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  1. Timing mark location & Pulley ID
  2. CEL after spark plugs changed...
  3. Mobil 1 Kick A$$ Deal
  4. Weird buzzing noise, when AC is on
  5. AC pulley squeals when off
  6. Whats wrong with my ac?
  7. front 02 sensor out.
  8. iridium spark plugs?
  9. So my lug nuts were lose after getting new tires - possible damage?
  10. Sti Compressor & WRX Compressor
  11. rattling hatch - latch adjustment?!?!?!
  12. oil
  13. Yet another p0420 code - 2002 Outback 2.5l
  14. What service/maint do you take your car to the dealer for, if any?
  15. 2002 OBS Head Gasket Kit?
  16. ac issues compressor running
  17. Need Help Diagnosing a Clutch Noise
  18. Nissan fuel injector o-rings same as Subaru?
  19. bad ecu cause ac not to work?
  20. Advice needed on 60K service
  21. Can't get new A/C belt on
  22. Key stuck in ignition, please help
  23. A/C makes a hissing noise but no cold air?
  24. Clutch replacement & Main Seal Question
  25. Online service manual
  26. Weird problem with my 02 WRX
  27. Helppp!! Failing NYS Inspection, Monitors refuse to set
  28. AC compressor not staying on long even on max AC?
  29. ? About the Expansion valve on A/C
  30. wipers smear no matter what does something need to be replaced????
  31. All kinds of problems I don't know what to do.
  32. Repairing A/C leak - here is my plan and questions
  33. My first Blackstone Used Oil Analysis
  34. oil pan
  35. AC compressor makes a BOV like sound.
  36. Why is it smoking!
  37. Cel: Pffff
  38. SPT Exhaust- Dealer says it's $1356.00 for 03 WRX??
  39. ABS/Brakes, Speedometer, and other maintenance
  40. Anyone used the full Gate's timing belt kit?
  41. Stupid "clunk" when I shift from drivers side door?
  42. WTF? Do I replace the fuel filter or not?
  43. Cel P0852
  44. 03 WRX radiator replacement?
  45. Engine/transaxle removal... from underneath?
  46. Frame Damage/rust -does it need to be repaired immediately or what?
  47. 1993 Impreza L Wagon O2 sensor replacement
  48. Fuel filter questions
  49. 03 wrx radiator support
  50. failed smog
  51. coolant keeps running out??
  52. fuel pump goes out more than i do.
  53. 2007 Impreza 2.5i blower fan resistor location
  54. Another A/C Issue
  55. Cleaned car dies
  56. Timing Belt How to 1.8?
  57. 02 impreza outback and 03 legacy outback
  58. spark plug confirmation
  59. A Sti book?
  60. When recharging A/C with a can of 134...
  61. Check Engine Light Mystery (to do with gas)
  62. Leaking Condenser
  63. Motor Oil Weeping...s.o.s.!
  64. What lift range floor jack do I need for a clutch install
  65. Cabin filter observation....
  66. How to perform DIY AC repair (updated 08/06/10)
  67. Refueling problem
  68. thinner oil or thicker oil
  69. Coolant & Genuine coolant system condition questions...
  70. shredded alternator belt
  71. Grease - why so many and which do I need?
  72. Turbo Gushing Oil
  73. p0000 DTC
  74. Vehicle hesitating...running out of ideas
  75. Symptom(s) of a sticky IAC valve perhaps? (kinda wordy)
  76. AC not working
  77. Six Star oil filters, are they OEM?
  78. best year around wiper blades
  79. Vapor coming out of vents when A/C is on
  80. P1090 tumble generator valve 1(stuck open)?
  81. Timing belt pulley issue, HELP!
  82. Need someone to identify this seal
  83. Where's the GREASE?
  84. Help with the accessory belt (Alt/PS) part number
  85. Amount of power steering fluid needed
  86. Radiator crack
  87. How often do you change brake and power steering fluids
  88. Cobb vs K&N filter cleaner
  89. AC Help - works only sometimes...
  90. should I use any aditive?
  91. what is this sensor called?
  92. 2007 STi MAF Problem
  93. Using A CV Joint Band Tool
  94. Replaced Motor, high input codes everywhere
  95. Oil question: Valvoline 15w-40
  96. gear oil question...
  97. AC not engaging.
  98. Just wanna make sure im not crazy...
  99. When to change transmission fluid
  100. Tracking Down A Noise
  101. just got an 02
  102. P0304 which is cylinder #4?
  103. Question about removing throttle body
  104. Exhaust popping at 4.5k, absolutely no rev over 5k. WTF
  105. Mileage
  106. Cruise control does not work
  107. another high idle issue, with lights dimming
  108. 2000 2.5RS-Rotella T6 5W-40 and Track driving
  109. Part number for radiator caps
  110. Need 04 wrx frame rail measurements
  111. Cooling fan issue
  112. overheating issue
  113. Grimmspeed Thermostat
  114. Completely Baffled? Door handle issues
  115. boost backoff in 4th gear and cel code P0457
  116. A/c problem
  117. Problem with alternator or battery?
  118. Relays for radiator fans??
  119. Another Maintenance question
  120. Cylinder 4 misfire
  121. 02 wrx overheating
  122. 04 STI Heat Stopped Working
  123. Vents no worky.....
  124. Fumoto F105(N) Oil Drain Valve
  125. AC condenser changed and now car over heating?
  126. A/C O-ring part number?
  127. New Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil
  128. CEL and other various lights... christmas tree dashboard :(
  129. EJ20 Timing belt 'kits' - good or bad?
  130. AC clutch
  131. engine question, i need an expert
  132. How many quarts do I need for oil change?
  133. Has anyone installed a coolant filter?
  134. How To Determine If I Should Trust My Car To A New Dealer
  135. Low fuel pressure/sputtering and stalling after warming up???
  136. coolant temp 208f??????
  137. Mold? In Brake Fluid Reservoir
  138. 1999 2.5rs smog issues
  139. OEM to Denso front O2 sensor cross reference (99 NA)
  140. UOA ('08 STI): 7626 miles on Rotella T6
  141. question on which obd scanner to buy?
  142. a/c prob help!!
  143. Anyone heard of engine valve service?
  144. Should I buy the dealership maintenance plan?
  145. Money pit?
  146. Save data to Excel
  147. wobble at certan speeds?
  148. Urgent ATF drain plug gasket same as oil drain plug gasket?
  149. faulty tune? P0108
  150. Timing belt snapped
  151. Need help getting ignition switch off.....
  152. just hit 100k maintenance>?
  153. Moto Rad or other fail safe thermostats
  154. 02 WRX alternator belt size
  155. Weird Creaking noise from steering wheel
  156. Timing belt tensioner
  157. power stearing belt
  158. what kind of battery
  159. break-in a new turbo
  160. can i use this transmission fluid?
  161. Too much transmission oil??
  162. First day with my WRX and the check engine light is on....
  163. 200,000 KM service
  164. Cleaning bypass valve
  165. New keys for a 97 Legacy
  166. AC Compressor diag.
  167. Need help figuring out this problem with my 05 STi
  168. 06 won't start - need advance help
  169. A/C cycles on and off every 10 sec?
  170. 95 1.8 impreza Power Light Flashing??
  171. new belt squeals like crazy
  172. Diff fluid spilled on motor
  173. Front o2 for $127. Direct OE replacement?
  174. Look like an oil leak...
  175. how mach fluid for brake change?
  176. Oil for a 2000 RS with 120k miles?
  177. What tool?
  178. overfilled???
  179. How to remove oil pump seal?
  180. Need help, I think my Suby is nearing the end
  181. Scantool recommendation
  182. ez30r cam gear replacement
  183. Leak Down Testing Assistance
  184. Mobil Delvac 75W90 Synthetic Gear Oil
  185. When hot, 02 wrx comes close to stalling
  186. Gates Timing Belt kit from Rockauto?
  187. 04 WRX with Accessport tuning failing emissions test because of "readiness"
  188. What kind of fluid?
  189. Coolant System Problem
  190. Rockauto parts quality
  191. 02 wrx/ clunking noise from rear diff area
  192. P0456 Cel
  193. thermostat question
  194. Cooling system pressure check...2 radiator caps?
  195. i have a odd code that wont seem to go away
  196. Good idea to change the pulleys along with the timing belt?
  197. GC8 Windshield Washer Hose Assembly Help
  198. 2000 2.5 rs won't start. please help!
  199. Cel: P0171
  200. P171 A/F Lean Code Help!
  201. 90-94 Legacy Canister Purge solenoid Replacement Instructions part 1
  202. 90-94 Legacy Canister Purge solenoid Replacement Instructions part 2
  203. Why did I fail smog?! Please help
  204. changing timing belt... help w/ lower drivers side cam moved in wrong direction
  205. 05 wrx a/c compressor
  206. Center of lower OEM seat cover wearing out
  207. Subaru parts said put GM Axle Lubricant in tranny?
  208. T-stat or Waterpump
  209. Back tires Rubbing From Subframe..... HELP!
  210. my mechanic used a honda oil filter
  211. GO Extra S
  212. R180 diff fluid questions
  213. A/C compressor kicking in and out, blowing cold then not-so-cold
  214. I think something died in my ventilation system
  215. Replacing 2009 WRX Spark Plugs
  216. Water temp issue. Please help
  217. p0420 and cat converter replacement
  218. 05 WRX hybrid with cooling issues
  219. Trusting the airbag light
  220. Used Oil Analysis on M1 0W-40, 6,034 miles, FXT
  221. UOA RLI 5W40 '05 Baja turbo, w/RLI 10W30 too
  222. Help me debug my MPG issue
  223. 02 spark plug change fail...
  224. tune up???
  225. A/C not working properly..?
  226. noise on a 2011!
  227. T-belt/water pumps, idlers and tensioners suggestions
  228. Sparkplug selection
  229. Cooling fan not working
  230. a whining sound at 55mph+
  231. Front and rear windshield washer squirters switched around.
  232. engine seems to have hard time cranking and starting?
  233. 02 wrx radiator changed, now clearish/white smoke out the exhaust!?
  234. "Pass. Airbag OFF" light came on when a passenger was in the seat
  235. Switch to synthetic?
  236. First Oil Change on my 02 WRX What Viscocity/Brand?
  237. Cabin air filter for 2008 WRX
  238. How do I reach 03 WRX AC compressor bolt?
  239. Just got CEL NEED HELP PLEASE!!
  240. when to change a T-belt
  241. Weird noises, superr sloww. Help!
  242. 04 wrx, 105k - sounds like i'm running over a soda can
  243. How do I check the Engine codes on a 92 legacy?
  244. fluid dripping in passenger foot-well
  245. coolant temp gauge always at HOT!!
  246. o5 wrx valve cover seal help
  247. Misfire CELs, don't know what to do next.
  248. deal actually worth a **** at Advance Auto Parts
  249. STi timing belt headache.....
  250. Anyone running Penzoil Ultra Euro 5W-40?