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  1. 06 sti airbag light on
  2. '01 RS - problems and no CEL?
  3. Planning rebuild - need parts list
  4. where do you guys get your motul 300?
  5. Additional maintenance to the factory schedule?
  6. A/c popping noise/issue?
  7. Evaporator sensor, thermo switch??
  8. How to test hvac blower motor relay?
  9. K&N filter turned white after installing
  10. 2005 STi - 105K miles maintenance
  11. NEED replacement o2 sensor for STI
  12. Legacy GT AC Compressor
  13. is it bad to go synthetic oil -> regular -> synthetic -> regular?
  14. Need Help Figureing Out What Is Wrong!!!!!
  15. Rotella T6 and catalytic converter question
  16. Any tips for changing Timing belt on a 4EAT ej251
  17. New 2011 WRX with "oil" questions
  18. battery install
  19. water pump inspection
  20. ej25 geniouses PLEASE HELP
  21. White smoke on incline
  22. A/C Compressor is squeaky.. Any suggestions?
  23. Rough idle / won't idle - solution
  24. Anyone know torque specs on separtor plate?
  25. Connection between Plugs and Miss-fire?
  26. Odd A/C malfunction/failure
  27. New heag gasket pictures. is this normal?
  28. Does anyone have a Service manual for a 2000 subaru impreza outback sport?
  29. Copper flakes in my oil.....
  30. P0420 Cel
  31. 03 Outback needs door alignment
  32. A/C belt tensioner - what will fit?
  33. Compressor Clutch problem 07 STI
  34. oil filter confusion: oem, L14460, HP1015
  35. boost leak issue :solved
  36. Loud Rattling
  37. 04 subaru STi stalling after taking car out of gear and coasting
  38. 2003 Outback SRS Diagnostics
  39. HELP>>>>>FUGI Bond Question?
  40. Diff Change, Cocktail or Subaru Extra-S
  41. Forged Performance: GR STI Performance Evaluation
  42. AC Problems
  43. need help regarding cooling problem
  44. My pulley was worbling. I went anyway.
  45. Gates timing belt quality?
  46. Need Help with A/C!!!
  47. Trouble separating engine and trans, NOT clutch fork
  48. help with ac =(
  49. energy conserving oil
  50. AC compressor fail
  51. Changed out my Cabin Air Filter, Photo of Before/After
  52. Wheel bearing replacement FuBAR
  53. Anyone know this part's part number?
  54. Crank bolt torque question
  55. Can't Pump Fuel in my 06 STI HELP!!
  56. AC Compressor Back Bolt - Remove?
  57. 3 Months or 3,000 Miles ?
  58. Subaru Brand Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 5w-30
  59. Valvoline NextGen Coventional 5W30 UOA
  60. CEL After Filling Up
  61. oil weight
  62. 09 2.5i a/c blows cold on one side only...
  63. Long road trip + racing, best oil plan
  64. Rear diff fill bolt thread size
  65. 98 obs misfire issue
  66. Jdm ej20 V2
  67. Need help putting on ac
  68. Oil usually included with AC charge?
  69. P0021 camshaft position CEL
  70. Dealer may have put in the wrong oil, is that bad?
  71. 2011 wrx leaking motor oil or something else?
  72. A/F sensor
  73. NEW 2.0L Long Block, oil recomendations?
  74. 2011 WRX oil requirements
  75. Recomendations to use in Redline
  76. Help Troubleshooting noise...
  77. EJ25D Vacum Problems
  78. How to Replace Fender
  79. Rotella T6 Sizes
  80. 2005 WRX 60k service?
  81. Crank pulley wobbling...
  82. 5qts of oil for $0 after MIR
  83. Mouse= NIGHTMARE !!!
  84. Three options for repairing a Samco radiator hose - which one is best?
  85. Belt Tensioner Question
  86. Oil Leak after a 1000 miles trip...Need Help!
  87. Water pump for 2003 JDM Spec C engine
  88. Low AC charge?
  89. Cooling fan ?
  90. Clutch: pull engine or transmission?
  91. Clunking during idle and shutoff
  92. Help.! Strong gas smell
  93. low side ac line replacent?
  94. What is Subaru Synthetic's optimal temperature range?
  95. 2006 WRX Maintenance NEED HELP ASAP
  96. ....and the award for dirtiest (cabin) air filter goes to...
  97. timing belt
  98. Ac not blowing cold
  99. Blackstone: Engine Wear Due to E85
  100. Radiator Drain Plug?
  101. should i replace the oil pump?
  102. turbo rebuild service
  103. State Refereed
  104. pressure/smoke test in Alberta
  105. AC belt - won't line up on crank pulley
  106. Best way to drain and reuse coolant?
  107. added regular cooland to blue coolant
  108. Please delete...
  109. Changing AC belt
  110. high pich whinding while accelerateing
  111. A/C condenser fan
  112. Transmission and diff oil question.
  113. Question about Factory A/F Sensor
  114. A/C doesn't work when stopped
  115. A/C sticky , Unibomber?
  116. Re-Tap Turbo Bolt Hole? Help
  117. VDC, ABS, and Hill Start Assist lights on
  118. Anyone used silicone self fusing tape?
  119. Timing belt question
  120. AC Woes
  121. Jingling noise from rear
  122. Rain = Hesitation
  123. New battery, now engine stalls
  124. head gasket?
  125. Air Conditioner kicking on and off when it's hot outside and driving around.
  126. Oil change on '06 WRX
  127. strnge kind of flakes in the oil
  128. turbo whine when boosting
  129. Removal of Oil block Adapter
  130. Is the evaporator (HVAC) just a heat exchanger?
  131. A/C problem
  132. Turbo balancing and P&P service
  133. SuBaru STi Loping Idle?? normal?
  134. STI transmission oil
  135. Oil Leak, cause Blowby?
  136. Check Engine, and limp mode.
  137. 100k STI Bad Idea?
  138. Pcv line
  139. Which oil to use?
  140. Bad/loose gas cap? Symptoms? Pressure?
  141. Shell Rotella T6
  142. Help my wrx rattles
  143. 08 WRX AC Belt
  144. How to tow a 2006 WRX with broken balljoint?
  145. Hood won't open
  146. a/c stops blowing cold after 5mins
  147. AC Tensioner Bolt broke. Remove bracket to drill & tap?
  148. Another first oil analysis 2010 STi High Copper???
  149. Air Suction Valve Repair?
  150. A/C Compressor Oil
  151. AC compressor o-ring
  152. transmission fluid recomendations
  153. Finally got my AC running but now my engine over heats?
  154. AC on 2007 B-9 Tribeca
  155. quick question: free oil changes at dealership
  156. Maintenance Tools
  157. Clutch pedal stuck to the ground **pic
  158. thermostat question
  159. How to remove under cover for first oil change
  160. When should I do my timing belt? 60k on 02wrx
  161. PLEASE HELP How do I change the cabin filter on a 02 forester?
  162. noob just finished a spark plug change. one quick question
  163. Change Fuel Filter 60k?
  164. 2011 WRX (Too much oil)
  165. DIY: Coolant temperature sensor
  166. Engine Rocking!!!!! Help
  167. might be an exhaust leak?
  168. UOA too much Copper
  169. help with Check engine codes
  170. 08+ STI - How the f do you get the AC Belt on?
  171. Emissions help!
  172. Sealant on timing cover gaskets?
  173. a/c compressor
  174. radiator hose not fitting
  175. Replacing Altenator Belt - For The FOURTH Time
  176. Timing Belt Question
  177. possible common oil leak on subarus... please help subie veterans
  178. $99.95 Clean fuel injection service at the dealer
  179. ac question from a newbi. non working ac.
  180. Gates timing belt kit on Ebay..
  181. New crush washer w/o oil change?
  182. Car has been sitting for a year.
  183. Awful! I mean terrible mileage in the heat
  184. A/T Fluid for 01 Impreza
  185. Proper installation of a radiator fir a 2002 wrx
  186. P0851, P0502
  187. Improper I'm left with a fee and a radiator I didn't need
  188. Need advice on how to approach dealer, the changed oil and didn't fill it
  189. AC Squeak
  190. synthetic blend in 05 sti?
  191. Trouble starting the car
  192. Whats the deal with TSB's?
  193. Coolant leak, wtf
  194. Over Heating.
  195. A/c Pulley or ????
  196. 2011 WRX: P2006 Intake Manf Runner Control Stuck Closed bank1
  197. 2nd UOA on Subaru 5w-30
  198. Oil/warranty
  199. Help me ID the source of a sound...
  200. throwing code P2044
  201. high milage switch to amsoil?
  202. Epoxy and intake manifold - will it bond?
  203. P0031 - Replace with an OEM 02 sensor or an OE-style Bosch unit?
  204. Turbo not hitting full boost??
  205. Best oil vs. Worst oil AKA does it really matter?
  206. Front o2 sensor for 2009 WRX
  207. change in amount of oil needed
  208. Leaking front inner axle boots?
  209. Oil Change
  210. 2005 WRX "Odd Smell"
  211. Weird AC Problem
  212. Rad change 04 FXT 4EAT any tricks?
  213. Heads up: Castrol Syntec + Filter sales
  214. Need Help: Outer Tie Rod end to Steering Knuckle
  215. Oil Leak?
  216. Knock sensor question.
  217. Do not get a new radiator if this happens to you!!
  218. Timing Belt Options?
  219. A/C issues
  220. I think I have two washers on my drain plug?
  221. A/C Problem
  222. Windows are slow, can i fix with dynamat installed?
  223. Check engine
  224. Also ac probs
  225. What's your "every day carry" of trunk/hatch tools?
  226. Stupid TPMS, Anyone know whats going on?
  227. STi Transmission Oil Redline lightweight or Heavy Weight??
  228. how much oil does blackstone labs need?
  229. tune...
  230. A/C problems
  231. so your door rattles when you close it-check this.
  232. Gas Mileage Problem
  233. "hydrolock Help Asap"
  234. Thought this might be of interest to some
  235. white smoke at
  236. Why can't I find Rotella T6 anywhere?
  237. 5w40 VS 10W40 synthetic
  238. Burning off diff fluid, is this possible?
  239. What oil filter are you running?
  240. 2005 WRX UOA: Rotella T6 5w40 on e85
  241. A/C malfunction at highway speeds...
  242. Buying Used Outback - Possible Oil Leak, Windshield and Knuckle
  243. Replaced AC components, Now TGV P1092 CEL
  244. Delete
  245. Need serious advice please help!
  246. A/C blower stopped working
  247. third try: How much Refrigerant does the impreza system take?
  248. 02 WRX Failed Inspection NC
  249. Engine Install Mounting !!!!
  250. Anyone know anything about clutch hydraulics?