Lightweight vs Synchros (5spd)
  75. Question on Belts
  76. Where's the drain on the Forester Radiator?
  77. any info on if i should run the new castrol edge?
  78. Fouled spark plugs w/ <10k miles!?!?!
  79. rear main seal
  80. any tips on finding boost leaks
  81. 2004 Forester Non-Turbo Spark Plug Gap
  82. need help to diagnose squealing noise
  83. What have I done? Any help/advice?
  84. What is with the Forester Air Filter
  85. PN for the 10mm hex plug that holds the clutch pivot pin in?
  86. gas filler neck vent plugged
  87. Procedure for installing clutch and crank pulley
  88. P0031
  89. Evaporative Emissions help needed: P0442, P0457
  90. ABS light on and Control model issuse
  91. mysterous oil leak
  92. Stripped bolt - ABS sensor
  93. mid-life mileage crisis questions
  94. Timing belt maintenance for 2002 WRX
  95. Auto Transmission fluids and Subaru?
  96. P1101- Neutral Safety Switch help needed
  97. Trick to getting rear coilpacks back on???
  98. Fan constantly cycling while idle
  99. How do these plugs look to you??
  100. No passenger side heat ('05 LGT)
  101. No oil on dipstick?
  102. Air conditioning compressor squeal
  103. e brake light on, reservoir is full. what does it mean??
  104. 2008 WRX warning lights coming on randomly
  105. Cylinder 1 misfire= Fuel related??
  106. Imprezza Filler Tube
  107. Outback Brake Help
  108. P0328 -- No other symptoms. Urgent fix?
  109. Higher oil loss than normal...
  110. Oil Leak from under the timing belt cover
  111. fuel gauge
  112. Career in automotive service and maintenance?
  113. How high of garage ceiling for lift?
  114. Missing A/C Tensioner bolt
  115. 100K coming up: Want to refresh chassis items/bushings?
  116. unknown noise? please help
  117. Radiator Woos & A dealership
  118. Need Help With Repairs ($$ Will Pay $$)
  119. finding CEL
  120. Stuttering under full throttle
  121. Impreza is TWEAKING OUT, need advice!
  122. passenger side window stuck
  123. Check Engine Light! po171b
  124. recommended vs needed maintenance
  125. Outside Temp Sensor 08WRX - WAAAAY off
  126. Someone want to make pinch weld jack adapters?
  127. New CV Joints or just CV Boots???
  128. Who makes the best 4-wire or sensor?
  129. How often should I change oil putting 1000 miles every 4 months?
  130. New Shell Rotella T6 5W40
  131. idling issues. . .
  132. replaced battery, car won't turn over - help!
  133. 09' Impreza Spark Plugs Install w/Pics
  134. Gates Timing Belt Kit (Pulleys) The difference
  135. Timing belt question on '00 2.2
  136. Sticky Emissions Air-pump Valve?
  137. Spark plug stuck (+pics)
  138. Help: Ignition Lock Cylinder
  139. Help: It has been more than 4 hours and it still won't go down!! ((sunroof problems))
  140. Help with high mileage oil - non subaru car
  141. anything else on the AC V belt?
  142. change all fluids at 15K?
  143. Idle Issues
  144. Oil pressure
  145. Oil selection
  146. If it's not one thing...: Radiator Will my STi radiator fit in my WRX???
  147. need help with ac belt bolt.
  148. key not working in trunk
  149. 100,000
  150. need a cat put in
  151. Need Part # Help!!
  152. Bg Moa / Bg 44k
  153. run-rite fuel system cleaner?
  154. Which t-stat do I need, there are 2 sizes
  155. 2008 FXT Sports 0w30 GC UOA
  156. Test center diff / viscous coupling out of trans
  157. car overheating
  158. CEL on and i dont know why
  159. wiper problems
  160. 2004 WRX shows cylinder missfire after hitting bump
  161. Buzzing Sound Under the Hood
  162. Odd bucking in an 04 Outback 3.0
  163. Doh. P0122 code- rich fuel smell?
  164. Booktime on Rear Main Seal?
  165. A/C Compressor Pulley
  166. Stripped Oil Pan Draig Plug
  167. Clean CAI? Yes or No?
  168. My 60k mile maintenece!!
  169. Q: Engine Knock from 2,500 RPM and on. Looking for help!
  170. Valve Cover Job
  171. Mixing different weight oils, no good?
  172. Car won't idle after new clutch put in?
  173. Low fuel pressure 02' wrx, thoughts?
  174. idle/running problem.. older legacy
  175. 05 RS trans/diff fluid
  176. subaru coolant where to buy?!
  177. P0420 and P0031 on an 02 Impreza TS
  178. UOA: shell rts 5-40 03 wrx
  179. How long does Fuji Bond take to cure?
  180. Hondabond instead fujibond
  181. Timing belt kits
  182. P0102 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input
  183. car bogging down... please help
  184. cold starts in a "new" car...?
  185. Installing Clutch
  186. Need help identifying engine rattle
  187. code P0303,(sigh) now what...
  188. leave battery in car or take out?
  189. Timing Belt Help
  190. Brand selection of Spark Plug?
  191. 05 RS fuel filter
  192. weird smell in cabin
  193. CEL code
  194. Wide Open Throttle, not holding boost
  195. heater core replacement
  196. Power Steering pump going out, or rack & pinion issue?
  197. Torn CV Boot...Use kit or new axle?
  198. Where can I find these clips for the underside of the side skirts?
  199. 30K maintenance question for 08 WRX
  200. Tips For Pulling the DS Cam In An '02 OBW? Seal Leak
  201. Gates timing belt kit for $380
  202. Oil question?
  203. Lazy Wiper
  204. Help: 05 STI problem
  205. Center console vent fins float up
  206. help !read ECU Fault Codes 26!
  207. Changing trans & rear oil?
  208. Help quick PLZ! E4AT slipping...
  209. multiple codes. Help!
  210. HELP: Changed the A/C and PS belts and now the A/C doesn't work
  211. cylinder misfire number two... help!
  212. Need help on valve & cam seal replacement
  213. 2003 Outback H6 Tuning
  214. What cap for coolant reservoir?
  215. Ignition switch borked
  216. Lacking power!
  217. harbor freight
  218. Broken Throttle Body
  219. Oil overfull!!
  220. Pennzoil Ultra?
  221. Alternator Belt Tension Block
  222. Replacing the parking bulb: do I REALLY have to remove the grill?
  223. Should I continue to use Mobil 1 5w-30 Synthetic?
  224. Anyone here uses dino oil in their turbocharged Subies?
  225. NON HID- H7 bulb problem
  226. Coolant Conditioner Question NEED HELP QUICK
  227. Mysterious Oil Leak....
  228. What line leads through all cylinders?
  229. Engine Swap PLEASE HELP!!!!
  230. Cleaning hazy yellow composite headlights
  231. 5.5mm Allen Head For Cam Removal?
  232. Door becoming harder to open and close
  233. coolant leak from catch can?
  234. Ball joint separator for pushing out wheel studs?
  235. Princess Auto/Power Fist Jack
  236. Black Crud In Brake Reservoir
  237. turbo boost guage video, does this mean leak?
  238. Cracked Radiator
  239. do you need a tune or accessport for a catless dp
  240. Looking For: Red Drive Belts
  241. Testing the Factory BCS/possible that it works partially?
  242. Does coolant have an expiration?
  243. help me diagnose a noise thread
  244. question on 05 wrx diffs front and rear and trannsmission
  245. Perrin Catch Can Coolant Problem?
  246. CEL P0182 on 05 STi
  247. Hvac blend door problem?
  248. What size press to get for the shop
  249. Cleaned the engine wtf
  250. Is the P1094 code harmful?